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Losing Ground

Monday, September 08, 2014

Well tomorrow will be 1 month that I've been on a 1.000 calorie diet. With only a few of those days close to 1,300 calories. I feel like I've done great. I've dropped 14 lbs. Until I weighed in this morning. (This morning of my weigh in) I gained 2 dang lbs.

This always happens to me. I exercise my butt off and eat less and wham I lose over 10 lbs. then I get a big slap in my face, because of what??? Yes I ate out with my husband Friday night, but I ate sensible and I exercised all the calories off before I left.

I always do this. I feel so negative and so down that I just want to throw the towel in! I tried so hard not to do this. So I walked on the treadmill then I did Jillian. I still feel horrible!! I want to shake it off and hold my head high. I know I will feel worse if I give into it and gain back all of my hard work.

It's so hard, by the way!! To shake it off!! My husband says stay positive you can do this. I just roll my eyes, because it's me that exercises to Jillian a hundred crappy days a week and walks that dang boring treadmill. I want to punch him in the face... Ha Ha!! He is right I know! so I'm going to push pass this dang depression and get on with my day and maybe tomorrow will look just a little brighter.

I want to meet my dang goal dropping some weight before my 25th wedding anniversary October 27th.

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COASTAL6 9/9/2014 11:22AM

    Good Morning Susan emoticon

Your doing emoticon with your weight-loss!
What diet are you on, with such low calories?
I would be really careful with that being so low.
I'm just worried about you emoticon
Don't push yourself to much, your going to burn out!
How's your energy, how's your body doing?

Your friend, Michelle

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ANNEMARIA6 9/8/2014 2:04PM

    You are doing so wonderful, I am in awe of you that you dropped 10 lb so fast. It takes this old body weeks and weeks to drop a couple pounds. Low thyroid and too many diets over the years, sometimes I need to concentrate on non scale triumphs, might help you too.
Today I am adding another day to my Streak 100 calendar, I am putting in Day 45 of walking. I feel very proud of myself and it really helps keep me focused, I want to be fit and slender and healthy.
We can do it! Take a tape measure and prove the progress you have made, it is amazing and so are you! I bet your jeans are just about falling off! Time for a reward like something you really want? You bet. Take care and I am rooting for both of us! Anne


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BRENDA_G50 9/8/2014 2:03PM

    It could just be water weight. Give yourself a break! Think of it this way, at least your DH is being supportive, (wish I could say the same about mine). Whatever you do, PLEASE don't give up and throw in the towel!!! YOU are worth all the effort it's going to take to reach your goal!!! Now get out there and "Just DO IT"!!! emoticon emoticon

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My Son's white coat ceremony

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My son just started pharmacy school after attending 3 years of undergraduate school. He will work 4 more hard years at his graduate college to earn his degree. He has worked hard for this and I'm so proud of him. I knew he was accepted December 2013 and I told myself that I wanted to be at my best weight before the white coat ceremony August 2014. I've had plenty of time to get there, but as always life happens!

Now the time is here Friday August 22nd and I'm still 17 lbs from my goal. Granted I have lost 11 lbs. in the last few weeks and I'm proud. I woke up this morning and I still haven't dropped another lb. after the last week of depriving myself and really exercising. I'm not getting upset this time I'm going to stand firm and push on.

I'm tired of waiting for life to happen because I'm not a certain weight! I'm just gonna put on the clothes I have in my closet and stop saying what if.... I am going to be proud of my only babies great accomplishment!! I'm going to hold my head high and I'm gonna try for my ideal weight for his graduation day 4 years later!!

I'm going to think positive and stop putting my body down. I think this is why I can't lose wt easy anymore. My body is tired of hearing it's a failure from me! So I'm going to do this this time! I'm good enough and able to do this!!

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COASTAL6 8/25/2014 8:09PM

    Hi Friend emoticon

Your doing awesome, very proud of you!
Think positive, and your worth it!

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USMAWIFE 8/21/2014 8:19PM

    emoticon to both of you for all you have accomplished

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KAREN-IS-HERE 8/21/2014 12:15PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/21/2014 12:15:20 PM

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FORZACHANDMATT 8/20/2014 12:26PM

    Good for you and congrats to your son

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Tired of this! (or am I?)

Friday, May 30, 2014

I keep saying I'm tired of this yo yo thing I have going on with myself, but it seems like I keep doing it over and over again! Why can't I stop? Do I really have that bad of an obsession with food? I believe I so. I tell myself every Monday I'm starting over, to find myself saying oh it's only one day with my husband shopping, mini vacation etc. what's one eating out at a restaurant going to do to me? Well let me tell you, it really does a number on me! It causes a chain reaction that just doesn't stop. So I told myself this time will be different, I'm not going on a diet! I'm going to eat better, not exercise to a point of hating it to drop weight fast, if I eat out then I'm going to 1/2 my food with the person I'm with. I'm not going to dive in like a crazy person this time! I'm going to try a healthy lifestyle change.

I've agreed to be accountable to a person on Spark People and I'm going to try my best to stay accountable. I'm going to log my food, even if it's not the greatest at times! I'm dreading doing this! I have a weight problem because I hate to do anything and not see results asap. I'm very OCD on a few things and it's so tough being 42 and not dropping weight quickly. This is such a new challenge to me. I think this is why I have been failing. So I hope I can adapt this new way of thinking and try not to worry about the weight coming off as soon as the next day.

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KTTAYLOR21 5/30/2014 3:03PM

    Susan Susan Susan .... oh it's only 2 Susans LOL!!! You and I have A LOT in common!!! My Husband said today that June is going to be different for him. I'm hoping that if he do things differently then I will eat better as well. But like you I keep saying AND I keep on EATING!!! emoticon I keep saying over and over and over that I am tired of being this weight. But if I was TRULY tired I could make the change and STICK TO IT!!!! UGH!!! But the best part is.... we are NOT giving up!!!


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SUSANSUSAN14 5/30/2014 1:18PM

    I'm really counting on both of us succeeding this time!

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LINEKE66 5/30/2014 1:13PM

    Together we will succeed! You can do this.

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Still Trying

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I did so great last year from August till January 2013. I dropped 25 lbs. Then life happened once again and I lost my father-in-law to cancer. I have since then gained back almost all of the weight. I just started back again in August and I have lost 11 lbs. I have done so great, but the last few days I have not felt great and ate a little more than I should have and WAM there goes 4 stupid lbs. I know it's just water gain, but It's still hurtful. I look back at my old post and wonder why can't I feel this everyday and do great. Then I start to think it's "just life" learn and move on a better person.

I also want to say that my son has been accepted for an interview at UAMS college of pharmacy. He has worked so hard the last 2 1/2 years at college to be able to apply for pharmacy school. I want to be a great mom and be there for him. In order to do this I must get my health on track. He has been diagnosed with high cholesterol. So I want to show him better eating habits and exercise habits. My husband also has high cholesterol.

I just wish I could find a quick fix and not every have to worry about my eating habits every again!!!

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MARYANN2323 9/24/2013 2:06AM

    You will get back to where you were, and then some....I have no doubt. And congrats to you on your son getting accepted to UAMS!

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LIBBYG7 9/23/2013 5:06PM

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I know your frustration......pain sucks. Stress sucks. Death sucks.. And, most of us run to food. Something as minor as an elevator breakdown in my apt building ---- sent me to the fridge today. I can't walk stairs and I'm on the 5th floor. And......I have to walk the dog. Luckily, I have a dogwalker who will climb the stairs and help me out.
But my reflex reaction to stress ---- run to food.

It's a learned behavior-------so we'll just have to UNlearn it, right???
Hugs, Libby

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A new start!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It came to me almost three months ago. I just couldn't fit into any of my old jeans and I couldn't find any new ones that fit me right in the department stores. So of course I just sort of got mad at myself like I always do and just told my husband I'll just get a bigger size comfy pant to wear. I bought three pairs of those that day and felt great!!

I then woke up the next day and decided that I was going to start an exercise program and start my walking again. If I felt bad with my fibromyalgia then that was ok, I still had my big pants and I no longer cared. I had pants that I felt great in. The funny thing is when I no longer cared about the stupid skinny jeans fitting right I started to lose weight and exercise more.

Three months later I have lost 22 lbs. and fit in all my old jeans, but I still love my big pants. They feel great on when I walk and do Jullian's shred DVD's!

I hope this continues and I keep this up. I feel so good with the exercise and the weight I have lost. The fibromyalgia keeps me down, but I try not to let it win anymore!


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