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Monday Morning

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well I survived the weekend! I am sore and moving slow. We started cleaning out the garage yesterday. Seven and 1/2 hours later we are half way done towards our goal. My hsuband is such a packrat. He drags us through so much because he can't part with anything. He finally made the comment someday he'll have to put alot of it in the dumpster. It's like why do we have to keep moving it around then? But I let him off too easy I guess. They are mostly computer related so I stop nagging until he FINALLY decides to part with obsolete software etc. Talking about a garage sale this fall for some furniture from "my family" we don't want to keep stored on the other side of the garage. Guess I should be stronger and make him get rid of more of it...I just choose my battles and that isn't one of them. I choose NOT to be a nagging wife always on him.

We had fun at the milkshake booth. Didn't even know it was raining out. Enjoyed time with son and daughter-in-law for the most part. My daughter-in-law can be difficult and moody...what's new everyone in my close family is that way.

Working out consistently...but eating out way too much mostly on the weekends! So busy and hectic don't have time to cook or I'm too tired and it's easy to stop by a restaurant and then I make poor choices. Guess I live to eat instead of eat to live. I enjoy food and with a picky eater for a husband...I enjoy eating all the foods he won't eat or like the smell of.

Boy I'm on a roll this morning. Don't mean to be so negative about my family. I know I deal with alot of high stress people in my life and Monday morning reflecting on them realize how they wear me out...but since they are the people closest to me...guess I'm not getting rid of them ha! ha! That's why I am doing things for myself, relieving stress and trying to take better care of myself.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/16/2010 7:48AM

    Glad you survived your weekend and got part of your garage cleaned out. AWESOME!!! I can tell you love your family...warts and all and made some great memories. Keep taking care of yourself and enjoy each day as it comes!!!
Blessings and hugs,

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy weekend. Son and daughter-in-law staying the night. They have tickets to a movie series. Tomorrow the Farmer's Market and then off to look for a FUN CAR. I am so looking forward to getting a fun car for my husband and myself. A way to blow off steam...relax as we travel through the countryside. It is a dream we have had for years. We take care and help everyone else...and now we are looking for something for just the two of us. Then to the county fair to work the mik shake booth for fun then off to the movie with kids and then probably collapse in bed. Then off to church with Mom and then take her to the store and eat somewhere...busy weekend.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost the weekend. Life doesn't seem to get slower it seems to get busier. Husband and I are looking for a "FUN CAR". I am so excited. We have taken care of children, parents, family and now we want to get something fun to blow off steam in, relax and have fun together on the weekends or evening. A ride in the country always relaxes me. We can't justify it...its just something we've always dreamed of having but not put on the forefront. This last year or so I've felt the need to do things "NOW" and not wait until it's too late. So we are doing some serious looking around. We'll see what happens.

Been getting mom and I to exerise 3 nights a week after work. It is really perking her up. Can't believe she is sticking with it. Her posture, balance and her attitude has really improved. Don't think she notices how more positive she is since she exercises.

Busy weekend nights with son and daughter-in-law a movie series they want us to go to with them, Farmer's Market, look for "Fun Car", work the milkshake booth at the local county fair for work etc. etc. Wonder when I can squeeze doing things around the house...maybe not this weekend!

I see it important to do the morning exercise daily. Life just gets so busy if I just rely after work exercise. I am more tired and things get in the way.


Sunday Morning

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Went Zip lining again yesterday. Had to walk up tall tower and did well going up the steps. Even if I don't see weight loss I am seeing good health benefits. The tower was tall and I went up it pretty easily and not very out of breath at the top. I know working out is having many benefits.


Thursday Morning

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Morning World! Feeling good today...woke up with a headache but chose to still exercise and felt much better afterwards. Even dressed up for work today! Feeling good! Although not always seeing pounds drop off - my body is feeling better and stronger....I know it is worth it.,...I must look at the big picture. This is a life-style change and way of living to go the distance. Also liking some of the changes at work for the short term. Been by myself and it's quiet and haven't had to deal with upset grouchy people....

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ALMMOM 8/5/2010 10:49AM

    Sounds like a good day for you!!

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SANDYLH1 8/5/2010 10:16AM

  I havn't seen the scale move very much, but have lost inches and overall body changes, feel stronger overall. It is worth it.

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TRIGFROST 8/5/2010 9:50AM

    A Food Plan is worth it all... emoticon

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