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Terrific Thursday

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just got to see son and daughter in law briefly as hubby took them to airport. Came in late last night to be close to airport to fly off to see my daughter (their sister) in Florida for a few days. Hoping they have nice weather...but getting away will be good for them. They need some time away with no schedules. I went to bed early as I had a long day that started with an early meeting for my boss yesterday and been going alot at night this week and I was tired. My body is still tired but starting to wake up.

Had nice lunch with co-workers celebrating one of our birthdays. NIce that boss lets us all go out when it's someone's birthday and it's his treat.

Off to make it a great day.

Looking forward to fall adventure trip this weekend!

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JILL313 10/21/2011 2:15AM

    Sounds like a busy but good Thursday! I hope you enjoy your weekend.



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Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well I made it through yesterday. Worked out in the AM at home, took 30 minute walk at lunch, took Mom to Curves and then went to hour line dancing class. I didn't pass out and felt OK. Hips are sore from Line Dancing class.

Both offices getting together for co-worker's BD celebration. Co-worker on maternity leave is bringing her baby and doing lunch with us. Good thing I worked out a lot yesterday...maybe offset today. Can't walk during lunch and it's also cold and rainy outside this AM.

Off to 7:30 meeting for boss this AM so gotta move. Was wondering how to handle this AM and figured I needed the sleep but woke up an hour early so we're good.

Son and daughter in law staying the night as they fly out to see my daughter in Florida and have an early flight tomorrow. As they always run late - not sure if I'll be up when they get here or not.

Off to make it a great day!

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CSDAYS 10/19/2011 5:01AM

    Busy, busy, have fun!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Attitude Adjusting

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Met my boss for lunch yesterday. Co-worker had me cranked up for the last two weeks how he was changing my job...whether he changed his mind, I changed my attitude or whatever...he asked how it was going, how I was doing...said to help out my co-worker if she asked...which I do anyway...and keep doing what I do. It was an attitude adjustment on my part this past couple of weeks. Takes me two weeks to get my head wrapped around it and then it doesn't happen. Go figure!

Went out with two co-workers for dinner last night. Ate from the skinnilicous menu salmon and asparagus and enjoyed what I ate. Took dessert home for hubby and didn't miss it.

Gonna try to pack in exercise today. Bike this AM, walk lunchtime, Curves with Mom after work and then line dancing class with co-worker and friend from 8-9 tonight. We'll see how that all works out.

Looking forward to weekend. Off with Corvette club on Fall Tour. Going through Kentucky and the back windy roads and then Corvette Museum and Monday we tour through Corvette Plant and watch them make them. Hubby is so excited and looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to time away from work and being out in nature.

Off to make it a great day!

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JSPIN74 10/18/2011 9:39AM

    Sounds like good stuff ahead :) !

Isn't it funny sometimes....the build up & expectations...then it turns out to all be for naught...? lol

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MARYJOANNA 10/18/2011 5:51AM

  You certainly are a busy lady! Have a good time on your trip.

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Modifying My Attitude

Monday, October 17, 2011

Had a nice weekend! Music Minister sprung a song for me to play during communion that I hadn't practiced. Decided to play it for the Lord and I did ok. Flexibility...I'm learning that although I want to be more structured as I age...I need to be flexible because my environment changes.

Took Mom shopping. We exchanged some pants. She does not wear Petites and if I have anything to say about it...will not let her buy them. We buy them and she gets them home and they are too short and I have to return them. Now I have to hem these. I think once you wash them they will adjust some...but she thinks not.

Told her we are flying to Florida for Christmas with my daugher. Seems excited about it. She is doing so well - hope she keeps on track for traveling over the holidays. Gives her something to look forward to. She seems to enjoy flying once she got over the fear of it. Now she loves planes. Looking forward to seeing my daughter's new place and spending time with her. Give Mom some warm weather when it is cooler here.

Also took Mom to grocery...UGH! Not a fan of that myself...but she is more on her own. I'm not looking through every can for her to make sure there is no dent or the date is the newest. She doesn't do that by herself either. Hubby will take her later this week.

Meeting with Boss at lunch today. Have gone through a myriad of emotions the last week or so but have come full circle. Guess it's good to prewarn me and I get the negativity and process change in my mind first. Attitude is my motto at work right now. When I adjust my attitude work is easier.

Having dinner with two co-workers tonight and lunch out for co-workers BD tomorrow. Have to choose good choices ahead of time so I won't go way over.

Starting line dancing Tuesday night again. Used to go and really enjoyed it with old office gang. Want to add something different to help keep me on track loosing.

Off to make it a great week!

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IOWAGRAMMA 10/18/2011 12:58PM

    Sounds like you have a really busy life and lots of activities. You are so right about adjusting your attitude...when we had teenagers at home many years ago, we had to talk about having an AA (attitude adjustment) meeting fairly frequently! LOL! Seriously, we do have to own our attitudes and behaviors, as we're the ones in control of that part of our lives! Good luck to you! I'm sure you can do it. Hugs, Jeannie

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STARMIZER2000 10/17/2011 5:59AM

  Stay with it, you can do it

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It is slowly working

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Got on the scale and lost another pound! Yipee! Packing my lunches and not eating out so much and counting my calories seems to be working. It's been a long haul. Also added walking at lunch. Pretty much cutting out all pop too..even though it was diet...think the salt was holding water for me or the diet sweetner. I will occasionally have a pop but water seems to hold me ok or tea. Notice I am sleeping much better and even dreaming which I rarely ever do...think I am getting better sleep since taking a different vitamins. Don' t seem as tired most afternoons.

Off to make it a great weekend.

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NOILEDNWAD 10/15/2011 2:18PM

    Congratulations on another pound down!! I quit drinking pop about 8 or 9 years ago and don't miss it at all.

Have a great weekend!

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