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Motivation for continuing on

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My motivation will be as strong as the amount of effort I am willing to put into making my own choices (regardless of what they might be) with conscious awareness. My motivation to stay on course falters when I feel helpless against my own urges, and desires, or a victim of circumstances beyond my control.

If I focus on the small, positive changes I make in my diet and in my capacity to exercise, life will became easier and more rewarding and I will feel more positive about my choices.

I reworked these sentiments from a Sparks motivation article, because they really express how i feel and how I see this process of change.


BBQ's are difficult

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life events throw food at you which is usually hard to resist. Potato salad and brownies at a BBQ are really difficult because I love them both. Right now the goal is to get the weight down which means saying no. Also, I need to get better at no responding in the usual manner. Changing habits is always a long term process but done one small brownie at a time.

Today was ok, because I was prepared. Had eaten something before I went and had vegies when I came back. Some situations will not be as easy, need to think of plans for those times.


Planning or hardly planning

Friday, July 20, 2012

So for the past three days, I have consistent with logging in and posting. Did some exercise today which is a good thing. So some planning is going on and some results. But this is hard and I am certain I can take off the weight but can I keep it off. I always say this is the time that I change the way I do things, but it always go back to my "habits" Can I make it stick this time??? Not sure but willing to try again.


Adjusting mental food attitude

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

emoticon Did not go to the grocery store today, because I felt really hungry. When I get near food feeling that way, I make bad decisions. Tomorrow will be fine. Recognizing the triggers and changing the response is a very thoughtful process. I haven't felt like being very thoughtful for a while. I am hoping that making these small changes each day will help my overall feeling. I am tired and need some sleep.



Monday, July 16, 2012

There is no perfect time to lose weight; you'll always have to deal with stress and work and LIFE, and there's no better way to get started than to jump right in today.


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