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Day two of carb cycling

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's been a pretty good first time low carb on the carb cycling plan. I know how it is helping my body and back to higher carbs tomorrow. I know that this is a plan that I can do for life. You don't have to stick to 1200 calories on low carb days, btw, as a woman, you just can't go under that. You can indeed eat as many veggies as you want along with the protein and fat you need on low carb days -you're just staying away from carbs (except at breakfast). So that can take you above the 1200.
I didn't tell you about the exercising that Chris Powell wants you to do on his plan. He has you do three for three minutes each, right after you get up in the morning. There is a nice variety to choose from, and you only need your own body, and maybe a chair to do them. They're all designed to help you do what you normally do better (sitting down and getting back up, and so on). I tell ya, I am SO glad he only has you do it five days a week and that I just started this on a Thursday, lol, because my butt is so sore. It was a bit of a challenge to get going on "walk away the pounds" workout today, hahaha- AND to sit down. You'd think it would be relief when you did get into your seated position, but no, the muscles are sore so that is a bit uncomfortable- at first anyway. I'm fine- just know that I'm glad those muscles will get some recovery time this weekend!
My tummy muscles are a bit sore too, I should mention. :)
You also are to exercise doing something you enjoy doing. You can start out with just five minutes at first if you'd like. I'm already doing about an hour, and he doesn't think anyone should do more than that (not counting those nine minutes you did first thing). Also, he thinks you should be able to choose when you exercise in a day- and it doesn't have to be all at once. Sounds familiar at spark people doesn't it? :) I've been exercising 7 days a week, but his plan calls for five days, so this weekend I guess I'm going to be exercise free....unless I walk the dogs, of course. :)
I wiped my dry erase board free today. It had things written on it that I had wanted to accomplish this week. I didn't shrink wrap stuff around cucumbers but the cukes are staying good, and I'm using them, so no biggie- I did all the rest, and THEN some! I'm very happy with all that got done, including getting to do all the reading I've been doing.
I did hear from work...sorta. It was a letter stating I'll be working this school year. Still no info on when I'll start. That's okay, I'm making the most of my time off 'til then.
So today, I put clean canning jars on the canning shelves, did laundry, did dishes (dishwasher and by hand), cooked a rice cooker full of buckwheat and got that taken care of. Cooked meat for today and tomorrow's meals. Planned out my menu for tomorrow. I've been reading. Just watched a two hour movie with a friend (It was on Netflix, and it's called "What If".)
I neatened up the place a little bit before she came over.
I'm looking forward to getting more stuff done tomorrow.

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JACKIE542 9/14/2013 10:23AM

    You sure are making the most of everyday, Chris Powells book does seem interesting, I will keep checking on what you say. thanks for the info.
I hope everything works out on your job.
I still can't find my sealer, but I will keep looking.
Hope you have a good weekend. emoticon

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First day of carb cycling

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I've mostly spent the day reading about carb cycling. Re-reading the one written by Chris (the guy who does Extreme Makeover Home Edition) Powell (which is the plan I'm following), and starting another one about the topic. It's fascinating how the body stores glycogen and releases it, and about how you can make it work for you to lose weight in a very healthy steady way. How you can be building up muscle one day and releasing fat bigger time the next. It talks about insulin and how that factors in too of course. The idea is to have "high" carb days, and low carb days, but with healthy fat on those for good reason but also to extend the feeling of fullness, instead of regular amounts of carbs (you do get one good one at breakfast) and then as many veggies as you want along with protein (which is what you get the five meals on high carb days too-those two latter things, just not the fat) each of the five times you eat a day. You do get to add flavoring to things too. It's nice.
I was somewhat eating this way anyway (five times a day, and all these veggies and some fruit), but trying to make the nutrition tracker happy. I will upset it doing the "high carb"/ "low carb" thing, haha, but I am determined it will not bother me. I just won't look to see how on track I am or not! I know the calorie amounts are fine, and looks like everything else is too (maybe not in their balance of perfected ratio) just the fat will not be looking right.
The plan offers various ways to do the plan. I chose to start with the classic plan since I'm starting in the "middle" of the week, and already exercise quite a bit and am into the eating properly mode well too. It allows for a reward day one day a week. That will be nice for when we have our get togethers with my daughter and her husband. :)
I might switch to the turbo plan next week, but we shall see. Today was a "high" carb day (Basically 1500 calories for women, in case you're wondering), and tomorrow is to be a "low" carb day (No less than but as close to 1200 as you can). So we'll see how I feel. The turbo plan has two low carb days in a row, to release fat faster. I might just stick with classic.
I have so much energy I put down my book and decided to go ahead and sweep and mop my floors for company tomorrow evening. I had planned to do it tomorrow but it makes sense to do it while I have the energy, not save it for a low carb day. :)
I also used my rice cooker to cook 3 cups of whole grain rice, and have been letting it cool so I think I'll get that divided up and into the fridge next.
Might even reorganize my canning jar shelves. Hubby brought a bunch of canning jars from the cellar. I have some drying in the dishwasher after it cleaned them now. Might as well use this energy! :)

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HOPE-IN-MOTION 9/20/2013 12:13PM

    This sounds so interesting! I am going to read more about it.

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TGLUHAICH 9/13/2013 11:56AM

  Hi girls! As a Health Coach, I work with many people on Chris's program.

Many people experience more energy while on this program. It is a great lifestyle while constantly tricking your metabolism. We have a group of people we coach who are losing lots of weight. One gal lost 5 lbs and 3 inches off her waist in her first week!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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JACKIE542 9/13/2013 8:54AM

    Very interesting! Glad you have all that energy. If you keep doing so well I might look at that book too.
Have a great day emoticon

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DEEKELLYE 9/13/2013 8:36AM

    There is an app for the iPhone that has Chris Powell's program that you are doing. I downloaded the app but wasn't following it because the times I eat don't match up with the reminder times and I wasn't following the plan either. I love Chris Powell's show but not quite as much as The Biggest Loser.

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BIGPAWSUP 9/13/2013 7:57AM

    I might look into those books.

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WINDSONG~ 9/13/2013 3:58AM


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Reorganizing, cooking and storing, reading

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today I gave myself the goal of cleaning out/ reorganizing two kitchen cabinets, and cooking chicken in the crockpot for both dinner and to use for other meals. I saved a couple pieces, for lunches, in the fridge. The others I froze on cookie sheets for a couple hours, then put all in one bag and used the food sealer on it, then stuck it in the freezer. As I did, I saw other chicken I had previously cooked that way and stuck in the freezer in freezer bags- it has ice crystals in with it. Yuck.
I had soooo many veggies and fruit today. 17 or more it looks like.:)
The mail brought me a book by Chris Powell that I'd ordered. It's about carb cycling. It looks really doable, a great way to get fit and lose weight, plus the food is super healthy and what I'm eating anyway. :)

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SHAMROCKY2K 9/12/2013 12:21AM

    Good to get in the back of the freezer. I can't even imagine the 17 fruits and veggies.

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JACKIE542 9/11/2013 11:39PM

    My goodness! you are so busy. Giving me so many ideas of things I need to be doing. Sure are eating your fruits and veggies, way to go!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 9/11/2013 8:26PM

    Wow - you got a lot done. Congrats.

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How the veggie storing went

Monday, September 09, 2013

I started working on the curly leaf lettuce this morning that I got from the flea market. My vacuum sealer would not do its job right though. No matter what I tried, it wasn't going to do anything but seal it and not seal well. It was very frustrating, and I already had all the veggies out that I'd wanted to use. So I just used a box of freezer bags I'd gotten from Walmart recently, and put one cup portions in those 'til they ran out, making sure I squeezed out as much air as I could. Then I used smaller bags that weren't for the freezer, but put all of those into a gallon sized freezer bag. I made 26 portions. Didn't do anything but wash/ salad spin /cut and put them in a bag after reading up on it. I decided to try one for supper tonight, so out of the freezer, onto a small plate, microwaved it for two minutes and boy was that good. Nice and sweet veggies. They didn't need anything on them (where store bought ones I always want spray margarine and usually a bit of salt). Just the right combo. Yum! I thought I should take a pic of the frozen veggies for you, so here it is.

After all the veggies were done, I talked to hubby about the vacuum sealer situation (he had tried earlier to get it to work right too, and it hadn't). We decided since it's cheaper to use one of those in the long run, we should go get a new one. So we did. I'm still reading the how to use it, but hope to definitely work on some more produce with it tomorrow. It also has the ability to hook up to an attachment that can vacuum seal canning jars. I saw where you can seal lettuce in those for up to a week or even maybe 9 days, making it easy to take one from the fridge and take it to work with you for lunch. Very cool. I'd like to order one of those soon.
I got 10 fruits/veggies in my nutrition tracker today. Yay:)

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JACKIE542 9/9/2013 11:20PM

    Good ideas, you will eat your veggies this way having them ready. I should do this is good to have a combo of foods ready. I make mine each day.
Have heard about the vacuum sealers too, good to have.
Doing great 10 fruits and veggies, good job. emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 9/9/2013 10:03PM

    That is awesome!!! Congrats!!1

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Fruits and Veggies and more

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I started up eating right again this last week. I feel good. I felt yuck when I was eating poorly for such a long while. I thought it would be hard to get eating right but, prayed about it, and it's been going real well. My main goal is to get at least 5 fruits/veg a day, but I'm going beyond that real well. :)
I'm looking forward to fitting into my clothing better and then dropping down a size after that. I've done it before, and I can do it again. I want to make it a life change this time, not just a goal to get to a certain weight.

I've discovered a new way to enjoy baked potatoes. I know some say you shouldn't eat those, but they have a lot of vitamins and minerals and if you eat them with the skin, you've a good bit of fiber as well. I do enjoy them that way. I used to have them with margarine a plenty and salt. Now I have found that Central Market Artichoke Antipasto (I got it at a local grocery store) or World Table Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade (I got it at Walmart) is just right on them- no salt or margarine needed. I have another kind to try, of the Tapenade. It has various olives in it. Sounds yummy! Not many calories in these toppings and they are nutritious to boot.

Saturday I went to a large flea market with my parents and my brother. I purchased a decorative kitchen towel, bought a fruit salad to go with the sandwich and veggies I had brought, and also purchased a nice variety of produce. On the way back we stopped to check out a Mennonite store and we stopped at an ice cream stand on the way home (since my dad had been hankering for an ice cream cone all day). One I knew I could get a non-dairy treat that was low in calories as well. We thought we saw a loon on the lake. I have only ever previously seen one in the Adirondacks.

During the night I had both of my lower legs cramp up. Ugh. My back again. I really need to strengthen this thing after it's fine. I have a cold pack on my back after stretching it. Hoping I'll do well tonight.

Didn't do a whole lot today, though I did watch a movie with hubby, and we went to shop a little for more produce, and some spray adhesive he wanted.

I think tomorrow I'm going to do some things with at least the veggies I have. Like maybe I will vaccum seal some of them to ready for salads instead of letting some of them rot (like lettuce and celery) like usually happens. In fact, I might just seal some ready made salads- as long as I don't put fruits/cukes/tomatoes in them, I think they'll do well.
I thought I might freeze some veggies too- ones I would enjoy taking out of the freezer, in just the right sized portions. Mix up some broccoli and cauliflower, celery, matchstick carrots and red pepper. I like that combo. I think it'll be cheaper than buying them prepackaged that you usually end up having to put back part of in the freezer too- and it generally gets ice crystals in it. Not sure if I want to blanch them first and put them in freezer bags, or just vacuum seal those too. Maybe I'll try both ways. We'll see. :)

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CHRISTIECAT 9/9/2013 9:07PM

    baked potatoes sound good that way! keep up the good work and you will feel fantastic!

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CINDYSDAY 9/9/2013 3:38PM

    great ideas!

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BIGPAWSUP 9/9/2013 1:12PM

    Great job. Good luck with the veggies.

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JACKIE542 9/9/2013 12:17AM

    I think we always need to remember how yucky we feel when we don't eat right, maybe it will stop us from moving away from healthy eating. I never use to like fruit and veggies, now I just love them. Like your goals too. I never tried different toppings, I should, the ones you are using sound interesting.

Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend, still kinda hot here so we stayed home. I hope to hike when Fall arrives. Take care and have a great week. emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/9/2013 12:18:59 AM

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CHARTHESTAR 9/8/2013 11:58PM

    What do these taste like?
Central Market Artichoke Antipasto
World Table Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade

I don't like olives so I wouldn't be interested in that one. but- my favorite on any veggy is butter and salt.

I have tried the salt substitute items but just don't like them. and would like to find another way to enjoy these good for you wonderful foods.

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ALICEART2010 9/8/2013 11:55PM

    emoticon emoticon

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ALICEART2010 9/8/2013 11:54PM

    emoticon emoticon

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