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The countdown has begun

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready to begin this week. Heading to Missouri on Thursday to spend a long weekend with best friend and her hubby. Working until noon on Thursday and then we're taking off. Thinking maybe I've just needed to get away.

Hubby was at a race yesterday so spent quiet time alone. Got some things done and some things caught up. Watched some mystery movies, read some, did some baking, cleaned out the frig, laundry caught up, car vacuumed, some clothes sorted.

When hubby got home we went for a ride in the countryside. Gorgeous weather.

Been doing good on weight loss until Friday night...but you'll have that. Now scales show 2 pounds up...could be water...could be all I ate :) Will get back on track and keep working.

Just two of us at work now for 6-8 weeks or so..other co-worker still hasn't had her baby yet. She was pleasant the last couple of weeks.

Off to make it a great week!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/30/2011 7:40AM

    Sounds like you are having a good week. You already know you didn't gain two pounds from one meal. It will balance back out, especially since it is probably water weight. Hope you have a wonderful weekend away. ENJOY your time with your friends in Missouri!!!

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Great Saturday

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blew it Friday....took co-worker's daughter out for lunch and then treated us all for new cupcake shop. Then took mom out to dinner. She has been feeling so good want to keep it up for her...and hubby thought Golden Gorge would be good. Seems difficult for her to order and then good isn't right and she often doesn't like took her there and she enjoyed herself and was able to sample different types of food which she needs to do...more variety in her diet.....But of course I sampled a little too much. Ate less than I used to and didn't leave stuffed but don't even know how to count what all I ate. Hubby is picky eater and I enjoy tasting things we don't get at home. Hard to sometimes make some of the thing because then I would have to eat it all and it isn't worth it. So I enjoyed myself and know that we can take time to enjoy ourselves occasionally and you get back on track...just all happend in one day instead of spread out. Unfortunately it seems like it happens that way for me.

Got to get some things done around the house today and meeting up with son and daughter in law at outlet mall in awhile. Haven't seen them for awhile and it will be good to see them. Although will probably take them out for dinner...again it's ok once in awhile but seems like it happens all at once. Trying to make good choices but know it's loaded with salt and portions too big...even if I take home half of it. UGH! It is a learning process.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/27/2011 5:04PM

    You are doing a great job. This is a healthy lifestyle not a diet which means we can make those choices and still be ok as long as we aren't over-indulging every day. Enjoy the time you spend with your family today!!!

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Fabulous Friday

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well we made it to another weekend. The weeks go by quickly for the most part. Planning to meet up with son and daughter in law half way. He has some shirts for us and its been awhile since we've seen them or spent some time with them.

We leave next Thursday to spend a long holiday weekend with our best friends in Missouri. Have some exciting plans. Going to have dinner on a 3 hour train ride through the countryside in the evening. Going to a restaurant in a cave. Planning a nice long bike ride on bike path and just laughter and fun. Some downtime, hopefully some restful times too! Looking forward to it. Just won't be long enough. Taking the car so trying to see how we can pack what we need with a tiny trunk. Wonder how we'll feel riding all that way. It's a fun car but not a luxury comfortable car for long we'll see.

Also planning to go on a group trip in this will be a test ride for that trip also. It will be through Ohio, Kentucky Tennessee. Hope the leaves will be pretty. It will be good to get away and take a break.

Mom doing good. Took her to exercise 3 times this week.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/27/2011 5:01PM

    emoticon You are one busy lady. Sounds like some wonderful times coming up for you. Can't wait to hear how your Labor Day weekend goes!!

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WALIDGAZALA 8/26/2011 5:53AM


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Exercise a priority

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Went to exericse last night. Was tired and didn't feel like it but made myself. Was close to wimping out...but was taking mom and knew she had been waiting to go. Always glad afterwards that I go but it was hard to get there. Doing good at exercising int he AM. Had early meeting for boss so got up an extra hour early to get my AM exercise in before heading off for the day.

Woke up to thunder during the night and still hearing thunder. We could use some rain.

Boss will be back after a few days off. Not sure which office he will be at.

Was really tired yesterday and notice if I'm tired and we're slow I want to eat.

Off to make it a great day!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/27/2011 4:56PM

    Hope with all the thunder you got some nice easy rain. Glad you pushed yourself to get your exercise done. Sometimes I am the same way. It always is a great feeling to know I accomplished it though!!! Keep up the great work!! Hope you are having a super weekend!!

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CATREB 8/25/2011 8:56AM

    emoticon emoticon

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GHOSTFLAMES 8/25/2011 5:54AM


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Up Early for Meeting

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Up early so I can go to meeting for my boss. Had dinner with two from another office. We had a lovely evening! I planned out what to eat but gave in to Ruby Tuesday's mixed berry tea. Love that stuff...and that took me over my calorie range. Guess I'm learning. Had I had plain tea or water I would have been fine. RATS! I will know next time.

Past couple of evenings have been crazy with meetings and things to go to.

Mom walked down and made hair appointment the other day and walked down yesterday and got her hair permed and trimmed by herself. (They have a shop in the nursing home in the retirement community where she lives...only a short walk for her) That is a huge accomplishment for her. I am proud of her. Wondered if I should have called down there and talked to hairdresser but hubby and I talked and decided to let her handle it. Worried if she had bad experience we'd never get her to do it again. But she called me at work and said she did it the way she wanted. At least for now....she is happy about it.

Better get moving so I can get to meeting by 7:30!

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GRYPHON55 8/24/2011 11:54PM

    Isn't it hard to let our parents work things out for themselves? I know there are "helicopter parents" for kids in college, but sometimes I feel like a "helicopter child" trying to make sure everything is easy for him. I'm learning to back off, sounds like you are too :-)

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/24/2011 7:43PM

    You are one very busy lady. So glad that your mom was able to get her hair done and she likes it!!! What an accomplishment for her!!! WOOHOO!!! Sure hope you are getting your rest and lots of sleep. Hope the rest of your week goes well too.

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