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Overwhelmed by Starfish

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This story sparked a memory from about 35 years ago. At that time the kids were very young and Bob and I were on a scuba/skin dive trip somewhere on the shores of Rhode Island.

In my wet suit, I entered the water easily on a mega rocky beach through a cut in the rocks about 2 feet wide. I went to snorkle depth and looked. All over the side rocks and on the rocky bottom of the cut were starfish, too numerous to count. Starfish on top of starfish all busy doing whatever it is that starfish do. I hung suspended in the water in awe of the sight!
I had never before seen starfish in the ocean water before; only the occasional starfish washed up on the beach, never enough to prompt me to throw them back in the ocean as the little girl in the story did!


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JEANSHEP2 1/27/2010 10:27AM

    Hi Sunny,

What a refreshing blog! I'm originally a Florida native and although I lived by the ocean, have never done the exciting snorkling thing. I want to thank you for making me a friend. I have now made you mine and so thrilled to know you. Hope it develops into a SparkPeople long time "buddy" friendship.

I am taken with your list of "trackable" events. Makes good sense and sounds like a great encourager. Wishing you well.

Jean from NC

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MNNSAIDE 1/23/2010 9:14PM

    Awesome - I have never seen a real starfish in the ocean. Neat

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YJNANA 1/23/2010 7:12PM

    Snokling is fun but scary for me.
I admire people that do it. I had the best place ever to do it and still my fear took over LOL Oahu,Hawaii. Nice story Sunny :)

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SALLYEANNE 1/23/2010 6:04PM

    What a wonderful memory.
I've never been snorkling but on a trip to California to visit my Grandma, when I was about 8-9, I saw a bunch of starfish.
It was not as wonderful as the starfish story as yours, but it touched me and I was in awe of what I saw.
The story posted was also a way that we should look this journey we have all "Sparked".
Anyway, some boys had collected the starfish to sell to the tourists and had them all up and down the alley where the little bungalo was where we were staying.
It was an awesome sight.
I guess sad, now that I type it out here, but it was such a wonderful site when I was a girl.
Everytime we went back to visit, which was not often, I would search for those starfish and hope that I would stumble upon one in the waves.
I guess I'm still searching for my own starfish to help me on my Spark Journey.
Thanks for being here Sunny.
You are a great inspiration in the teams and the visits you make to my blog.

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In Which I say 'Drat' Again and Other Musings

Sunday, January 10, 2010

One of my biggest battles this time of year is dealing with SAD; thus one of my new goals is walking for my paper regardless of weather. I must now confess that I didn't go out yesterday, It was -12F and windy, too! What a wuss, right?

I went out for my daily newspaper fetching walk today, though. For a while there was no traffic, (which is unusal for a snow emergency route) when Whoops! Plunk! I was grounded? Iced? at my street corner! Now, there was traffic! Of course there was! Just in time to witness my less than graceful butt-fall! But I was back up and dusting off my buttful of snow by the time they got close.

I guess I had gotten a little careless during my weeks of walking, fall free, in the ice and snow up here in the frozen northland. No damage except to my fall-free record.............

The weather folks here are promising a 'Heat Wave' in the coming week. It is going UP to the freezing point, 32 F! Every January we have a January Thaw and here it comes. This will be a big change from our long spell of BELOW ZERO nights AND days.

Maybe, I'll have to break out a pair of shorts. Then again, maybe not.................

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LJCANNON 2/2/2010 12:56PM

    I am thankful that you are not hurt. I haven't been able to walk because of snow, ice, and below freezing temps since last Thursday. But I am becoming an expert at Leslie Sansone, and I did get to Wal-Mart and walk 3.2 miles inside yesterday. I will be SO glad when it warms up and dries out.
emoticonStay Safe out there!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 1/13/2010 10:01PM

    Sorry to hear about the fall, but happy that all it hurt was your fall-free streak! Must have helped to be wearing all that clothing to keep you warm.

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Getting Back on Track After Having a Not So Hot December, Part Two

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Status,1/7/2010
"SUNNYWBL is working hard to push herself out of the dumps and back on track."

I have dysthemia and SAD, aka Seasonal Affective Disorder. I take daily medication and do 'talk therapy' at least 2x/month , more as needed. (There are a few medical problems as well, but they are much, much easier to control.)

I have also written and comitted to the following trackable events on SparkPeople:
. emoticon
-Wake up every morning at 9AM and be out of bed by 9:15AM
-Be dressed and finished a healthy breakfast by 10AM
-Go to Curves a minimum of 3x/week and on all other days complete a fitness CD.
-Get a minimum of 6000 steps/day
-Continue to drink 8 glasses of water/day and a minimum combo of 5 fruits/veges every day.
-Take a daily walk to get the newspaper regardless of the weather(i.e. dress for it!)
-Keep a radio playing light rock 24/7.
-Log food every day, consume NO simple carbs.
-Be in bed with lights out by midnight.

Add more' though shalts' as needed

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 1/8/2010 10:18PM

    Great guidelines for yourself. I particularly like the one about walking to the the paper no matter what the weather is. I have to get better about going outside to walk. I've really been housebound since it got so cold here.

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Getting Back on Track After Having a Not So Great December

Monday, December 28, 2009

With SAD rearing it's ugly head , expensive car trouble, and getting whacked on the head with a cooler I have less than gungho with exercises and walking, the exception being 11 trips to workout at Curves. The Curves works out my muscles but doesn't directly burn many calories according to my GoFitWear. ( Around 150-175 calories)

As a result of my slacker ways, I gained about 5 pounds from my low of 155 pounds. In the last several days, 1.8 pounds of those have slid off. But I have 3.2 more to go.............

Somewhere on a thread, someone mentioned needing to exercise more to earn the 1000 fitness minute trophy for December. Yikes! That was the swift kick in the pants I needed. So tonight I pulled out the Leslie S. 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk video and burned 406 calories! emoticon( according to GoFitWear) emoticonThe tape takes 45 minutes to do and includes some use of handweights. I used 2 pounders.

This is the first time in a long time that I did this video and I worked up quite a sweat. For the day, 6402 steps, with 19 minutes rated vigorus!

A few more days like this and I will be back with the program, or at least, that is the plan.

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MNNSAIDE 12/28/2009 12:23PM

    Good Sunny - guess it's my turn to find Leslie?

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YJNANA 12/28/2009 10:36AM

    Way to Go Sunny :) But I do have my thoughts on Curves. The arm band can't pick up the resistance of the machines you are using and so movement and jogging on the platform counts but it doesn't feel the wt resistance. So I would trust the what Curves says and if you find the Sparks fitness on Curves i think they take Your Wt. and calculate a 30 min workout for calorie burn? We know curves is working for you and glad you are doing Cardio with LS at home as well.
How are you liking your Sun lamps now? Do they really make a difference?

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JANNIE-D 12/28/2009 10:23AM

    Good for you! I need to follow in your footsteps.

...Jannie. emoticon

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A Christmas Day Adventure with Many Occasions To Say Drat!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well. Yesterday, I had a mini-adventure! Rusty had gotten himself stranded again up in the storage area above part of the garage and had been up there for about 36 hours. After I had finished the shoveling, I pulled the car partially out so that I could get the extension ladder set up to retrieve him yet again. This time I was wearing a heavy coat and guantlet'ed gloves. I was nudging my large empty cooler away with the ladder when:-

You see this coming, right? A corner of the cooler crashed down onto my forehead and rang my bell! ( A few wavery Drats occur here)

Fortunately, the garage door was open and my neighbor, Joe, was out in his front yard. I called out to him and holding my head, I tottered out to meet him. At that point I didn't know if I had a serious head injury or not, so I invited myself to his house to sit a spell.( As you can imagine going back into my house alone didn't seem like a very smart idea.)

So I settled in with his wife Roxy and chatted a while. Remembering part of a e-mail I had read about stroke symptoms, I told her I was going to stick my tongue out and she was to tell me wether it was sticking straight out or off to one side. (Sticking to one side would indicate a brain problem of some sort) Fortunately, she affirmed it was sticking straight out and so I put my shoes back on and went home to deal with Rusty, who was still stranded.

He wasn't happy about being rescued and struggled out of my clutch (one of my hands was holding tight to the ladder), and leaped down to the floor. I said *drat* to him several more times!

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    I'm behind on my blog reading. Sorry to hear about your Christmas adventures. I'm glad everything ended well.

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YJNANA 12/27/2009 2:00PM

    Poor Sunny AND Rusty.
You may have wretched your neck with that POW to the head.
If you getting headaches go in for an adjustment.
I had a kitty trapped between the walls for 3 days. When I heard its meow while calling him in the garage. I thought OH NO, we will have to cut a hole in the wall to release him, but DH got up over the rafters and moved a piece of cardboard that covered the edge where he fell in.
Tigger climbed up his arm and over his head and ran across the beam in the garage. I can still remember how scared we all were. But a happy ending. As with Rust :) Keep us posted on your head. Smart to notify the neighbors so they can watch for you.

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JANNIE-D 12/27/2009 1:19PM

    You and Rusty DID have quite the adventure!! Poor scared wee kitty. emoticon and husgs to you and your injury... emoticon


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SUNNYWBL 12/26/2009 6:27PM

    I talked later in the day to my (physical therapist) daughter, Donna.
She agreed with my conclusion.

Today, Saturday, I slept well and awoke as usual, but I do have a very sore spot above my left eyebrow! Last evening I DID drown, er, dampened my sorrow with 2 small glasses (4 oz each) of wine, a bag of M&M's (210 calories), and a Hershey's Special Dark choc. bar (180 cal)! . emoticon emoticon emoticon

Quite a splurge, I know......... That is the downside of having my car inside the garage, no coat or boots required!

On the bright side, no Christmas cookies , pies etc in the house. This is a huge advantage of living alone...

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FREEDOMSTAR 12/26/2009 4:39PM

    Sunny- you sure youre ok? get yourself checked out by Dr. just in case

be careful and take care


Comment edited on: 12/26/2009 4:40:29 PM

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