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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's early. 6am. Shoes laced. Key and phone in pocket.

I open the door and step out to a fantastic morning sun. Blue sky. Oh yeah! it's gonna be a great day for the beach.

Start walking, slow at first, easing the sleep out of my body.

Oh! The glorious chirps of birds unknown to my native land. The occasional squawk of a sky rat (sea gull). It is music to my ears.

A quick glimpse of a breeze with a tease of coolness in it. The sun is easing into day, as I am, still holding a bit of night in the air. It doesn't fool me, the day will be a hot one.

There is a crunch of gravel mixed with sand below my feet. The joys of being near water. I feel so light, bouncy. I run a few steps. I run a few more. My heart is glad.

I slow to catch my breath. My breath catches the sweet scent of pine. I forgot how that scent permeates the air here! I take a deep breath-inhaling the memories of times past. Playing with my brothers, my cousins, the kids we meet here.

My mind wanders. My feet keep moving. I am in awe of this morning. I swear I can here the waves crashing on the shore-calling to me-"Come. Jump in. The water's fine."

As I come closer to my beginning point, I slow. I don't want this walk to end. It has been a respite. A gift.

I take out the key, unlock the door, step inside. Imaginary vacation over. I am back home with kids to care for and everyday stuff to accomplish. No real vacation for me.

But, I've always got my imagination.

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BUTTERCUP76 7/15/2010 10:28AM

    Thanks for sharing, it was like one of those post cards that say wish you were here! lol

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DIXIED88 7/15/2010 10:03AM

    Love it!! Great blog!

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GOROSIEO 7/14/2010 8:54AM

    You had me there. I was at the beach with you! emoticon

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The past is the past

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The past is gone. Whether is was two years ago or two minutes ago. Over. Done. No more.

I have major impulses to go back and log stuff from yesterday. But then I realize that today is all I can control.

I was feeling pretty void last night and tried to fill the void with food. Looking at the results on a food tracker is not going to fill that void, nor will it change anything about what happened last night.

Figuring out WHY I felt the void and WHY I ate to fill the void is waaaaaaay more important.

I'm not entirely sure why the void. I am reading a book about people who have suffered some serious tragedies in their lives. It's a work of fiction. I am entranced by this book. But, I think it is what triggered the feelings, or lack of feelings, in me last night.

I found myself thinking of times that I felt the way these characters did. The feelings of loss, being out of control of a situation, having those around you want you to talk about it when you do not, being consumed by grief, feeling unloved, questioning every move you've ever made.

I ate. I never did feel full. It sucked.

I have found myself focusing on all the good eats I did have yesterday. And the good stuff I've done today. I also have found myself pondering the people I have in my life right now.

I have a particularly logical girlfriend whom I go to frequently when I am feeling "lost" (for lack of a better word). She is someone who is currently in a weird spot in her own life right now. Not someone I really want to go to with my own issues at this time. I have tried to confront her, but she won't/can't see it right now. I even talked to a mutual friend of ours who confirmed my feelings. It is tough to not have my "real friend" around. I am hoping this clears itself up soon and we will find ourselves talking and debating like we used to.

Sometimes you just have certain people that you want to talk to about something. You know they will "get it" and that they will help you sort out your feelings. But then, maybe this situation is a call for me to start relying on others. For me to reach out to others. To show an even more "real" me to them.

I am a fairly out going, extroverted type. But when it comes to giving up something truly private about myself, I am not so forthcoming. It takes time to build relationships with people like that. Lately, I have found myself trying to reach out to more people. To accept the possibility of rejection, but putting myself out there anyway. Being in community with others is very important to me. I have to stop letting the filters of my past prevent me from forging new friendships. And I have to stop letting my feelings about who I "have been" interfere with who I am or who I want to be.

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JAKESTERSMOM 7/12/2010 6:02PM

    Very well put - the past is the past, no matter how long ago it happened. Thanks for this blog!

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DIXIED88 7/8/2010 10:49AM

    This is a great blog. You can't dwell on the past. You must move forward. After all, that's why they call today the "present"! emoticon Hope it's filled with love and laughter today!! emoticon

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BUTTERCUP76 7/8/2010 7:44AM

    Your right, The past is the past. As you know I really need to look at my life like that right now, it may be the only way for me to move forward right now.
I did make some good food choices yesterday, I'm sure I could have done better but I know I could have done a lot worse too. I never did that exercise thing I talked about doing yesterday, not to make excuses for it but between my headache and the heat I just couldn't do it.
But that is in the past and I plan to focus on today.
I really missed you, I promise I'll be around more.
Love ya,

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Hot Tamale

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

68 degrees, about 99% humidity. That was at 6am. I could actually "see" the air. It's going to be a hot one today!

What is really cool though is that I feel like the Hot One. I am on fire! I walked 2 miles. I did some crunches, squats and push-ups. I'm motivated baby!

I can't wait to dig into the berries and the veggies I picked up yesterday. Good eats galore today.

My 4th weekend was good, overall. I had a serious emotional meltdown on Sunday. Lack of sleep finally got the best of me. Once I apologized for losing control of my normal self, things went waaaaay better. Sometimes admitting that I am out of control is all it takes to get me back in control. I think our emotions need a little validation. (not an excuse for bad behavior; but I'm not gonna ignore my feeling either)

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    Hi, glad to see you had a good weekend. I'd like the smog alert to go away and for the humidity to break. Last week was perfect wasn't' it!! Miss you

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POOKAQUEEN 7/6/2010 8:36AM

    I can't wait til this weather breaks, it sure is nasty.
Great thought on emoton, and I second the opinion!

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The Food Tracker likes me, it really likes me

Friday, July 02, 2010

So, I made nice with my old friend Food Tracker and thus far, this week, I have been loyal. I really tried hard to avoid it yesterday because I had been bad. THINWITHIN18 posted a blog all about Gonna and Gotta, and well. it inspired me to go back and log in everything I ate yesterday. Food Tracker was happy to have me visit, and I was only over by 15 calories and within my sodium range for the day (despite the cheese, real spaghetti sauce, wine and potato chips). I do believe I am being inspired to eat even better today! I want my friendship with Food Tracker to stay intact. Oh, and BTW, Food Tracker wants to be your friend too! Go say: "Hello."

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THINWITHIN18 7/4/2010 11:22PM

    Thanks for the mention: hope you had a great weekend,

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BEXNEW 7/2/2010 1:20PM

    Love the food tracker! Lost without it. And like you, it's never as bad as I have imagined! Not to mention that every day is a new set of calories, fat, protein and carbs to track - what a great fresh start each day!

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BUDRFLY31 7/2/2010 9:12AM

    Yeah!!! Keep Positive! Keep Moving! Keep smiling!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/2/2010 9:17:55 AM

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GOROSIEO 7/2/2010 8:34AM

    I'm even wondering if I canNOT track food when I reach my goal. I find when I don't track I have all these number games going on in my head where I am wheeling and dealing. It's a little bit exhausting. Easier just to track and relax.

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GALSAL59 7/2/2010 7:40AM

    I say hello to the Food Tracker daily...unless I have zero internet or computer access while away. It's my Friend whether I want it to be or not. ;)

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It's not all or nothing

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Buggirl19 asked if I was an all or nothing girl. I did find myself seriously pondering this question. I have worked hard to not be. And I do not think I am a slave to that mentality any more.

I do think that I have a "do just enough to get by" mentality.

I eat well in the am and lunch, and sometimes dinner. (at least 5 days per week)

I drink my 8 glasses of water religiously.

I do wavier on exercise. (but have never given up completely)

I do not track everything anymore. (But think I need to. But I become really obsessive to the point where it is unhealthy for me. I must find a good, healthy attitude towards daily intake of food.)

I have been maintaining a 25 pound loss for 6 months. (Go ME!)

But, I want to lose more.

Really. I do. At least I think I do. I thought I did.

So, why do I eat lightly salted potato chips when I know I need to eat carrot sticks? Why do I eat a cheese stick when I know I need to cook an actual piece of chicken?

I have gotten LAZY.

I love to make a big bowl of something and eat it for, like, a week. But don't always get around to doing it.

Really, it's not that hard to whip up a gazpacho, or chili, or pasta salad.

I'm LAZY! Lately.

I am trying to plan my meals and therefore my shopping list. Money is EXTREMELY tight right now. I do not always have a bank account that aligns itself with a need to shop, so meals have to get scrapped. But I am trying.

Oh, and I do not usually have potato chips in my house. I do not buy them, but I also do not turn away FREE food either. (I have to feed 7 kids for lunch daily, and well, they can burn off those tatos faster than I can, no reason to not use them up).

I just need to be satisfied with my veggies and low fat salads, and good for me proteins--more than the convenience of a packaged, easy to open, already prepared food. (I am cool with everything in moderation and with the knowledge that the chips count toward my daily totals, but it has become a lazy girls way out of cooking. That has to stop)

So, as per my blog yesterday, I love how I feel when eating well and moving my body more. I walked two miles again this morning. I will be going to the pool again this morning. I will be making some quick chili.

I will not let my feelings dictate whether or not I do the healthy things. But I will remind myself that I do indeed feel better, all around, when I do the things I do not feel like doing.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAALAN23 7/1/2010 11:09AM

    Girl, I am so lazy at times too. Goes in cycles. That's what I mentioned about the intensity. Change the intensity and sometimes the activity during those times and you'll be "actively lazy." LOL!

My mom does the angel ministry thing once in a while too and it's not bad. (Not to mention that it can really help you stay healthy during those lazy days.)

Keep up the self therapy and positive attitude.


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DEBBIEKAY1 7/1/2010 10:45AM

    emoticonWhere the mind goes...the body will follow so my emoticon continue with those Positive ideas and keep your positive attitude you will reach your goals!

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DIXIED88 7/1/2010 10:31AM

    Now I get it. I'm guilty of being lazy lately too. June was crazy but lazy at the same time....if that makes any sense. Now that you know your enemy, you can call him out! If you are about to do something you know is just b/c you are being lazy, fight the urge!! You can do it!! I going on a work walk break in just a second and really feel like vegging in front of the computer. Might as well take my own advice! LOL

Have you heard of Angel Food Ministries? They have good food at way cheaper prices (think wholesale but you don't have to buy in bulk). You pick them up at a local church or other local host site after ordering whatever package you desire. I've ordered a couple times when I only had $30-$40 for groceries. Can't hurt to check it out! Here's a link to the menus:

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BUDRFLY31 7/1/2010 8:51AM

    Great positive attitude. It is catchy and has got me thinking! Have fun at the pool!

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