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Busy Weekend

Friday, November 04, 2011

Off to make it a great day. Getting nails done tonight. Going for massage tomorrow with co-worker. Spina Bifida Gala Saturday night. Sunday afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner with the church. Go, Go, Go. So much for a relaxing weekend. Need to get after my kitchen floor and get it cleaned. Will try and fit that in somewhere as well as getting caught up on laundry.

Hoping weather cooperates so I can walk at lunchtime.


I got through a challenging day yesterday

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Went to work early as have been having trouble with computer getting running. By noon I still wasn't able to log boss told me to call and order a computer. Was able to pick it up and they moved my info to new computer and I was up and running by 3:30. Was getting frustrated that morning and told myself just stay we spend a day working on the computer. It worked out and got up all up by myself. Need to go back in and arrange my cables etc...but got it gong by myself and our helpdesk. So proud of myself. My boss has little patience getting things up and running and he was at our other office so am proud of myself for getting it all up and running by myself without involving him!

Slowly getting office together. Don't like all the chaos while I get settled into my new office...but I'm getting there. Will go some evening and hubby will help get things cabled right...but haven't had any evening time to do that and this weekend doesn't look good either...busy busy.

Son called and he has a kidney stone. He spent most of yesterday in ER. It is loose so has to strain urine to try and catch it. Now he and Grandma have something in common...except she had to have her's surgically removed.

Getting massage Saturday with co-worker...for her BD. So looking forward to it. Waking up with headache each morning...gotta get a new pillow. Always wonder why I wait so long before getting a massage. It makes me feel so much better. Working with computers always makes my neck and shoulders stiff and sore after awhile.

Off to make it a great day!


Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Got through all the exercising yesterday. Was feeling tired when I went to line dancing classes. Let me tell you I really sweated! Feel frustrated at times because the steps don't come easy to me. I have two left feet. Feeling a little tired today...stayed up and spent some time with hubby.

Yesterday went well at work. Got our offices moved and we all went to lunch together. That co-worker will be back before Thanksgiving.

Off to make it a great day!


Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Had a wonderful evening with son and daughter in law's party. She made chicken and dumplings, walking tacos and they had made homemade doughnuts...yum! Her grandmother has taught her to cook well. No one goes hungry. Mom really enjoys going. It's a change of pace for her. She laughs a lot and enjoys herself. We always have the game...oh I can't eat that...and then does. She even ate 2 blueberry muffins and she NEVER eats blueberry muffins...but they looked good to her. It does my heart good to see how she enjoys the family time. She fits in well. She likes the teasing.

Co-worker is coming in today to move her office to my office. Boss first said just move her stuff...I remember how I felt and suggested he ask her what she wants to do...of course she wants to come and move her things. Boss is letting us 3 go to lunch while he mans the office. He can be so nice and understanding and other times,,,,Last week I was so upset and this week things are ok. Not sure if it's me that struggles with change or what....

Other co-worker and I are going for massages Saturday for her birthday. Not sure why I put off going once in awhile. My neck and shoulders are really feeling stressed and tight and getting headaches. Afterwards I'm good for a couple of months.

Going to exercise this AM, Curves with Mom after work and then line dancing classes tonight!

Off to make it a great day!


Monday Good Attitude

Monday, October 31, 2011

Struggled with sleep last night. Woke at 2 am next to Chuck the hubby has woke me up the last couple of nights really snoring.

I am a scale-aholic and liked what the scale showed this AM but due to being upset recently haven't been eating too much,,,which will come back when I get myself calmed down. Feeling better today about it all.

Heading to visit our son and daughter in law about an hour away tonight after work. Mom really enjoys daughter in laws grandma and the whole family atmosphere. She has been needing to get out and a change of scenery.

We have tickets purchased to fly to Florida with Mom for Christmas. The change of scenery will do her good. She hasn't seen my daughter's new place and we will have a good time. Will be gone for 10 days so that will give me a break from work too!

Off to make it a good week. If the weather permits hope to walk at lunchtime.


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