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Friday, March 02, 2012

Yesterday was one of those nerve wrecking days!Anything that could go wrong did!My toilet went haywire and started leaking profusely.As I was going to Lowe's,I was ran off the road into mud,got stuck and two soldiers pulled me out.I had just pulled into the drive when my daughter sent me a 911
which means medical emergency and I broke all the speed limits getting to her.
She could barely speak,was crying and her heart was racing,face was red and she looked terrified...Panic attack!I rushed her to the hospital ER and they took a few tests/xrays to rule out heart problems.Anxiety and depression were to blame!2 good friends died,2 went to jail for being STUPID and robbing somebody and she's about to graduate soon...It all caught up to her!She has gained alot of weight.Acne has sprouted all over her face and she eats enough junk to float a ship.She is like an unruly toddler right now refusing to eat a balanced diet and wont go to bed until midnite....She has me on edge worrying about her and last night I blubbered like a baby...tears and snot!My DH thinks its just a matter of a strong will to overcome anxiety and depression.I cant make him see reason because he's too opinionated.Women are too soft he says.
She is not preggers,shes drug free,alcohol free and he cant see that as a blessing!!!!!I am weary and need lots of prayers!!! emoticonSUSAN

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TRESSWANN 3/4/2012 5:16PM

    Prayers are with you and your daughter. It's a hard time. Life does change

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FIFIFRIZZLE 3/3/2012 2:48PM

    Well said Martha about the codependency, it,s a tough one for mothers, almost an occupational hazard!

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MARTHASPARKS 3/3/2012 10:28AM

    She'll be fine because she has you but your daughter is really dependent - as mine was once, too. Strong mothers don't always make strong daughters, so help her with the codependency. It's a fine line between love and being codependent. My husband never understood either... But he's not warm and fuzzy. I'm glad your frantic day is over, sweetheart. It was a tough one.

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SUECHRIS50 3/2/2012 10:20PM

    thank you all so much!You all make me feel so much better and she is 17 years old.I realized today she has me wrapped around her universe and is using her remote to control me...its made of guilt!!

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RUNNER12COM 3/2/2012 7:45PM

    Bless your heart. Thank goodness your daughter is okay. You'll keep reminding her and it will sink in, one day.

Hang in there.

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SERAPHGYRL 3/2/2012 6:10PM

    What a day you've had! My prayers are with you and your daughter. Tell your DH anxiety/panic attacks are very real and they have NOTHING to do with how strong we women are.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALLIEALKINS 3/2/2012 3:48PM

    My sister is a lot like your daughter; she's got severe depression and anxiety as well and it's taken a huge toll on my mom. The thing that's helped her the most, however, is a support group. She's developed a lot of skills to help both my sister and herself cope and find a solution for the situation. Try googling it or asking your doctor if she knows of one; they're very helpful and my mom has been attending hers for a few years now.

Keep your chin up! It'll get better! My sister has started eating better and working out, too; it took some prodding, but she'll find that she feels better after a while and, really, that's all she wants in the first place. =)

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LVMAMAW 3/2/2012 3:24PM

    emoticon emoticon
Praying for you all
emoticon emoticon

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ARCHIMEDESII 3/2/2012 3:22PM


You're having a really frantic day, but it sounds like everything did turn out okay. Try to be positive. You could have been stuck in the mud when your daughter called, but two soldiers came by to help. You didn't get pulled over by the police for speeding when rushing to her aid. While a lot may have gone wrong today, a lot went right too.

Is your daughter over 18 ? Well, if she's an adult, she's going to have to start acting like one. Because one day, you might not be there to help her. Some times, mother birds do have to give baby birds a swift kick to get them to fly. Hopefully this is just a phase and as your daughter becomes more self reliant, she'll take better care of herself.

If not, you're going to have to be patient. How many times were we told we needed to do something about our weight before we decided we did need to make a change ?

Try not to worry. I know that's hard for a mom, but ruining your health isn't going to help her.


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quitters never never quit!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I think I saw that saying on a Tee shirt..but,it really inspired me!I was on the walking path and met an OLD me she was not OLD!She asked me to walk with her and I sat worrying about leaving her behind...while I was tying up my sneakers.I looked up and saw her hanging from some workout bars that were beside the trail.By her knees!I should'nt have been worrying about her because she had to come back to get me...LOL...She dusted me off so bad my face was really RED!Myrna was this tiny petite black lady that looks like she should be serving cookies and milk..Not have beautifully sculpted abs,arms,back and legs!And she is 70!!!!!It goes to show you that looks can be and are deceiving......GO MYRNA!!!..... emoticonSUSAN

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MARTHASPARKS 3/3/2012 10:28AM

    My Mom's that way and she's almost 81!

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LYNETTEMOM 2/29/2012 2:06PM

    haha, great!

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The gym smells yucky

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My little granddaughter Aaliyah was running errands with me because she was getting lunch out of the deal.We dropped in at the gym to check my locker for sweaty clothes I may have left.Her highness stood at the door fanning the air..It smells yucky in here grammy!This place needs pine cleaner scrunching up her nose and pewing melodramatically..I laughed and grabbed her hand as we went out the door.Grammy?Our school is ending our P.E. Program next year and I like P.E.!Could you sign the TISHON? smiling I said Petition? Yeah she laughed..That!Okay,but lets get lunch.I thought about it and wondered why,of all classes would they end P.E.?Our children are getting obese and for some it's the only exercise they get.When my DD was in the 10th grade she opted out of P.E. and thus gained 35 pounds since!Aaliyah is tiny for 5 but a ball of energy.I went to her school and signed the Tishon (; and she thinks i've saved the day...What do ya'll think?Is P.E. as important as I think it is?? emoticonSUSAN


Enjoying this weird weather

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have been walking,mowing,exercising and enjoying the early Spring.One has to wonder though,Will this mean early heat?Our trees and flowers are blooming.Our grass has grown so thick it chokes up the mower.The dog was out soaking up some rays and I didnt even see her in the tall grass!LOL,Im about to do the same...Enjoy your Sunday spark family!! emoticonSUSAN

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BECKYANNE1 2/26/2012 5:19PM

    We're having the same issues here in MN. My flowers are popping up. Although it's not that warm (I wish it was) here. We're under a Winter Storm Watch for Tues and Wed. which will throw things off.

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CIRANDELLA 2/26/2012 12:43PM

    Sure is weird weather, isn't it? But it's cold back up here in VA once again, Susan...temps around 40 or so today, it seems. Wonder if we're not in for a red-hot summer, though! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - the other Susan

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Her life was about more than weight!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whether im goal weight or fat as a cow,Im happy,I have to be!Feeling shame or disappointment is not an option!!I promised myself that it's okay to be down,just not down on myself.I am worthy of having what I want and If by chance that never happens.I will survive and be happy with ME!A woman in our news committed suicide due to her weight(sound of screeching brakes)Hold up!!!I can live with anything,as long as I'm alive!
The family said another female had been teasing her at work.
That Sicko drove a fragile person to kill herself....
She should be shamed of her part in it all.
We are all in charge of our own minds.
but,some people are more tender hearted.
How would it feel to know you had a part in someones death?
I for one can say,I could not fathom living with the guilt!
What makes us all unique is being different from each other.
We all make up different squares on a quilt.
That's what my Grammy used to say.
You know the saying,Pay it forward?
I do and I will till the day I die!
It's human nature to laugh at each other,
just not in malice.
A very heavy(600+lb)man was In Lowes
he was asking for help.
Not one person pretended to see him waving his arm.
I asked could I help him.
he replied "You sure can sugar!"
I helped him ,got a huge hug and went about my business,
Another Lowes worker told me shes so glad I helped him.
Those fat people really stink!
I was too stunned to say much.
I did say "Shame on You!!!
Hopefully,You'll never get so fat that you get treated as badly
as he was!!
That sweet man hugged me with tears in his eyes.
I wished I could take his pain
and stomp it flat!!My own heart was broken to know
people can run around acting like
that and claim to LOVE GOD!!
fat people are not diseased and passing it around
like a plate of cookies.
Not all fat people dream of eating loaves of bread
and dozens of eggs/slabs of bacon.
Love all people and be loved..... emoticonSUSAN

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CIRANDELLA 2/26/2012 12:31PM

    Never listen to society; it's a very sick one, by and large.

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BLEGNER1 2/25/2012 11:59PM

    Have you printed off any of the spark cards to give out? I have and am putting some in my wallet to carry with me when I go to the hospital and rehab. Sometimes when someone is overweight, they need the extra support that spark people is able to give them.
God bless, I am proud of you

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_RAMONA 2/25/2012 11:31PM


(How horrible for that poor woman)


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