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November BSG Yearning Yams Week 2 Preparing for the Hollidays

Thursday, November 13, 2014

We have been asked to blog about our preparations for the Hollidays. Since Thanksgiving is next one coming up is what I will blog.

I am lucky this year I only have to do some of the cooking. Leslie and I are going to my brother's for Thanksgiving. Instead of the usual Turkey or Ham. We decided on stuffed pork chops, with deviled eggs, green bena casserole. andhomemade rolls. For dessert we are having key lime pie. I am delivering the key lime pie. U an wautubg ti buy the pie until Friday

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ITSMESHE 11/16/2014 7:48PM

    I'm not a big fan of turkey so I think the stuffed pork chops sound delicious. What do you use for stuffing them. I usually mix ricotta and spinach - I use it in chicken rolls, too.

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STEPBYSTEP1955 11/14/2014 9:27PM

    Debbie, its great that you are going to your brothers for Thanksgiving. Your stuffed pork chops sound delicious! Enjoy your day at your brother's!

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DBELLE39 11/14/2014 8:01AM

    That's wonderful that you are able to share Thanksgiving at your brothers house & that everyone contributes to the meal, I think that puts it n a more personal level. Enjoy your family time & the meal.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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CATHYGETSFIT 11/14/2014 12:44AM

    That's great that you are going to your brother's for Thanksgiving. Having something different is a great idea! It all sounds good. Enjoy the day with your brother and his family!

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AMYBELLES 11/13/2014 11:47PM

    I think it's great to make a change and have something different, rather than the traditional turkey or ham for Thanksgiving. The stuffed pork chops sound delicious and I love key lime pie! Enjoy your holiday at your brother's!

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 11/13/2014 8:19PM

    Sounds good! emoticon

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1Yearning Yams BSG week 1 Blog November Goals~

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

We have been asked to blog about our accomplishments in October and our Goals for November.

In October I lost 4.25lbs/ emoticon
Managed to keep to a routne exercise program of 40 minutes a day.
My nutrition still needs fome tweeking to get my carbs under control.

Novembers goals are basically the same as October's

I would like to lose 5 lbs!
Drink 8 glasses of water
Get my exercise routine up to 60 minutes a day.
I would like to read 2 books this month
Get my Christmas Shopping done before the end of the month.

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AMYBELLES 11/5/2014 6:18AM

    Exciting news about your weight loss and consistent fitness minutes in October, Debbie!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I think your goals for November are great! I wish you another month of continued success! emoticon

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BARBIE176 11/5/2014 1:37AM

    emoticon on the weight loss in October and the consistency on the 40 minutes of exercise! Keep up the good work. You have some reasonable and achievable November goals! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CATHYGETSFIT 11/5/2014 12:50AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon on losing 4.25 lbs!! I'm really happy for you! I think you have set some reasonable and attainable goals for November. I have no doubt you'll be successful! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BARBIEE52 11/4/2014 10:06PM great is that to lose that weight..proud of your goals. I know you will do good on all of them!! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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CJWORDPLAY 11/4/2014 12:48PM

So happy for you, Debbie - 4.25 pounds gone. emoticon

Your November goals are clear and reasonable.
emoticon I like that included reading - what books do you plan to read?

emoticon You are doing emoticon

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STEPBYSTEP1955 11/4/2014 12:45PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon on the weight loss in October. You have set some great goals for November. I have no doubt that you will end the month on a successful note. emoticon

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Spooky Spiders Bonus blog 4th week, The Haunted House!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We have been asked to write a Spooky story for our bonus blog this week. I have always loved telling ghost stories when I was a kid. The story I am about to tell you actually happened to me when I was managing some apts that an old house had been made in to. If you believe in ghosts you might believe this story.

It was back in the early 1980's and I was in my mid 20's and worked as an apt manager along with my husband who was the maintenance man. We lived in the apt behind the office at the time of this incident. Prior to becoming the manager we had lived in a one bedroom apt on the second floor of the same building. The second floor had 4 apts on it. 3 one bedrooms and one effiecency apt.

In the three years that we managed these apts, Two of the apts on the second floor couldn't keep occupied. We would have someone move in and turn around an move out the next month. All of our renters were on a month to month basis. One of our older tenants had told me that the reason we couldn't keep either of those apts occupied was because of the elderly man who had died in the effeiceny apt.

He and his wife had lived in the one bedroom apt that we was having trouble keeping occupied until the wife passed away. The husband moved into the effeiceny apt to save money. He lived there for another five years before passing away in his apt. We were not living there at the time. At the time when I heard this story I just kind of laughed it off.

The next time the effeicency came up vacant so did the one bedroom. We decided that maybe a fresh coat of paint and new carpet was in order. One day while my husband laying carpet in the effeincey apt. I was painting the front door of the one bedroom apt. I didn't want anyone to walk in on me so I had locked the door. I was painting the inside of the door at the time. I am sitting there painting the door when I hear a key in the lock and the door started to open up. Well I jumped back and caught the door. As I looked out in the hall I saw there was no one there. Then I felt a cool breeze pass by me. You can imagine my hair standing up on the back of my neck. Fortunately I went an got my husband who had just finished up with carpet in the other apt. He helped me finish up the painting of the other apt. A week later we rented out both apts. When we left the next year both tenants were still there.

My husband thinks that the elderly man who had passed away wanted to know what we were doing to his old apt.

I am actually amazed that I remember that incident so well after all this time.

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STEPBYSTEP1955 10/31/2014 9:24AM

    That's spooky!!! I would have done the same thing ... get someone to stay in the room with me while I finished the painting!!!
Have a great Halloween!

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CATHYGETSFIT 10/30/2014 12:04AM

    That is a spooky story. I imagine the hair on my head standing up too. Thanks for sharing!

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Week 4 BSG Challenge Spooky Spiders Accomplishments and Goals

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well to be honest I haven't accomplished much. As most of you know I have been fighting cancer since January of this year. I have definitely had my ups and downs. I also have a long fight ahead of me as far as the cancer is concerned.

I do have a few accomplishments though:

1. My energy level is getting back up to normal. Just haven't made it yet.
2/ My blood sugars are finally getting back down to normal ranges.
3. Katie is finally getting a walk with me when weather permist.

I know this doesn't sound like much but considering the year I have had it is good.

My goals to end this year are simple keep on track, lose weight, and keep fighting the cancer.

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CATHYGETSFIT 10/30/2014 12:01AM

    You have done a fantastic job with your strides in beating the cancer and getting your life/health back to where it should be. emoticon emoticon I think you are doing great and I wish you nothing but the best and much success in your battle with cancer. emoticon emoticon

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STEPBYSTEP1955 10/29/2014 3:05PM

    Debbie, emoticon on the great strides you have made /are making in your battle with cancer. Just been here Sparking is an emoticon accomplishment. I wish you all the best and continued success with your fight against the cancer.

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Spooky Spiders BSG Challenge week 2, Long or short days

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The question is whether I like The long days of summer and spring or the short days of Fall and Winter. This is an easy one for me.

I prefer The short days. I am basicly a night owl. I love to curl uo on the couch in the evening with only a lamp on to read by. or watch a scary movie in the dark, Some how doing this while the sun is still up is not the same. All of my favorite Hollidays are during the Fall and Winter.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are time for family and friends. Though my familydoesn't get together any longer for either Holliday because of how far we live apart. I normally go to my sister's who live in Denton, TX a week before Christmas to spend time with her and her family. Then to my sister in Tulsa:s cor New Years where we celebrate th New Year and a belated Christmas with each other.

I love to see all the Holliday lights that are going up in our neighborhood. There is two neighbors who decorated for Halloween with orange and white lights, pumpkins ad black cats and ghosts hanging from their trees.

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REDQUEEN2262 10/18/2014 11:56AM

    Nice blog - I think the only things I really enjoy during these short days, are exactly all of the things you mentioned. Family and looking at all of the pretty decorations.

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AMYBELLES 10/16/2014 9:45PM

    Associating the fall and winter holidays with the shorter hours of daylight make it more appealing to me. I do feel better during daylight hours though.

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CATHYGETSFIT 10/16/2014 2:13AM

    emoticon blog Debbie! I'm glad you get together with your sister's around the holidays. One of the things I miss about living in the city are the decorations for Halloween and Christmas.

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