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back to basics

Monday, January 08, 2007

Steve and I joined the YMCA last week. we have been at it. We have come to the realization that it is going to be hard but it is something that we both want and NEED to do.
I was going hard and heavy last week then my weekends come rolling in hitting me full force with temptations and snack mix. It is VERY hard to work at the bar/restaurant this time around. I can always say to myself...'hey at least your not 210!' It takes me a minute or two the slap myself and say...'but you can get back to 210 if you keep up your bad habits!'
I am hoping that working hard during the week will keep me motivated through the weekend! It's a day-to-day process i know. Baby steps.
I am enjoying the gym! There is just so much to do I can hardly wrap my head around it!! Good thing we have our orientation next week and they can get me going in the right direction. Maybe even join in on some swim lessons!
On a different note. I got the email that the Chicago Marathon Registration is now open. I have filled out my application and it is on my bulletin board. I don't have a whole lot of time to waste because it fills up fast! The first 45000!! It would be a trip though! October 7, 2007. A nice post birthday celebration!

we'll see!


fear and loathing in the land of mac....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

not so much fear as loathing....i am in self hatred mode. not really much ANYONE (but myself of course) can do about it.

i am lazy. i am fat. i have lost all motivaation. and really....i just don't care.

this time of year, this weather, this lack of liking my job, this 'it's just easier to eat bad or just eat' moment is taking it's toll on my life.

i don't wanna run. i don't wanna work out. i don't wanna have to watch what i eat every freakin minute of my damn life. DOES IT EVER END?? the answer is no.

sorry to be miss downy downerson.....i just can't help it. everyone is doing so well on their lifestyle changes... they have given me some credit for inspiring them.... well kiddos, i am glad that i could spread some inspiration.... but i am in some SERIOUS need of some myslf right now.


i am mad, i am frustrated and i just don't give a shit..................


Monday, September 18, 2006

seems as if we are never going to move into this house. per usua; we have put everything off until the very last minute and we have company this week! hope i can get it at least livable for the time being.

my running has gotten so spiratic (sp?) i have 12 freakin days until i lose my mind. my eating habints are all out of whack! weekends are getting harder and harder for me at work and with finally getting more hours i fear that i will have to go into RE-discipline mode......hard core. i just want to get past this month. i feel that by mid october that there will be some weight (wish it were actual fat) lifted off my shoulders.

i really want to get on myself right now. but since it is dreary outside and i slept for like 11 hours last night i just have no strength to do it.

however.... tonight i get back to cooking. something that i LOVE to do and can focus on!!
on the menu: salmon, spinach (guess i will have to settle for frozen!) fresh tomatoes and perhaps some other veggie. keep it light and quick for there is MUCHO painting to be done!!



today was a bad day...

Monday, August 07, 2006

i am surprised i can freakin type.... BD DAY. so i resorted to booze and food....old habits never really die i guess.... now begins the beat up process...followed by a gnarly hangover in the AM. (supposed to run 3 miles & work out!!)
we'll see if that takes place.... all i know is i'm biking to work... fuck!


i done fucked up!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

going strong all week long. no nast snacking habits...then BOOM... retardation sinks in and i think it's a brilliant idea to hit up walgreens and have a snack fest night. BAD IDEA. 2 bags of soy crisps and a 1/2 cup of bran later i am full on pissed at myself!! punishment (and actually training)
15 MILES bitch!

so i ran 15 miles. 2 hours 15 minutes random seconds. it was my first and certainly won't be the last.

thought hey... i'll eat good today and get back one track (a reaccuring theme in my life) and then el porton happened. i had a shrimp salad that was de-freaking-licious.....and a pitcher of margarita's. i feel HORRIBLE! steve lost 5 pounds this week joining in on our little lose fest....and gained it al back this afternoon. i don't know why this keeps happening. i have had so much discipline this week and had intended to keep it going...and i still do. I SUCK. CASE CLOSED. back on track tonight. again.


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