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Friday, October 29, 2010

We've made it through the week! Emotions at work are doing better. Our difficult co-worker is kind of aloof and quiet..,which isn't a bad thing. Then by afternoon she perks back up and yesterday was almost back to her usual self. Don't know if it's hormonal or what as she has major issues with that and usually takes a couple days off a month.

Ate Skyline chili for lunch. Felt OK most of the day but last night boy my stomach was a mess. Usually don't have those issues.

Took mom out for dinner last night and she always rooks us into stopping by to pick things up for her...SAMS Club and then she hooked me into taking her to get her hair done on Saturday morning. That make 4 weekends booked up. It's taking a toll on the housework that's been neglected. Plus we need to put in her BIG ROCK that my hubby's been hauling around all summer in the back of his truck. She wants it in a flower bed. We need to get it out of the truck before winter etc. She had beautiful flowers in the bed and we didn't want to destroy them as they were so pretty. Always something for someone else. Plus it's my turn to lead the once a month Bible Study Saturday. Need to finalize memory verses to use. This time we chose a Saturday as her hubby is gone and she wants to do lunch for us. Study and accountability is an important priority in my life..just finding the time to squeeze it all in has been hard.

Reading an article about making time for yourself. My life has been so hectic and crazy recently. Need to carve out some time to do things at home. Don't know where to find it....but need to work on it. Been gone the last 3 weekends and glad I did. Things will slow down some with winter coming on Won't be traveling to visit friends as much.

Sunday Church and then to Cincinnati to spend the evening with son and daughter in law and their family with Mom. Having dinner and trick or treater night for them. Her family makes an event out of everything and Mom enjoys that. Daughter in law and her grandma make homemade doughnuts...a tradition every year. Mom likes all the family and activity going on there. It's good for her and us...just no time left to work on things around home.

Off to old office to do a final cleaning this AM. Last time I'll be in there. Lots of memories...yet time to move forward. Guess this is final closure.

Old boss wants to use our car in photo shoot for his catalogue...WOW! Have to work out those details. Always something!

Off to a good day and weekend...will try to put in some time for me to relax somewhere in the equation.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 10/30/2010 10:25PM

    With everything you have going on, I hope you find some time just for you for a moment of rest and relaxation. Maybe a quiet walk...

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LYNNEJ5 10/30/2010 1:38AM

    Yes Kathleen you will have to find some time for yourself and for you and hubby. Doing for everyone else is nice but you are right you have to find some time to carve in for you. This also helps with your overall health and wellness. You are doing great and keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonLynne

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Had a rough day at work yesterday. The tension kept rising and my boss had us sit down for a meeting. I thought I could get along with anyone but am struggling with girl in office. It doesn't matter as it was obvious she is favored by the boss. Never thought I'd be like that. She does no wrong. All day she picked at how I put paper in the printer, we won lunch and she could only have pepperoni pizza or she'd order her own. It all seems so petty yet it was on and on all day long. My boss is young and i don't think handled it right...yet we know where we stand...she is right and it doesn't matter what we I quickly learned to keep the mouth shut. He wasn't interested in what we had to say.

I've worked in difficult situations but yesterday topped it off. I'm still upset about it.

I am a Christian and I don't like feeling so angry and like things aren't right. I like peace and harmony. Maybe my co-worker has influenced me to be this way...Wonder if I should look around for a job with benefits? Maybe things aren't going to work out there. Maybe I need to suck it up and do my job and keep my mouth shut.

I pray for wisdom, calmness and discernment. I pray for my emotions not to get in the way.

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GATOR12 10/27/2010 1:51PM

    I' suck it up and do your job WHILE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE!!! If I knew it would be temporary, I could suck it up and handle it better for a time. My experience is that it is always easier to find a new job when you still have one, but I haven't looked for one in a time. Praying for your situation and that you will be SHOWN what His will is for you. Brenda

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well we made it to Tuesday. Boss will be working in our office today. Co-worker who's been off will be back today...hurray! The other co-worker must have OCD. She kinda drove me nuts obsessing about something that wasn't her business all afternoon. She needed to let it go. In the end she called our boss and he agreed to take it over and it wasn't something he should deal with. Now I know what our other co-worker was talking about. Oh well we'll keep on working in spite of it. Guess it's some of the adjustment we all have to make.


Monday AM

Monday, October 25, 2010

Got home around 9:45 last night. Had a Good weekend. Walked 3 miles with my friend Saturday. She motivates me to stay healthy...even with her hubby ill. She still walks 3 times a week with a walking partner and does aerobics twice a week. She is a good cook. She had made homemade soups as that is what her hubby likes to eat in small meals and it's easy to reheat it. So made good food choices due to her good food. Her hubby went to church and seemed to do OK but very tired and coughed a lot when he got home. He has carcinoid tumors...which is something they can't treat with chemo...but it's like it floats in his blood stream and attacks different organs or areas. If they keep after what it attacks...he can live 10-20 years. They removed one tumor blocking his liver and he has another on on his spine that isn't large enough. They are optimistic and moving forward that he can recover and go back to work. I think you have to be that way. His major problem is not being hungry and being so thin. But he eats lots of small meals and drinks supplements. He seemed better some times and worn out others...but he pushes himself some and he seems to do a little more each day as he gains strength. It is in God's hands and they firmly believe that. So time will tell. But it was a good visit. I think my friend needed a distraction...we walked around her beautiful yard...somewhat neglected this year...but still so beautiful. She is my ideal Proverbs 31 woman. She juggles it all and still has a gentle spirit and positive outlook for the most part.

Then left to visit a friend from high school. After talking...she was there when I met my hubby oh so many years ago. We haven't kept in touch but neat to reconnect. We too walked in the mall yesterday. Boy these friends who keep me active. I like that. It was nice to reconnect. I don't know how much we'll see each other in the future..but we live near each other now...2 hours apart. Interesting to see what life will bring in the future. We have some in common...we like quilting...but she has way surpassed me with all her lovely quilts she showed me and we collect baskets and we're both Christians. Only thought I'd stay an hour and ended up 3 hours together.

What will this week bring? Up and ready to go....

God is so good to me. What a wonderful time to spend with friends who encourage me and motivate me. It is my prayer that I was a blessing to them...but feel more blessed by both families than I feel I could bless them. People who struggle with their body not working properly and still they are happy, love the Lord and bless others. Neat Weekend!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 10/26/2010 12:26AM

    So glad that you had a great weekend and was able to reconnect and visit with your friends. I am sure they were blessed by your visits as you were blessed by them. Praise God for the positives and little things in life.
Blessings and hugs,

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Well I made it to Friday. Co-worker and I did fine yesterday. She didn't have a melt down like the day before. Things went smoothly. The day before she left the office crying with her car keys in her hands and went out and sat in the car. It's like...OKAY...what do we do now? It wasn't even a bad day.

I went out and sat with her and she eventually came back in. Wrote on someone's blog that talked about eating out on the weekends and overeating. Caused me to think about myself and yes I have been eating out on the weekends as I like to go out with Hubby and have a nice quiet dinner and talk and relax. Then it made me think about the week days and I'm now having to learn to pack a lunch and not get something out...with office moves it isn't easy to come home for lunch like i used to. Then I've been really tired in the evenings and hubby and I often go for a ride and stop and eat at fast food...cause I'm just too tired. Poor choices I am making. Got to start planning better. Hubby often takes Mother in Law to grocery and I have him pick things up for us...and haven't had time to make a good list of things I want around to eat. So am going to have to work on that. A light bulb went off this AM HUMMMM.

Heading off to Toledo to visit my dear friend after work who's hubby recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. He seems to have leveled off for now. My friend has gone through so much over her lifetime. A true Proverbs woman. Guess God is still growing her. I have neglected going to visit her for a couple of years and need to take this trip. She seems excited to see me. Hope to get to spend some time and just see how she is doing. We lived close to each other at one time and spent a lot of time together, our families went camping together, her kids babysat mine. We used to meet half way when I didn't work and spend the day together but with working that kinda has gone by the way.

Also plan to meet up with former classmate who also lives us there. She has MS and couldn't go to our recent reunion. Will be good to catch up with her also. Haven't seen her since High School. Facebook helped us reconnnect and living near each other we've talked about meeting part now I have no excuse!

Got to the S's at work. Merging two office files together. We had over 3,000 files to merge in with been a slow and messy process...but I'm making headway.

Off to the day!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 10/23/2010 9:25AM

    Travel mercies for your weekend. Make the healthiest choices possible for yourself. You still have to take care of you. May your visits bring sunshine into the lives of your friends and all they are going through. Glad you are able to visit and catch up...maybe spend a little time in prayer with them. I am keeping them both in prayer. Do let me know if there is anything more I can do.
Blessings and hugs,

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LYNNEJ5 10/23/2010 1:22AM

    Have a good weekend, even though the friend you are seeing is probably trying to deal wih some bad news. I am sure just you going to see her will mean the world to her. And your other friend is also dealing with a whole lot. Stay safe, and remember to be good to yourself, you deserve it. emoticon emoticon emoticonLynne

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