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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I've been super windy the last few days so I think today I'll just share some pictures of my beautiful grandbabies. It's hard to believe how much they've grown!

This is Ayanna...

This is ReaAnne. Both of these pics were taken this morning at Vacation Bible School. (ReaAnne is most like me. Note the tattoo on her upper right arm and missing teeth from brawling. That's m' girl!)

This is the BABY...Jaycee Brielle. She has grown like a weed and already knows how to use her Mom's iPhone.

This pic was taken last fall of me and my girls. My hair really didn't stand a chance that day...

Neither did my toes...

Just last week at Myrtle son Bobby and ReaAnne.

Ayanna swims like Grandma...

Get out, Ayanna! Ronnie just peed in the pool!!!!!!

Dressed up for a night on the town with the girls...

Heavens, I could go on and on. I have hundreds upon hundreds of pics of my little angels. For now, have a great day, Sparkies. I will share more later on. God bless and will see you soon.

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REDDOGMOM 8/9/2012 8:18PM

    I want one! They're precious!

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GEEMAWEST 8/7/2012 11:51PM

    I can't believe how much they've grown. They're beautiful, just like Grandma.

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SHARON10002 8/7/2012 4:17PM

    What cute pictures! Love the little Birthday Princess dress, and what more can I say about those green toenails! I'm a little more than one month out from our first grand-baby. . . . can't wait!
Do you live close enough to get to see them frequently?

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3016DEBRA 8/6/2012 8:52PM

  Grandbabies are the BEST!!! Just enjoy every precious moment as I know you do! emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 8/6/2012 6:17PM

    Pretty girls! emoticon emoticon

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LOLAINSC 8/6/2012 3:13PM

    Thanks for sharing those pictures just to warm our little hearts...not like you are bananas crazy about those baby girls or anything.

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JADOMB 8/6/2012 2:25PM

    Bless their little pee picking hearts.

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MARATHONDAD 8/6/2012 8:35AM

    very cute pictures

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STEVENGO2 8/6/2012 12:27AM

    Soo cute! Thanks for sharing these pictures! You have awesome looking grandchildren!

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CARTOONB 8/5/2012 9:45PM

    One of these days, you'll be proud of those grand kids! Cuties!

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BKNOCK 8/5/2012 8:43PM

    They have gotten so big! So cute!

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KICK-SS 8/5/2012 8:16PM

    I had to chuckle at your Granddaughter using Mom's phone. This morning, I was at the grocery store and there was a little girl in the seat on the grocery cart, just about that age and she had Mom's phone and Mom was shopping and the little one was just a jabbering away on the phone (to no one, I'm sure) But it was soooo cute!!

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    Your granddaughter's are so very cute! Have a great week!

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MUSTANG_SALLY2 8/5/2012 7:25PM

    Oh how I enjoyed your pictures. Such beautiful girls! I'm so jealous. I want blue and green toes!

TY for sharing!!!


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IRP1114 8/5/2012 7:00PM

    Aww :-) very cute! You must be so proud to have such beautiful granddaughters.

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Aren't You Glad We Didn't Drive?

Sunday, August 05, 2012


I'm getting excited about the thought. There are times I think I can still smell the salty oceanic air from last year. I have to admit, sometimes I sneak into my closet and open up the water bottle that I stuffed sand into last year. I pour a little on my hand and feel the granules on my palms and even sniff it with a starry-eyed smile. So many beautiful memories there with my two sisters and niece. (Some a little blurry from the watermelon my sister laced with an alcoholic beverage. It tasted a little tangy but as the younger sister and more gullible, I believed them when they said Florida watermelons were SUPPOSED to taste like that and the more you eat, you can hear the ocean.)

There are going to be differences this year, though. Instead of driving, we are flying. Amen to that. (I loooove flying.) Again, as the younger sister, last year I was the one nominated to sit in the back between the mountainous suitcases, picnic basket, coolers and trash bags full of empty pop cans and Little Debbie wrappers. I was so buried, there was a time we went through the drive-thru to get something to eat and they forgot me. They told me they would get me the next time around. Breakfast. ("Here, Michelle, eat this Slim Jim. It should still be good.") When I protested I could not find my seat belt before peeling out onto the interstate, they said, "Suck it up. You're not going anywhere." and I had to agree. Kinda hard to fly through the windshield when the niece you picked up in Alabama has squeezed you into a two-inch slit between her suitcases and the door jam. (The window still has my nostril prints on it.)

I learned that I could not sleep in the back seat either. First of all, there was no way to lie down. I found a semi-comfortable spot between the shoe bags and cosmetic cases, making a conscious effort to relax my neck muscles. Just as I started to doze off, my sister slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a driver who cut us off. My head flew forward into the back of the front seat. I don't know how or why but one of my false eyelashes twisted off and went up my left nostril. Between the chaos of choice words from Marie and the flying middle finger of Becky, the GPS Lady kept saying, "Turn left. Turn left. Turn left." To which we all screamed, "OH SHUT UP!!!" My eyes barely blinked the next fifty miles. It felt like I had received an I.V. of twenty cups of coffee and someone or something had sprayed caffeine directly into my eyes.

The leg cramps were horrible. The country music was getting twangy-er by the hour. I had begun to see images in the backs of my sisters' heads like you do when you lie on the grass and look for animals in the clouds. I began feeling like GPS Lady was family and each time she told us a new route to go I said, "Aww, bless her heart."

But this year, alas, we are traveling by air. My sisters are nervous about it as they have never flown before. That will be interesting. They each have called me several times to get the inside scoop on what it feels like to drift in and out of the clouds. After the initial shock of my telling them they will be strip-searched (for security reasons) and that turbulence feels like a bad roller coaster ride on acid, they have bought enough dramamine to knock out an elephant. Hee hee. I know. My bad. But it just feels necessary. (I even reminded them of the Twilight show with William Shatner that portrayed the thing straddling the wing of the plane, throwing things into the engine. They didn't crack a smile. Apparently they didn't like that episode.)

Ohhhhhh, they will be fine. Once we land I may have to push them through the airport on the luggage rack, but they will be OKAY! I will even be nice and let one of them have my window seat on the way there. See? That's what I will tell them. "See? Down there. Waaaaay down there. Way waaaay down there. Aren't you glad we didn't drive? I AM!!"

Have a beautiful Sunday, folks. God bless you all. You are loved.

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CARTOONB 8/5/2012 2:05PM

    I'm sure you'll be able to continue to reassure your sisters as the trip nears. Please do share with us those "assurances". Siblings deserve all of the "love" we share with them!! LOL!

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REDDOGMOM 8/5/2012 12:13PM

    You are evil! lol Too funny. Have a great time.

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KATRINAKAT23 8/5/2012 11:56AM

  Have fun!!

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WORKNGONMENOW 8/5/2012 10:47AM

    Have fun in florida, stay away from those jellyfishes.
love ya

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BKNOCK 8/5/2012 9:45AM

    Wow you really crack me up! I am sure you will have fun!

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SLS-NY2IN 8/5/2012 9:19AM

    Have a fantastic time!!! Never try drying a starfish in a microwave!!!!!to transport home. It is a smell of ocean you will neverrrrrr forget. I don't know how they do the ones they sell but I can tell you never try this.

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JOHNTJ1 8/5/2012 9:01AM

    Namaste my dear friend. Enjoy your vacation and its memories

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JUNIAATROME 8/5/2012 8:24AM

    hate turbulence! Due to fly to Prague on the 24th. Will see sister the week following and LOOKING forward to that. Sisters are special! emoticon

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SALGUOD2 8/5/2012 7:12AM

    yeah, drove to Tampa once, never again.

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IAM_HIS2 8/5/2012 4:39AM

    Have a wonderful trip!! Yep, you sure are loved!!!

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JADOMB 8/5/2012 2:11AM

    Yep, sure am. ;-)

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Full Speed Ahead

Friday, August 03, 2012

Bre woke me this morning. Before my alarm had a chance to go off, I felt a gentle stroke to my cheek and an angel whisper of, "Momma..." Opening my eyes, I gazed at the most beautiful face in the world, a face smiling and reaping of compassion and wonderment. I couldn't help but lie there and take her in. She sat down on the bed beside me and took my hand as I looked at her big brown eyes, framed by wavy brown hair that wisped around her cheeks like gentle hugs. Then I remembered...

Today is the day.

Today she moves back to Athens into her very own apartment. She is excited. The look on her face is one of happiness but there is a hesitant sorrow in there. Perhaps she doesn't want to leave her mother. Perhaps she is a trifle scared. But she is courageous. Anxious to begin her independence with a vengeance. And she WANTS to go. No matter how difficult it is on me or her, she longs to go and get busy with her life. I sense that she is afraid to tell me so, afraid of hurting my feelings. I cannot have that. So, through my tear-blurred eyes, I smile widely, broadly, take her other hand in my own, squeeze gently and nod.

"Are you ready, baby?"
"Yes, Momma. I think so. I think I am."
"Then let's hit it. Full speed ahead. Come show me what you got!"

Full speed indeed. It seemed as if a whirlwind struck our house with packing and loading and squeezing things in places that probably shouldn't have been squeezed. Then the journey northeast began. Bre and her boyfriend Cory followed me on the highway as I checked my rearview mirror religiously. In between the lines, check. Speed limit obeyed, check. Are they rocking out to Breaking Benjamin? Check.

Once there, we unloaded and began the tedious journey to her fourth floor apartment. Every so often Bre would stop and look at me as I climbed the stairs, either to make sure I was okay or to signal me to hurry. But more importantly, to me, at times she would walk beside me and look at me with eyes wide, wise and wonderful. Sometimes she would take her fingers and graze my arm and caress me. A comforting measure I used on all of my babies that she has adopted as her own.

I love her so.

I miss her so. Already.

But I did get some pictures. The following were taken with my phone so some are blurry, but I wanted to share my day with you. And I wanted to share why Bre was so proud. Her apartment is small but it is hers. To her it is her castle and she is the princess....

Okay, this is Cory, Bre's boyfriend. At this point, it is cool that I am taking pictures, so no look of utter annoyance.

The living room. I have no stinking idea where the Bud Light box came from. But you better believe I grabbed that sucker and shook the living daylights out of it. No beer inside. Just a bunch of Spaghettios. And a shower curtain.

The living room after the futon resurrection. And that is where I knelt to pray when I saw all of the cable cords, Cory's manuals and screwdriver.

The kitchen. Something tells me it's not going to look much different two weeks from now. But they did get a chewing for setting all of that stuff on the stove. I made sure they had the fire department's number memorized before I left.

Break time. Bre, get on the balcony...

Now pose with your boyfriend and roommate. Yes. Roommate is a guy. Evan. But no worries. Evan has been a lifelong friend. And Evan is rich. So Evan is totally cool. To all of us!

Let's go to the store. Say cheese! Then go buy some!

Let's get back and clean up the kitchen for now. You're not going to be able to eat the pizza rolls until you do.

Yes, Cory, Bre really did say she was making salad instead. Sorry, buddy. Not my place to tell her what to do...

Since you guys got a handle on everything, it's time for me to go. I will miss you. Show me that you will be okay. Okay?

I kissed my baby goodbye, climbed into my truck and turned the ignition. I glanced up and saw them sitting side-by-side on the front steps, forehead to forehead, smiling, whispering and holding one another. I couldn't help but smile myself as I put the truck in reverse, slowly pulling out of the parking space. Bre glanced up and I caught her smile, partly for me, partly for something that he said. I waved and she stood up, waving cheerfully, bouncing a little on her tippy-toes and I caught a small glimpse of the little girl that she once was. I kept going, even though my heart wanted to slam on the breaks and run full-speed towards her once more.

It hurt not to. It felt like my heart would burst from not doing so.

And just as I was about ready to do it, I saw them take each other's hand and walk into the building. Together.

This is what it feels like to let go. For real this time. Knowing that there are others who love and adore your baby just like you do. Knowing that your daughter has enough love in her heart for someone else, just like she does for you. Sometimes you have to let the slack out of the strings completely. You won't let them go all the way because they are permanently tethered to you, but you have to let them go enough so that she can fly, uninhibited, exploring, searching, growing.

Trusting. That is what I am doing. Having faith. In my God. Who loves her just as much, if not MORE, as I do. To watch over her and cradle her in His arms, to protect her, guide her, instruct her, hold onto her as she journeys through this life...

"Are you ready, baby?"
"Yes, Momma. I think so. I think I am."
"Then let's hit it. Full speed ahead."

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GREGGWEISBROD 1/14/2014 3:52PM

    Beautiful post. It's amazing, it's seems like yesterday (sometimes) that I was that young, going through very similar experiences in life. I felt so old at the time, and thought that all my peers around me looked like old souls... ... now I look at Bre and her boyfriend and all I can say is... HOLY SMOKES, WHEN DID THEY LET KIDS LIVE ON THEIR OWN?! :-D They look like babies, lol! It's amazing how much life we've lived since those days, that they look and seem so young. It's a striking truth to accept that they're actually quite capable of surviving whatever the years ahead will throw their way.

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LISAW/3 8/7/2012 4:43PM

    This was so beautiful and touching- it brought tears to my eyes.
I stumbled across your blog about going to visit Bre, so I had to backtrack through your blogs to find out where she was!
I have three children and my oldest is only 6. Reading your blog helped me realize that one day (all too soon), my babies will grow up and begin their own lives. I'm going to hold them extra tight while I can!
Thank you!

Comment edited on: 8/7/2012 4:43:58 PM

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STEVENGO2 8/5/2012 12:59AM

    emoticon It was so hard for her to let her spread her wings but you have let her fly! And there will be times when she will still need you, but you are letting her test those wings and she is flying high!

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CARTOONB 8/5/2012 12:13AM

    Bre will do great. And so will you!

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BKNOCK 8/4/2012 9:07PM

    Bre will do great!

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REDDOGMOM 8/4/2012 5:42PM

    My "moving day" was two weeks ago. You've raised a wonderful daughter. Be proud of her and be proud of yourself.

Your blog brought tears to my eyes. Great pictures as well!

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JUNIAATROME 8/4/2012 2:31PM

    This is just so universal - no matter which apartment, no matter what place, no matter what name... momma seems to never really be ready as much as she wishes. She just collects the little somethings they occasionally throw her way... But there is just so much joy seeing them work life out (and sometimes you even have to admit they do a better job than you do!) Take courage girl. Praying for strength. Unfortunately, it does not get easier I think...

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JOHNTJ1 8/4/2012 9:30AM

    God sends us angels in all shapes, sizes and packages, doesn't He?

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MARINEMAMA 8/4/2012 6:43AM

    My day is only a week away...with my youngest son...I can understand it all...just sending you hugs...from one mama to another. emoticon

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SALGUOD2 8/4/2012 5:46AM

    Oh how I remember that day with my oldest daughter.

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JADOMB 8/4/2012 3:28AM

    It's tough, but you'll make it through this. And even more important, she will too. God bless you and your family and may he forever watch over and protect you all.

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FLEMIDG 8/4/2012 12:49AM

    What a beautiful blog, Michelle. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Your daughter is beautiful and all grown up. I can understand your sorrow at seeing her leave you and go out on her own. You have prepared her for that. You should be proud of the beautiful young lady she has become. I know you will miss her, and she will miss you, but you will always share a bond like no other.
Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. God bless you.


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AJDOVER1 8/3/2012 11:08PM

    You are so blessed to have such love in your life -- and the ability to see it and share it. Thank you!

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-MOJOJOJO- 8/3/2012 9:37PM

    awww I love this!! *tear*

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PARAN0RMAL 8/3/2012 9:04PM

    What a beautiful blog. I read it to my mom (who just experienced my moving out into my first house less than a year ago) and she said, "you see? now you start to understand how it feels. but you're never fully understand until it's your turn to say goodbye!" brought tears to my eyes. It looks like your daughter is so happy!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I need a make-over.

Not an extreme one, not a physical one (well, maybe, but that can wait), but one of the soul. I haven't been too great in the spiritual department as of late and it's starting to show. I don't know what it is...I know that we can't always remain on the spiritual high, which should then lend itself to leaning on faith, but sometimes there are just things that creep in and take hold. Then they start to rear their heads and leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth. I do have a tendency to be sarcastic but have tried to keep it in a tongue-in-cheek way. I recognize that I can be a little lippy so I've always tried to be mindful of that. But today I let it slip and ended up hurting someone.

Today was going extremely well for me but suddenly I just got "fed up" this evening. I've been trying to secure my position in the pharmacy but it's not happening fast enough for my liking. Bre is leaving in three days. I had to pay almost $700 for her first month's expenses on her new apartment because her loan money won't be in until the 26th. My sister has been ill. It seemed tonight that it all started to hit home. Then a friend of mine called and asked me a medical question for a concern she had and I snipped at her. She got dreadfully quiet and I apologized profusely but I could tell I stung her.

After I got off the phone with her I sat down, dug deep and gave in to tears. I haven't exactly been the best servant to Him these days. What happened? I was in an awesome mood this morning then without warning I became an impatient ogre. Then I realized that I had been holding alot of my concerns in and just not handing them over to God like I should be.

I have fallen short these days, much more than usual. I have not been making the best of decisions and, although my health is improving, my spiritual health is not. It has become twisted, a little self-serving and dare I say, a little self-righteous. I recognize some things surfacing that I possessed before I began my walk with God that I thought I had done away with AFTER giving Him my life. I am starting to take my worries, my burdens, from Him and trying to make them MY solitary possessions. I cannot do this because it is affecting others. It is detrimental to my faith, my well-being, my over-all health physically and spiritually.

Change needs to begin. Just as I walk and exercise to keep my physical stamina up, I need to also "exercise" to build my spiritual stamina. I need to spend more time in His word, get back to the "talks" I have with Him and let go more in the terms of what my future does and does not hold. He sees and knows where I'm headed. He has it under control. I may not know when I will get my new position in the pharmacy but HE knows and knows WHEN it is best for me. I should be thankful that my beautiful daughter is healthy and smart and able to live "out there" in confidence, knowing she will be home to visit often. I should be thankful that I was in a position to pay her expenses as well instead of grumbling about the "slackers" who could not get "her" money to her "on time." I should be thankful that my sister got well because most people her age do not recover so quickly from the type of pneumonia she had. And above all, I should be thankful for the friend who felt she could come to me, not be afraid of reproach, in confidence and confide in me that she was apprehensive about a certain problem she was having. She trusted my experience, my advice, and my words often times bring her great comfort.

So tomorrow I must dig deep after a morning prayer or two and get myself back on track. I will pull up my knickers, tie my shoes and set my spiritual health back on the right track. Some how. Some way. I must smile at others with the confidence that I am not here for my entertainment but to serve them in the best way I know how. I must discard my impatience. Throw away my sarcasm. Then give God my worries, turning my hands over and allowing them to fall into His open palms below mine. He told me before that He would take care of it all. When did I start not believing Him? What possible excuse could I have for taking them from Him in the first place? I don't have His permission to do so.

Tomorrow isn't soon enough. I think I will start right now. So, before going to bed, I'm going to pray and ask for His forgiveness. I didn't realize how heavy my heart has been until now.

Goodnight, dear friends.

God bless you. You are loved.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAILYNSTAR 8/2/2012 4:20PM

    There are times, when a human heart tries to do too much. Expects too much. Hopes too much. Gets too impatient. Gets tired of everything all at once.

It seems to me, that's what happened to you.

Yes. Pray. Ask for forgiveness. Release your inner self to Him.

Know that we are here for you. Know that He is there for you.

It seems when something is going on, everything just piles up really fast on a person.

Take a mental rest of peace. Even if you have to go outside for a quiet walk for some solitude.


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BKNOCK 7/31/2012 11:18PM

    I think this is something that happens to a lot of us! The nice thing is when the light bulb comes on and we start over again!

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GEEMAWEST 7/31/2012 9:02PM

    Good thing God love us no matter what, eh? emoticon

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OLDERDANDRT 7/31/2012 3:33PM

    Never fear. God knows that you're only human. If you were perfect, you would have no need of Him! You have a great plan. Like you said, pray and ask for forgiveness. You heart will be lightened and you'll be back on the right path. Do you ever pray while you walk? It's a great time to do it. You'll be fine dear. You know what you need and He does, too. God bless you, my friend. emoticon emoticon

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LOLAINSC 7/31/2012 1:53PM

    Can't add anything to that--you pretty much covered it--except for sending my prayers and best wishes along with you on your spiritual journey. Expect some rough patches, detours, and an occassional breakdown, but overall may it be a beautiful adventure. May Gad bless your efforts with abundant success.

Comment edited on: 7/31/2012 1:55:01 PM

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JADOMB 7/31/2012 1:10PM

    We are human, and we are fallen. THANK GOD we are forgiven. As a Christian, our lives are much tougher than non-Christians. We are expected to go forth and be perfect. But that can't happen since we are living in a worldly world. We can only strive to walk the Christian life as well as we can. Yes, we can do better. Yes, we need to work even harder to do better and be Christians. We just have to remember that we will never be perfect, but we will always be forgiven.

God bless you and all others that do try so hard to please our Lord.

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TEENY2BEE 7/31/2012 11:25AM

    You go for it,girl!!! emoticon emoticon

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JPOZ62 7/31/2012 8:28AM

  We all have those days and/or moments that we regret. God forgives all and understands are faults. Our job is to learn and improve each day. God does not give us more than we can handle. It may seem that way at times but we persevere.

God Bless & have a great day!

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JOHNTJ1 7/31/2012 7:45AM

    I share your anxiety and your frustration. I often wish I could email God my agenda and then have Him contort the Universe to my liking.

I never do enough. I am plagued by the same self doubt until I realize that He has asked us to "Feed His sheep." Some days that entails being in a bit of a financial strain because the student loan money isn't in and yet we touch all of those we meet with a tender warmth. It's me realizing I am part of God's plan and not the other way around.

Do you realize how many lives you touch and have touched here? All the people who follow your example with a silent nod of the head you and I never see?

I take consolation in the fact that as He hung on the cross Jesus asked His Father "Why have you forsaken me?" Even the Son had moments of pain and being alone, even as He was poised to redeem us. I laugh at myself sometimes, being so darned impatient and competitive. I often think I need to be BETTER than God, not simply to serve Him.

We were redeemed of ALL our sins and no amount of accomplishment, present or future can remove the steady love of God.

Much Love


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Let's Go! Walk With Me!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Today was my third day off from work. I was looking forward to these three days and had decided I was going to do nothing but paste my butt to the recliner and watch t.v. My first day off and two hours later I knew I was in trouble when I tried to see how far I could stretch a slobber string from my bottom lip. The day didn't really get much better from there.

The second day was better. I went to PetLand and played with my chiweenie. See my SparkPage. Isn't he cuuuute???!

Today I decided I was going to take pictures to share with all of you, of my exciting life. At noon I looked on my SD card. I had three. Brian weedeating. The cat cleaning himself. Me painting a smiley face in the dust on the treadmill. I knew I had to get out of the house when I saw the one of the toilet after I cleaned looked so pristine. And SHINY. I was so proud...

So, I decided to take a walk. I thought I would take pictures along the way so you could walk with me! Isn't that cool? So come on...let's go!!

Okay. So far so good. Out of my house. Up the hill we go.

On the other side of the hill I was met by Raphael. He thought I wanted to touch his boat. As if.

My neighbor's mailbox. This has always bothered me.

You are here.

Let's go around this corner...

And this curve...

Ummmm...let's not go here. The hills have eyes...

"State Nature Preserve. Restricted Area. Access By Permit Only." Hmm. Hope they don't catch on that I've lived here for about 16 years now. Could you imagine the FINE???!

SSSHHH! WAIT! EWW, I hear something! What is that NOISE??

Let me grab a club or something...

What did I tell you? Mystery solved.

On we go. In these parts this sign means "Snakes Ahead."

To our right...

To our left...

Where all the lawyers and doctors go in this town to hide from their wives during Ohio State Football. Seriously. They set up their big screen in the backyard and nom on hot dogs and beer during the game.

I feel like a fairy is going to jump out at me any minute with a key or glitter or something...

Where we must stand until the rain stops. Because SOMEONE forgot the umbrella...

Okay, ten minutes later, sun is out, I'm wet and ticked, so let's continue on. Move it.

What? You don't know where you are???? Let me, ARGGGHHH, move these tree branches and...yep. We're lost.

I love this little place. They've got squirrels coming out the wazzoo. Unfortunately I did not get to see any today. :(

Water. I need water.

How we hillbillies spell "Oops." And we write it on the road with our fangers.

Pit stop. Breath in. Breath out.

You have got to be kidding me. All the way here and the horses aren't out???!!!

Welp, time to ski-daddle, folks. I hope you enjoyed walking with me. Maybe one day you can go to work with me. (Like a "Take-Your-Sparkie-To-Work-Day." Lol.) I know that I have enjoyed sharing my day with you. And, maybe one day, we can share these walks in person. Until then...remember...

God bless you. You are loved.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GREGGWEISBROD 1/14/2014 3:45PM

    MY goodness! That journey took an unexpected and scary twist, didn't it?! :D

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KAILYNSTAR 8/2/2012 4:24PM

    emoticonThanks for the adventure. My kids and I really enjoyed it! LOL!


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GEEMAWEST 7/26/2012 10:41PM

    Love this! You live in beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.

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OLDERDANDRT 7/26/2012 9:42AM

    Sorry the horses weren't out! But I certainly have enjoyed your walk! Next time, if you see Raphael, tell him I said, "Hey, big boy!" (and also to "Harry" should you run into hime again! lol)
Be well, and always have your camera (and an umbrella) when you walk, ok? This was super great! emoticon emoticon

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PURPLEPEONY 7/25/2012 11:50PM

    Wow! beautiful scenery...I`d go walking everyday! emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 7/25/2012 10:15PM

    "I knew I was in trouble when I tried to see how far I could stretch a slobber string from my bottom lip. The day didn't really get much better from there. "
* how could it possibly!?

"What did I tell you? Mystery solved. "
* I knew it!!! I can finally take that tin foil off of my head :D

"I feel like a fairy is going to jump out at me any minute with a key or glitter or something... "
* I know the feeling. Soldier on, hermana. Soldier on.

"How we hillbillies spell "Oops." And we write it on the road with our fangers. "
* LOuL!

"You have got to be kidding me. All the way here and the horses aren't out???!!! "
* :(

" I know that I have enjoyed sharing my day with you. And, maybe one day, we can share these walks in person."
* Thanks for sharing! I actually really enjoyed the picture tour.

Best of fortune to you in this transition time of your life!

emoticon emoticon

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WORKNGONMENOW 7/25/2012 9:56AM

    that isa so cool, love thepics.
I'll send you pics of joey,and michael to you.
I love you sister.

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MUSTANG_SALLY2 7/25/2012 9:41AM

    Such a fun (albeit scary sometimes) walk! So nice.

Please don't let Bre see you playing with your spittle. I'm afraid she'd leave early. LOL Nah, she'd challenge you to a string off! Ha!

Glad you shared your walk!


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JADOMB 7/24/2012 1:28PM

    Heh, when you coming back to pick me up? I'm still here playing with the dog and the boat. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SILVER1369 7/24/2012 1:01PM

    emoticon emoticon

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STEVENGO2 7/24/2012 12:47PM

    Awesome walk! Thanks for taking me along. I hope you did not visit with any of those snakes along the way. Snakes petrify me! Luckily we do not have many of them here in suburbia western PA!

You have me looking forward to our next walk!


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PEACOCK15 7/24/2012 9:09AM

    So fun and enjoyable! I love bring a spark friend to work! hahaha

Report Inappropriate Comment
CARL-ASCHLUGE 7/24/2012 8:07AM

    Thanks for the pics!

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SALGUOD2 7/24/2012 5:50AM


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LOLAINSC 7/23/2012 11:37PM

    Thanks for the great walk...I was getting so bored with the same old, same old neighborhood every evening. You have such interesting neighbors, the tall hairy guy is kind of he single? emoticon

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AJDOVER1 7/23/2012 10:39PM

    Priceless! I had no idea Bigfoot lives in your neighborhood!

I've got to learn how to stick pictures in a blog.

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CARTOONB 7/23/2012 10:39PM

    So? How far did you stretch the drool? You left out the most important part! LOL!

Gorgeous area! Thanks for walking with us.

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LMB-ESQ 7/23/2012 10:19PM

    Nice pics! Funny narrative!

yeah... you need to go back to work

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KATRINAKAT23 7/23/2012 10:16PM

  Thanks for the lovely walk. Loved the view.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KALI1007 7/23/2012 9:55PM

    Nice walk! Ha ha is that big foot? Mystery

Report Inappropriate Comment
KATIEGARCIA2 7/23/2012 9:54PM

  Loved the walk!! :)

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