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Mirrors at the gym

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whoever decided that a rowful of mirrors at the gym must have been in amazing shape and like they way their body looked from every angle. Me, on the other hand, I would prefer to not see all of "this" jumping around during Zumba! In fact, my eyes stay trained on the instructor just so I don't accidentally glance towards the mirror. Last night there was a grand total of 5 of us in class so of course we are all pulled to the front. We start moving and grooving and then BAM! I see myself shaking everything for all I'm worth and I just want to run from the room. I mean really, when I can't see myself I can pretend I'm in some small body and that I look good shaking my ass. I do not want to be confronted by the reality that my ass shakes enough even when I'm barely moving. I guess I understand the concept of checking form, but isn't that what an instructor is supposed to do? I know I'm overweight and that's why I'm at the gym, in fact I give myself props for finding an exercise routine that I enjoy doing. I do not however, need to be reminded of how huge I am at every turn. That's my rant for the day....I hate mirrors at the gym.

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TIMOTHYNOHE 5/17/2012 1:49PM


Actually I do use them to check my form on the exercises I am doing. Form is important. I am not looking at my bod, but when I do, I realize I have some work to do.

When I want to see how goooood I look, I do it in the privacy of my bathroom ... nekkid.

It's been a little while since I have done THAT.

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DEBADEAU 5/17/2012 1:03PM

    People who love to look at themselves. That's who decides to have mirrors like that at the gym.

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KOFFEENUT 5/16/2012 2:40PM

    You aren't alone on this one! Like you, I try to stay at the back or entirely focused on the instructor. Otherwise I'm distracted by the fact that the picture in my head and the picture in the mirror look NOTHING like each other!

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Weekly Weigh-ins

Monday, May 14, 2012

I've decided to post my weekly weigh-ins. I think that if I have some sort of accountability then that will help keep me motivated to stay on track. I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but will do first thing tomorrow. I'm going to try and make Saturday mornings my "weigh day" because Fridays are pretty tempting due to Happy Hour and eating out!

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At January's End

Monday, January 31, 2011

So here I's the end of January. I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by....but I digress. One of my goal's is to blog at the end of each month to keep track of my thoughts, feelings, and the overall success of the month. This month I recommitted myself to Sparkpeople because I know it's a program that works. It took me a little bit but I'm not starting to get in the groove of things. I started with counting calories and getting in my water and occasionally working out for 30 minutes at a time. I decided to join the 28 day bootcamp for added accountability and extra support. Little by little I've seen differences.

I actually enjoy finding new recipes on, I've been pushing myself to go to the gym at least 5 days a week and make the hubby go with me, I've gotten in my water every day but 1 or 2, and I'm trying to find new ways to exercise. Case in point, on Saturday we took the dogs for a hike that actually had "stairs" cut into the side of the mountain! 500 calories later we were headed back home sufficiently worked out but with a smile on our faces because we were outside, the pups were with us, and we completed something together.. :) I definitely have more energy (even if I still can't get out of bed for a 5:45 am workout), I push myself during the workouts, I am striving to help my husband in his weightloss journey even though he refuses to count calories or join Spark. I have set goals for myself and made an "adventure list" for all aspects of my life. I actually want to run a 5k for my birthday, and I am SO not a runner!

I'm happy with the changes even though I've only lost 5lbs, I was really expecting more. But I have just started the program again, and it's reallly only been 2 weeks since I've been hitting it hard so I guess I should be happy with any loss. I'm checking my measurements tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. I look forward to next month and seeing what changes it brings. Here in Colorado I'm not expecting too many nice days to be outside, I got lucky last week, but if they come I now know I can totally take advantage of them. I've set a goal to lose 8lbs by the end of next month! I wish I had a tear-off countdown calender so I could have a nice visual...maybe I should check the internet for something like that. :) Okay, ENOUGH of my ramblings, my apologies for those actually reading this, I just wanted to write everything down so in the months to come I can look back to how I felt and how much motivation I have right now.
So here's to this month of:
emoticon + emoticon + emoticon = emoticon

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WUTALOSER 2/1/2011 8:34AM

    Hi Stacy! Glad to see you're getting back into Spark...Me too! I started with couch to 5k last spring and have ran in 1 3k, and 3 5ks since. It's a great challenge and I encourage you to try it! :) I thought the same thing about running.........'soooo not me!" But I proved myself wrong, and you can too!

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SEAGLASSQUEEN 1/31/2011 12:20AM

    Good for you! Be proud of your accomplishments

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What is this...why, hello cheekbones!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I've been busting my butt lately by logging my food every night (good or bad) and I've been working out fairly regularly; even though I have trouble on the weekends. The other day I weighed myself and to my chagrin I haven't lost a single pound BUT when putting on makeup yesterday I noticed a definite definition of my cheekbones! A small milestone, I know, but right now I'll take what I can get! Happy Sparking!

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MUSHROOMSTEW 1/27/2011 2:11PM

    Congrats! The scale hasn't moved much for me either but it's soooo wonderful when you physically see the change anyways!

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IGSBETH 1/14/2011 10:17PM

    Awesome! Enjoy it!

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A set of small victories

Monday, January 10, 2011

This week I rejoined the ranks of happy sparkers united in enthusiasm for eathing healthy and working out. I joined the 28 day challenge to give myself some sort of accountability. After a week of working out and eating, I noticed a few changes in myself. While these may not seem like tomorrow's new's headlines, they were, in a way, a confirmation that I'm on the right track! It's easier for me to list my small winnings because taking the time to backstory and give you all the details would be WAY too time consuming! :) So here they are, my small victories for the beginning of a new year:

1. Waking up at 5:45 am to go to the gym (I'm rarely out of bed by 8)
2. Working out on a Friday even when the hubby didn't
3. Getting in all my water and actually wanting more
4. Cooking new and nutritious dinners thanks to sparkrecipes
5. Finding ways to exercise in the house or when I'm out and about
~Dancing while cleaning or doing laundry
~ Doing squats and stretches in the changing room next to a friend who's trying on a million different things
~ Literally chasing the dogs around the house
6. Having mental converstations with myself about if I"m really hungry or if I'm just eating because I'm bored or thirsty
7. Doing the grocery shopping according to a list and not letting hubby sabatoge my efforts with unnecessary items
8. Finally sleeping through the night because of my working out


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