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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ever get so frustrated that all you want to do is complain? I'm pretty much there today.
It started with a couple cousins commenting on facebook that it's so sad that a cousin of theirs has very little family that will have anything to do with him.
I know this family that they're talking about -wonderful people. Wonderful! What they know is only what he has told them. They don't know the others' side(s) of the story. What he has done/said to the family -it's mighty awful. I've seen it, I've heard it sooooo many times over the years. It's really sad. To tell them though- why bother- the "gossip" would just get more steam and nothing would turn out for the good. It's just hard not to talk about it because it's so bottled up inside. I did get to talk about it with one family member who understands and agrees it's best not to share with them the other side of the story. Anyhoo, writing helps too. I did pray on it as well.
I want nothing to do with him, and yet I do care about him. He is in the hospital and so I am praying for him.
Then there is the fact that, as most know, I'm pretty limited on what I can eat, due to allergies. Ever since I threw up twice last week, finding out I'm allergic to zucchini too, and it being shakes that I had had, I can't seem to stomach shakes. Maybe it's mainly the overly sweet protein powder I finally found that I don't seem to be allergic to (I only used that one for that second shake last week) or maybe it's all in my head.
I don't know what else I can have when I need to be away from the house though, anything that I can manage to eat quickly enough before break is over at any rate.
It was also celery that I'd had in those shakes... so I am avoiding that too....
I'm kinda down to peppers, onion, mushrooms and cucumbers for veggies. Maybe some tomato, broccoli and cauliflower at times. I'm rather bored...
Yeah, let's call it a pity party. That fits.
Okay, so let's not stay there. I did go neaten up my kitchen to blow off some steam. That was productive.
I am looking forward to what family I can see tomorrow.
Looking forward to hopefully weighing in less this Saturday.
Okay, I was just given this by the relative I was sharing with- perfect end to this pity party. :) You should copy and paste and listen to the song too. :)

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DJ4HEALTH 11/28/2013 2:49AM

    As they say you can pick your friends but not your family. If they say anything then I would say you only hear one side and there is always two sides of the story.

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JACKIE542 11/27/2013 8:58PM

    Yes, very true we do all need to vent sometimes, hope you feel better now. emoticon and sending big emoticon and emoticon
Hope you have a wonderful time with your family on Thanksgiving too.

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DARKLING1 11/27/2013 8:30PM

    Family can be so tough some times, I'm sorry that this has gotten you down. Hang in there!
Such a bummer about the stuff with the shakes, etc. Have you tried doing some different recipes or cooking methods for the veggies you feel comfortable eating still? Unfortunately I could eat the same things over & over so I'm probably no help LOL

We ALL have days that are down, you're entitled! Onward and upward!

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BIGPAWSUP 11/27/2013 6:48PM

    We all need a pity party one in a while. Just vent - get it out. Then you can move on.

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TWESTEN1 11/27/2013 6:31PM

    Dont' beat yourself up :) We all need to vent and let out those feelings & it's always difficult when family is involved. Now that you've let it all out, try to shake off those feelings of disappointment/disgust/sadness and try to focus on something positive & uplifting. It helps, really! I hope that you are on an upswing soon - be happy & do something nice for yourself. And have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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A good day

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm feeling so much better today. It's great to not have head pain anymore. The chiropractor took care of that, and boy did I hear it when my foot was put back into alignment,by him Friday, from when I twisted it two and a half weeks ago.
My lower back was still mighty sore (yes, from being put back in alignment) even this morning, but I decided to try low impact aerobics (4 miles with Leslie Sansone) and I'm glad I did. I'm feeling much more normal now.
Still have a goose egg from the curling iron falling on my head, but I was able to retouch my hair color without any problems with that.
Still not looking forward to trying shakes again since I got sick using them last week, but I will remind myself, when I take them to work, that I got sick due to raw zucchini, and I'm not using that anymore.
Started the day with pancakes- haven't had any in some time due to being allergic to wheat. This is a gluten free mix. It does have buttermilk in it, but I used anti histamine and it's not like I'll use it all the time, so I think I'm okay with it today.
Also used bread for a sandwich, though gluten free bread, so far, leaves a lot to be desired...
We have snow on the ground. I don't know why the outdoors affects me indoors as it does, but I'm dressed pretty warmly and feeling pretty good.
Been mainly catching up on some tv shows online and reading Catching Fire. :)
I hope you're having a really good Sunday.

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MKMMARTY 11/27/2013 12:32PM

    I hope you had a full week of pleasure instead of pain - and definitely no more sickness.

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JACKIE542 11/24/2013 7:34PM

    Yes, glad you are feeling better today, glad you are having a relaxing Sunday. emoticon

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2BDYNAMIC 11/24/2013 4:16PM

    Agreed w/ the other ........... Glad you are feeling better ......... sorry, I did not know about the incident (accident) ........... Yes--a good Sunday ..... Just finished nap and neck rub (see blog if U have min. on relaxation techs) ............ hee hee

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BIGPAWSUP 11/24/2013 4:02PM

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I know you are going to be just fine.

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BONDFORME 11/24/2013 3:29PM

  I did Leslie Sansone video this morning. I did the three mile weight loss walk.

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And it happened again...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Yeah, I threw up way worse today. At least it was AFTER work this time.
So time to get down to the figuring out of it all. What was in common two days ago (when I first threw up) that wasn't in common yesterday but was today....zucchini and celery. This is a curious thing. I looked up zucchini and interestingly found that many people have had such a reaction as I have to raw zucchini. Nausea, bloating and oftentimes the people also have vomiting. Okay then. So what is IN zucchini that could cause it? It looks like it could be oxalates. There are oxalates in zucchini, celery and spinach- which is the combination in my shake just before the worse vomiting I've done this week. SOOOO I'm thinking it could be oxalates. I don't like the list of what things have oxalates.

I already have a very limited list of foods I can eat due to allergies, including the nickel I have to narrow it down even more? It's looking like it. Well, at the very least, zucchini, it turns out, is known for being allergenic- who'da thought? So after this awful week with it being used in my shakes and upchucking them, I am going to definitely be done with zucchini.
On a better note, I went to the chiropractor today and he took care of my foot/ankle that I had twisted two weeks ago yesterday, and the other foot I'd landed on a rock sideways with, and my neck that really got nastied up from the conk on the head by the one pound curling iron that fell 1.5 feet onto my head the other day (Boy I sound like a clutz!). Plus all the back issues that came about from all those things happening. I am sore, from everything being back in place now, but no pain is a great thing. I did have to take a couple pain killers to help bring the swelling down. Hubby and I did some walking that helped ease some of the soreness, and went out for dinner (I had some steak and veggies and sf jello). So the day turned out good.

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KIMBERLY4242 11/24/2013 2:07AM

    Sorry to read your having a rough time. It's so frustrating when things like this happen and you have no idea why. I told my husband the other day, I research medical issues not to try to diagnose myself but to find out "Why" and "what" can I do to prevent it from happening or to make it better. It sounds like you've been doing the same thing.

Sending happy thoughts your way and hoping you feel better and you find the cause for you becoming sick. emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 11/23/2013 4:41PM

    I'm so sorry you have to limit your diet even more but I do hope it helps you.

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JACKIE542 11/23/2013 10:40AM

    Glad that you found out what was making you sick. Great you went to the chiropractor and everything is back in place. You will be a new woman now.
So nice that you got a good dinner too. Have a great weekend, emoticon

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DJ4HEALTH 11/23/2013 1:34AM

    It sounds like it is hard for you to find good food to eat, makes you wonder what they are doing to our food to make so many people have problems with the food.

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If you vomit, does prior food and drink still count?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yeah, great topic, huh?
So here's the story, in case you're still with me on reading it.
I bent over to plug in my curling iron. When I did, the larger curling iron came flying down and hit my head behind my ear. What a sound that made inside my head. Okay, I've had concussions before. Was trying to figure out if I had one again. My pupils looked okay. I was a little shook up... maybe slightly achey in my head. Maybe a little bit queasy. I'd eaten about an hour and a half previously. I drove to work and seemed to do fine this morning with my first student. Then drove to the next work place. Had my shake real quick, as usual, and walked the walk to the bus stop. After the bus came, she and I walked to the work site. I wasn't feeling so great along the way, so I confided in her that I had hit my head and was feeling a bit queasy. So we get there and she starts working and I bend over to do something and when I stood up it felt like I needed to throw up. I tried hard to not let it happen. Almost excused myself to go to the restroom. It did stop. Then after a few more minutes it happened again. This time I knew I wouldn't make it there, so I went for a nearby trashcan. Two times in a row I threw up. All within a matter of a minute. The dirty dishes she was to wash kinda hid me from the student. There was another sink and paper towels so I took care of myself with those. The girl is such a sweetie she said it was okay when I said I was sorry. I told her now that that was over I didn't think it would happen again. Did fine after that, pretty much. It has been almost four hours since I ate, and I'd normally be pretty hungry, but I am afraid to have anything. The thought of food makes me think of the vomiting.
Anyhow, I got to thinking, does the protein shake and the water I took in before I threw up still count on the nutrition tracker? How in the world do you count for sure when this happens? Silly I suppose.
I'm having a lemon lime zevia (soda made with stevia) presently, and doing fine. Figuring it might settle my tummy some if it still needs such to happen.
I'm kind of afraid of my shakes now since it happened right after having one.
Oh the thoughts that go through your head on such a day.
And how sweet of me to share them, right? :)
SSSSOOOOOO, no exercise for me for a bit....not if I might have a concussion.

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BOPPY_ 11/20/2013 11:40PM


First worry about your head.

Hope you're okay and the nausea has permanently subsided.


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DJ4HEALTH 11/20/2013 9:33PM

    Sounds like you had a mild concussion and I would not count the shake.

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DARKLING1 11/20/2013 7:18PM

    Wow! I do hope you are feeling better this evening. I truly would not worry about tracking anything at this point and just worry about feeling better. If you're still feeling off definitely get yourself to the doc!! Take care! emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 11/20/2013 6:51PM

    I think tracking is the least of your worries right now. Please feel better or get yourself checked out.

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JACKIE542 11/20/2013 6:38PM

    Now that does not sound good. I hope you feel better now, if not maybe should call the Dr. I do know what you mean, it is hard for me to eat a food again after I got sick after eating it.
Gosh I would think it you threw something up it would not count.
You take care of yourself now, really hope you feel better. emoticon emoticon

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STEVEN_D 11/20/2013 3:43PM

    Ouch, I hope you are ok. That sounds kind of serious. And right behind the ear, too. Maybe lots of fluids today and some rest?

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Time to step it up

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I've let "twisting my ankle" (a week and a half ago) and having a sore neck make me too lazy this last week (I was even able to run, while carrying my heavy work bag yesterday- no pain). So today I decided to catch up on what fitness minutes I had planned for my week. I did it. :) Mainly leg workouts though- and boy am I glad for Epsom salt! I had a nice bath with that stuff in it.
I think it really is best if I exercise before work each day, so that will be my goal. I've slacked off on the shapers Chris wants us to do (don't like them, hah) but plan to add those back in too.
My goal is to lose twice as much weight this week. :)

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KAYOTIC 11/17/2013 3:51PM

    Getting back to it, good for you! emoticon

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EBURGITE 11/17/2013 9:35AM

    you can do it!

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WENDYSPARKS 11/17/2013 9:14AM

    Sounds good!!!! emoticon

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JACKIE542 11/16/2013 10:22PM

    Injuries can sure ruin things for us. Glad you are getting out there again. I feel better too, maybe I can't ride my bike, but I can walk and walk faster. Tomorrow I may need my umbrella .LO. emoticon emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 11/16/2013 10:03PM


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