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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Psalm 1:1-3 (WEB)
1 Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners,
nor sit in the seat of scoffers; 2 but his delight is in Yahweh’s law. On his law he meditates day and night.
3 He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season,
whose leaf also does not wither. Whatever he does shall prosper.

Promise #105: If you delight in My Word, you will be fruitful and prosperous.

Today's promise contains the first three verses of the first chapter in the book of Psalms. What a way to start this wonderful book. These precious verses tell us that we will live a blessed life when we choose not to take counsel from the world system but to delight in the Word of the living God.

We are told that if we delight in the Lord and in His Word, we will be like a tree planted by rivers of water, always bearing fruit in the appropriate season, all the while living a prosperous life. I don't know about you, but when I read Psalm 1:1-3, my heart cries out, I want to be that man! I want to live a life that is pleasing to my God and to delight, meditate and be a manifestation of His Word to every one around me.

Simply put, God loves us and He wants to bless us in every way. When we listen to Him, when we delight in what He delights in, we have His promise of being fruitful. My prayer today is that we would all say yes and amen to this promise and claim it as our very own. May each one of us love what our Father loves, and choose to live a life of delighting in His ways.

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RSSSLHB 4/15/2014 3:18PM

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ephesians 2:19 (WEB)
So then you are no longer strangers and foreigners,
but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God,

Promise #103: I have made you a member of My own household.

When I walk into a house where I have never been before, it takes some time to get used to the new surroundings. I am usually very careful not to knock anything over and to do my best not to do anything that would offend the house owner.

However, when I walk into my own house, where our family has lived for many years, I am very comfortable with my surroundings. My wife and I travel quite a bit and there is no feeling like coming in the front door of our home after a lengthy trip and seeing familiar surroundings. The first thing I do is kick off my shoes and relax!

In today's promise, we read that we are no longer strangers and foreigners, but we are fellow citizens with God's people and we are members of His own household. Not only do we have full access to God's house, it is our house too! It is a safe place where He wants us to be comfortable and relaxed. It is a place where we can feel like we truly belong!

My prayer today is that each and every one of us would know that there is a special place in our Father's house (heart) for us. We are not strangers looking through a window on the outside, but we are joint heirs with Jesus, having full run of God's house.

Rememember the words that Jesus spoke to us in John 14:1-3...
1 “Don’t let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me. 2 In my Father’s house are many homes. If it weren’t so, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you. 3 If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will receive you to myself; that where I am, you may be there also. (WEB)

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WAY2GOCAT 4/13/2014 12:29PM

    So nice to hear from another child of God. Was reprimanded for sharing Jesus in a comment to a blog. I will shake the dust from my feet!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jeremiah 24:6 (WEB)
For I will set my eyes on them for good, and I will bring them again to this land:
and I will build them, and not pull them down; and I will plant them, and not pluck them up.

Promise #102: I will always build you up, not pull you down.

One of the ways an insecure person builds themselves up is by pulling other people down. By making somebody else look inferior, the person doing the 'pulling down' might feel superior, at least temporarily. While this is a very unhealthy way to go about life, many people think that God is waiting to do the same thing to us. He is just watching for an opportunity to criticize us and point out all shortcomings.

The truth is that the exact opposite is true. God is not waiting to find fault in us, He is looking for every opportunity to pull us up! In today's promise, we read of God's heart for His people and His desire for only good things for them. He promises to only do good things for us, to build us up and to plant us in solid ground.

Our God and Father is the most secure, loving, kind and compassionate father in the universe! He is always looking for new opportunities to encourage us so that we might fulfill our destiny as His beloved children. My prayer today is that we would simply believe that this is true. God is FOR us in every way!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Psalm 23:3 (WEB)
He restores my soul.
He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Promise #101: I will restore and refresh your weary soul.

God created us to be restored and refreshed on a regular basis. The daily cycle of life demonstrates this as we are intended to rest (sleep) for a good 8 hours every day. Science is showing us more and more how important it is for our physical and emotional wellbeing to be able to rest.

In today's promise, King David declares that it is God who is the restorer of His soul. The New Living Translation says... He renews my strength. (NLT) The Amplified Bible says...  He refreshes and restores my life (my self) (AMP) The Message Bible says... you let me catch my breath.  (MSG)

I am not an expert in such things, but I understand from articles that I have read that up to 70-80% of physical illnesses are stress related. What that tells me is that the human body was not created to sustain a chronic amount of stress day in and day out. We all need to be refreshed. We all need our soul restored.

My prayer today is that each one of us would find the rest that we need in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. May the Lord renew our strength, may He refresh and restore us, and as The Message Bible says... may we be able to catch our breath.

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RLLRKAT 4/11/2014 11:14AM

    Neat! Looked at the site and I think I'll continue to check it each day! Thanks!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Psalm 40:5 (WEB)
Many, Yahweh, my God, are the wonderful works which you have done,
and your thoughts which are toward us.
They can’t be declared back to you.
If I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.

Promise #100: The good things that I have planned for you are too many to count.

King David wrote Psalm 40 and in it he declares to God how wonderful His works are! David goes on to talk about the many good things that God has planned for us. Let's read Psalm 40:5 from the New Living Translation... O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them. (NLT)

The goodness of God has no end. It goes on forever and ever. Many times throughout the Bible, the phrase... The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever is declared. The strategy of the enemy is for us to question the goodness of God. His plan started in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and it continues today. If he can get us to question God's goodness, then he can get us to not trust our heavenly Father.

David had it right when he declared that the good things that God has planned for us are too many to count. The truth is that God is for us... not against us. He loves us with all His heart and He only wants the absolute best for our lives. This does not mean that we will be insulated from trials and hardships along the way, but even in the midst of our struggles, there is nothing in all creation that will ever separate us from His amazing love. (Romans 8:35-39)

My prayer today is that the Holy Spirit will dismantle any misconceptions that you might have of God that are not true. He is not an angry distant earthly father or an abusive religious leader. He is the perfect Father and the things that He has planned for you are too many to count!

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