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My weight loss Journey with GoFitWear - Week 1

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm setting out to loose 1.5 lb per week until I get to 130lb or a BMI of under 25 (currently 30.9, which is considered OBESE).

I Started wearing my gofit on June 30; my first full day was July 1, 2009. The only thing I have to do is enter ALL of my food every dayand wear the band. The targets set by the softwear is that I burn at least 2250 calories/day, eat 1500 cal/day and maintain a calorie deficit 750cal/day, get 60 minutes/day of regular 'activity' and at least 5000 steps/ day.

My first week averages are: 2770 cal burned, 1426 calories eaten, 186 min activity, 4032 steps, and only 6.35 hr sleep (lying down 7.27 hr)

Avg Protein/day = 35.9%, (182 g) avg Tot Fat = 23.1% (51 g ,sat fat =19 g), avg Carbs = 40.9%
Avg Sodium =1506mg; fiber = 38 g,

Any surprises?

1. Many sleep interuptions during night, I will get a sleep study.
2. Steps measured are much lower than recorded on my Omron which I am still wearing.
Avg week steps: GoFit=4302, Omron=7832


creating new walking maps for my neighborhood.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I had fun using the new feature of marking maps to show my walking routes. Now you can get a feel of my local area and nearby lakes..........



Some musings on my life and times.........

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I drove a school bus in Minnesota for seven years and enjoyed it very much. The last 2 years were in the 'widow-maker' or flat nose style bus. That's the kind where the driver sits in the very front just behind the windshields. The view is great from up there, but there is no engine out front to be a 'shock absorber'. I guess thats the driver's job........Yikes!

Had a snowy day today, about 3 inches. We expect more New Year's Day. I'm going down to see my Minnesota daughter over the weekend, I hope the roads will be dry.......

Had dinner with my 'Terrorist' friends, tonight. Four of us have been meeting for dinner 1 or 2 times a month for about the last 15 years. We range in age from 75 on down through 51. The full name of the group is the 'Ladies Debating and Terrorist Society'. We are a rowdy group with plenty of laughs to lift our spirits. They are an extra special help to me in the winter when my SAD kicks in during the short daylight days of a Minnesota winter...............




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