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Sunday, January 06, 2008

I used to be a member of eDiets online back in 2000, and one of the moderators on the site used to "ponder" about things all the time, and then post about them. I loved reading her posts, so I saved a few of them. This morning, I was going thru stuff on my computer and came across them. I am sure she wouldnt mind me reposting them here on SparkPeople. :) Her name is Marlene, and she went by the name MARLENEW on eDiets. At the end is a reply from someone else, to her pondering. Enjoy!

Rhythm has been the subject of my latest pondering.

Ebb and flow, up and down, the beat of life.... rhythm is all around
us. From the time we are conceived rhythm is a part of our life. The beat of a motherís heart, the gentle rocking as she walks, joins with our own developing heartbeat and movements as just a preview of the many rhythms of life.

Nature has a rhythm.

Watching the sea and the rhythm of the waves has always been a
favorite of mine, and it was just this rhythm that started me to
pondering the effect of rhythm on our lives.

Now I have pondered the changing of the moon, the effects of the
seasons, and our own biorhythms many times, that is not the way y mind went this time. I do believe that natureís rhythm affects us in many ways but today I am thinking of the rhythm of motivation.

Right now, I am extremely motivated. I am pumped and ready to
rumble! I am in an ďI can conquer the world!Ē mode and life is good!

This is the upbeat.

What I have to be aware of is the downbeat!
I need to realize that as high as my motivation can go up, it can go
down...what I have to firmly establish is my mind is that this is
NORMAL! Itís just another of lifeís rhythms.

I do a lot of research on positive thinking. I am a firm believer in
positive thinking! I love the saying that ďPeople are about as happy as they make up their minds to beĒ (A. Lincoln).
Moreover I know this works. I know I can decide to be happy, I can
decide to be motivated. I can change my life with the power of
positive thinking.

So what am I on about?

The rhythm. The downbeat.

Itís there.

And itís normal.

There are going to be days when I am down, when I am discouraged, when I just want to give up. These feelings are a natural part of the rhythm of my life.

The mistake I make in my positive thinking attitude is in not giving myself validation for feeling this way.

We would never, ever answer someone who had lost a loved one with a ďThink positive!Ē Answer. Of course this is an extreme example but I use it because I want to remind myself that even though not every situation in life is extreme, how I react to them bears very real, very valid feelings.

When I feel bad, I am not happy! When I feel overwhelmed, I feel
OVERWHELMED. When I am discouraged....well, I am disheartened.

Is it wrong?


Feelings of discouragement are going to hit us on this journey with the same force that feelings of motivation do! Itís normal.

And hereís the wonder of it!

Itís a rhythm!!

What we have to realize and change in this lifestyle not getting stuck in the downbeat!

What goes down is going to come up!

This is where positive thinking comes in.

Positive thinking is choosing not to remain in the downbeat. Positive thinking does not mean never being down.... it means realizing that there is an up coming!

Now.. I know that the wonderful high motivation of today is going to ebb, itís inevitable, but I also know that itís also inevitable that it will be back!

So next time I get hit with the downbeat, Iím not going to hide it, Iím not going to deny it, Iím going to validate it. Iím going to journal it, I may even announce it to the world...I will validate that I feel down!...but I wonít stay there!

And thatís the wonder of rhythm in my lifestyle change.

Now if I could just learn to carry a tune!


Good for you, Marlene!

My grandma always said that we are given bad times in life so we can appreciate how good the good times really are. And she was always right about everything.

Now go make yourself a syncopated song with a lot of up beats!


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ANNAINPGH 1/7/2008 4:31PM

  I definitely fall into the trap of thinking something is wrong with me or I'm a failure when I am in a "downbeat". Thank you for posting this! It was very good.

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  Thanks for sharinge!

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Eye opener!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I was going thru some of my old emails, and found a sparkmail with this in it. I thought it was great, and worth saving, so I thought I would put it here for anyone else to read too. :) It really got me thinking. I am usually one of those people that say, "I cant do that", and then I never try. I am going to start conquering those "monsters under my bed", one at a time!

All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them, but confront them. Touch a thistle timidly, and it pricks you; grasp it boldly and its spines crumble.

- William S. Halsey, WWII U.S. Admiral

Facing your worst fears

Your worst fears are usually the ones that never happen. Unfortunately, they're also the ones that keep you from trusting yourself and your abilities. Doesn't it seem silly to give up in the face of an anxiety that may be no more real than the fairy tale troll that lives under the bridge? If you approach a possible roadblock with hesitation, it might resist and break your resolve. But if you step forward with confidence, you can climb that wall, even one inch at a time, and pull yourself over the top. It's all about confidence, which you build by facing problems. Then you know that you can take on anything that comes along. The unknown monster under the bed is always scarier than the dust bunny reality.

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    Welcome to blogging! What a great post!

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RAMBLINREBECCA 7/22/2007 12:41PM

  Your a great writer!

Love the message.


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