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Eat a little too much today...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Today started out really good! It had so MUCH potential. I had my ZUMBA class first thing this was so great to get back into it, because we had a 3 week break...and we all were missing it! I told myself when I got home that I would not eat more than 1300 calories today...and for a small part of today I really thought I could do it...but my daughter had some mini reeses peanut butter cups (and that is a weakness of mine) so I had some of first it was only a few...I figured out that it was about 19 calories for one piece...which is crazy..But at lunch time I ate more and even after that I figured I could still eat pretty good..but then my folks told me they were going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and invited my daughter and I...That is the one place that I don't usually go to when they do. I went there once yrs ago when they first opened here...and I was "dieting" and I ate as much healthy stuff as I could...but before I went I read a whole bunch of stuff about this restaurant and how UN-heathly they are as far as soaking all their food overnight in that butter that they use...Anyway...I went with lately I try to not deprive myself from things. I try not to overdo it, but I don't forbid myself and I find that that works best for me...course if the Spring Challenge had already started then you can bet your life I wouldn't have even gone LOL.

I did get the yummy...and I got a house salad...hold the eggs, they put so many tomatoes in it...loved it! I ate a good portion of it...I did get the parmesan peppercorn jack delish and so not good for ya! And some appetizers, but I got bottled water! I was happy that I stuck with that one thing...

I do feel bad that I ate so much, but I know that if I can just continue to work out this week...EVERYDAY then I should be least that is what I keep telling myself :-)

Tomorrow is a NEW DAY!

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TOSTARZ 3/7/2011 11:01AM

    Well you have made progress in my book. You are choosing healthy food. Now you said you ate a good amount of it. Now you see what you need to work on.
We all need a day to just enjoy family and not worry about what we are eatting.
Keep up the work.

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My Spring Challenge Goal

Thursday, March 03, 2011

For my Spring Challenge Goal...

I want to focus on:

Working out more regularly
Losing inches as well as pounds
Eat healthier meals and snacks.

My heart rate monitor needs a new battery...which is I don't have the $$$ for that at this moment and I love this thing! So..I am hoping I can someone how buy a cheaper version so I can use it until I can get mine repaired!

*****Go Spring Challenge******

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JDBENNING 3/5/2011 3:48PM

    Great goals! Best of luck to you during the challenge!

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DRPOOH63 3/3/2011 10:50PM

    Those look great! Here's to a good challenge. emoticon

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I think I might have found the problem....

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I think this externship site that I am not good on my diet LOL...Since I am used to eating every 3-4 hours I am not able to do that at this job and therefore I tend to eat everything in sight when I get home...It is awful....Lately, I have been trying to eat a healthy/filling breakfast on the way to work and then bring snacks with me to eat w/ my lunch or if I can try to get a snack later on....But for some reason it is hard...Today wasn't such a bad day. I had the Egg & Cheese Wrap at DD ( only 99 cents and 180 cals) and then I made it a point to go to the lunch room to have a granola bar and then I had my lunch and maybe I am bringing too much food with me...but I had my lunch and then a yogurt and then two other snacks and it came to like 400 calories or so altogether and I wonder if I should just bring only one or two snacks total. I think that I am just afraid that I am going to be hungry. I also made myself eat a snack on the way home from work as well so that I wouldn't be starving when I got home..Then, I made this chicken for dinner and ate a bunch of it, but afterward my daughter was having ice cream and I started craving something sweet like chocolate and I found the Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough in fridge and made some and ate some cookie dough...and I am just wondering why is it that I am so hungry lately?

I did get a mini workout in tonight. Lately, I haven't had the time or space or even the energy to work out and I hate when that happens. I am considering buying a treadmill or exercise bike so I can do exercises while watching tv as that would be good for me to kill two birds with one stone...I did use my mom's recumbent stationary bike tonight for a half hour. I did it for half that time last night...So, maybe if I can do will help.

But, I really wonder why I am always hungry or always eating. I don't think I am hungry I just want to eat. And I think that is the worst situation. But tomorrow is a new day and I just have to focus on the positive and hopefully I won't eat as much food as I ate today.

......As much as I would like to work at this place if the opportunity arises...I wonder how it would be in the long run. I know that everyone only gets a half hour breaks at all and that is tough when you are used to getting breaks...and there is not set time for take it anywhere between 12pm and 2pm...depending on how busy it those are some things to consider....

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STAMPINGRL2 3/3/2011 10:14PM

    Cathy, that could be it.. I know recently (this week) I have noticed that I am more stressed than normal...I think it has to do with a lot of things like the never-ending winter weather and being out of work and such...

Today I actually didn't bring that many snacks with me to work so I couldn't eat as that was good. And my eating habits today were awful...I had breakfast a little before 8am and then didn't have lunch until about 6 hours later (busy day) and then dinner around 9pm LOL...horrible..but I tried to not overdo it...Thanks for the advise!

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CATHYJR73 3/2/2011 9:46PM

    Maybe you are stress eating?? I take snacks with me to work and just eat them at my desk because I do not get breaks either except for lunch. Maybe that is a thought but not sure what the work situation is. emoticon emoticon

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What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am reall bummed that I don't think I will be able to fit in a workout tonight...I had really wanted to...but everything got in the way LOL... I always want to work out around 7pm but tonight MONK was on..a fave episode of mine (ok in all reality, I love most of those episodes lol) and my daughter wanted to see it with me and then I wanted to watch Biggest Loser, so I did that while I made dinner for myself (a SP recipe that I've been wanting to try) and then...after realizing I ate too much (because I can't control my intake of cheese)...I am sitting here watching the end of the Biggest Loser thinking I really should do some workout...even if just a little bit...Each time I work out with my Leslie dvds..she always says if you don't have time just fit 5 minutes or a one mile workout...just something...What is it she says? Just Move!
.........I was doing so good...I always know once I open that package of cheese...I can't control it LOL...So, lately I haven't been buying cheese because I know the affect it has on me...ha ha...

So, I know I can't beat myself up...One thing I did different today...I put on my pedometer that I have had for some time...and since I do some walking at work/externship I walked about 3 miles total of today (from when I got up until I got home)..I was hoping to get 10,000 steps...but maybe another day...I am going to try to wear it everyday so I can try to get in more steps each day.

Here I go...I am going to get ready to do a little workout...If I can stick with working out everyday I will be good....I am really looking forward to Saturday...ZUmBA class is back!!! And I've really missed it!


emoticon It's time to work out!!!! emoticon

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CATHYJR73 2/23/2011 8:28PM

    Have a great workout!! I know you want it!! emoticon emoticon

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Trying to find my way again...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Lately I have not been working out or even really eating right. The externship that I am on currently, does not allow me to eat every 3-4 hours..which is really, really hard. I eat breakfast in the morning and then I have my lunch 6 or 7 hours later when I am starving and then I don't eat dinner until another 7 hours after that...Which is plain CRAZY! The externship site am at is a busy doctors office and I think that is great...but when you are used to eating every 3 to 4 hours it cramps your style when you are unable to do that.

Plus, I find that I am eating more...and not exercising is a big NO NO...I really need to find some motivation or inspiration to get back on track. I know I have put on some pounds and for some reason it doesn't matter as much to me as it used to. I am hoping that I can refuel this weekend and focus better on eating right and working out. I don't think the weather outside has helped my attitude much either...Who likes shoveling more than 2 times a week?? LOL...NOT ME!!!!

I haven't been on here for almost all week as well. I feel that I have been tired and unmotivated all week and didn't want to spread my negativity around lol...or my lack of motivation around ....

Maybe a good nights sleep every night is what I need along with taking some time for me...some quiet time for me...just to relax....

If you feel the need to send some positive thoughts, ancedotes, humor, inspiration, motivation my way...feel free! I know I could use a good laugh or some good inspiration/motivation to put me in the right direction.

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CATHYJR73 2/5/2011 8:11PM

    Keep focused on doing good things for you and remember that when you neglect yourself you get run down and out of sorts. Remember why you are putting forth the effort in the first place and I think the breakfast bar or fruit is a great idea!! I like to have snacks at my desk that I can grab so as not to starve myself and them have my body sabotage me! emoticon I believe in you!!

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JDBENNING 2/5/2011 1:06PM

    You can do it! January was a horrible month for me. There are so many highs and lows in this struggle to meet your goals. I know you can do it! You have done so well with the winter meltdown challenge! Since you realize what you are doing that you don't like and you have put it out there, we are all here to help you start over again!!! emoticon

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DGFOWLER 2/4/2011 5:26AM

    If you have power point on your computer I have a great power point presentation I could email to you. But I understand how you feel. My heart hasn't been in it so far in February as well. I was used to doing at least 6 miles a day on my bike now I"m down to 3 a day. I'm on here, but I'm not you know. I just think we are going to have times like this. can you take some type of power bar/breakfast bar with you and eat that in between for some refueling or a piece of fruit? Anything is better than nothing.

You hang in there because this too shall pass. You will get back on track. I have faith in you ~ Donna

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