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10 minutes movement; DONE!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Woke up today (ok alittle later then planned) and started my plan!
Hopped on SP, picked out a 10 minute cardio video......and.....wait for it.....wait for it.....I DID IT! I did the low inpact because I haven't intentionally moved like this in weeks and I feel GREAT! Not only for doing what I planned but the cardio gave me energy rght away! I popped in itunes when I was done and danced around my kitchen doing dishes and getting my breakfast ready =)

GO ME!!!!!!! Let the day begin!

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STARMONICA 11/11/2012 9:44AM

    It's hard to begin. For me if I start, I always love the feeling of sweat and movement. Hope we can keep!! emoticon

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Searching for something

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Monday I had ventral hernia repair surgery. It was outpatient and overall an eye opening experience. I deal with panic attacks that come out of nowhere. I had one soon after I checked in and was brought to my bed. My husband was with me and is a blessing. He was fanning me with a pamphlet while I layer in bed burning up, sweating and not feeling good at all. He and the nurse helped me breathe through it along with something to relax me through the IV. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long and the OR was much cooler then the ambulatory care unit. Last I remember was being wheeled in, one arm out for BP and other for the IV. Something burned in the IV and after I announced that, I felt dizzy......and then I woke up back in ambulatory care, all done! After the anesthesia wore off, I was on my way home. Monday was ok the res f the day, Tuesday was very painful and today is somewhat better. Almost time for more Advil :)

So I'm home from work for a few days. Watching all kinds of tv that I normally don't, Springer, judge shows up the wazoo and talk shows too. Can use my iPad but sitting up for my laptop is very painful. I had planned on working from home but so far it doesn't look like that will work out.

On top of talk shows, I'm reading a stash of magazines I've been hoarding. Each time one thing about health or weightloss comes up, I'm all into it. My mind tries to wrap arnd it and I think I should try whatever supplements, eating plan or book they talk about. I distract myself from what I know works to try something else....and I always go back to what works....but it is a seemingly endless cycle that I need to improve.

What works for me is Weight Watchers. When I DO it, it works, I feel good..go figure right? But yet I let myself be distracted. I'm going to take these next few days to reflect on that and start from scratch with all the tools WW offers. I enjoy SP because it is a community of healthy people and that is what I need to surround myself with.

It feels good setting a plan :)


Laughing at myself

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So! My attempt at consistently posting in May didn't work out......where did the time go!?!? So I wa laughing at myself because I plum forgot. Oh well, I might not be consistent, but I'm not giving up :)


Day 1 (Second try) - Consistency

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm not giving up on myself. I am determined to improve my overall consistency. If I miss a day of posting, I just start my count over and move on.

Mom and dad will be home for the Spring and Summer next week. Which means me and hubby move back upstairs, lol. The arrangement works out well and we aren't complaining about moms cooking and helping with laundry =) Mom will also be following Weight Watchers so that will be fun.

OH I signed up for a curves friendly yoga class. It starts next week and is for 6 weeks. I was able to meet the instructor and felt very comfortable with her. She has actually been on WW for I think 10 years and scheduled the class to meet after a WW meeting in the same building.

Work is getting busy but no new business yet. ALot of new opportunities in the air that will take time before seeing results, so many of us are doing alot of extra things in regards to these opportunities and while it's all exciting, it is stressful. I look forward to the yoga and also improving other habits that will help me deal with the stress. Because stress is everywhere and even thought they are beyond my control, how I deal with them IS in MY control! Its hard to remember, but worth it. There are some people at work that are negative and me being an emotional sponge, can just soak that all up. So I'm trying to not let htme break me, even if it takes me not being around them for alittle while or being so positive myself that they don't bother me, lol, because it seems they enjoy being negative.

I don't like how I feel when I am negative and I know I can take it out on people I love when I don't mean it. Being negative does nothing good for me or others, so why feel it? Who freakin knows, but I know I sure don't like it so I try to remind myself of that if I feel like I am going down =)


Days 3/4/5/6 - Consistency

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well I made two consistent days posting then bombed out the rest of the week. Today I was able to get to my doctor and I talked to him about my anxiety and panic attacks that have gotten worse lately. Long story shirt, he doubled up my daily med, going to get some bloodwork then see him again. Panic attacks are a b*tch. I also emailed a wonderful womanwho helped me through hypno-therapy to schedule time with her. Plus I am weening myself off caffeine. Then need to get my butt moving more. Eat peasy :)


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