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Beginning of my busy week!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Got the deviled eggs done, the ham started and the chicken breasts cooking. Having a birthday celebration tonight and tomorrow Easter. Think I have most things in place. Still need to vacuum the bedrooms, hall and stairs and then jump in the shower. Daughter in law and I are meeting up for pedicures and manicures at 10:45...hussle hussle...but will enjoy the down time and time together. Then they are bringing the boys (dogs) so we plan to get out and walk/run around with them at the park.

Off to make it a great week!

Looking forward to the Easter Celebration at church tomorrow. So thankful for all God and Jesus have done for me. I am so blessed! This spring has been so gorgeous. My lilacs have really outdone themselves. Everything is so pretty and so full of blooms. My clematis are full of buds and about ready to in awe of all God's workmanship all around me! He never ceases to amaze me....


Fantastic Friday

Friday, April 06, 2012

Had a busy evening but we had a nice time. Went with co-worker to her voice lessons then to dinner with Mom and Hubby at Texas Roadhouse. What fun. They got Mom to get on the saddle while they ye-ha'd her. Wasn't sure she'd get on it...but she did and seemed to enjoy herself. They teased and cajoled her and she let go and did it. Got pictures..hope they turn out. All in all she had a wonderful day. She got flowers from her daughter and nephew. She got cards. She got phone calls from her grandaughters (2), daughter, son in law, son and daughter in law. They sang to her at breakfast at the Community Center. My Hubby took her for a drive in the countryside in the Corvette. Tried to make it a special day for her. Think we accomplished it. Plus told her we are going to celebrate her birthday again with Andy and Betty onSaturday. I get these great ideas while working out on the treadmill. We just never know how much time we have left with her. Sometimes I'm so busy things slip by. I know she just sits and stews about things so wanted to get her out and do something with her. Take her a little out of her comfort zone but put a little fun and laughter into her life.

Now for crunch time tonight. Making the oatmeal rolls and have to clean the hall bathroom and vaccuum the upstairs tonight. Also going to boil the eggs for the deviled eggs. Tomorrow finished the deviled eggs, put the ham on, put chicken on for Saturday night dinner with everyone and at 10:45 go for pedicure with daughter in law and spend some time with them before Marv and Betty get here around 5-6 and the busy week begins. Planning to make the mashed potatos Saturday night and put them in a Crockpot on Sunday morning to heat up and be ready to serve when we get back from church. Cooking the ham Saturday and slicing it and planning to put it in another Crockpot to be warm when we get back from it will only take a short while to get everything on the table because son and daughter in law have to leave early to head back home for her family gathering. Then Sunday afternoon we collapse....Looking forward to the challenges. Not sure how much exercise I'll squeeze in this week and extra calories from company and cooking foods we don't normally eat all the time. Planning on lots of salads to fill me up....Off to get going....


Terrific Thursday

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Well we've made it to Thursday! Didn't get too much cleaning done last night. All the exercising wore me out some.

Yesterday was 4/4 and the 4 years since my dad passed. Time has gone by so quickly and yet in someways it seems a long time ago and in other ways I can't believe that much time has passed.

Today Mom is 77. Planning to take her to a late dinner tonight. I have to be with co-worker during her voice lessons. Hopefully Andy and Kristie can come up and meet us for dinner. Mom was down yesterday some. Woke up scared during the night. Was on a bummer....but tried to cheer her up some. Got her laughing. Want to take her to restaurant where the waiters sing to her and make a big deal over her. She'll be embarrased but like it. She doesn't want anything or a big fuss...but she likes it. I have time to think while I'm on the treadmill and was thinking of ways to make her BD special. We never know how much time left we have with her.

Been getting a lot of exercise time in this week...not sure how next week will be with all the company...but will give it a hard try.

Off to make it a great day!

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RIDLEYRIDER 4/5/2012 6:57AM

  Very nice that you are helping your mom. I can fully sympathize with her ongoing grief. Good luck to you both, and keep on doing the right things for you! emoticon

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Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Got some good workouts in yesterday and hopefully again today. Got my paper piles dealt with and tablecloth on for Easter. Hopefully work on 2nd guest room tonight and hall bathroom. Hubby doing some of the drygood shopping today. That way I can put things away and get the fresth stuff Friday.

Co-worker brought Buckeyes to work to share this AM. WOW are they good. She brought 4 for each of us...I looked on the nutrition and those precious little treats are around 100 calories...oops ! They are so yummy.....

Work going so much smoother...should I admit that??? Not sure if it's my attitude or what has changed...maybe it's the spring weather. We are setting records with the business

Off to make it a great day!

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MARYANN2323 4/3/2012 6:30PM

    Glad to hear all is going so well for you. Minus the buckeyes. What are buckeyes?

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    Keep it up! And stay away from the Buckeyes lol!

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Crunch Week

Monday, April 02, 2012

Got a lot of cleaning done over the weekend and even some yard work. Son and daughter in law coming to stay the night Saturday and then good friends are coming to stay a week with us on Saturday. Trying to get things in shape, my grocery and menu lists made and organized. Didn't get as much as I wanted done but got all I could get in. Baked some cookies last night to get that out of the way.

Been awhile since I've cooked a holiday meal. We usually go to daughter in law's. So want to make sure I've got it covered. Plus son and daughter in law have to leave for her side of the family celebration around 1 so trying to figure out how to get it all ready the day before so I can heat up the ham in the crockpot and have most of it ready after church. The challenge is on.

Mom doing better with her foot. It's her BD this week so trying to juggle around my schedule to make time to take her to dinner Thursday night. We will celebrate it Saturday along with my friend Betty's and my son's BD but also want to make her day special.

Off to make it a great week and measure what I eat!

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MARYANN2323 4/2/2012 4:36PM

    Sounds like you're one busy bee! Hope your week is a smooth one.

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