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I'm getting paid to lose weight

Friday, January 07, 2011

Recently, Iíve been thinking that I could conceivably reach goal weight by early April if I continue losing at the rate I have been (*knock on wood*). I donít really care if it takes me longer, though, because Iím finally at the stage where I appreciate the journey. Well, that, and Iím beginning to fit into really nice clothes I havenít worn in yearsóor sometimes everóand want to get my moneyís worth of wearing them.

I walked into my gym this Monday to discover they were holding a new weight loss challenge. Theyíve had them before; participants have to pay $5 to enter, and the entrance fees become the winnerís prize money. This time, there is no entrance fee. The minute I heard that, I told them to count me in, but it got even better. Not only does the overall winner get a prize, the gym is going to pay each participant $1 for every 1 pound they lose. The rationale is that the money incentive will help people keep their momentum high well into the new year. That means I have until April 3rd, which is also my Spark ďdeadlineĒ, to lose as much weight as I reasonably can. I think the monetary aspect of this challenge is probably going to mess with my head as far as being satisfied with my progress regardless of how long it takes to hit goal weight. So far, itís just keeping my motivation sky-high to stay on track with a program I'm dedicated to anyway.

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    good luck and you can do it!

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LAURAKOHORST 1/10/2011 1:49PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

gotta like money (can't buy much without it)

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GGRANLDY 1/8/2011 11:20PM

    You can do it! WooHoo. I like that kind of incentive. Our gym has some challenges going on now. but not like that.

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VICIOUS421 1/8/2011 10:12AM


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UNSTOPPABLE_ 1/8/2011 8:59AM

    Good Luck Little Star...I Know you can win this!!!!!!!

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CCKELLY3 1/8/2011 1:27AM

    Good luck! and what Gym, I think I need to join- that's a great thing they've got going. Have fun with it!

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DDOORN 1/8/2011 12:05AM

    Now THAT'S what I call a MOTIVATOR!

I can see you NAILING this one...! :-)


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102633 1/7/2011 11:58PM

    Good luck on the challenge!!

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Today I felt like a runner for the first time

Friday, December 31, 2010

Iíve been exclusively exercising inside during my visit with family because of how frigid itís been outside. The temps have been sub-freezing for practically the entirety of December. (I donít have any proper winter exercise gear but was prepared to deal with it as best I could if need be.) Today was an absolutely gorgeous exclusion: 58į, sunny with a few puffy, white clouds, and a nice, light breeze. I headed outside with high hopes but low expectations because of the sore knee Iíve had for the past few days and my lack of a regular running schedule since August.

I started off nice and easy and gave myself permission to take walk breaks if I needed to. As I got to the bottom of the 1stóand 2nd steepest of my routeó hill, I decided to see if I could run the whole way up. My jog was barely faster than a brisk walkÖbut I did it! So I challenged myself to run for the whole duration of my workout. There were times when my heart rate was really high, and once, my mental self-encouragement turned verbal as I panted out loud, ďyou can do this!Ē. On occasion, I felt exhausted and just wanted to walk, but I didnít. I ran the flat stretches, I ran downhill, and I ran up every single hill I encountered. I canít begin to guess the elevation, but some of these hills are ridiculous beasts that I get winded walking, even after 14 months of regularly exercising.

More than once during my run, I looked back on all the changes Iíve undergone in the past year. Part of me believed Iíd lose weight (obviouslyóotherwise, why would I have started trying?), but another part of me doubted how successful Iíd be. I never, ever, in ANY part of myself, thought Iíd be RUNNING. And liking it, no less! I didnít start my weight loss as a New Yearís resolution. I started as an Aprilís resolution and restarted as a mid-Octoberís resolution. I do find it very fitting, however, that I was out running on the last day of the year. At a time when so many people are making up their minds to change their lives for the better, I looked and saw the result of my own resolve. I saw a person that I hardly recognize who continues to surprise me. I saw a person shining with a determination and deep-in-the-soul strength that Iíve had inside me but never knew existed. Todayís run was the best Iíve had so far because today I felt like a real runner for the first time.

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JAMIEHORN20 1/12/2011 11:07PM

    Hey girl! Somehow I got unsubscribed from your blogs...and since then, you've become a runner! And you look amazing! I am so happy for you!!! :)

I still remember when you were starting off...look how far you've come. You are awesome!

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RELAXYOURBACK 1/4/2011 11:22AM

    Just found your page and wanted to give you a huge high five for all that you've accomplished! You're kickin' a$$ and have so much to be proud of! Congrats on finishing your first 5k in good time too! I've been hitting the c25k as I can, but my progress is slower than the schedule (I'm repeating weeks). I love your " I felt like a real runner for the first time". It's hard to imagine writing that myself, but it's something I hope to do in 2011. Keep up the good work woman!

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    Way to go girlie this is awesome! You did it and finished running! Congrats! I myself can't run yet...but I'm going to start running this year God willing. So happy for you and for what you have become! You will do great things in 2011. You go girlie!!! (:

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DDOORN 1/1/2011 10:29PM

    AWESOME accomplishment!

I'm hoping to push myself into running enough this year to be able to feel like a "runner"...!

Woo hoo to YOU!


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my holidays so far

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I started getting very nervous last week about how I was going to handle my week-long holiday visit with family. I gained 3 pounds when I was out here for the week leading up to Halloween; I didn't want a repeat.

The night before I left, I went to Sparkrecipes and plugged in all the recipes for the baked goods my mom and I were bringing out so that I would be able to make well-informed decisions before I stuck something in my mouth. I had a plan for working out (packed my new Zumba DVDs and my running shoes and apparel as a backup). I packed microwavable popcorn and baby carrots and knew there would fruit available to snack on. I felt pretty good about my plan of action. Then I walked in the house and my jaw hit the floor.

In addition to the nut rolls and 6 kinds of cookies we'd brought, there, sitting on the counter and the corner table, were AT LEAST 4 dozen other baked goods. Cookies from my mom's cousin, my grandma's neighbor, a whole box full of cookies and brownies and pound cake my uncle sent, and a cookie jar well-stocked with store-bought cookies. Then there were the 2 boxes of Russell Stover chocolates, the dried fruit platter my other uncle brought with him, the bags of cheese curls, the 8 cases of regular soda, and the full (and I mean absofrickinlutely FULL) freezer packed with such temptations as frozen pizza, pies, ice cream, leftover Halloween chocolate, and packaged baked goods.

So yeah. I will say that I have definitely eaten my share of high-calorie food this Christmas. I do, however, know how many cookies (+/- 4) I've consumed. I've TRIED really, really hard to reserve my eating for when I'm actually hungry, and if I'm not hungry, then to truly savor whatever it is I'm eating. I've exercised 4 days so far and hope to get 2 more workouts in before I leave Sunday.

All this temptation is bordering on torture. Yes, I feel very deprived--especially being around family members who either don't need to worry about gaining weight by overeating, because they have the metabolisms of hummingbirds, or are on benders and don't care. But I also feel really proud of myself. I've come so far from even 2 months ago. I know the kind of challenges I encounter when I come out here, and yet I formulated a plan of attack; and even though things haven't worked out exactly as I'd hoped, I haven't let a few overindulgences throw me off my game. That is huge progress.

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GGRANLDY 12/31/2010 10:31PM

    Great idea to plan your attack. Even though it did not all work out quite as planned you are making progress. And wow what a lot of temptation to get through.. Hang in there!
Your doing a great job.

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DDOORN 12/31/2010 8:51AM

    Way to SPARK your holidays!!

Keep up the SUPER efforts & cheers to a healthy, happy 2011!


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SHAKER_MAKER 12/30/2010 4:34PM

    You're doing brilliant, don't let something small like that throw you. You can do it!

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how I lost 9 pounds in a week

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mins of cardio = 0
Strength training exercises = 0

So, how'd I do it, then?

My TOM hit and I gained a bunch of water weight. The next day, I had a tonsillectomy. In addition to not being able to eat solid food, I was nauseous for 2 days and threw up. Now that I have pills for the nausea, the only problem is not being able to swallow. emoticon I've since lost the water weight.

It's all good, though. My diet for the last week has consisted of juice, popsicles, (sugary, artificially flavored) instant oatmeal, mac and cheese, and non-diet Jello, pudding, and ice cream. And I don't feel guilty at all!

I can't wait till I can eat solid food again, though. I'm gonna gain like 20 pounds when I gnaw into a raw friggin steer.

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    sorry I am late in wishing you a speedy recovery. I had my tonsils out when I was 6 yrs old. I still remember how good ice cream felt going down the irritated throat. hope all is well with you now.

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DDOORN 12/10/2010 11:17PM

    Yeah, you might bump up a bit in time, but you won't lose TOO much ground if you play your cards right...! :-)


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GGRANLDY 12/10/2010 8:40AM

    Oh my goodness... a tonsillectomy. Hope you have started to recoup. All those foods are okay under the circumstances. WooHoo.. Get Better and Enjoy the steak!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MARSHASTAR 12/8/2010 2:00PM

    haaaa,, i'm glad you didn't lose your sense of humor.
Enjoy that steak when you are well.

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CALIGIRLDIANA 12/8/2010 8:35AM

    I hope you feel better soon girlie!!! (:

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PROUDLY_HIS 12/8/2010 6:06AM

    hahaha nice

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HSHEAJ5 12/8/2010 1:46AM

    The last line made me LOL. Hope you're recuperating well!

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struggles and triumphs of the last month

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When I stayed with my grandma and uncle for the week leading up to Halloween, I fell off the wagon big-time. Only one day of exercise and a LOT of bingeing = 3 pound gain. I had been doing pretty good exercising out there the past couple trips, but this time it seemed like one thing after another went wrong. I'm not gonna go into all the details since it's been almost a month since it happened, but suffice it to say, I really struggled to get back on track when I got home again. I felt "the void"--which I didn't feel for months--and I just wanted to fill it and stuff all my other negative emotions with a lotta lot of junk food. I didn't hit my exercise goals that first week back, either.

Last week, I made multiple bad decisions regarding food, but it was a major improvement from the week before. I ate rather sensibly for the most part. I got in all my cardio, even though it meant going 5 days in a row. I don't like to do that because I get so tired by the last day, but I took Monday and Tuesday off and it was the only way to get my 5 days in. Most importantly, I finally felt like I was back on track!

This week's been awesome so far. I've eaten very well. (I probably ate too little, actually, because I've been so busy.) I went out to eat at Cracker Barrel last night. I really wanted something ridiculously unhealthy--the cinnamon French toast with cream cheese icing looked so amazingly delicious, as did my mom's hush puppies and the neighboring patron's bacon--but I ordered a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side. I wholeheartedly wanted to stay home afterwards, but I went to the gym and did my cardio and ST anyway. Tomorrow will be my 5th day of cardio in a row again; you can get your butt I'll be there hitting that goal, though.

It took me 2 weeks to get back to my pre-visit weight. I dropped the extra 3 pounds last week. THIS week, I hit both my 30% lost and 80 pounds lost milestones. It feels so good to be back.

Now I just have to devise a plan of attack for Thanksgiving dinner.

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CALIGIRLDIANA 11/22/2010 11:08AM

    Oh girlie so glad to hear you are back on track and that you hit your goals! WAY TO GO!!! Good choice on your meal by the way! (: Keep it up girlie!!!


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UNSTOPPABLE_ 11/21/2010 9:03PM

    Little Star,
Great job in realizing the trouble & fixing it. We've all been, well I ate enough Halloween candy for 4/5 kids. I don't know why. I just wanted it, I guess. I struggled to get back to healthy eating. It was harder than I expected.
You did great my skinny friend!

Woo Hoo for you!

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GGRANLDY 11/21/2010 6:37PM

    Good Job coming back!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DDOORN 11/21/2010 12:12AM

    1 step back TWO steps forward!

Great comeback! :-)


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