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I am desperate for new clothes

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I have gone shopping the past two days and have nothing to show for it. I have discovered that I can fit into a size smaller on the bottom half! Woo Hoo! But didn't find anything that 'fit' what I was looking for.

Now, I shop for the bargains. I am going to venture into the department stores next because tons of stuff is on sale. But I started at places like T.J. Maxx, and Stein Mart. Everything there was close, but not quite.

I am in the need of exercise pants. Not capri's, not shorts, exercise PANTS. And, I would like them to have pockets. As I walk for exercise and have to have somewhere to store keys and a phone. And I am short. I would like to find them size petite. I am starting to realize this is a tall order.

I was also looking for "cute" t-shirts. Or nice, somewhat dressy, tops. Again stuff was close, but not quite. I am challenging myself to shop for stuff with color and pattern. Normally I am a solid kinda girl. I also want a v-neck or a square neck. They are just far more flattering than a high, rounded neckline on me.

This morning I went to my closet to find a pair of pants and tried on some old ones only to discover that they fall off of me. Now I need to add new pants to my list. I would like casual khakis and maybe one pair of nice slacks.

I am tired of going to my closet and wearing clothes that look like they belong to my "older" sister, if you know what I mean.

As I have been thinking about all this new smallness, I have been thinking about what image I would like to portray to the World. Do I want to buy the same old same old, or do I want to try some new looks? Do I care to re-invent myself? Sometimes when I shop I try to imagine Stacy and Clinton (from What Not to Wear) are going to jump out of nowhere and bust me for fashion crimes. So I try to try things on even if I feel that they are not going to look good. And sometimes I get something that I never would have; and end up loving it!

So I want some shaking up in my wardrobe. I want color and pattern. I want fit! I want sleek. I want sexy. I want comfortable. (Can you have those last two in the same outfit?). I also do not want to spend too much since I don't think I will be wearing them for long.

Clearance racks, discount stores, second hand stores--LOOK OUT, HERE I COME!

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FITFRANNIEK 3/10/2010 6:08PM

    This is a random place to buy fitness clothes, but I buy my fitness pants at fashion bug- the cheaper lane bryant. They have clothes in all sizes, talls and petites, and they have exactly the kind of pant you are looking for (i know because i have them). They also have them in capris (which i just bought) and they come in super cute colors. They also have some pretty cute shirts and tanks that would work for fitness stuff. Good luck shopping!

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IRIE_KEY 3/9/2010 1:43PM

    I've had good luck at Target for fitness clothes and shorter length execise pants. The Champion C9 line is wonderful.
Good luck - we "fun-sized" people have the hardest time with pants.

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SERILDA 3/9/2010 11:26AM

    Woohoo! Good for you! emoticon

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DIXIED88 3/9/2010 9:59AM

    I LOVE thrift shops, goodwills, savers, and the like. If you go to the ones in the nicer side of town, you will be amazed at what was donated! Plus you can get lots of stuff for the amount you would normally pay for one item.

You are doing awesome! Make sure to have a picture fashion show once you find those perfect items. emoticon

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WALKNLOVE 3/9/2010 7:53AM

    Try Kohl's or Target.It is always a boost to buy new clothes, but a bummer when you can't find what you are looking for.Hope today you find it!

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SWEETTOOTH10 3/9/2010 7:35AM

    I don't have the petite issue, But I USUALLY have Good luck finding nice exercise pants at WalMart or Kmart. They have some trendy / stylish clothes.I LIKE , O.K. LOVE Fashion Bug, And shop their sales,(for exercise pants , dress pants, khakis) and clearance racks.They have petite styles too.Good luck!

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JDYJMM2000 3/9/2010 7:32AM

  Good job...Feels good doesn't it.

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Today--I WIN!

Friday, March 05, 2010

I woke up feeling pretty darn good.

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference some physical activity and eating some healthy stuff makes!

What a difference asking for what I want/need makes!

What a difference getting support makes!

What a difference "the Flow" makes!

Ya'll rock! (I broke out my southern accent for ya--even though I was born and have lived North of the Mason-Dixon line my whole life :-)

Okay, So today I woke up wanting to do some yoga. After a slow start I finally broke out my yoga moves. I challenged myself to do some stuff I haven't done for a while (I tend to do the moves I like versus the stuff that challenges me). My hips groaned--but now I know I gotta work this into my day, every day). Stretching just feels good. Especially after. I have ENERGY again.

I swear, the few days (if not a whole week) before Aunt Flo, I am a crazy person. I have roller-coaster emotions, anxiety, tiredness, physical achy-ness. Then as soon as AF starts--it magically goes away. I used to be on the pill, but then had an IUC put in (Mirena). No pills=yay! Getting used to a new, unpredictable month=Boo! It's been 6 months since I got it. I'm trying to see if there is a pattern of increasing mood issues. It makes me feel so bad that I feel so out of control. But I am also trying to see whether my eating and exercise will help.

I haven't been good with tracking/eating/serious exercise the past 2 to 3 months. So, I start some serious planning now! And we will see what next month brings. Cravings? Craziness? Calm? Mix?

But for today--I WIN! Today, I feel good! Today, I AM IN CONTROL!

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MOMMY_IN_MOTION 3/8/2010 10:06PM

    YAY! I know I am really late on this one, but I am so glad that Friday was such a positive day for you. Way to go on challenging yourself with the yoga, instead of sticking with same-old same-old!

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    My cycle does the same thing to me but I don't keep track of the days of the month since I don't have an aunt flow out of the clear blue sky I'll be in an evil grouchy tired person. Then I snap out of it and instantly feel happy which is how I'd feel the day I started. I should keep better track of the cycle so I know when to stay clear of the people I love. Even though I don't have a period anymore I still have PMS and all the other physical stuff that goes along with being a woman. Isn't this fun. NOT

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DIXIED88 3/5/2010 9:23AM

    Yay, my girl is back from the brink of flowdom! Yoga is awesome, isn't it? I always feel like it doesn't do much until I'm done and feel great.

LOL, Love the southern accent! You sound like me!!! emoticon

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I want a hug!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

My mood is deplorable! I am sure this is carb withdrawal (from my bad Monday) and Aunt Flo coming soon. I will get through this day. I will get through this day. I will get through this day!

I can't walk it out at the mall because I have kids arriving at staggered times and the out side temp is too cold to walk around here right now. I am going to get out the mini tramp and jump for a while (although this tends to make my calves really hurt). Some pain is worth a mood boost, no?

I will get through this day...

11:07 I feel so much better! Exercise is AWESOME! Mini trampoline and some strength exercises! (I did 3 reps of 5 "man" push-ups today--that's an additional 2 reps to my challenge to simply do 5 "real" push-ups by the end of Feb! Oh Man! Nothing like a little adrenaline push to get ya going!)
Thanks everybody for the kind words and support!!!

Now I know--I WILL get through this day! (and I won't take anyone's head off--LOL)

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CANDICE_A 3/4/2010 1:48PM

    Nothing like exercise to pick up your mood! Glad you're feeling better

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MAMAEAGLE 3/4/2010 12:53PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JUSTMISHY 3/4/2010 11:17AM

    LOL. Sounds like me today!I'm headed for exercise in a few minutes and then hopefully, I'll be as energized as you!
Sending you lots of emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AHEALTHIERME9 3/4/2010 10:59AM


The tramp sounds like a great idea! You can also try one of Coach Nicole's online videos... They're awesome!

The exercise is going to snap you right out of this funk.... and then afterwards, take a nice, long, hot shower.... it will soothe your mind and body.

Let me know how you're feeling later!


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CHUBBYPIE 3/4/2010 10:25AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

It seams like everyone is dealing with the onset of aunt flo...I'm sorry to hear it's bringing you down too!!

Smile! This is just 1 day emoticon You are an amazing woman!!


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FAYE000 3/4/2010 9:40AM

emoticon With healthy food choices today; the mood will pass. emoticon

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IRIE_KEY 3/4/2010 9:35AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You can do this - hope your day goes well.

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TIGGERIFFIC123 3/4/2010 9:22AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
It sounds like a great idea to get in a little exercise. I have found that it can greatly improve my mood!

Make it a GREAT day!

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Can niceness kill you?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I have a friend who is trying to start a business making cards. She spends hours of time consumed with this. I said I would buy 10 cards. She has given me some of my order. They are Okay. Then she posted pictures on the web with a really cute "wishing you birthday fishes" saying on it (it was two fish swimming around). I said I really liked it. She said she'd make me one. She sent me the picture of it, but it doesn't have the cute saying on it--it's just fish saying happy birthday. Not what I wanted. WTF? I feel like she puts in so much time and effort and I don't want to hurt her feelings. But.... I am never going to use the stupid card! What am I supposed to do?

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JUSTMISHY 3/4/2010 11:25AM

    Buy the ten cards and then no more, unless they are fabulous. That's the support of a friend. When you don't buy any more, you can either state that you have lots, or, if the friendship allows, tell her what she needs to hear as a person going into business. If this is to be a legit business, then she needs to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. You know if you are that person or not.

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MOMMY_IN_MOTION 3/4/2010 11:06AM

    I think it's great that you are trying to be supportive of your friend, but definitely don't let her walk on you!

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    Thanks! I needed to hear that!

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NIKKIG3 3/4/2010 7:53AM

    I agree with MUSYCLAU. There is no easy way to deal with this. Just make it clear that you dont need any more going forward.

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MUSYCLAU 3/4/2010 7:49AM

    Consider it a donation for the start up for your friend's business. You have a good heart.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Monday was my daughters birthday. It was also my "day off" (I only watch one child before and after school that day). My boyfriend happened to be finished working that day by 11am. So, we ate lunch together. 800 or so calories later... I went to dinner with my daughter. We went to Outback (I had gift certificates and I wanted STEAK!) 1883 calories!!! Now, I logged it in as having eaten it all, but then I realized that I had steak leftover and half my sweet potato. Did the words "no butter" come out of my mouth? How about "no appetizer"? Of course not. It was my daughter's birthday. But was was my excuse for lunch? Bob Evans, wildfire chicken salad and a biscuit. I do not dump the dressing-only ate about 2 tsp of it. But I did not ask for the grilled chicken! And normally I give the bread to my BF.

Seriously, I need to have a good talking to.

All that being said, I do have some really fabulous news. I lost 2 more pounds! Woo Hoo!

I've been at 175 for around two months now. And yes, I've been slacking in my tracking--but I never gave up. I still exercised and I still tried to choose wisely (except this past Monday). I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff. It's been hard but good. Refreshing. Freeing.

I now weigh less than I remember what I did when I got pregnant (13 years ago...). I am also 2 pounds away from being halfway to my goal!

I can hardly believe it! This is awesome!

It's okay with me if I lose slower than I planned. I gained over a long period of time. I want to be comfortable with who I am and where I am heading. I want my work to last. I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life.

I am proud of myself.

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MOMMY_IN_MOTION 3/3/2010 5:53PM

    Way to go on the loss!

I struggle with ordering sensibly when we go out to eat to celebrate. It's shocking to track the food later and realize how far overboard we go sometimes. But you ARE tracking it, and you ARE holding yourself accountable.

Day by day you are getting closer to your goal and you're going to get there! Keep it up!

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-FEMALE- 3/3/2010 1:20PM

    Wow, you are going incredible. We're basically at the same weight. I was stuck at 174 for a while, and finally got down to 171.4. I was hoping to re-enter the 160's this Friday, but I've messed up every day since Friday. Basically I'm just going to do good the next 2 days, and pray there is no gain!

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    wow, congratulations!! I'm so very very happy for you. Spring is around the corner....and watch out...Jenn's on the move. Smoking even.

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CYCLINGSANDY 3/3/2010 11:08AM

    You are making lifestyle changes. Life happens and so do celebrations. You have remembered to not lose sight of your goals and to keep moving forward. You will make it!

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AMYJO323 3/3/2010 11:03AM

    You are doing awesome really. Think about all of the choices you would have made in the past. I know in the past I would have eaten the entire meal! Just being aware and making better choices even if they are small is great! Keep up the good work!

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DIXIED88 3/3/2010 10:08AM

    emoticon emoticon on the weight loss.

Don't beat yourself up about one day. Awareness is key!

I'm so proud of you for all you've done recently and so happy the scale decided to reward you for your efforts. emoticon

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CAALAN23 3/3/2010 9:49AM

    Aww, you are doing so well! And don't worry about that food, you were living life. Celebrations are okay as long as we don't celebrate every day, right?


(Happy Belated B-Day to your daughter!)

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BEACHY_KEEN 3/3/2010 7:23AM

    I'm proud of you, too! That is awesome. Congrats on the weight loss!!!

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JUNETWO68 3/3/2010 7:22AM

    Sometimes eating more can trigger your metabolism to go into over drive and you will lose. If not don't beat yourself up over one day. It was a celebration after all.


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