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Rewards that aren't food!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

emoticon I got on the scale this morning and it was 2kgs lighter. Granted these are the 2kgs that I tend to jump up and down with quite a lot, but all the same, the scale was looking at me confidently, so I feel good about it.
Of course, I was struck with the next issue: Now I want to reward myself for losing weight by buying a chocolate! This is normal for me, but, of course, is probably why I tend to bounce up and down between two kilograms.
The difference this time is that I have actually worked quite hard on my diet and exercise this week and I don't want to ruin it by going and splurging on junk food.
So, I need a list - things that feel like a reward, but are not food and cost less than ten pounds.
Here it is:
Magazines - the ones I wouldn't normally buy, but I so enjoy (like 'Hello')
A DVD/ movie on itunes
Bubble bath
Books - fictional, reading for fun books, not serious work ones

I'm sure there are more, but I'm new to rewards-that-are-not-food. It will take a bit of work to get used the idea.

Today I bough two magazines and bubble bath. It came to just over 7 pounds. I need to feel rewarded so that I don't go and eat junk food, so I'll try this method for next Thursday too - the idea of an itunes movie is VERY appealing and will hopefully be a good motivator this weekend when we celebrate Grandad's 90th birthday!

I hope to be either still at 68kg next Thursday or nearer to 67kg. Need to keep it up!


Positive Wednesdays!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today, I am going to be conciously positive - because I've noticed a train of thinking that leads me down a terrible path of negativity.
So, here goes: this afternoon I went running at the gym. I felt really confident in my running trousers and also was able to keep a good strong pace going. The gym wasn't too full, so I didn't have to wait for a turn - which is always a bonus.
I watched one of my favourite TV shows - the Great British Bake Off - where a group of gentle people bake together. Today it was pies. I love watching all the different pies that are cooked. I've tried a few of my own, but still need to get better at my pastry making! I haven't mastered it yet.
I have managed to eat within my calories ranges for three days! I've kept up my exercise targets and am not doing too badly with my other goals. Tomorrow morning is my first weigh - in. I'm hoping to be down a kilo.....


Sore tummy today.... and very tired

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not so motivational today, except that I think this healthy eating may be affecting my digestive system! My tummy has been working overtime today and leaving me with strange cramps. I'm hoping it's busy de-bloating me and that it's a result of my religious efforts to drink 8 glasses of water - I'm so focussed on not breaking my winning streak that all I think about is making sure I get my 8 glasses in!
The last day has been good food wise - funnily enough I come home not so motivated to get stuck into food. My focus has changed and I'm not really sure how, so sparkpeople, whatever you've got me doing seems to be working. I jump on the scale on Thursday and if I haven't lost any weight, that will be the real test of whether I keep going just as strong as I have been.
I need to do cardio today, but with this weird aching tummy, I'm not sure I'll manage much. I think I'll do some yoga - at least my tummy won't be jumping up and down too much.
Other things are happening too, more awareness of how I'm feeling about life and wanting to think about other life goals too. Really desiring to make a change. It feels good.
Now, how to beat this tiredness? One article I read said to exercise, so I'll get going. Start with a ten minute goal and move on from there.


Stress eating

Monday, September 12, 2011

I was reading all the entries about stress eating and began to think about conscious and unconscious eating instead. The few entries that stood out to me were the ones that said they dealt with their need for snacks by making a point of making them special. I started doing this this evening. I came home after work and celebrated by a coffee and one biscuit. It was great because in my mind I was feeling guilty about the biscuit - it was a celebration! (I'm not sure how much knowing that I'll have to add up my calories later made me just want to eat one - quite a bit I think!!)
I think stress eating may have more to do with just munching food without thinking because we are worrying so much about what's going on in our lives and possibly less to do with the stress itself.


The Nun Run

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I enjoy running. About two years ago I decided to take up the sport in the hope of losing weight - that didn't work for me - but the sport itself has stuck! The gradual progression from a 5km to a 10km is really invigorating, and I laugh now when I think how easy a 5km seems to me when two years ago it was terrifying!
I think I've now concluded that my problem is what I eat, not what I do. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months with my weight. I found a goal today - I want to be able to fit into my wedding dress again. I'd be very happy about that.
The nun run is a four mile run around the city of London and some of the Southbank wearing a habit. It was inspired by the musical Sister Act, and is now a fundraising event. It is probably the most social running event that I've been too - everyone was chatting with everyone and no one seemed in a hurry to make it to the end with frequent photo stops and posing for tourists! The sun even came out for us.
I have wanted to do this run for some time, and I am glad I finally built up the courage to sign up!


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