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Are you there God?It's me Susan!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I know He is all knowing/all seeing.Being good,faithful,loving,kind,friendly comes natural for me.Sometimes people test my faith...Yelling,screaming,cursing and being nasty is not called for.I witnessed an elderly lady in a scooter being verbally attacked,while she was crying!!I will probably end up someday being beat up for sticking my big nose into what isn't my beeswax.I ended up being cussed at and that was okay.It happened to be that womans daughter doing the cussing.I WOULD NEVER SPEAK TO MY MAMA THAT WAY!!#1 she would mount my head on her wall,#2 my siblings would come after me#3 She just would not allow it.There just isnt any excuse for it no matter what..I dont have her anymore but she was a shining light in my life and I adored her more than anything.I pray for people like that angry woman,who knows what she's going through?I hugged the elderly lady and rolled her into the ladies room and wet a towel to wash her face.Sent my daughter for some water and sat on the floor and listened. As Lila talked about how bad she feels living with her daughter and three teen kids,the worry seemed to drain from her face.I gave Lila a hotline phone # and the number for the nursing home.Whether its verbal,mental or physical..ITS ABUSE!!She already called and got a space at the nursing home...YAY!Pray for her and me too!She is a beautiful lady and only deserves love,kindness and respect!.... emoticonSUSAN

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MARTHASPARKS 1/28/2012 10:52AM

    You are one of the kindest, bravest people I know. Way to go, Susan.

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KEEP_GOING247 1/27/2012 6:08PM

    1 Sam 2:30a says "for those who honor Me; I will honor" God bless you for your kindness and time towards this elderly woman. The pain and hurt she must have felt, i can't even imagine. Where i grew up, elderly people were and still are treasured. this is the woman who gave birth to you and raised you, possibly. If she behaves towards her mom this way at home, can she possibly believe that her teen kids will show her any respect and love? Hm.

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SABLENESS 1/27/2012 5:57PM

    Good for you for taking action. NO ONE deserves abuse. Thanks. If more people reacted the way you did, there'd be less trouble. I love that song "Let there be peace on earth, and let it began with me." It can't begin anywhere else. Bless you. emoticon

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Going for tests sucks!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I was present at my scheduled appointment time.I waited until I couldnt sit there another moment...I pestered the nurse and recieved the stank eye.She rudely asked me to take a seat...The doctor would be with me asap.I went to use the bathroom and who did I spy out the corner of my eye?After 80 minutes of extended guessed it my doctor!!!Playing a video game no less.I was livid with anger.He wants to charge me $75 for a missed appointment.What about paying me for b.s'ing my time away?I walked up to him and asked what the HE77 he was doing?He turned red and laughed!!!I walked up and told his nurse I was leaving because,if I stayed he would get cursed out!And furthermore do not bill my insurance for it!And I would not use him again...Angie's list will hear about him.
I went to the nursing home and saw my homeys playing some games.They smiled and hugged me and told me I was late.I gave them an hour and went home to rest a while before going to the goodwill for my daughter.She likes to give her kids clothes to them plus,I find so many bargains for my,clothes,jackets,pj's,pans
,flowerpots!I tell everyone to go there!Well now that I ranted a tad bit ya'll have a great day!! emoticonSUSAN

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FIFIFRIZZLE 1/31/2012 7:12AM

    Hmmm, I hope you are OK? And that you get your tests done quickly.

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TRESSWANN 1/29/2012 9:52AM

    I went to a specialist once and she forgot I was there? Then she said what are you expecting from me today? Never went there again.

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IILAAD65 1/27/2012 7:38AM

    Oh my gosh!! That's as bad as my Dr. saying.. well what's wrong with you and what meds do you think you need? lol

Needless to say, I am changing Dr's too!

But you had good ending to a rough start.. good for you!!

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FRAN0426 1/26/2012 5:39PM

    Good move, there is no reason doctors should be playing games when he has parients waiting. I sure hope they don't bill you, if they do turn around and bill him the same amount for waiting while he was wasting your time.

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LIBBYG7 1/26/2012 5:03PM

I've been to dozens of doctors in the past 14 years....specialists, mostly.
And I've spent countless hours waiting for them; first in the waiting room, and then waiting half naked in the examining room. My blood boiled every time.....

NOW == I know what they were doing while I was waiting!!!

Seriously - it's a widely known problem, and I admire you for how you handled it. Perhaps you 'sensitized' this doctor for future patients.

Libby emoticon

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I promised Me I would not fail!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This roller coaster ride called I lose it I gain it,is for the birds!I can be a nun with the food,and where does it get me?I bust my butt exercising and walking,I could probably navigate my walking areas blindfolded...I didnt cry this much when I was little!!At times I feel the fight is draining out of me...Then this superwoman comes out in me and I could fly...My Dh is afraid of me sometimes...He says Im miss jeckyl and hyde...I had to go up a pant size for the first time in years and its embarassing for..ME...Im getting ready to go back for some more tests..Doc dont believe in any more pills than I need...I believe in my heart its...MENOPAUSE coming on!...He says it could be thyroid??...Can you believe my B@@Bs are bigger??My Grandma Susan had bowling balls and a tiny body...I just got off the treadmill and its still smoking...I eat so well and dont eat ANY junk,Water haunts me at night...And my dog licks me all the time like Im a hambone...LOL...Am I a new menu item?hmmmm...I WAS getting comments from Familia that I looked sick. Now,Im looking healthy aka FAT!Do I subconsiously try to change for their comments?Well a gym trainer said he thought that its muscle(he sees me quite often)Why does my tummy bloat up like im pregger when im on my monthly?I've never had that prob before!I did promise myself not to give up and ya'll will see the AFTER hopefully real soon.....Pray for me PLEASE!.... emoticonSUSAN

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BETTERHEALTH123 1/25/2012 7:03PM

    I empathize with you cause I am going through some of the same things...

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CIRANDELLA 1/25/2012 8:54AM

    Sending you lots of hugs, Susan! It really is a roller coaster ride, isn't it? A pretty unpleasant trip...and the Jekyll-and-Hyde feelings will - I can promise you from experience - disappear as soon as the monthly monster makes its final exit! All will be well, but the notorious TOM can wreak havoc with one's moods. I'm here to tell you that once you're on the other side, though, all that misery will disappear - promise!

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MARTHASPARKS 1/25/2012 12:20AM

    Praying for ya, but this sounds a lot like peri menopause, with the swelling, crying, mood swings, bloating, Jeckyl and Hyde. Research supplements. I used some and they really helped me.

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SMILINGEYES88 1/24/2012 8:07PM

    Don't give up! I'll be praying!

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NSTARSMITH 1/24/2012 8:03PM

    DO NOT GIVE UP!!! This journey is not just about losing weight - it is a journey of discovery. Health is a much more complex issue that just the one dimension of weight, or even exercise! Don't you dare give up! Stay off the scale if you must but focus on whatever works! Menopause makes a LOT of things change and doctors do not know much about it. You can experiment with less food, less salt, less gas-producing food, etc. to reduce the bloat, but it's just an experiment. I went back to weighing and measuring food and staying at the low end of my calorie range this month. Got my program honest and clean and sped up the weight loss a tiny bit. I'll pray for you - just remember that you can tell us ANYTHING here on Spark and everyone will jump in to support your efforts! Take care!

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A few hours at the homeless shelter

Monday, January 23, 2012

My beautiful granddaughter Mercedes is 14 going on 20...they just grow up so fast!She is headed down a troubled road and her parents are at their wits end to help her.She has seen her parents split up and fight,argue and threaten each other.
Her brothers moving out and back in,her 17 year old brother got married and became a father,and life just couldnt be more unstable because she has moved about 25 times in 14 years!
I took her with me to the shelter.
She didnt want to go!
I did'nt ask her,I told her she was going!
She sulked and listened to her phone/music and texted.
I was talking to her and she ignored me.
I took the phone.
Her life was over!
Grammeeeeee!she wailed
I put my arms around her
she cried and yelled!
We were going to serve lunch and hand out welcome kits.
Me?she pouted.
Yes,honey you.
Did you know that I chose you to come because I love your personality?
You do?
She was interseted now.
You are so kind and an interesting person!
well grammy if you say so.
we apron(ed)up and began dishing food to homeless shelter folks.
After a while I looked down the line of us spooners,
There my beautiful girl stood
Laughing and smiling and just glowing!
Next up we go into the station where the shampoo,soap,towels and clothing
are given out.She was reverting to the cranky sullen girl.
Grammy?this is not me!
Give it a try honey.
If you dont like it,
I'll let ya sit it out.
Soon,She was there with her glow back!
I whispered in her ear,
Doesnt it feel great to help?
She was smiling with tears in her eyes
I was getting our jackets to leave when she asked
Can we stay to serve dinner?
Yes honey,but it'll be two more hours.
Thats okay grammy,
They need help in the nursery.
I couldnt have been more proud of her as I was at that moment!
Later when we were done I took her to a steak house.
No Grammy,I will eat some McDonald's!
Huh?My little meat lover wanted MICKEYDEES???
We went and had a great time together.
She hadnt even asked for her phone back!!
She ate and made a beeline to help with the little people in a good helper,huh Grammy?
Yes,Darling you are!!!!.......Then she got in the car and slept
ALL THE WAY HOME!Her dad said,what did you do? she did a complete
turnaround at school! emoticonShelter life will make you
change alot inside.Knowing we are blessed and those folks feel they are too?
Priceless....... emoticonSUSAN

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ROCHELLE62 1/23/2012 9:15PM

    kinda hard to feel self pity about what you don't have when you have to look eye to eye with those that have far less.

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BARBAELLEN 1/23/2012 4:52PM

    This is a touching story. Your grand is at that age when most kids are trying to figure out what's what, and it's especially difficult when their life circumstances are tumultuous. I think you got a first-hand look at the importance of "purpose" in this process. Keep up the guidance. What a lucky girl to have a grannie like you.

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ARLENE_MOVES 1/23/2012 3:57PM

    Nice to hear about one more turnaround. You're awesome, grammy!

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KALYNWINN 1/23/2012 2:43PM

    What a WONDERFUL lesson!

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MSPRIS3 1/23/2012 2:02PM

    Great blog, and so very happy she enjoyed it.

That one little visit could very well give her a push to better herself, and maybe pursue a career in helping other in need

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went to the gym!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I didnt even get to do anything!It was packed so,I came home and lifted weights,ran on the treadmill and used the elliptical.I was so tired I fell asleep!!Woke up and washed the car,raked leaves and bathed my dog!I had a nice salad with cucumbers,tomatoes and grilled chicken(my DH was kind enough to make and freeze)showered and fell asleep again!!It's all good because night sleep hasnt been happening much.While I was at the gym,I overheard ladies talking about lost weight and what to do with TOO BIG workout clothes.I suggested they get with others and swap Clean stain free clothes with the size they need.I left my number just in case because,I have some nice Nike,Reebok,Adidas and New Balance work out clothes that are too big!Surprise!!I recieved 4 sets for my 4 sets,and some extras she didnt need anymore!!I got rave reviews for my idea from the gym too!No money was spent and all are happy with their new smaller/larger size workout clothes!It's good because I live in an area where there are lots of new moms getting back in shape.Plus,make sure to meet at a public place...ITS SAFER that way;)Try this idea out at your gym..... emoticonSUSAN

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ARLENE_MOVES 1/20/2012 7:11PM

    Good idea. We have at our Y a bulletin board that has an exchange area. I've seen workout gear on it, but I don't have any big to exchange (didn't use when I was bigger) and still need my current size. -- But, will definitely keep in mind!

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CIRANDELLA 1/20/2012 7:06PM

    Susan, what a wise, creative, and economically minded idea! Good for you...and I hope you all end up with some pleasant clothing surprises!

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LIBBYG7 1/20/2012 5:12PM

    Great idea~

Just wondering.....with all the equipment you have at home.....why go to the gym?? does your gym have a pool?

Good going!!!

emoticon emoticon

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MARTHASPARKS 1/20/2012 3:32PM

    Great idea, Susan. You are wise in so many ways!

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ABETTERSOUL 1/20/2012 2:35PM

    What a great idea! Sounds like you got in quite a bit of exercise, even though it wasn't at the gym. Sometimes, just washing the dog is a workout in itself..LOL!

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 1/20/2012 2:32PM

    What a neat idea. emoticon

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JESSIJESS8058 1/20/2012 2:12PM

  Great idea! I'll have to try it out at my gym too.

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