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Cycle 2, Day 1; Cycle 1 Wrap up

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Just started the second of six four week cycles. The goal of each of these cycles is to lose 7lbs and target one physical activity for marked improvement.

I haven't been blogging before, but it's not such a bad idea.

The last 4 week cycle ended well. Lost 7.4lbs and was just angelic with my eating. I hit my 1200 calories per day with an excellent mix of nutrients every single day of the cycle. I was so angelic that I really thought I'd lose more than my projected goal of 1.75 per week. But that's the fool's hope setting in. You know the one that whispers false promises of four pounds per week just because I 'deserve it'.


The physical goal of cycle 1 was to reestablish all my exercise routines. Vacations and long weekends and small stupid injuries interrupted all my steady plans. I've been smoothing out my running stride while battle back that stupid tendon strain and stepping up my stretching and strengthening routines. So far so good.

Cycle 2 is going to be about getting back to the gym. I've got to reintroduce weights back into my life. I haven't really worked out at the gym since the false tennis elbow back in February turned out to be a cervical problem. That really set me back. Cycle 1 showed me that just doing 10 push ups on my knees can be a humbling experience.

It sucks to get old!

So, the plan for today is to keep my energy up. Move out from my desk at least every half hour. Keep to my eating plan and think happy thoughts.


Hubby Project Day 25

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Things are looking up in Hubbyville. I didn't realize that so much time has passed since I started this project. 25 days! I may suck at blogging, but I did get things moving along.

25 days in and I can say Hubby is on the right path.

He's 6lbs down.

I've got him policing his own snacks. I actually caught him measuring portions :)

Halloween certainly held it's temptations. I can't say he didn't eat a distressing about of candy, but I did make him more aware of things.

I've been giving him attention rewards when he does the right thing. He's responding.

Of course, it hasn't been all perfect results. We did have that intense walk one night early on. I unloaded my feelings and he drew a line in the sand. End result, what he wants from me is:

1) Be encouraging.
2) Don't bring him snacks.
3) Don't make brownies.

That's it. Of course, by brownies he means any and all baked goods, bread and foods he finds hard to control, like chili. I can eat chili on a diet. It's full of beans and tomatoes and good stuff. He snarks down half the pot with an entire sleeve of crackers. I can understand his point.

So I've done exactly like he asked. I bring him nothing. Not even when he asks. Things are getting better.

And on my own never-ending journey, I've found my rhythm again :) I'm down 4 pounds.

I've been focusing on flexibility. At 50, I'm starting to get really stiff.
I've been going to Yoga once a week and doing Tai Chi at home.
I've also worked up a 15 minute morning warm up routine with Tai Chi and Yoga to do before running. It's starting to help and I'm seeing improvement.

Last thing to mention; I bought a running app Zombies Run. This thing is loads of fun!
I've been a runner for 17 years. I pretty much run in my head. Don't need music expect for those really long training runs. I'm only 3 missions in, but I'm hooked. If anyone wants to know more, just pm me. I had some troubles loading music on my android phone. I can give you hints.


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BURGUNDYBABE 11/12/2013 5:50PM

    I love Zombies, Run! Glad to hear you are enjoying it so far. Congrats to you and your hubby on your weight loss!

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Hubby Project - Day 1

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank you SMD5573! You are right. I am an enabler. Upon reflection, a selective enabler. Once a problem has been acknowledged, it can changed.

So this is what I'm going to do: The Hubby Project

I have 127 days until he turns 50.
That's just over 18 weeks.
He says he needs to lose 60 pounds to just get into the 'normal' range. I'm shooting for 40 lbs.
That would be an average of 2.25 a week. That ought to account for trips, holidays and events.

I'm gong to keep a journal recording my strategies and what worked. All that experience helping with science fair projects for my kids will come it handy, scientific method and all.
I'll try to post my results at least twice a week. When we hit his birthday, I'm going to show him this blog.

Hopefully along the way, I'll find the motivation to lose my pudge as well. I'm a good 12 lbs overweight. I've never reached my ultimate goal weight (midpoint in the normal range). It would be a good thing to accomplish since it's been on my list for twenty years!

So here goes: Hubby Project - Day 1

I'm working on the snacks: frequency and type. I want to channel Hubby away from automatically reaching for salty sweet salty sweet.

I'm also working on channeling our walk & talks to more productive levels. I'm going to prod him to make some plans.

No nasty comments. No wrestling food away. No criticizing! Positive commitment all the way.

On a different tack, I made an appointment with my GYN this morning. I'm so irritable and mean lately, I may need an adjustment on my hormones. Menopause is a B#####.

Does anyone want to join in?


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SARAH_DELEON27 10/17/2013 1:30PM

    This is super AWESOME!!!! I am going join you on your journey! My husband and I have developed some pretty unhealthy habits during our college years. I'm excited to take your idea and run with it!!! Good luck and you can do it!!!


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SQUIRRELLYONE 10/16/2013 12:41PM

    If you take what he loves and tweak it, the snack substitutions won't be such a hardship: if he loves popcorn, give him oil-popped (on the stove) popcorn. It's juicy, like buttered, and salty, but also MUCH healthier:

If he wants something sweet but filling, sugar snap peas dipped in (a pre-measured portion of) hummus is a great option as well!

Stove-popped popcorn:
for approximately 4-5 cups of popped popcorn (at ~ 50 cal/cup)
use a pot like this (
1 Tbsp oil (not olive, try canola or soya or veggie oil)
2 oz (shot glasses full) of popcorn kernels

Heat oil & kernels in pot with lid on on high. When the corn starts to pop, turn down to medium-high (6 or 7 out of 10) and ignore until (like with microwave popcorn), you can hear the popping slow to about 1 every 30 seconds. Using oven mitts, shake kernels to bottom of pot (holding lid on, and watching for flare-ups!), then let pop some more. When popping subsides again, pour into bowl and add 1Tbsp of salt and stir (while popcorn is still hot: that way it will stick!)


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I refuse to be the nagging wife.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Each night, my husband and I go for a walk. It's usually dark. The stars are out and the day is generally cooler. We go for about an hour. Round about 3 miles.

Each night we walk and talk. The talk tends to run in regular patterns. We grouch about the day. Remark about current events. Plan strategies about our kids.

And we talk about our weight.
And dieting.
On and on and on.

Last night, Hubby wasn't doing anything different. He's racing toward his 50th birthday and his weight is near his all-time high. He spends most of the hour saying things like 'we've got to do something' and 'I'm as fat as I've ever been' and 'I'm huge and the holidays are coming'.

On and on and on.

I've been having my own motivation issues. I have heavy seasonal work that consumes me. Over the past few years, the 'season' has grown from 3 months to a record of 11 months in 2012. I've worked hard to bring it back under control. It was only 7.5 months this year. My goal next year is to corral it to 5 months.

The point here is that when work consumes me for 65+ hours a week, I tend to consume, well, everthing. And when I'm consuming, Hubby is along for the ride.

But still, I think he should have some personal responsibility. I know he doesn't truly think his weight is all my fault. But the thought has crossed his mind more than once. Spouses are always an easy target for blame. I'm sure I blame it for stuff unfairly, too.

But that is not what I'm really getting at here.

Last night he is going on and seems truly bothered by his weight. Not just whining. Really, it was the same conversation as the day before that. I had gotten up yesterday morning deciding that I had to do better. Make better meals. Say 'no' better.

So yesterday went pretty good. I pack reasonable lunches. Not too far out there. Refused to go out for dinner. Made my go-to breakfast for dinner instead. I got a couple of grumbles, but everyone ate it.

Then I listened to the weight and diet talk for an hour with a new interest. I was determined to help him so he would feel so bad.

Then we got home. The infuriating man immediately started rooting for snacks. He ate chips and salsa. Then hummus and naan bread. Then a big old handful of cookies.

He says that he didn't each much of each. I'm guessing he ate about 200 cals chips & salsa, 100-150 cals hummus & bread and 350 cals of cookies. I know I saw five in his hand at 70 each. His 'snack' was 650-750 calories.

I even tried to wrestle the cookie box away from him! Told him that no one needed three snacks. Reminded him of his long, long talk that night.

He just abandoned that box of cookies and grabbed another one. That's were the 5 cookies came from.

I hope his weight was up this morning!

So, I'm refusing to be the nagging wife. I'm not going to police his behavior.

So how do I be supportive? How do I show him I really mean to be there for him?
How do I do this without nagging?


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SARAH_DELEON27 10/17/2013 9:05PM

    What I've been learning about my husband (of 2 1/2 months) is that he is never full, EVER. He "lets" me do all the grocery shopping while he pushes the buggy. I'm learning that I have to tell myself that I can make the healthy choices at the store (no more chips, no more bags of almond m&m's that I stash in my dresser, he found them :( ). I can't let the junk food get into the house in the first place.

Well, that's where I am right now! Also, my husband and I work together, so I've just started bring whole wheat bread, turkey lunch meat, and mustard with a bag of grapes for our lunches instead of running out to lunch each day.
It's really hard though, I have the biggest sweet tooth that I can keep under control, emergencies only stash, but I found out as of the end of July till today, that I am not very strong when I see the hubby pooping m&m's. So goodbye for now sweet, deliciousness!

Good luck!!! We can do it!!!

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STEVEN_D 10/15/2013 8:02PM

    That's a tough one. Are we not sometimes enablers to those we love?

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Week 6 Completed and on to Week 7

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I am very ready to call the half point. I suppose that will be tommorrow.

For last week's report, I had to toss one cardio session. Went to Atlanta for Dragon Con, a sci-fi convention. First time I've ever done that. It was a blast! Seeing that I walked from dawn to midnight each and everyday, I don't think missing Saturday's cardio was that bad. Also, I got in three good runs last week on top of the P90X stuff.

And since we didn't get home until late Monday night, I'll probably miss another cardio. I won't miss any of the weight workouts.

How the program is coming - not too bad. The Phase II chest, shoulders and triceps is too advanced for me to complete as presented. The last three pushups I have to revert to gritting out regular pushups on my knees. My arms are complete toast by the half mark. My forearms are wrist are really hurting. Hubby found me pushup bars which are helping.

My weight is the same. I noticed that I actually have triceps the other day. How bizarre! I've always been fairly strong for my size, but the muscles don't show. I can see biceps when I flex and (gasp) triceps.

My posture is still improving. I'm working on getting my shoulders back all the time. Strange how something so simple is hard.

What I need to work on this week is diet. Mine's been, well let's say kindly, not on program. Need to work on that.


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