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DIY project to help me face fears?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling with several issues, it seems forever (a few years actually), and I realize fear is the underlying factor with several of these issues.

Today, I was actually feeling good, even after running two errands; so I decide to start a DIY project - metal 3-tiered cart. After an hour slowly stripping the rust and enjoying the outdoors with my dog, I came to the realization that the slow and steady process I was/am making with the cart, I can use as a parallel to the issues I am dealing with... slow and steady, look for the small forward steps.

Remembering God may be taking slow and steady progress with HIS diy project, me!

May He bless all of you and your families.

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STITCH4EVER 10/10/2012 3:00PM


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KATHIES518 10/8/2012 3:59PM

    What a great visual - God using me as his DIY! Love it - thanks for the inspiration.

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THINAGIN2 10/8/2012 3:39PM

    Slow and steady wins the race! I hope that it will also give you your reward!

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BLC 18 "DREAM" challenge weekend (Fri to Mon)

Monday, January 16, 2012

I decide to blog about the BLC 18 "DREAM" Challenge (Friday, Jan 13th thru Monday, Jan 16th)

D = DO! ~~ my DO plan for this weekend was to write 3 gratitudes and 3 accomplishments each day... (I plan to continue this for all of January.)

On Friday ~~ I am grateful for my parents, my dad helped me fix an area for my puppy. ~ I am grateful for my puppy, she gives me a reason to get moving in the morning and I enjoy watching her antics. ~ I am grateful that today was the first time we (NEPA) have snow (except for a short snowfall in October 2011) this winter. (I am not found of cold weather!) ~ I accomplished this morning a walk with my puppy around the back field. ~ I accomplished this morning cooking my breakfast. ~ I accomplished reading a SP motivational article this morning (see below.) ~ I accomplished DAY 1 SP 28-day boot camp dvd – 22 minutes. (This was my first day using the new SP 28-day boot camp dvd. I bought it at Target with the coupon on SP's/Target's website.)

On Saturday ~~ I am grateful for my niece who asked me to play with her today. ~ I am grateful for my “baby” nephew who looks at things with such innocence and “new” eyes. ~ I am grateful that I was able to go sledding with my niece and nephew. ~ I accomplished a load of laundry. ~ I accomplished getting up and moving in the morning. ~ I accomplished going out with my cousin.

On Sunday ~~ I am grateful for my puppy listening to me. ~ I am grateful for the sunshine today. ~ I am grateful my mom’s cooking. ~ I am grateful for my niece’s interest in science. ~ I accomplished fixing something in my front yard. ~ I accomplished getting up and going to Sunday School. ~ I accomplished getting an old microscope out of storage and showing my niece how to use it. We had fun.

On Monday ~~ I am grateful for my dad; he fixed a fitness item for my back. ~ I am grateful for my sister; she drove us (including our niece and middle nephew) to the movies. ~ I am grateful for my middle nephew; we had fun at the movies. We went to “TinTin…” and my sister & niece went to “…Bought a Zoo.” ~ I am grateful for a nice sunny day. ~ I accomplished walking 20 minutes (around the field) with my dog this morning. ~ I accomplished washing my down duvet. ~ I accomplished washing my new winter sweater. ~ I accomplished printing out my “Ideal Life Design” class worksheets. ~ I accomplished not eating chocolate during the movie!!

R = READ ~ The motivational articles I read....

On Fri. ~ Secrets of Success: Yoplait Commercial Is Correct

*****The Yoplait whips REALLY are amazing if you freeze them!!!! Don’t bother with any other yogurt, it doesn't work. If you have a choc problem, freeze the Yoplait choc whip. Amazing replacement for choc ice cream, hard to believe it's healthy - Submitted by STLCARDSFANS05 1/12/2012 in Healthy Eating*****

Thanks for submitting this secret; I'm trying it tomorrow with the Chocolate Whip.

On Sat. ~ Secrets of Success: Pole Dancing!

*****...BEST WORKOUT OF MY LIFE! The place I found, Pole Fit, focuses on the "gymnastics" side of pole dancing, so it's good clean fun (we're not learning how to be strippers). It's so rewarding, because each class you can obviously tell you are getting better. ... You build muscle so quickly, and it almost instantly tones all over your body :) - Submitted by BABETOMORROW 1/15/2012 in Exercise | 0 Comments*****

Thanks for submitting this secret; I wish there was a place in my area. It sounds like fun!

On Sun. ~ Motivation Articles: Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!
Change Your Thoughts to Win the Weight-Loss Game -- By Dean Anderson, Behavioral Psychology Expert

I liked what this article had to say.

On Mon. ~ Wellness Articles: 7 Good Reasons to Smile - When You Smile, the World Smiles Back -- By Jennipher Walters, Health and Fitness Writer

This article is great! Reminds us all to find something to smile about. I like watching "Golden Girls" (tv show), they always bring a smile to my face.

E = EXERCISE for at least 20 minutes/day MINIMUM.

Fri. 5 mins walk + 22 minutes SP 28-day boot camp dvd (day 1)
Sat. 20 minutes sledding & light shoveling
Sun. none - rest
Mon. 20 minutes walking with puppy

A = AGUA Get at least 8 8oz waters in each day.

Fri ~ 6 glasses of 8 oz; Sat. ~ 6 glasses of 80z; Sun. ~ 3 glasses of 8oz; Mon. ~ 6 glasses of 8 oz.

I need to work on drinking more water.

M = MONITOR your intake by keeping a journal of everything you eat this weekend.

I did this on paper and was able to see my fruits/veggies and watch how much sweets I ate. It worked for me.

Thanks for reading. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


One step forward, 3 steps back (?)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Today I took one step forward... walked by the donuts, cookies, and candy in the store without buying any. Then, this afternoon, two steps back with 2 cups of whoopie pie ice cream, and tonight at my sister's birthday dinner I took another step back with a medium slice of cake and half-a-cup of chocolate ice cream. OOPS!

Tonight in sweats I weighed myself and found I gained a few pounds. I definitely need to get back to walking, simple ST exercises (under doctor supervision), and everyday writing down what I eat and why. (I am an emotional and stress eater, when upset, I especially want to eat sweets.)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GIRLIE603 10/8/2012 3:31PM

    Even one step forward is a positive thing. Just work to keep more forward than backwards steps. And sometimes, we only count the backwards ones, or we think they are "weightier."

Keep at it! We will all get there.

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ASOBFALLS 11/8/2011 1:22PM

    emoticon Today is a new Day emoticon So make good choices for TODAY.
Joyce emoticon Rejoice in Jesus

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    Eh, we all have those days. In a few weeks from now, you won't even remember it. Just get back up and keep going. You can do it! I believe in you. I'm a recovering emotional eater too and if I can conquer that beast, so can you! emoticon

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ABBEMINE 11/7/2011 9:05PM

    Hang in there and don't beat yourself up to much. We all have those "back steps". Just pick yourself up and press on. You can do it. Have a safe journey and May God Bless!!

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MAMACAT2_3 11/7/2011 8:58PM

    I'm an emotional eater too! You can overcome this, I know you can!

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Need to get serious again!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

I need to get serious again!!! Time to get moving, strength training, and eating healthy!!! I have slid awhile and can see it in how my clothes fit, how I feel, and in my weight.

It is extremely hot outside but I can work out inside.

Just thought I would write this in my blog to help keep me accountable.

Thanks for reading! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ASOBFALLS 7/22/2011 1:55AM

    emoticon Yes, central USA is very hot. My emoticon
doesn't understand why we don't go walk in the park.

I have to avoid getting overheated as that triggers a migraine emoticon

But, we can do a lot indoors. I did 20 minutes 7-21. How did you do?


Comment edited on: 7/22/2011 1:55:42 AM

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CAZZI8 7/21/2011 2:54PM

  You've taken the most important step - the first step to getting bCk on track. Yaaaay you!

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Chocolate - I want Chocolate!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Ok so you know I am craving chocolate. I am sick and chocolate is a comfort food for me. Of course, I don't have chocolate in the house.

I have a bad head and chest cold. It is going around my siblings, niece, nephews, and parents. I have been drinking orange juice (yes, I know the sugar and calories), hot water, hot tea, and chicken noodle soup.

Yesterday, I walked my puppy 1.16 miles for 35 minutes. In the beginning I felt good, toward the end, my chest was hurting and it was hard to breathe, should have stayed closer to home. Oh well. Today, I didn't walk at all, slept all morning and most of the afternoon. I will be turning in for the night soon, tired again. Unfortunately, I have been having problems breathing during the night due to my cold - I toss and turn and wake up.

I am hoping by Sunday I am better, I want to attend a Pain management workshop for autoimmune diseases. It would be nice to learn a better way (than pills) to control my chronic pain.

Well, I'm about to fall asleep.

Take care everyone!

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    Good job with the walk! That's very inspiring, I would have such a hard time working out while I didn't feel well. I hope you all get over this sickness soon, sending prayers your way!


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DORCAS9 4/16/2011 9:11AM

    Afraid I'm a chocoholic too, but now only eat it in moderation, bar a relapse!!! emoticon
Praying you feel better soon.
God bless you.

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FATHINSN 4/11/2011 7:48PM

    Hope you will be getting that chocolate soon and get speedy full recovery! I'm a chocoaholic but it never pass my mind to eat chocolate when I'm terribly sick coz nothing else smell or taste good except porridge, hehe.

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WINDSONG~ 4/9/2011 2:41AM

    emoticon virtual only

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WINDSONG~ 4/9/2011 2:41AM

    emoticon virtual only

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SUSANMOMOF6 4/8/2011 11:59PM

    Hope you feel better soon! emoticon

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