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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have been MIA for about a month now. I don't feel bad though, considering I had 3 weddings to get through. My own and both of my sisters. Busy doesn't even begin to describe what I have been through. First I was married, then I was out of town for 11 days for my sisters' weddings. Even though I did gain some weight over the last month, I am proud that it was only 5 lbs. It could have been much worse, considering we were eating out for so many of our meals while we were on vacation and sticking to my diet was so very very hard. I still tried to order things that were healthier options at the restaurants and if eating healther really wasn't an option (like at my sisters wedding receptions), I just tried to stick to the best choices, and tried not to eat that much. Honestly, I was worried I was going to gain more than what I did! But I am back on Spark people and ready to lose 10 more pounds! Woo Hoo!

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DEBBY777 5/27/2008 8:36AM

    Wow you have done really well!
Good on you.

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Wow I fit into a pair of my goal jeans!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So I have had this great pair of jeans for a while now. They are Gap, size 6, and someone gave them to me, at a time when they ofcourse did not fit. I remember looking at the size, and thinking "you think this is my size?!". So I went ahead and decided to try them on. As soon as I got the top over my knees, I wasn't suprised at all when I couldnt squeeze them over my thighs at all, and almost falling over in the process wasn't making me feel any better about it. At the time, I was probably a size 10 or maybe even a 12, so you can imagine how rediculous it must have looked when I tried to put these on. I slid them back off, but instead of returning them, I decided to keep them and vowed that one day I would wear them.

One of my friends would stay the night at my house alot after we would go out partying and would stay out late. A couple of times she would forget to bring a change of clothes, and the only thing I had that she could even remotely fit into was these "skinny goal jeans". I was so envious when she would slide them right up and bounce out the door with them on. If she hadn't been my best friend, there's no way I would have given them up. I guess in the back of my mind, I didn't think I would actually fit into them again anyway, but instead of just giving them to her, I decided to hang on to them just incase. Besides, what would she wear when she forgot her stuff?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been pulling out all sorts of clothes that haven't fit me in a very long time. Some of these clothes I have hung onto for years, hoping to one day fit into them again. As I am trying them on, its so much fun to realize that time is actually here!

Today me and my fiance are having our engagement photo shoot. I had no idea what I was going to wear. We are going to a park, so we wanted to dress casual, and I was thinking how nice it would be if I had a really great pair of jeans that fit me perfectly. I thought back to that pair of Gap jeans that I had been saving for so long. I knew just where they were, as I had been going through all of my old clothes lately. So I went to grab them. I put one foot in, then the other, and they just slid right up, past my thighs, I zipped them up, then buttoned them with no problem at all. I just stood there and staired at myself in the mirror in amazement. They fit. And they fit well. Really well. At that moment, my fiance walked in and said, "wow, honey you look so good".

It was seriously a moment for me. One that makes all this effort so worth it. And I think that its absolutely perfect that I am going to be wearing this particular pair of jeans in my engagement photos tonight. Yay!

And I still have 10 more lbs I would like to lose. My "skinny goal jeans" are going to be too big for me in about a month. I really think thats sumthin!

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SARAHP130 3/20/2008 10:24AM

    I bet you look and feel just wonderful. Great job on such a wonderful success! I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work at reaching your goals!

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I finally fit into my wedding dress... almost:)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am past my halfway mark... Yay!! I tried on my wedding dress Sunday and it pretty much fits me now. I am definitely sucking in and I didn't want to zip it up completely (I left about a half inch), to avoid ripping anything, but I am so close!! If you had seen how it fit the day I had brought it home you would understand my excitement! This dress is very fitting all the way down the body through the hips, and my hips and booty are where I carry most of my weight. I still have 2 months left, so now I am absolutely sure it will fit perfectly and I am so relieved. At this rate, I will most likely have to have it taken in right before the wedding, who'da thunk it?!

Down 16.5... 13.5 to go!!


Yay for me!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Today is Friday, which is my weekly weigh in day. This morning when I woke up, I tried on a pair of jeans that I hadn't worn in a very very long time and they actually fit!! Infact, they fit better than I remember when I tried wearing them last summer.

Then I went to step on the scale and I was down 2 pounds since last Friday!! When I measured myself, I found that I had lost one inch in my waist and 1.5 inches in my thighs! I was so excited!! Its nice to see when all your hard work actually pays off. I have been so good this week and working out alot. I missed my big work out last night because of a snow storm, but luckily I had been working really hard the rest of the week.

Lets just hope all the alcohol I'll be drinking this weekend doesn't mess everything up! LOL

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SNAVELA1 2/1/2008 3:05PM

    ya for you!! wahoo!

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Todays Weigh in

Friday, January 18, 2008

I woke up this morning and got ready for work. When I put on my clothes, both my jeans and my top were definitely bigger on me than when I had put them on the last time. I have lost 1 pound since Monday, but you wouldn't know it by the way my clothes fit. I have been doing alot of cardio and strength training this week, so I know I have been gaining more muscle. For the first time, I decided to go ahead and start measuring myself. I can't wait until I measure again to see what the difference is!

And I am still smoke free!! Yay for me:)

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TEXASBORN 1/19/2008 12:55PM

    Way to go

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NINABEAGLE 1/18/2008 11:00AM


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