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5kg lighter!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It was a big moment this morning in our bathroom. So big, that my husband had to double check the scale for me. (I'm short sighted and we have a manual scale, and I struggle to read the lines in between the numbers!) But, after his assurances, I think I can safely say that I reached 65kg today (about 145 pounds).
Now, my greatest excitement in all this was that I could change my profile picture to say 'lost ten pounds/ 5kg' - is that pathetic?? Such a small motivation, but obviously sparkpeople know exactly what little things might motivate a person a little more.
For the first time in my life weight seems to be falling off - usually a diet is a nightmare of not losing, frequently gaining and generally going to war with the scale.I can only attribute this to the fact that I am making sure my calories fall into the correct range, and making some sort of effort to exercise, reading a lot of blogs (incredibly motivitating) and articles, and getting some great support from sparkfriends and my husband! Or it could be that my body and mind was just ready.
I don't see a noticeable difference in the way I look, but feel so much stronger physically and much more comfortable inside my own skin. My clothes are a little less tight, but really just more comfortable to wear.
So very happy today.

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SPUNKYBLUEGRL 10/14/2011 6:03PM

    Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!!!!

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NANT406 10/13/2011 10:37PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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THETURTLEBEAR 10/13/2011 11:27AM

    That is fabulous - and that amount of weight is very significant!

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JOANNA202 10/13/2011 3:16AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Soo not pathetic to want to change your pic and shout about your achievement. Keep it up!

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RAC1027 10/13/2011 2:34AM


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DWROBERGE 10/13/2011 2:28AM

    Congratulations. Keep focused for success.

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The changes

Monday, October 10, 2011

As I was thinking about this blog and what to call it, I began to realized that these must be the lifestyle changes that people are talking about. And then I began wondering if I will be able to maintain these changes long term.
Usually we eat out on the weekend. We've done this as long as we've been married (which, come to think of it, is as long as I've been gaining weight for......) just because weekends are for relaxing and cooking belongs to our work week.
Well, I decided to cook for us this weekend. I realized that part of our weekend dilema is that we no plan at all. Our weekly eating schedule is very well planned, usually when we're planning our groceries, but, at the weekend, anything goes.
So, I cooked. It is an adjustment, and I did find myself wishing for pizza and french fries for most of the weekend, but I made a change. Just to see what will happen.
We did have lunch at our favourite sandwich place yesterday, but instead of a large ciabatta, I had a salad. It was still a high calorie meal, but was also our only meal out, and then I worked to balance it with everything else I ate.
This calorie watching really is hard work, but I'm learning.
I'm going to need to work on turning this into something long term now. Not just a quick fix diet.

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THETURTLEBEAR 10/11/2011 11:38PM

    Little steps at a time - good for you!

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SEXYVIXEN2 10/10/2011 6:21PM

    You're doing really well with watching your calorie intake. Well done you!
Remember though, that the occasional treat is fine, even if it is pizza!!
By allowing yourself a treat now and again, you're more likely to stick to a healthy eating regime. Moderation is key emoticon
Have a great week, Angela emoticon

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Iliotibial band syndrome

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The doctor's surgery that I visit has a very high turnover of doctors. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen the same doctor twice! (I don't go very often).
Yesterday the doctor who was seeing me also happened to be doing her Masters degree in Sports medicine and so I ended up getting some of the best treatment I have ever received about my knee pain.
After doing a few exercise with me, she explained that she thinks I have mild Iliotibial band syndrome as well as a tight hip flexor in my right leg. She has given me some strength training advice and also asked me to change my running routine for the next month - fast running for no longer than ten minutes.
Now, I'm a little nervous about this. I run between twenty and forty minutes about twice a week. It is my main source of cardio and now I need to reduce it quite drastically. Granted, it is only for a month, but how will it effect my weight loss?
In a way it's good because I can begin some serious focus on strength training and will now need to look into some other forms of cardio exercise (Not to mention stretching out that hip flexor) but it's quite a change from what I'm used to doing.
That, and no races for a while. Another main motivator to get me on the road.
Oh well - there is a greater vision here than just losing weight in four months. There is my health for the rest of my life. So, October may become a month of patience for me when it comes to cardio exercise - fewer minutes, but much more intense minutes.

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SEXYVIXEN2 10/10/2011 6:30PM

    You don't need to cut back on your cardio minutes, just opt for some different cardio exercises. How about Swimming or Water Aerobics?
Yoga is meant to be quite good for runners, as it helps to stretch the leg muscles.
Hope this helps, Angela emoticon

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THETURTLEBEAR 10/8/2011 6:50PM

    If it fixes things in the long run, it's worth it!

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HARRIET2 10/8/2011 1:03PM

    rest can make your comeback that much better!

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A very special day

Thursday, October 06, 2011

One month ago today, after much umming and aahing I decided to give sparkpeople a try. I thought what's the worst that could happen?
Well, I'm now 4kg (about 8 pounds) lighter and I've lost about 3 inches worth around my waist and thighs. And I'm feeling lighter and stronger. Feelings I had thought were gone because I was getting older.....
Today is special because I get a chance to review and change things and I can do it with one months worth of knowledge behind me. This afternoon I will see if I have reached my first goal - to fit into my wedding dress again. This was the weight I was at when I got married, so who knows?
Then I need to set a new short term goal. I'll spend the day thinking about what that is.
I'm going to take advice and change my strength routine, and, once I've seen the doctor about my knee, I'll have a look at my cardio routine too. A kickboxing DVD is in the post to help me exercise through the colder winter months.
More than anything I just want to celebrate today as being good and think about the wonderful things in my life - things I'm more aware of now.
I give myself a reward every Thursday just for making it through another week of Spark, usually something less than 10, that is not food, but makes me feel a little spoiled. This afternoon I feel the need for a little party for one (I may even buy a party hat!) to celebrate and be thankful for one month of healthy progress, caring progress, loving progress and for how much better I feel about being alive and being me.
PS - I'll let you know if the wedding dress fits!)

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SUNSHINE20113 10/6/2011 1:51PM

    The dress fits!!

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THETURTLEBEAR 10/6/2011 9:57AM

    Congrats to you! And I'll have my fingers crossed!!

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NORASH3 10/6/2011 4:37AM

    emoticon gurl!!
Stay positive, focused, and committed!

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SEXYVIXEN2 10/6/2011 4:16AM

    Hi Sarah,
Congratulations on your great start. Enjoy your day and your treat to yourself, whatever it may be emoticon
I wish you continued success emoticon
Best wishes, Angela emoticon

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CAROL6X 10/6/2011 3:09AM

    Congratulations on your 1st month Anniversary!! emoticon

You can do it!! Keep it up. You know what you want-go for it!!!

UK? My husband is my cheerleader and main motivator. He has also been on our new lifestyle as well. We got married in 1996 in Florida. He is from the UK. Born in Scotland and grew up in King's Lynn and Blackburn, Lancaster. He became a US citizen in 2001 in Tampa, Florida.
We are each other's motivator in all that we set out to accomplish and it helps that we have each other -especially in this new Lifestyle we have embarked on.

Enjoy your party-you deserve it!! emoticon


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Holding on for the apple pie!

Monday, October 03, 2011

My husband bought apple pie a few days ago, but we have not been able to eat it yet because every time it gets to the evening I've used up my calories! So, today I planned it. Now I'm sitting waiting for my husband to get home and staying as far away from the fridge as possible!! I know I will enjoy that apple pie when we get to it - guilt free!

Food has become more special since I've had to begin planning special treats - that's what they are now: special. Something I've planned for, waited for, not mindlessly munched on while watching TV.

Something else has happened. I suffer from quite severe knee pain when I jog, and for the last three months I've just lived with it. The pain always goes away and only comes back half way through my run, so I've hoped it will just go away. This weekend I suddenly found myself paying attention to the pain and deciding I should just check with a doctor that I hadn't damaged my knee more. I want to be able to run for a long time, now I want to take better care of my knees. So, the appointment is booked for Friday. This is new - this extra care I'm giving myself.

All the blogs, message boards and articles are so helpful. I'm taking so many tips from people about everything - listening to motivational songs, focussing on more than just the numbers, increasing my strength training for better running - stopping when I have an injury.

So, thank you. This really is a team effort and I appreciate all the support!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JOANNA202 10/3/2011 6:04PM

    I'm impressed with your self control! It will definitely taste better when you get to it though.

And good for you for looking after yourself. I'm a new runner too and having some hip problems, and from reading a few articles online it looks like there are some quite easy ways to make changes so that some pains go away. Hopefully yours will be one of those!

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THETURTLEBEAR 10/3/2011 3:02PM

    That's great! Smart planning. And glad you are taking care of those knees, in case they are trying to tell you something!

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