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A Surprise Loss

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Starting (over) Weight: 165.0
Total Loss: 1.0
Current Loss: .8
Current Weight: 164.0

I have to admit, I'm surprised to have any kind of loss this week. I was all ready to get back on track last Wednesday after I posted. While at work, I was great. But when I went home for dinner, all bets were off. I don't even want to remember what I ate. Then I had a sit down with myself and decided I was getting back on track. That lasted Thursday and Friday. I planned out my meals and even had pizza on Friday that I saved the calories for 2 slices. Saturday during the day I was great. Worked out. Ate my fruits and veggies. Drank my water. Then we went out for my BIL's 30th birthday. I drank a little too much and had a "snack" at 12:30 am before heading back to the hotel room to go to "sleep." I didn't sleep well and that threw my whole Sunday off. I had no energy to workout. My eating was terrible. Again, I had a sit down with myself Sunday night about getting back on track. I was so exhausted that I slept through my alarm on Monday morning. That means I didn't get up to workout. But I told myself that I needed to stay on top of my eating. And I did! Yesterday I was able to wake up and get my workout in and my eating was great! Stayed within my calories and tracked everything.

I'm ready to bring my motivation from the last two days into the new week. Life is going on full force. Moving furniture. Friends having babies. Birthdays. Easter. Family in from out of town. As long as I plan I know I can keep up this motivation. My goal is to feel good about myself for not only the summer, but for life. I don't have a number on the scale I would like to hit. I just want to be happy and confident. So here is to motviation for the new week ahead of us!

First week back on track: January 29, 2014 165 lbs
February 5, 2014: 166.4 lbs
Febraury 12, 2014: 166 lbs
February 19, 2014: 163.4 lbs
February 26, 2014: 164.6 lbs
March 5, 2014: 168 lbs
March 19, 2014: 163.8 lbs
March 26, 2014: 161.4
April 2, 2014: 164.8
April 9, 2014: 164.0


Do what YOU love!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I have my alarm set for 5:00 am during the week. Iím a full time CPA. I canít always guarantee that I will be home at 5:00 every night. Sometimes my work day goes into the work night. So why do I get up at 5:00 am? I want to get my workout in. Of course I would rather be sleeping. If you knew me you would know I love my sleep. My bed is my favorite place in the house. But I have to get my workout in. And the nights are so random.

I have heard a lot of people complaining to me about me waking up so early. Iím not really sure how it affects their lives but they still complain.

Since my nights are random, I set an appointment with myself to workout early in the morning. Itís an appointment that I wonít cancel unless I am sick. Donít get me wrong sometimes I oversleep and donít have time for it in the morning. But that definitely throws the rest of my entire day off.

What makes it easier is that I found workouts that I absolutely LOVE and look forward to doing. It wasnít always this way. I used to go to the gym after work. Wide awake and ready to go. I didnít enjoy the gym. It was something that had to be done. I hated being stuck on a machine and running in place looking at the person in front of me. Doing the elliptical was just as bad.

My very first home workout was Tae Bo. I really enjoyed the martial arts style of the workout. I loved to punch and kick. It was fun. It wasnít a workout. I enjoyed it. Then I transitioned to harder at home workouts. I fell in love with Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. I have just about every single workout DVD they put out. I loved their no nonsense style of getting it done. But I have to admit as much as I love them, the last few times I did one of their videos I felt like I was working out. Time to switch it up again!

I then tried a popular infomercial program. I was memorized by the infomercials. Certainly I could do that! But would it kick my butt? I finally bought it. I donít want to say it, but I HATED it! More then the gym. I was definitely working out. No two ways about it. I finished it. I got my shirt. I know people who love this program. It just wasnít for me.

Then I found it. I found Les Mills Combat at home workout. I knew all about it. I have a friend who is a certified instructor. I never attended one of her classes but she raved about it. She told me how much fun she had and how many calories she burned. I decided I needed a workout that I enjoyed. There was no reason to do a workout just for the sake of working out. I popped that first DVD in. Pushed Play. I was HOOKED. I absolutely love the program. Kick. Punch. Jump. I feel like such a bad a$$ when I am doing this workout. I was dripping in sweat. Over 400 calories burned in 30 minutes and I enjoyed every single second of the workout. Was that allowed?

I also ordered Turbo Fire towards the end of my Combat program. How much fun is this workout!?! Super fun music. Super fun dancy marital arts moves. Oh My Gosh! Am I allowed to have TWO workouts that I LOVE and donít feel like I am working out?

When people give me grief about working out so early in the morning, I donít care. I love it. I look forward to it. I go to bed thinking about what Iím doing tomorrow morning to get my workout in. Bad day at work? Go home. Push play on a Combat DVD. Getting ready for a fun weekend? I got Turbo on my mind!

You heard the saying before find what you love and you will never work a day in your life, right? Well it applies right here!


9 months have past and still going strong

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Apparently 9 months have past since I last blogged. I hate writing and that is why I am not a writer! However, for the most part I have not given up and am still going strong. Yes I have had some rough days where I slacked. There was a week when I was on vacation and I worked out every day with my sister and watched what I ate. Some days I splurged a little but it was vacation. Then I went on another vacation, all inclusive to Punta Cana... my husband and I went to the gym once. It was so stinkin' hot that I almost passed out. So instead I sat on the beach and drank fruity drinks!

Well I am just getting over a cold. A cold so bad that I could barely walk up the steps without my losing my breath.

I have been on a plateau. At the beginning of the year I was at 170. At the beginning of the summer I was down to 157. I have been hovering around 157-160 since then. But I am not giving up. My body obviously likes this weight. It will come off when it wants to. I love my workouts too much to not do them. Eating bad makes me sick, for the most part. So I will keep up my work and my feelin' good!

I am back to my 5 am workouts. Back to planning out my meals. Back on track. And it feels nothing short of WONDERFUL. This feeling will help me get through the holidays without splurging unnecessarily!

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NINJAGIRL2008 10/5/2010 4:03PM

    You have such a good attitude about your plateau! There's so much more to health then the number on the scale. Good job sticking with your workouts and meal plans.

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January BootCamp Day 1 Measurements

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What the heck happened to me this holiday season? I was doing well and working out and tracking then all the sudden I stepped on the scale and I gained... A LOT! I almost started crying! It seriously made me very upset with myself. I had to sit down and think about everything.

I can say for the most part I worked out daily. The only time I did not work out is when I was sick. I realized that being off of work along with all the christmas and holiday parties I really hadn't been tracking like I told myself I was doing. I would track my food eaten when I was staying on track but the party days or the days I just didn't care what I put in my mouth, I didn't track. I may not have eaten a lot but I ate terrible food - pizza, chicken fingers, fries, hoagies, whiskey, vodka.... nothing healthy and definately not in moderation.

I know that is not the way to lose weight or feel good about yourself. I don't know what got into me. I am glad today starts a new period in my weight loss.

I am very sad at my starting weight for this bootcamp. It is more then my inital Sparkpeople weight. I have excuses just like everyone else. I ate and drank all day yesterday at all parties I went to. I am also on the brink of my monthly friend, so bloating is a factor. With those excuses put forth I am using the starting weight of what the scaled said to me this morning. And I will go from there. No more excuses. Tracking and working out this month to get me back on the right path are going to be my friends.

Now I cringe... Here are my starting stats (all of which are up from last months measurements):

Weight: 170.0 lbs
Waist: 34 inches
Hips: 42 inches
Thighs: 25 inches
Arms: 13.5 inches

My goals for this bootcamp are to get back on the right path to keep the weight coming off, or at the very least, not gain weekly until I hit my goal (which I know is possible), to lose 10 lbs to get back to my starting December weight, and have my measurements go down (I don't have a specific number b/c I just started measuring and they haven't changed b/c I have been a slacker.)

I know I can do this. But we can definately be buddies on this journey of ours. I am sure I will need some motivation throughout the month.

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EFER89 1/3/2010 6:30PM

    And I will be right there with you If you need some motivation! Iīd be glad to help!! Coz Iīm going through the same thing, everything seems to be going OK when I suddenly quit and regain all my weight back. Itīs awful!! So I totally understand what you are going through! Donīt hesitate to talk to me whenever you want! Wish you all the best!!

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My measurements are almost exactly the same. =) I am going to NOT weigh myself for the next 4 weeks. The scale is just a motivation killer for me.
I lost 5 lbs the first week I started tracking food and doing regular exercise. 3 months of regular exercise later at guess what? The scale hasn't moved. The measurements have, though. Woot!

I am excited to see your progress over the next few weeks of bootcamp! You can do it!


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ONMYWAY1949 1/3/2010 2:17PM

    Don't beat yourself up too much. I know you're not alone on the weight gained during the holidays train!! You just regroup and start from here. You can do it. The main thing is to erase the past and start fresh. Yesterday is past....can't do anything about it. Today is a fresh new start. Best of luck. emoticon

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There are always EXCUSES!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

There are always excuses. What's yours? Too tired? Too much work? Favorite tv show on? Just want to be lazy? ... They can go on FORVER. But as long as you have an excuse not to go the gym, workout, or eat right you have to have an excuse to do all those things.

The other day I asked my husband if he was going to the gym. I think his exucse was he was too tired. I poliety pointed that he always had an excuse and he just looked at me and said he does but it is because they are true. I looked him straight in the eye and told him to start making excuses to go to the gym. He just nodded and said he would try. I have to say it is only Wednesday but he went every day this week thus far. And this is his busy time at work. I am proud of him.

I always try to make excuses to get up in the morning and workout or go to the gym after work. Lately it has been both- I have been getting up and doing a Tae Bo 30 minute workout and going to the gym after work and doing some cardio for another 30 minutes. I have been very proud of myself. I have been going to the gym pretty regularly for about a year so I have to give myself a pat on the back for that.

However, today I woke up with the alarm, turned it off, and rolled over. I thought well I will just go to the gym tonight so I can skip getting up. But it kept eating at me because I was being lazy. How am I going to get skinny being lazy and sleeping? I am not. I got my fat behind outta bed and worked out. So another pat on my back for making me get up! No one but me is going to make me get up.

Now tonight, well tonight is another story. I have been so stressed out with work and personal issues that I am exhausted. I feel like I am going to fall asleep at my desk. A lady came into work today and she is sick! Her desk is right next to mine. Pisses me off. You are sick stay home, especially now with the Swine Flu going around. I am not sure I want to push myself too much if there are germs floating around the office.

Here is my excuse for the day, week, mont - It's my only excuse for the rest of the month - I don't want to push myself to make me any more exhausted then I already am and not allow my immune system to work as I know it can. I have to study for a test coming up soon. I don't want to get sick and not be able to study to my fullest potential either! As of now, 2:30 pm, when I get off work at 5:00 pm, I am not going to the gym tonight. We will see if I kick my excuse to the curb in the next 2.5 hours. But I am still proud of myself for working as hard as I have been lately.

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MERE_2368 11/12/2009 2:12PM

    I love you rosie lol!!!

And BTW, You work out almost everyday!! Your body needs a break every once in a while hun!! Thanks for keeping my a*s in check though!!

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