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It has been a privilege to meet you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A week ago this past Friday I had an appointment with a cardiologist. He was very matter of fact. He asked me why I discontinued taking my simvastatin for cholesterol. I told him I had asked my doctor during my annual physical if I could stop it and have my cholesterol rechecked to see how I was doing. It did go up a tiny bit so my doctor said he normally would not treat a patient with medication for this amt of cholesterol. (I recently had to change doctors due to mine closing his practice) My doctor said it would be up to me if I wanted to go back on it or not. I chose not. Because I was going for a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Cardiologist sort of scoffed at that and said he has found that just a healthier lifestyle would not do the trick. I felt like he had punched me in the stomach! Then he had me get up on the table. I sat up there and he came over and said he had continued reading my record and said he had never ever had a patient that had lost over a hundred pounds before, he asked how I did it and I told him that I had been led to a website called Then I said if you ever have a patient that needs help losing weight or anything else please do them the favor of referring them to this website. I could tell he was stunned. He was like stumbling over words for a few seconds.

He said I should be congratulated for such a remarkable feat. I must say I was shining inside but tried to accept what he said with a small smile and a thank you.

Near the end of our visit he said that he had had a patient come to him weighing 500 lbs or so. The man was desperate and asked him to please help him. Cardiologist said he would have to lose some weight before he could help him. He said the man got very angry and eventually fired him. Cardiologist told me that he said it with sensitivity. I told him I truly understood where the man was coming from. He wasn't angry at you but with himself and all of his past failures. Cardiologist went on to say that he has been checking up on the man from a distance..former patient has been doing follow up visits with the clinic. Cardiologist was told that they (at the clinic) asked him why he had fired cardiologist and he said because he told me to lose weight.

He came up to me and shook my hand and said it was a real privilege to have met me.

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NEWMOMOVER40 11/22/2009 1:27AM

    Way to spread the Spark! You've probably just helped more people than you'll ever know, because that doctor will tell his patients, and they'll join SP and tell more people. Nice story! (I always love stories that involve patients educating doctors! ~lol~)

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 11/6/2009 12:07PM

    Wow, I don't think I would have been as patient with a specialist who started off as an arrogant jerk. And yet I would probably have missed out on an opportunity to educate him gently, as you did.

So, lesson learned, for me - sometimes giving 'tude back to a doctor isn't necessarily the best M.O.

My own GP is very accommodating about letting me request blood tests whenever I drop into a lower BMI category. He just beams when he sees me, now.

Like you've said, I guess they just don't often see someone take their health into their own hands and do something about it on their own... (which must be very frustrating for them, and perhaps this is the reason for the arrogant attitude you saw in the beginning)

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RACHELRB 9/19/2009 4:40PM

    The cardiologist was a lucky man to meet someone who could tell it like it is. I hope he learned and the other patient discovers a world where he is comfortable with his fears and can get healthy again.

You are doing a wonderful job and I am sure your successes will continue. Good luck on your journey!

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LADYIRIS313 9/18/2009 10:36PM

    What a wonderful experience, and probably an eye opener for the doctor. I have to stick up for patients here, though. About two years ago I spent nearly 6 months going to one doctor after another with a serious sinus infection that kept getting worse. When I finally got to see a really competent ear, nose & throat doctor, he recommended having surgery on my sinuses. I asked him if there were any other options. He told me that I could 'try' one more antibiotic, a med. to dry my sinuses and perform 4-6 sinus washes daily, but he assured me that "almost no one will follow through on those instructions." At almost the same time, a friend's wife had the same surgery and she began to bleed severely once she returned home. Had her husband gone back to work, who knows what would have happened. I always opt for non-surgical options so I did told him I would do the saline treatment. I did precisely as I was told, and he was stunned. My general practitioner, likewise, told me that I should opt for surgery for a tendon problem because 'no one finishes the physical therapy.' I did that too. But, I noted on her computer screen that when she sent up and order for physical therapy, there was a flag that came up, "most patients won't do the exercises so please assess the patient for compliance before referral." WOW.. way to believe in your patients. Perhaps if doctors were able to spend more than a minute and a half with their patients, they could establish some rapport and that would help. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement.

Good for you for showing the doctor that patients CAN and DO follow instructions and having a little faith can go a long way.

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WYTCHHAZYL 9/15/2009 5:59PM

    As a medical transcriptionist, I type notes all the time about people who *fire* the very people they are asking help from, only because they didn't hear what they wanted to hear. We only get one body to last a lifetime. What you do with/to that body will determine how long that lifetime is. Good for you not only taking care of yourself and losing 100+ pounds, but for spreading the word about SparkPeople to physicians that can pass along the message to others.

The last time I went to my family practice doc, I told him about SP and how wonderful it was, because it was not a *diet* but a lifestyle thing and FREE! He kept asking me what the catch is... I laughed and told him that IS the catch, doc.. there IS NO catch!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and others, and a BIG THANK YOU for spreading the Spark!!

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THOMS1 9/13/2009 6:59PM

    Bravo, Susie Bravo!!

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PAIGE367 9/13/2009 5:06PM

    Wow! What an unusual visit to the doctor. I couldn't really tell where it was going from the start. So many people have bad experiences with doctors. You SHOULD have been shining inside, what an accomplishment. I'm so proud of you for getting off medication. What a great feeling that must be.

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SHOAPIE 9/13/2009 4:47PM

    How gratitified the Cardiologist must have felt to have met someone who had followed most doctors orders to lose weight and follow healthy lifestyle rather one who only wanted a pill and to continue their unhealthy lifestyle. Way to go in showing that there are some who can do it! By the way how was the checkup? I hope everythings alright. Dona emoticon

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    The doctor's other patient pointed up the fact that often our own worst enemy is ourselves! The patient was aware that he was grossly overweight and that it was hindering his health but he did not want to hear it. As a result, he stopped seeing what I am sure is a competent cardiologist in favor of one who wouldn't point out that he was a bit overweight.

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Listen to your body

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I went out walking with my sister Becky Friday morning. We were going for a 3 mile walk. We were on the last leg of our walk and an inner voice said "listen to your body". At that point I urged Beck to go on cause I had to go home. Of course I didn't tell her there was anything wrong. Just that I couldn't go any further. I was having a hard time breathing which has never happened to me before and I had slowed down a great deal. As I came to the end of that block I wondered if I would even make it home. I felt like there was a vice on the top half of my body and someone was tightening it. There was no pain. I thought of sitting down on the curb but I knew I would never be able to get up and I didn't want Becky to find me there.
I don't like to make waves and this would have caused a tidal wave.

I made it home and sat down to catch my breath. I thought I would take a shower and by that time I should be breathing easier. Didn't work! Then I thought well, if I make breakfast and eat something I will feel better. Wrong! When I didn't feel like eating my second piece of toast or drink my coffee or have any fruit I knew I had to get my shoes and have Becky and Tom take me to the hospital. They wanted to right away but I kept putting it off.

I went into the ER and was taken care of right away. They are so good at our hospital. I ended up having to stay over night in ICU. My heart went into an A Fibrillation. (sp). With medication they were able to allow the valves in the atrium to slow down and convert to the right rythum. I went home this morning with orders to only have one caffinated drink a day and a low sodium diet with no physical limitations. Yippee!! I am so thankful I listened to my body!

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TXLIZWOLF 9/12/2009 9:57AM

    Thank you for sharing that experience. I firmly believe in listening to my body, but I also know a lot of people who would have ignored the warning signs and tried to be "She" woman and continued foolishly instead of admitting there was a problem.

For those people, I am grateful you shared your experience :)

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ALOHAEV1 8/31/2009 9:52AM

    Wow, this should be a lesson learned by all of us...

Dona said it all,

(Imagine the outcome 100#'s ago)

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TCHOZET 8/23/2009 3:03PM

    I'm so glad you did. I had this happen a few years ago and was diagnosed with Super Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT- it just means my heart was beating dangerously fast). It happened periodically after that.

I now take medication for it and rarely have a problem. Some health problems are easily taken care of if detected and acted on early enough.

Like I said, I'm glad you did exactly that.

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LHLADY517 8/23/2009 2:55PM

    Thank you for sharing this.

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ANGELLACOLE 8/23/2009 2:53PM

    So glad you are alright!

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SHOAPIE 8/23/2009 2:28PM

    I'm so glad that you are alright, but isn't that just like a woman to wait so long before going to the doctor. Next time listen closer and go to ER immediately. Many women miss the signs of a heart attack(which I'm so glad you didn't have) since we often do not have chest pain, just a vague feeling of unease and not feeling well. Pardon me for preaching but being a nurse and a women felt I had to impart some words of wisdom and hope more women will heed this advice. Thanks for listening. emoticonto my emoticon Dona

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WARMSPRINGDAY 8/23/2009 8:04AM

    We take the normal functions of our body so for granted until they don't work. Thank the Lord that you listened to your body in something that could have been disastrous. Hope you won't have problems going forward. Best wishes!

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WEIMYMAMA 8/23/2009 8:01AM

    Thank GOD you listened to your body! I know you must of been scared. I'm so glad this had a better ending! emoticon

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MAROSES 8/23/2009 4:30AM

    I am so glad you didn't push it and that you went to the ER and are now doing better! that had to have been so scary. take care of yourself, and keep listening to your body.

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SUNBEAMJANEAL 8/22/2009 11:59PM

    Oh Susie! A big thank you to God for leading you to go home! I'm so glad that Becky was there to help you. Geez, I wonder if you'll be able to find resources for your new diet?!?!!! Oh wait a minute!...I know this really cool online community that can probably help you! It's called SparkPeople and it's AWESOME!!! You should give it a try! :)

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RHAEVYN 8/22/2009 11:38PM

    Wow! Thank God you did! Glad everything turned out for the better.. :)

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Spark People Motivator

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I opened up a spark e-mail and it said that I had gotten enough votes to be nominated as a spark motivator! I was speechless! Well not really! But no one was listening to me telling them about it. Becky finally comes in the office and said what were you trying to tell me? What was Rodney Dangerfield's reply? I get no respect!

I find it hard to believe that I could be nominated for a motivator. Mainly because this time lossing weight and exercising has been so easy for me. I know it's never easy but this time it has been so easy! It has all made sense and everything has fallen into place. All my prayers have been answered. I remember as a child in bed late at night I would look out the window and keep my eyes closed and when I was ready I would say star light star bright first star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight. Then I would spot my star and make my wish. It was always the same wish. Please make me thin and pretty. When that never worked in my prayers every night I would ask God to please make me thin and pretty.
When they say in God's time they are not kidding. He made me willing to absorb everything that Spark was feeding me. He made me willing to help Becky by agreeing to exercise. Not a thing I take lightly! He made me willing to cook! He made me willing to sit and read at the computer when I would rather be playing a computer game. He made me willing to answer blogs, topics or questions that really struck a chord with me. I have not always been real easy on people just ask Dusty that. There have been many responses to her questions to the Team 300 lbs. Plus that have come to a screeching halt after one of my entries. I don't mean to offend anyone I just want them to come to their senses andtake that deeper look into themselves to find out what is holding them back from being successful this time. I love all of my teammates and only wish the best for them.
I would like to thank you all for voting or not voing for me (Becky my own sister didn't vote for me) I feel like Sally Fields at the Oscars..They like me they really like me! Oh well, like a famous guy once said. "I am whats I am and thats all that I am."

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GRAMTOTWO 8/18/2009 10:32PM

    Congratulations! You are one of a few who I look to, listen to and learn from. I look for motivation and inspiration from people who have been there and know what they are talking about. I am happy you are one of those Spark friends. Thank you!

emoticon emoticon

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SHOAPIE 8/18/2009 7:47PM

    You really do deserve this. Celebrate yourself. emoticonShoapie

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SUNBEAMJANEAL 8/18/2009 7:23PM

    Congrats, my friend. You are so encouraging and you deserve it!

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PAIGE367 8/18/2009 7:23PM

I'M not surprised at all. You have always inspired and motivated me. Thanks for all you've done, my "sister".


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WISLNDR 8/18/2009 6:35PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

What an honor for you! And for us to have you here!!

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CAROLEMP17 8/18/2009 5:36PM

  Congratulations! emoticon

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NETTER61 8/18/2009 4:09PM

    Awesome Susie! Congrats to you! You've definitely been able to motivate me!

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OAKEYSON 8/18/2009 3:57PM

    emoticon emoticon


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ANGELLACOLE 8/18/2009 3:38PM



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4-ME-TO-BE_____ 8/18/2009 3:17PM

    Congratrulations on your nomination and winning you are a motivator and straight to the point which I like. emoticon

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The walls come tumbling down!

Monday, August 03, 2009

We took a 3.93 walk this morning! We decided to walk on down to see the destruction of Becky and Tom's home for 36 years being torn down. We got there at 10:15 and were to late! The only thing left was the basement and they were almost finished with that! They were doing two other houses in the same area. We stopped for a Diet coke and went past again and they had already started on the second house. They take so long to build and only minutes to knock down! That's like weight loss only in reverse! LOL

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SHOAPIE 8/4/2009 10:00AM

    Way to go on the walk. What a great way to start the day. emoticonShoapie

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PMWALKER 8/3/2009 4:31PM

    How takes a fair amount of time to prepare a wonderful meal (think Thanksgiving) and under 5 minutes to devour it! I guess it all starts with preparation!


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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tom, Becky and I went to the Mustard Day festivities in Mt. Horeb WI today. I have lived here for the past 6 years and missed in until this year. The only reason we went was because it would be the last time that it would be held in Mt Horeb. It is such a lovely community. They have a very nice downtown. There are lots of Norwegiens in that neck of the woods. The smells that were coming from the Restaurant/Bakery were heavenly. We shot that devil right down! In fact the only thing that we did taste test was mustard custard. The local Culver's made it up special for the day. We had heard some disparaging remarks about it and decided to taste it for ourselves. I liked it. There was only a hint of mustard flavor and it was delish! Fortunately it was only a tiny tiny taster spoon.

It was a beautiful day for it. We just didn't get to do a whole lot of walking today.
Have a nice evening!

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BITSY0516 8/16/2009 7:43PM

    Two years ago I got down to Mt. Horeb for one of it's festivals but don't remember which one. LOL I actually used to spend a LOT of time in the Dodgeville area and would go to Gov. Dodge to ride with a friend almost every other weekend. My employment status has put a HUGE crimp on my horse camping weekends but hopefully once I get done with my medical transcriptionist schooling I will get back to making halfway decent money. :-)

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OAKEYSON 8/3/2009 9:49AM

    I love mustard and have always wanted to make it up to the mustard festival but somehow have never made it. Maybe next year. Mustard custard though just does not sound like it would be good. I guess I would have to try it to see.

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