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the waiting game

Monday, November 04, 2013

well, I'm still playing the waiting game. I have to be cleared by my OBGYN in order to go back to exercising so I still have a few weeks to go. I want to get back to running so badly, and watching the NYC Marathon yesterday definitely lit a fire underneath me! fall is also my favorite time of year to get outside and go for a run, so I looked longingly out the window pretty much every morning. Sense I have my running motivation back, now all I have to do is stop eating the leftover Halloween candy!

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STREAMHARP 10/20/2014 10:56AM

    I know exactly what you mean! I went through the same. emoticon

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

I am greatful for my family because without them life would be empty.

Such a simple sentence, but the big reason why I am trying to get back on track after a long hiatus! I might not post every day but I will try- life has been busy and Declan takes up most of my time now :D

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DOLPHINLADY05 11/2/2013 10:10AM

    Very true... Family is so important so don't let yourself feel guilty about the time you spend with Declan. Keep sparkin'!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVIE4NOW 11/2/2013 10:02AM

  So true. Never feel guilty about family time.

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Deciding to go Gluten Free for 2 months.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So, for those that have been keeping up, I've been battling some ongoing health issues the last year. And as a warning, this blog might be a little TMI, but hey I need to get this out somehow! And I know there are a lot of people out there with IBS, or similar symptoms, so any input on the world wide web that might help someone else...the better, I think.

Back to my saga.

I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) last fall, after a plethra of diagnostic tests that included an MRI, endoscopy and colonoscopy, 2 blood panels (which included CBCs and Chem-7s, ciliac tests)...the whole nine yards. But after significantly increasing my fiber uptake, increasing water consumption and increasing exercise, at least one a month I have still been getting awful bouts of my symptoms. I'm talking missing a day of work, intestinal cramps so bad I feel like barfing and can't stand up straight, need to lay on the couch for 3 days bad. The prescription meds I have help alleviate those, but they're on an as needed basis- there is medication out there that will control the IBS that you take daily. But, I've been dreading the thought of having to go on meds for the rest of my life to control this. But, reaching my wits end, I was slowly resigning myself to this fate.

Until some late-night internet research came into play. Through some websites with clout (i.e., medical websites hosted by hospitals and the like), I discovered that sometimes that even if you don't have cilliac disease, but have IBS decreasing your gluten intake (the main remedy for controlling cillic) can significantly improve or in some cases, eliminate the IBS symptoms altogether. And for those that don't know, gluten is a protein found in many processed foods with flour carbs, such as pasta, cereal, oatmeal, etc., but it can also be found in condiments, sauce, soups, cheese, processed meats...the list is endless. So Sunday, May 20th, I decided that I would go gluten free for two months, to see if it helps my IBS at all. I'm not going to lie, the research I've done so far which tells me what I can and cannot eat makes me want to cry a bit...but finding gluten free cookies at the store lifted my spirits a bit! It seems like gluten is in EVERYTHING, so I know I won't be completely gluten free, but I know I'll be significantly reducing my intake, probably by at least 90%. A small part of me is hoping this doesn't work. I love products with gluten. LOVE. I love baking. I love cereal. I love drinking beer (though the gluten free beer I had at Goose Island Brewery Sunday was delish!). All those things are going to be so hard to cut out of my life the next few months. But if this little experiment works, and I don't have to go on meds to manage my IBS for the rest of my life....I'll take that outcome rather than pump myself full of prescription drugs any day.

So wish me luck and if you know of any good gluten free resources or have any personal experiences with this I would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

Peace out.

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ANUJOSH 5/22/2012 9:41PM

    Hey, Good luck with your decision. I hope it works. I recently read a book which mainly focus on gluten-free living : 'wheat belly: lose the wheat lose the weight'.
Here is the link for related blog.

This book also has few gluten-free interesting recipes! Hope this helps you.

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BILLALEX70 5/22/2012 7:48PM

    Good luck with your attempt in this new challenge in trying to control your disease. I'm sure there are some great Gluten free teams that can help you find some valuable resources.

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Sweat is just your fat cells crying.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

April was a FANTASTIC month for getting me more focused and goal oriented. Before this month, I was super focused on the scale and "pounds lost." Well, to my surprised I actually gained 2 lbs this month, but LOST INCHES like crazy. As in, I lost 2.5 inches around each thigh, and gained 1.5 inches around my upper arms. CRAZY!!!

I'm not sure if I'm destined to ever leave 130-ville at this point...I look waaaaay better than I ever have in my LIFE, I feel great about myself (most of the time anyways haha), I'm happier with my reflection in the mirror, cardiovascularly I am in the best shape ever....the scale does NOT define this girl!!

I've also got a few races coming up. In April, I did a 5k in 32ish, but I was running with some folks who aren't super into running so I definitely felt like I was taking my time, we were chatting almost the whole way. It was nice. My next race is another 5k May 26th, called the Wounded Warrior 5k. All procedes go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a great organization that helps out vets with medical expenses, counseling, job placement, physical therapy, etc. Following that, June 3rd is my first half marathon of the year, and then I'm also doing the Warrior Dash June 17(I think). After that nothing set in stone until the fall...can't sign up for my fall half yet as registration isn't open but if not there's a few other options. i also want to find some races (shorter ones) to do in August, but those are definitely TBD.

Relationship with the husband has been FANTASTIC.

And for musicality, I have my end of the semester band concert tomorrow afternoon. I've enjoyed being in band sooo much, I am really going to miss it until it starts up again in the fall.

Think that covers my three main goals for the other news I now have two part time jobs, which equals one full time one, right? This new gig is AMAZING, I'm working T and TH for a clinic in Chicago. The commute is long but totally not stressful, and I have 45 min or so on the Metra to read, which was fantastic when I did it last week.

Things are in the up and up for this girl. Hopefully the pounds will start to fall away again soon, just gotta remember to keep the junk food out of my mouth LOL.

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SAMI1121 5/16/2012 3:30PM

    Kudos! Those inches are huge!

Good luck in May!

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FITGRL124 5/6/2012 6:40PM

    Ahhhh Chicago - I wish I lived near there.

You had a great April - hope May is just as good for you!

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March Re-Cap time

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

So, last month was interesting, to say the least! I'm including my New Year's Resolutions this time, think I'll do it every month when I do these monthly self-assessments.

1) Continue to make positive changes in the relationship I have with my husband.
Things have been AMAZING between the DH and I. It's been a pretty stressful month, which is why I had to temporarily abandon the blog. In the span of three weeks, I found out my colleague at work was a backstabbing, spying, petty manipulative b*%#!, I quit my job, lined up 4 interviews, nailed all 4, selected and then started a new job. He was absolutely wonderful the entire time, and I really think that seeing him be there for me with unwavering support and love really opened up this new chapter for us. A good chapter :)

2) Enhance my Musicality.
Community band has been amazing to be a part of. We have our one (and only) concert on Mother's Day weekend, so after that it's going to be a sad summer. But I'm definitely joining again this fall.

3) Obtain my goal weight of 120 lbs.
During this hell-ish month, I think going to the gym has been a real since of stability for me. I have been able to maintain my current weight, while still continuing to add definition and strength. Well, there was the 2 week span where I lost 4 pounds then gained it back, but that's only because my stomach was in knots and I couldn't keep anything down. Since my work life was in shambles it was such a great source of comfort to hit the gym at my regularly scheduled time. Also, in the past when I've had a stressful event in my life my insomnia comes back full force (surprise surprise!), and thankfully that hasn't really been the case this time. retrospect it looks like I handled this all very well, which is very unlike what my former self would've done. Another big source of accountably and focus has come from the team I'm an admin to, team Leaving 130-ville. There are a few ladies who consistently have been posting to the team, which has definitely made me feel more connected and centered with the sparkpeople community, as well as that whole "look, I'm not alone!" factor. Which is always nice :)

Look Ma, I'm growing (spiritually & intellectually)!!

I do have some more free time to focus on me and the gym, as right now I am only working three days a week. My new job has be going between 4 different clinics, the 5th one will be my Tuesday/Thursday gig, but that clinic is still waiting to get it's feet off of the ground. But it'll be my site once it's up and running. There is another one in the works as well, so my schedule will probably be changing soon.

April is going to be a better month. I can feel it.

And to all my fellow sparkers that celebrate Easter, He has risen indeed!!


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