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Monday, September 09, 2013

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MISSFITOKSANA 9/10/2013 7:50PM


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KARRENLYNN 9/9/2013 9:19PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BLESSED2BEME 9/9/2013 1:05PM


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DALID414 9/9/2013 11:05AM

    Awesome, I needed this today.

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MYUTMOST4HIM 9/9/2013 10:52AM


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Food Blogging Burnout

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ok, so I did well at this for a while but honestly it's hard to remember to get it done. AND there was no way I was taking pictures of what I ate yesterday. Just imagine a pile of donut holes.

I'm glad I can have a day like yesterday and get right back to it the next day. For the most part anyway. I will have to admit to some unplanned pita chips this morning. The unplanned apple slices, however were at least good for me.

Had an english muffin and a banana for breakfast (of course PB was in there too). Lunch is 2 slices of leftover pizza from last night and a boat load of veggies. Snack is a plum and a hard boiled egg. Post workout was also a hard boiled egg.

Tonight's dinner is Friday's but I know what I'm getting and I believe it's just over 600 calories. I tend to stay away from the unhealthy food there anyway.

My workout today kicked my butt. I knew it would after a day off and all the sugar I had yesterday. I considered it punishment well deserved though. I did 2.5 miles at 10% incline in 42.75 minutes. I did 1.25 miles at 3MPH and 1.25 miles at 4MPH (this is not easy).

Not sure what the plan is for the weekend. We have lots going on and we are planning a trip out of town coming up soon. So it's all up in the air.

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BLESSED2BEME 8/23/2013 6:25PM

    You do what you need to do to stay on track. If that is blogging about your food then so be it. If it is too much work then no worries!

Hope you have a terrific weekend!

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POEDAUGHTER7 8/23/2013 12:49PM

    Yea, I have issues with food charts too... They take so long and it is hard to put the right size of what you eat in the menu. No one walks around with a scale in their purse measuring every little thing all day long.

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CAROL494 8/23/2013 12:35PM

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8-20-13 & 8-21-13

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FINALLY the dinner I've been waiting for:

filet tips, corn and tomatoes...had 2 ears of corn and 1 1/2 tomatoes from our mini garden!

Ran inclines today and had the same post workout snack.

Then a broken up breakfast:

Chobani Blueberry 0% Greek Yogurt and Cinnamon Apple Belvita cookies.

Lunch was in a meeting so no pic today but trust me it was yummy. Caesar salad and yummy rolls.

I'm donating blood today so I'll be having a snack in a bit! It's been a crazy broken up, run from here to there day. Right now I'm already hungry and lunch was less than 2 hours ago!

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SUSIEQ911 8/21/2013 9:51PM

    Nope... I may walk on the treadmill in the morning but probably not

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DALID414 8/21/2013 6:00PM

    I agree with Trish, that corn looks yummy!

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BLESSED2BEME 8/21/2013 3:34PM

    Dinner looks so good! I've been craving some good corn on the cob. We should be getting it in Bountiful Baskets anytime now.

Thank you for donating blood! Take care of yourself after running too soon, right? emoticon

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8-20-13 FOOD

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Got up at 5:20 AM and ran 2.5 miles. Which was pretty good considering it hadn't been 12 hours since my 2 mile run. I don't like to do them that close together, but to get myself back on the morning track, I did it.

My post workout snack was a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Sorry no photo, it was gone before I even thought about it.

But I do have 2 photos of breakfast:

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin with 1/2 tub of crunchy Jif To Go, some honey and some chia seeds. It was yummy but too sweet for me.

I'm hungry now already because we had a 9AM meeting so I had to eat my breakfast about an hour earlier than normal.

Lunch is going to be yummy too!

Egg salad, tomato salad and 1/2 a plum

Just now eating my snack:

1/2 kiwi, 1/2 plum and almonds


8-19-13 Out of Sorts

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sort of an unplanned rest day today. I just feel out of sorts. I didn't sleep great (I think I need a new pillow and a mattress flip). My knees felt a bit achy, did a lot of standing both Friday night and Saturday night. We did a long, challenging hike yesterday with steep inclines.

Forgot all about snapping a picture of my breakfast. Chobani 2% Strawberry Banana Greek yogurt and a Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Crunchy granola bar. 350 calories

Resisting the urge to walk at lunch. I may have to though. Still feeling foggy in the head.

Eating my lunch early...forgot to add some chia seeds to my breakfast so it's not holding me as long.

Tomato Parmesan Basil Quinoa salad (made with home grown tomatoes and basil), carrots, red pepper and radishes. Half a dinoplum for dessert. Approximately 365 calories

Snack is the rest of the plum and a hard boiled egg.

Dinner tonight is what we were supposed to have last night. I'm not going to say it again. Every time I do it doesn't happen!

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BLESSED2BEME 8/19/2013 12:54PM

    Lunch looks good!

It is too hot to walk on my lunch here already. I'm suprised I am not sore from yesterday's hike but my soreness typically show up two days later so tomorrow might be harder for me.

Hope you get the fog out of your head and the pain in your joints down very quickly!

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SMLAPINSKI 8/19/2013 12:31PM

    Many times our diet can also contribute to inflammation of our joints. Keep an eye out for some of those foods that will contribute to that. Keep up the good work tracking your calories!

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