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Weight Watchers

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ok, so I'm hoping that combining SparkPeople with Weight Watchers will give me the total amount of support and tools I need to really start to lose this weight. I'm tired of falling off the wagon, and I like that Weight Watchers lets you eat as much fruit and veggies as you want... something that SparkPeople doesn't do. So, here's to a new day, a new way, and a positive outlook forward.


In a funk

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I wish I could explain what is wrong with me. I've just not been feeling like doing ANYTHING for the last week and a half. I haven't been really been doing anything but sitting on my butt. It doesn't help that life keeps getting in the way and I've been sick for the last week.

I'm trying to get back on the horse today (again). That's all I can do, right? Just get back on the horse. I've been counting my calories and I'm hoping to get in 10 minutes of exercise tonight.

Just needed to get that out. Hoping for some motivation tonight. *fingers crossed*


Life getting in the way

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The last few days have really been a trial for me. We have had some family drama to deal with in our house, and it had really set me on edge. And when I'm edgy, I eat. I know that this is emotional eating, and it's why I'm so heavy, but it's a lot harder to stop than I thought.

Top it off with me being really sick over the weekend, and I haven't been the good sparker I want to be for the last few days. This morning, though, I'm trying to pick myself up by the boot straps and get back in the saddle. I am counting my calories again, and hoping to get in 10-12 minutes on the elliptical tonight.

I know I can beat my weight and my emotional eating, but gosh darn, it's hard sometimes.

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MARYBETH4884 2/13/2013 6:17PM

    But your here now! Hope family life calms down and you can refocus on your journey!

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EVIE4NOW 2/13/2013 11:37AM

  when the emotions get to you and you just have to chew, grab some carrot sticks... and light ranch dip, or as goofy as it sounds... mustard. at least low cal to get past those emotions.

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KIBBLE55 2/13/2013 10:57AM

    I know those feelings - Keep focused have you got a goal in mind if you have have it as your mantra say it over and over in your head. I've started doing this and its helping me with my cravings.

Hope your family issues quieten down and good luck

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Ups and Downs

Friday, February 08, 2013

It's been a crazy week in my world!! I started off sick and unmotivated, but stepping on the scale I had lost an additional 1.2 lbs!! Then family drama smacked me right in the face in the middle of the week. Talk about a downer, and another motivation zapper. I don't think anyone likes dealing with drama, but I loathe it, especially when it's immature and unnecessary.

Despite that, and going over my calories for the last few days, I have gotten back on the horse and started exercising again yesterday. My sore shoulder has been bothering me - I have tendinitis in my left shoulder - so I tried to take it easy yesterday and did a Sparkpeople video for 20 minutes. Today I ramped it up and did a whole 11 minutes on my elliptical. I was doing ten, but I heard that as you progress you should increase your cardio by 10%, so that's what I did. And with the great 90's workout mix from Sparkpeople, I made it no problems. YEAH!!

So, here's to a good weekend. Hope everyone is well and safe. Have fun in the snow if you're from the northeast!


Sick, sick, sick

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I hate being sick. Not that anyone particularly likes being sick, but I get sick fairly often and I hate it. I spent the last three days lounging around the house because I had a sinus headache that wouldn't go away. I even thought about going to urgent care because the pain wouldn't end. emoticon

Hoping to feel better today. The pain is gone but now my sinuses are acting up and I ~sound~ like I'm getting sick. Blech.

The worst part is that I haven't been able to keep to my workout schedule because of my headaches. I'm hoping to get in at least 10 maybe 20 minutes today to help make-up for the time that I lost yesterday and over the weekend.

Luckily, I've been able to keep to my calorie intake, so I don't think I've gained any weight - I'm just not losing right now.

Here's hoping for a better day ... and no snow for the Raven's parade!! GO RAVENS!!



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