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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am back...I hope!

I keep gaining despite my efforts, it a vicious cycle really.

I bust my but...see no results...stop what I am doing...gain more...get depressed and mad...start making changes...see no results...gain more...

you see where this is going.

I hate this, I am officially at my HIGHEST weight ever.


The run down

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here's the summary of what I have been doing for the past nearly 2 months

I do:
work out
sleep enough
drink a ton of water
eat lots of veggies/fruits
eat lean proteins
eat gluten free
drink wine
drink coffee (no sugar)
love chocolate
have late night snaking issues
track calories burned
cook most meals at home with fresh ingredients

I don't:
drink soda
eat fast food
skip meals
track calories (used to, but am slacking)
eat out (very often)

So why can't I lose weight? Is not tracking calories REALLY the missing link? Perhaps so I am going to re-start this today.

I have gained strength, endurance and I must be getting "fitter" but I have not lost a pound and my stomach will not shrink. emoticon

I am open to ideas, but a also very fed up!

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BARBIECAT 8/29/2012 8:32PM

    here is what I do:

track food every day

have at least one Isagenix shake every day

do an Isagenix cleanse day at least twice a month

seek every opportunity to be active

drink a lot of water

plan my meals ahead of time and stick to the plan

here's what I don't do:

drink coffee
drink alcohol
eat out
eat processed foods
skip meals
eat sweet

s emoticon

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have been keeping up with my workouts very nicely. I am not losing and I am about to just throw in the towel. I hate how I look, feel and feel like a failure.


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TURBOMOM321 7/31/2012 8:02PM

    Don't give up!! emoticon
Keep up the workouts and if you slip up on eating just say its okay and move on to the next healthy meal!! Healthy eating habits are the hardest to keep up for me and I just have to learn not to beat myself up about it, so just keep going! Add some extra protein to your diet, maybe have a low calorie high protein shake before bed, it'll help your metabolism going throughout the night. Protein before bed and 1st thing in the morning is the best time to take it! Take measurements and weight yourself every 2 weeks..not every day or weekly, try to spread it out some more.

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STEADYON 7/29/2012 5:06PM


STACOLEE- WTG!!! I'd love to drop 16lbs in 6 weeks :)

RONNIEHUEY- Thanks for the reminder *high five*

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    There's lots of ways to chart progress...measurements? Ability to go farther, faster? Increase in weights lifted? Generally if my workouts are good and I'm increasing in duration and effort (Your body gets used to an identical workout so if you don't change it up altogether you definitely have to push, more reps, another quarter mile, faster speed,etc. ) and the scale is stuck for longer than a week it's my food.

It means I'm not eating enough protein, too much salt, too many carbs, not enough water, something has to be tweaked! Maybe take a step backwards and see what can change in your diet. Can you eat something every two hours for even just a day or two to rev your metabolism? Cut out refined carbs for a day or two, drink more water. Go with a simple fix first, small tweaks. Don't give up though. It really is worth it!


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STACOLEE 7/29/2012 12:11PM

    Take a deep breath and re-evaluate...I've lost 16 lbs in 6 weeks and have hit a plateau and even gained 2 lbs...but I'm looking in the long run how much I'm going to loose.

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RONNIEHUEY 7/29/2012 12:07PM

    Even if the scale doesn't show a weight loss,you are doing something healthy with you body. It takes time,but you will see a difference soon.Keep up the good work. emoticon

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well it's been about a month since MtoW boot camp started and I will confess I suck at sticking with ANYTHING! emoticon I would say that I miss the accountability and anxiousness of seeing your friends. That is what I miss most about being in a BootCamp in person.

I have however, been very active and going off of my AD meds. This week might be a challenge between the dizziness and AF BUT I WILL DO MY BEST!

I got some amazing veggies in my share box from a local farm and even my Hubby has been eating and trying more veggies!!

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DJ4HEALTH 7/22/2012 9:13PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well I have been doing well with my workouts...burning 600+ calories a day! My food is ok...could be better ;)

I am weaning of of Cymbalta, it has put 11 pounds on me in 6-8wks so it has to go! I am ready for this weight to start melting off emoticon

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JENNNY135 7/11/2012 3:57PM

    Awesome news, keep it up.


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PATCHESSWEET 7/11/2012 9:10AM

    It's hard when the medicines add the weight, especially when they are necessary. Good luck with your weaning process.

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WHISPERINGPINE9 7/11/2012 9:09AM

    emoticon emoticon

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