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Okay, time to get serious!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I got on the scale this morning and I was NOT pleased. But also not surprised. I'm up 4 pounds. Today, I track! I like Buggirl's plan of 3 days exercise, 2 days Quickfire challenge. I can do that too! Today is exercise. For me this means doing my strength workout and walking. I have been skimping big time on actual strength exercises. Mostly, I've been spring cleaning and gardening. Which I know counts, but it is not the same as a regimen. I feel that I need the routine and that the other stuff is bonus activity. Especially on days that I don't get a walk in. I am trying to keep the mindset that I fill my day with more activity rather than setting time for "exercise". I read that people with a "more active" mindset lose more weight than those who "exercise". I totally see how that can work. I even did leg lifts and pushups last night while watching BL.

As far as food goes...Maybe we shouldn't go there... (cheesecake) I have to eat more fruit and veggies. It is too easy for me to go on a carb/fat diet. So, today, I track! Toady I make healthier choices. Next week the scale will reflect this. Next month I will be smaller than I am right now and in the next two months, I will feel fantastic in a bathing suit. That's my goal.

Weather permitting, I am hoping to take my "new to me" bike for a good ride. Yippee!

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THINMAMAWARD 4/7/2010 2:42PM


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DIXIED88 4/7/2010 9:34AM

    And another one's on board! Yay!! emoticon

You so got this, Girlie! Don't forget your water. emoticon

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BUDRFLY31 4/7/2010 9:23AM

    I had the same experience this morning. We both can do it! I am on track this morning and I am heading for some strength training as well! Good luck!

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SKUNKY4 4/7/2010 9:22AM

    Easter week-end was not kind to my scales! I'm up 3# and I'm hoping I shed it quickly. I too am trying to get back on track. I like your idea of active mindset over set exercise. Scheduled exercise is my down fall. Not sure what you are talking about with Buggirls plan. Can you fill me in?
Thanks for sharing and being honest about your down falls. It's nice to know I am not alone in messing up sometimes and we can be an encouragement to each other to keep on going! Thanks for sharing!!!

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USEANDLOSE 4/7/2010 9:14AM

    You can do it! Sounds like a great plan - consistency seems to be key and you're working out how to make that happen! Way to go!

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WAY2WIN 4/7/2010 9:06AM

    I have to get back on track as well. I up three pounds as well. I'm getting over a gout(a very painful form of arthritis) attack and couldn't walk for three days. Seems like whenever I get sick my plan goes out the window. But good for you for getting back on track and I'm right there with you. emoticon and I can do it!!

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KISSFAN1 4/7/2010 8:45AM

    Good for you on getting back on track. You can do it! emoticon

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It's All Better Now

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What a difference a few hours can make. I went to the resource meeting for my project and now I do not have to come up with a mural. We are going to order graphics from the internet that are sports themed. These will simply need to be applied to the walls with a careful, steady hand. We will be touch-up painting some of the walls and helping repair walls while we are there--but no rushed 4 hour mural painting. My daughter is going to be disappointed, but I am relieved. Today I get to shop on-line. Can't wait!

And, well, if I'm not already CRAZY enough! I added a project at my site! We will be weeding and mulching the flower beds while we are there. Easy-peasy! I just want to love on this organization as much as possible. Now, BRING THE VOLUNTEERS ON!

PS. To all my Peeps that supported me yesterday--BIG THANKS! I like to follow the pattern of "Panic first, Get clarifications later". (really, I was supposed to be doing a mural. But then someone in their infinite wisdom decided that was too much to undertake n 4 hours. Yay!)

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CAALAN23 4/6/2010 11:02AM

    Less stress is always a good thing!

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DIXIED88 4/6/2010 10:23AM

    That's great! Much less stress with a good outcome. emoticon emoticon

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BUDRFLY31 4/6/2010 9:12AM

    That sounds very cool. I have two teenage boys and they would love it. The compromise sounds perfect and more attainable, with less stress. Thank you for all that you do!

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    Perfect. How was your FREE meeting?

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Hi! How are you?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Hi! How are you doing? How was your Easter weekend? Mine was really great. I made 3 cheesecakes, a layer cake, bean dip and some fabulous bacon gruyere scallion "muffins". I slaved with the cooking several days in a row before the weekend and all Sat. morning. But it was all worth it. Had Easter lunch with my family on Saturday. I brought the "muffins" and the layer cake with me. Both my brothers showed up and my boyfriend (he had to work in the am and wasn't sure if he could make it, but he did. Yippee!)

Went to a Birthday party Saturday night. Brought one of the cheesecakes and the bean dip. The cake and dip were my gift to the B-day girl. My younger brother and his wife were also at the party so I got to spend even more time with them. They left for home in MI today. Boo! Boyfriend also attended the party! This is huge since he is so very anti-social and he had so many events this weekend. We had a good time.

Sunday was Easter Mass with boyfriend's family and then lunch at this parents house. We had an Easter egg hunt, which his grandma won hands down. That woman is so competitive! And super sweet! My last cheesecake was enjoyed thoroughly. Pats on the back to me! Really, it was great to contribute, and then to just relax.

So, I volunteered to head up a project with my church this year for their annual Go Cincinnati Day. This is where some (no lie) 3000 to 5000 people from 40 different churches do around 300 different projects for, I forget how many, different organizations around Cincinnati. This is a one day, 4 hour blitz on the city. This will take place on May 15. In the past, I have simply worked on the day of the project as one of the massive amounts of volunteers. This year, I decided to step it up and volunteer to be a Team Captain. This means I meet with the organization, figure out what we will be doing, figure out what materials we need, order materials, pick up materials, prep the area and coordinate the people on the big DAY. The project I am assigned to is to paint, what I thought was one, but is actually two murals in two rooms for foster children; that is to be inspirational for boys ages 16 to 21. I met with the organization leader today (totally cool guy, used to be an NFL football player, has a huge heart for foster kids!). I forgot a tape measure. Only took pictures of the walls the mural will go on instead of the whole room, and now have more questions than answers. I want my artist sister-in-law to come up with the mural concept, but she lives in MI and I need the mural by this Saturday! Pray for a miracle. I need it because this Saturday is when the church will be buying the materials for artistic painting. UGH! I will pull this together. I will pull this together. I WILL pull this together!!!

I have a meting tonight about the resources and the ordering of them. I am hoping to have even more of my questions answered there.

So, that's what's going on with me, in a nutshell. What's up with you?

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DIXIED88 4/5/2010 4:05PM

    I like Use&Lose idea. And OMG! were you busy! I'm glad you got to spend so much time socializing and doing something good for the community. You make my heart smile!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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USEANDLOSE 4/5/2010 3:11PM

    Sounds like a wonderful project! At that age, boys are changing into men and the road ahead may seem daunting! How about an image starting with a young boy growing through life's stages and ending as a successful man. You could show obstacles alongside them that they had to pass by to stay on the path to success as well as some of the rewards of their hard efforts.

Whatever you decide - best of luck - I'm sure your hard work will be appreciated - and you'll do just fine!


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    GO Jenn GO!! I know you can do this! Awesome project you get to lead. emoticon

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WALKNLOVE 4/5/2010 1:58PM

    I am very tired today for some reason...just want to go take a nap.IDK, maybe my body really needs it.
Acrylic paints will work for your find them in the craft store...but you do need to have some kind of concept in mind so you know what colors to get.Keep in mind, you can mix primary colors to make new colors.It would help if you knew the interests of the foster boys so you could paint something specifically towards their dreams & passions.Good luck! God bless you. If I lived nearby, I would gladly help :) Have fun!

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Mindless rambling

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's early. 7am. I has one child here and am awaiting the arrival of another here soon. And then another; and then another. I think that's all. But possibly one more. The first two need to leave for school at 8:30. The second two, never. stop. talking. All day long. Senseless and useless ramblings. All day long. I live for nap time on days like today.

Child #2 just arrived. Normally he's my quiet one. He's chatty this am!

So I have the song "If I had a Million Dollars" by Bare Naked Ladies suck in my head. Most especially the part where they say "Haven't you always wanted a monkey?" Just thought I'd pass that along to you.

Ooo. Super excited! I have a friend who is my same height that wants to gift me her road bike! Oh, YES! I really hope it works for me. My friend Tiff has been trying to get me to do bike trips with her for a couple of years now. I may or may not end up a runner, (due to the poor genetics I've been dealt) yet I still try. But what may really happen is that I end up a biker! I have actually dreamed of riding in some races. Feeling the wind whipping against me, helmet on, super-cool shades, super-nasty bike shorts showcasing my big behind, determined look on my face-quickly replaced by smiles-then back again 'cause I swallow a bug. LOL! Seriously, I can't wait to be back on a bike!

I've already been concocting a laundry list of accessories I MUST have!
1. Super-cool helmet! Preferably in pink!
2. Super cool sunglasses that hopefully protect my eyes (contacts) from wind.
3. Crazy bike shorts (for x-tra padding) and super long t-shirts(to prevent butt-crackage--no one wants to see that!).
4. Water bottle.
5. Fingerless gloves. Not sure why. I think they have gel in them to pad your hands a bit.
6. I totally wish a road bike could be outfitted with a basket. So I could carry Toto in it when the tornado strikes! (Okay, I don't have a Toto. Just want a basket).
7. Bell, like the ones you had as a kid that really don't make a loud noise, but are super annoying. And so I can act like I'm the ice cream man.
8. As long as I'm going there... I want streamers!!! And stuff in my spokes!

Fantasy over. Really, I just want to look skinny and cool while riding a bike.

I think I may be done rambling this morning. Except I must tell you that i have been enjoying my coffee in a mug that was purchased for me by my sister-in-law while they were on vacation in Canada. I love this mug. It's a good morning.

Oh! OH! I forgot to mention that I am making 3 cheesecakes (one plain, 2 triple citrus), a lemon layer cake with raspberry curd, and bacon Gruyere scallion muffins, for 3 different occasions this weekend. (one of the cheesecakes is a gift to my next door neighbor). Wish me baking and calorie overload LUCK!

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BUTTERCUP76 3/31/2010 12:35PM

    What...CHEESECAKE!!! You know it's one of my most favorite foods EVER!!! It comes in right after the peanut butter M&Ms, and yes I saw your comment they are truely the best candy EVER created! (Ok so that's my opinion)
Ok, now I'm hungry! I just ate a sandwich with lite wheat bread, OM deli chicken breast, provolone cheese, and mustard. Lets just say it did not fill me with the same yummy feeling.
Have a good one!

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    The shorts are actually surprisingly flattering because they suck everything in and smooth everything out. Unlike your legs, mine have big globs of cellulite and pockets of fat but these are NOT visible with bike shorts on! Try them on, you'll be surprised!

The gloves do give you padding and prevent you from getting blisters/calluses from shifting the gears a lot. In my neighborhood I'm constantly shifting and ended up having hands that look like a construction worker. Probably only need to wear them on trips over 20 miles which sounds like a lot but that's only 2 hours of riding.

My girls keep wanting to buy me a bike horn and a bell but I'm no fun! Bells can scare the hell out of other bikers. If I'm cruising along riding by myself and someone comes up behind me and rings a bell I want to punch them so I don't recommend a bell. A simple "On your left" is polite and doesn't scare the hell out of others. emoticon

Instead of a basket you can get a bag that straps on your handlebars and one that fits under the seat. Again, I'm no fun! That way if it rains or you fly around a corner, the snacks and hand wipes don't fly out!! I do love the basket (with plastic flowers) idea though.

I need some sunglasses too. Whenever I forget to wear my sunglasses I always get a bug and dirt in my eyes!!

Add to your list a cyclometer and side mirror. Especially the mirror!!

Comment edited on: 3/31/2010 12:22:37 PM

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CAALAN23 3/31/2010 10:35AM

    Ooo, we never had the bell but the little squish ball thingie that goes aaahhooooogah! :) Sounds like a sweet ride!

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DIXIED88 3/31/2010 10:21AM

    OOoooh biking! That would probably be good for your tootsies. I can totally picture you with your decked our bike and gear. LOL, basket, streamers, card in the spokes and all!! emoticon

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CHUBBYPIE 3/31/2010 9:17AM

    I can feel your excitement while i was reading this!! It definitely brightened my day!! I hope your good morning turns into a great day!


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Totally decadent Blog

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay. I know this is soooooo not helpful to dieting. But...

What would you eat if you could choose your very last meal?

I want it all! Gooey nachos or queso and chips from Cheeseburger in Paridise. Chicken Pad Thai with crispy noodles from Foriegn Exchange. Bacon wrapped dates from Lattitudes. My friend Amy's suash ravioli with butter sage sauce. Saag paneer and Naan from any Indian restaurant. A big juicy medium rare filet mignon. Whipped potatoes from The Golden Lamb. Saphetti and meatballs. Triple citrus cheesecake.

YUM. Of course, this meal would KILL me!

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DROWSYMAGGIE 3/30/2010 2:39PM

    This is easy, the three Ps. Pizza, pop and peanut butter cups. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DIXIED88 3/30/2010 11:57AM

    Hmmm...probably super rich thick gooey lasagna, deep dish pizza with all the toppings and so much cheese that you can't see the toppings lol, cheesy chicken nachos from a mexican resturant in my area, a couple of fatty egg rolls with too much soy sauce, huge home made vanilla ice cream sundae with more of different toppings than you can imagine, reeses peanut butter cups, and cheesecake.

LOL, I could never eat all of this at once but it was fun to imagine! I also noticed that almost all of my faves have cheese or are dairy related. I love gooey CHEESE! emoticon

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BUTTERCUP76 3/30/2010 10:58AM

    I'm a big fan of peanut butter M&Ms, so a big (really big) bag of those. I think I'd chase that down with a big cheesecake.
Did I mention the really big sundae made from cheesecake ice cream from Coldstone, loaded with oreos!
So is this my last meal because I die after being in a sugar comma! lol

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BEACHY_KEEN 3/30/2010 8:37AM

    Last meal? Lobster, crab legs, fried oysters - give me buckets of 'em...with garlic butter, cocktail sauce, lemon juice, horseradish, tartar sauce...crispy french fries, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and key lime pie. It'd kill me, too. I'd need a few days like the Romans to just lounge and feast.

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