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Well I failed my test yesterday.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tried to curb that stress eating, however, the situation got worse. I waited until 4:30 pm & when I did not hear from my son I called his dad's house. He stated he was working on his book report. I told him he needed to come to my house to do it because he would just rush through it and not do what he needed to. An argument started because dad had to get on the phone. I went over there to drop of his book for the report. My son shows me this time line. You could clearly tell that he had not done it. I asked where he got it since I had the book. He said him & dad just printed it from the internet. I told him that he could not turn that in. That was cheating. He needed to create his own time line. We had already started it and he just needed to detail the timeline better like his teacher told him. He did not care. I am so torn. Clearly his teacher is going to know that he cheated. Do I head the problem off and warn her? Do I let him fall on his face? It is so hard to coparent with an uncooperative person who doesn't want to be bothered with his kids. Thank goodness I have work today. Keep me busy.

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LASARRE 2/25/2014 12:13PM

    The teacher will more than likely notice that it is not his work. Most teachers know exactly how each student works. Frankly, I always figure I am not there to be my son's friend, but to guide him in the correct direction. What he is doing is illegal and he can be fined for plagiarism. I caught it with my students every time. It is not an easy situation for you.

Good luck!

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LECATES 2/24/2014 8:26PM

    If your son chooses to turn in the cheat timeline, I am sure he will get the grade he earns---a zero. Teachers know these things and even check---all they have to do is scan or type in a few words and there is a site that will find where they plagarized it from. I work in a high school and last year someone did this big time and the whole class had to do lessons on plagarism for a whole week----that kid failed for the year.

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KRICKET57 2/24/2014 9:21AM

    You are between a rock and a hard place and there is no easy answer. Whatever you do will be unpopular. I am not even sure what I would do in your shoes. One possible solution is to allow him to submit the time line. If the teacher picks up on it, let him face the consequences, if the teacher does not, approach him/herabout it. They may have the students do an extra assignment on plagerism. It is a lesson students need to learn and the sooner they learn it the better.

I understand that you do not want to continually be the bad guy in your child's eyes but this is an important lesson. It is one think to get ideas and research from the internet, it is something else to use it to copy work.

Good luck with this hard choice. I do not envy you.

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WDIPIM 2/24/2014 7:47AM


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A Perfect Day to Test My Stress Eating

Sunday, February 23, 2014

So I am divorced. In a custody battle with my ex which is the majority of my stress. We currently have joint custody and shave visitation on a 50/50 schedule.
My oldest son has some sensory issues. On a scale of 1-10 he is probably about a 4. He is currently receiving OT for his problems. His dad just states he has ADHD and refuses to acknowledge or pay for his therapy. My son is in the 4h grade. His disorder causes him alot of problems with writing. We have a plan through the school that allows him to type his assignments. However, getting homework done with him is a constant battle. He is required to do a book report a month. He has a book report due on Friday. The book is read. The book map required by the teacher is completed. With my son, we have to do things in small blocks, otherwise, he shuts down and nothing ever gets completed. When he went back to his dad's last week, he was suppose to print some pictures from the internet that he could put on his posterboard for his visual presentation. It did not get done. So today, I told him he would not be able to go back to his dad's until his poster is done. It literally could take a few hours with him. He was on speaker phone with this dad telling him this. His dad told me that they were going to a movie today and that I was to just bite the bullet. What??????? This is his son's homework. It is more important than a movie. I told my son he needed to bite the bullet and stay with me to get his homework done. That he had to make the choice. Of course, he told me he was going to the movie. He is 10.
Right now I am furious!!!!! If this does not get done today, he will never get it done in time for Friday because his dad will not do it with him!!!! I am so tired of fighting him to get his homework done and his dad could care less.
I need to do my best today to keep myself busy and not think about it. I need to keep myself out of the kitchen and the food out of my mouth. I need to do like I do at work and just drink my water, water, water.
Thanks to anyone who stayed through my rant. However, I think I just need to get this stuff out and not keep holding it in.
Have a great Sunday Everyone!!!

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EVIE4NOW 2/23/2014 11:18AM

  I would schedule an IEP (individual education program) that your ex MUST attend. *I assume your son is in special ed so and IEP is available to you on demand. This might show him what's expected of him and that he has to follow thru. They will really lay it on the line for him. I would not let a 10 year old make the choice as he will always choose the fun way out.

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LINDAMARIEZ1 2/23/2014 11:05AM

    not thinking about it will not help (nor will sweeping under the rug). Go to the school counselors and tell them what is happening! hubby won't listen to you but maybe he will a counselor! Maybe the counselor can help get it across to your son too! Isn't there time for homework and movie? Personally I know what I would do! I would take him to court for more custody of your son! Threatened by this he might shape up a bit! seems he just wants to do the opposite of you! sorta using your son as a pawn? Incidentally my children and g kids can't use their phones unless grades are kept up!!!!!
I care emoticon

women are stronger...stand tall
eventually your son might just see that you were the one that loved him the most! You cared!!!!

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A good & bad week

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good - On Monday I started a new job. Really excited to get out of public accounting and join a University's accounting team.

Bad - Unsure what to expect. Getting used to the long days sabotaged some of my workouts this week, my sleep schedule and my food planning.

Bad - Eating out too much. Once with the new co-workers, after a late baseball game and it was the local festival this week. Could not resist sharing a funnel cake with my kids.

Good - Even though my exercise schedule was down the tubes, I still made myself walk each night to get my steps to 10,000 each day.

Good - I have been trying to reach a goal of 30 days in a row of hitting 10,000 steps. I met that this week on Friday!! emoticon

Truthfully though, I need to get honest with myself about my food intake. I just can't seem to conquer the food. I am not going to give up though.

When I get down I just seem to turn to food. emoticon

Tomorrow is a new day. This week was just a bad one. There have to be some good ones in my future.

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FITKAT62 7/1/2013 4:10PM

    I celebrated Canada Day with home-made French fries. We can get back on track tomorrow.

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TIMOTHYNOHE 6/30/2013 10:43PM

    Tomorrow is another day with no funnelcake in it.


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1BEING1 6/30/2013 10:21PM


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It's finally here - NOT

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Had to work hard yesterday not to get depressed. Showed up at court only to have my attorney tell me that the trial is not going to take place today. The judge wants us to meet with a parent coach - he thinks we can still work it out. What a joke!!!!! The ex does not compromise on anything, yet people that meet him for a matter of minutes think he is charming. If reading the deposition doesn't tell the judge how he really is I do not see what good a trial is going to do. I cried, was shocked and got angry. Now I am just numb. I feel like I am never going to get to put this part of my life in the past.

It is really hard not to give up. I am going to keep plugging though. It is hard to push through it though.

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CRAFTINWIFE 6/20/2013 3:08PM


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LOPEYP 6/20/2013 3:00PM

    emoticon sorry. stay tough.

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OCEANMISTCALI 6/20/2013 8:41AM

    I have been through this myself in my divorce in 2003. sometimes the attorney's treat things like a joke and only do it to rack in the money. it's to bad you can't get another lawyer who will work to serve you and not himself. I hope you will be free from this. my battle took 5 long years .

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It's finally here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have been waiting for this day for over 1 1/2 years. It is finally here and I am so worried. I haven't slept well all week. If I do not gain 100 pounds this week from the stress eating, it will be a surprise.

The ex & I currently have joint custody. Joint custody is not what most people think. It basically means that any decisions made regarding the children have to be made together. There are 4 big items that are specified in the agreement: medical, religion, education and I cannot remember the 4th right now. The ex is not one to compromise, one of the big reasons he is now an ex. In 2011 he brought my oldest son to the Dr. and had him put on ADHD medicine against my wishes. I found out about it because my son told me not because the ex did. Before this happened, my sons' counselor had told me that the arrangement we had put together for the children was not working for them. The ex & I basically wrote our own divorce up to save money. There have been many issues, I just did not want to turn into a person I am not and sue him for custody. I was trying to be civil. Well, I ended up doing it and it took 18 months to get the trial before the judge. It starts today and I am in knots.

It is the unknown that is eating me up. I am just praying for the best. I have my sons' counselor which is going to be a witness for me at the trial. She is excellent. It is had not to believe that a judge would not take her seriously. She is all about the kids. I am not a hugely religious person, however, I believe God pointed me in her direction. She has been a true lifesaver, especially to my youngest son.

I am hoping when this is over that I can get a fresh start in life. I start a new job on Monday and having this trial behind me after Friday I am looking to hopefully let a lot of old baggage go.

Right now, only time will tell.

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WIO_ALISA 6/19/2013 10:14AM

    Lots of life changes. No wonder you're stressed!
Hang in there.

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LOPEYP 6/19/2013 8:31AM

    Wow . You have a lot going on. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes your way!! emoticon

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RIDLEYRIDER 6/19/2013 7:31AM

  Stressful day for sure. Things have a way of working out for the best in the long run.
Soon it will be over, and you can move on. Good luck!

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EVIE4NOW 6/19/2013 7:23AM

  Good luck in court and starting the new job. Let us know the out come.

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