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I am a computer eater, and what I'm going to do about it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OK - so I haven't exactly been the model of perfection on eating. But I am increasing my walking. And doing better on water. I really am doing quite a bit of Spark Reading - which motivates me. I took a "are you ready to lose weight" quiz and read about breaking sugar addiction and got to know more about Stevia. I think this is good. I think just being on SparkPeople is going to make a difference.

However - my revelation today is " I AM A COMPUTER EATER. " Newsflash - I am not only an emotional eater - but a computer eater. Yep! I plop down at my computer with a drink (used to be soda, but that's gone) and a munchie. OMG - typing, munching, sitting - seriously not a great combo.

And here's what I'm going to do about it. NEW rule - only water when I type on SparkPeople. I am going to try to bring healthier snacks to my computer. Try for mostly water and a little tea (it's my fave). AND I am going to use that timer online site. And set it for every 5 or 15 min and make sure when it goes off to just do 10. 10 somethings - squats, jumping jacks, blinking (well, maybe not blinking), bicep curls - something. I often don't realize how long a stretch I sit here doing both work and personal surfing.

Baby steps - identify, address, conquer! (and hopefully lose weight in the process)

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DEBK0923 1/24/2012 10:43PM

    I used to be an emotional eater and a computer, tv and bs eater, then I joined sparks. Of coarse I didn't stop right away and nothing was working for me, no matter how much exercise I did for the day, week, month, I ate more than I got rid of through exercise. I looked in the mirror at myself naked and cried, I said why am I doing this, I would reward myself with food for good and bad behavior. I walked through town looking at women that looked as I used to and wanted to buy fat clothes that could make me look like I did before. It didn't work. So I had a long talk with myself, stayed awake most of the night, and planned how I was going to do it. when I got on the computer I had nothing not even water, the computer is for logging and research, as the bedroom is for sleep and sex, the table is for eating and drinking, I erased all the temptation, no drink no food, same with the tv. Eventually I found I was spending less time sitting at the computer, watching tv and more time getting the exercise I so needed, and with the exercise I have erased stress that from life's everyday emotional stresses that caused me to eat are gone. I didn't do this overnight, or in a day, week, or month, but with diligence I succeeded and everyone else can too. emoticon

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A watched pot never boils...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So - I am really watching my weight. And yes, I feel like it is OK to check my weight every other day. But it's not budging. I can be 161 in the morning and 166 at night. I am really being VERY VERY VERY good on the diet front and added 10-20 blocks on to my normal walking pattern and this "watched pot" is NOT boiling. No movement whatsoever! It's OK. I just needed to vent!


Just getting to know myself

Friday, January 13, 2012

So - here's the thing - I realized I need to get to know myself. It's easy to say - I'm an emotional eater or I crash in the afternoon - but you have to know yourself to find the problem and fix it. One thing - I have been weighing myself every day - actually 2x a day. In the morning I am 161.8 and in the evening I am 164.8. Seriously? Wow - that sucks - every day with water and stress and food - I fluctuate 3 lbs a day. Good to know. I like the morning readings better! Also - on the 1st day of my cycle - I weighed 167.8 that 1st night - YOWZA! Scary, huh? The next morning I was 164.8 and the next morning 161.8. That's crazy - I am just tracking right now. My diet is OK - no soda (YEAH FOR ME), plenty of water (my new habit), a bit of exercise, increasing fruit and veges. It's a SLOW SLOW SLOW Process. But I am also finding that 4-5p is my "witching hour" - I want to eat the world in that hour. OMG seriously - anything in my path could be eaten. I will try to adjust lunch and create time for a 2/230 snack to prevent the crazed monster drive to eat the universe. Today was particularly bad - because I had crock-potted dinner since 7am - so dinner was ready and warm at 4. I ate 2 dinners today (4p and 8p). I think it's OK. I can live with this because I am just getting to know myself. My triggers, my strengths, my trip-ups and hopefully my path to not just temporary weight loss but forever loss!


today, today

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Gotta blog. Did fine on water today. Am soda-free. I like the unsweetened teas I am drinking. Got set up to have the protein shakes I like on-hand and in the house. I don't regret my food choices today. With a consistent Spark-Check (my terminology for a Spark blog check-in) - I will accomplish my weight goal. "glimmer in the distance" emoticon


Wake up call

Friday, January 06, 2012

OK - have been on and off the wagon quite a bit. I am realizing I really need to blog. My wake up call today was my BMI calclation. I guess I had always "thought" that I would be the upper end of healthy and not in the overweight or obese category. Ummm - definitely in the overweight category. Also - wake up call #2 - I thought that a 5 lb weight loss would put me smack into "healthy" - actually - I need to lose 20lbs to be BMI healthy. Now at some level I know not one single measure is the be-all-end-all, but this was a real WAKE UP moment. I need to lose weight. OMG - I am overweight by national and international standards. I am overweight in my doctor's notes and heading toward OBESE. That is a game changer. I have a label and it's not a good one and I need to change it. I will start slow. Am always a slow starter, but I have to do it. Labels, insurance, for my kids, for myself, to have more energy - take your pick. I have to do. My goal is to drink water every day this week - just 7 days of at least 16 oz of water. I understand that's not a big goal, but I can accomplish that. Goal #2 - to blog at least every other day. Let's see how those go and re-begin the journey.

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FENWAYGIRL18 1/6/2012 11:29PM

    try the carbonated water from walmart the mandarin orange is fantastic and only 64 cents for a one liter bottle... good luck

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