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First Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AWWW it's 63 already this AM supposed to get to 83. Planning to squeeze in a noon time walk if at all possible...

Enjoying all the beautiful flowers of spring.

Determined to make it a great day!

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BESEVEN 3/21/2012 11:38PM

    It was so beautiful yesterday and today, but don't you feel like we've sort of skipped spring and gone straight from winter to summer?

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MARYANN2323 3/20/2012 3:42PM

    With those kind of temps I'm sure it will be great. I'll trade you. We have 6c right now. That will probably be our daytime high. It started out nice & sunny but has since clouded over. At least it's dry. Let's me put in a full day in the garden. Enjoy your walk!

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Monday Morning!

Monday, March 19, 2012

How do the weekend's fly by so quickly? Woke up early and ready to get a start to the day...Enjoying the beautiful flowers..crocus, daffodils, forcythia blooming and all the flowering trees. AH what beauty is all around me!

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MARYANN2323 3/19/2012 11:37PM

    A great start to a great week.

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ANATASHIKI 3/19/2012 2:37PM

    aaaaah , I envy you , no flower here yet , nothing in the trees , last week was still freezing in the morning . some "temperate"climate but I still have hope!

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DONNA2238 3/19/2012 8:56AM

    This weekend sure did fly around here as well. Do you live near the beach as in your picture? I am in NE PA so we are only see a few crocuses here and buds on the trees yet and probably won;t see any for another month! But oh the temps are pleasurable! Have a great day!
Another Donna :0)!

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DGFOWLER 3/19/2012 5:43AM

    Good morning Kathleen. I'm up already too, first day back to work after having my gall bladder surgery on March 1st. I didn't sleep very well last night though, I guess it was the anticipation, but my little bird buddies are up already and greeted me with such beautiful singing. It doesn't get any better than this.

Have a great day ~ Donna

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Beginning of 5% Spring Challenge

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here we go ready for this 5% Spring Challenge. Up and ready to work out to start the challenge off with a BANG!

Weather's been gorgeous out and have gotten to enjoy some of it and get in a lunchtime walk.

Off to make it a great weekend!

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AVANELL 3/17/2012 3:53PM

    Praying for great success for you for your challenge!


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MARYANN2323 3/17/2012 2:45PM

    Go Girl,GO!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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YB0511 3/17/2012 10:05AM


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MFLYNN8 3/17/2012 10:01AM

    We are on the same mini team! emoticon

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Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Got to walk during lunch yesterday! Really enjoy walking the walk paths at the park. Saw ducks around the pond. Mom with three youngsters asked if I saw the 4 deer and which way did they go. Missed them but know there are deer living there as I come across them now and then. Truly feel blessed with all the beauty around me.

Have early meeting for boss and didn't sleep good at all last night. Guess I was afraid of oversleeping...drank tea before bed...not sure what but felt like a mixer tossing and turning and flipping around. Hubby asked what was going on.

Off to make it a great day!

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MARYANN2323 3/14/2012 10:10PM

    Hope the day turned out good!

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Co-Worker really going through Tough Time

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Co-worker really going through a rough time with her kids and husband. She brings her problems to work. She wears her emotions on her sleeve. I want to be there for her and yet it feels like I'm going through it all also. Her kids are just out of the nest and are not making good choices and Mom wants to bail them out and causes problems between her and hubby. I am keeping them lifted in prayer and pray I say the right words to her. This is just a season...I've been through it and it's rough and bumpy until some kids get it together. It's taken my daughter about 28 years of prayer and being there for her to get her on the right track. Co-worker has a blended family and I think that makes it harder. Even though he's raised them they aren't his kids. Their marriage has gone through a lot of bumps the last few years and not sure if they can make it through all of this. I pray for wisdom.

Woke up late today. Not sure what is going on...was cold and didn't want to get out from under the covers.

Off to try and bloom where I'm planted. Planning to walk during lunch to get in exercise I missed this AM

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MIZCATHI 3/13/2012 4:32PM

    When I was going through a tough time with our adult son, a co-worker now very dear friend was my saving grace. She listened and she cared, and that was enough. In the end, what seemed like a tough situation with a "bad son", turned into a medical situation - he had a brain tumor! The recovery from brain surgery was almost as difficult as the years prior to the discovery with his behavior, but different. If it were not for this friend I don't know what would have happened to me - she literally held me up when I was down just by being there. You are a good friend.

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FREES1 3/13/2012 10:08AM

    Your co-worker is lucky to have you on her side... it must be rough for you to have her problems so 'out there'... Not having had kids I don't speak from the parent side of the experience so as the kid I hope your friend can learn to let go and trust them... sadly in this life we only learn from our mistakes and she for them to really learn to make it as adults she has to be able to let go and let them make them. I always loved the Kahlil Gibran writing in his book The Prophet - he speaks of parents as the bow, the children the arrows and unless the parents let them go they cannot be as they were intended.
And keep on being good to yourself!
Good luck and keep the faith.

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POLK-A-DOTS 3/13/2012 9:49AM

    Prayers for you as well....It's tough to be in your position of good friend/co worker! BTW, I love that saying "bloom where you are planted" It has gotten me through many a tough situation!

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JSMIMI8 3/13/2012 8:48AM

    You are a good friend.

It's the time change catching up to you. Tomorrow will be better.

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SUNSET09 3/13/2012 7:33AM

  We as parents want the best for our children and this can cause us to handicap/crippled them which definitely reflects back on us, hence co-worker. We all have our issues and in your testimony, prayer changes things. Continue to keep her and the family up lifted and know that God is in control. Whoo, hoo to you for being there for her. Listening is an art!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” Romans 12:5

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