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Exercise: 50 consecutive days!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I don't think I am going to lose any weight this week, so I will need to be excited about something else. Today is officially day 50 of exercise. I don't think I have ever made it for this many days in a row (and I know it is ok to take a day off) but I feel very connected to this right now. I started wanting to make it 7 days, then 15, then a month (I was so proud when I hit a month) and today is 50. So the next goal is 100 days. I would have said this was impossible a few months ago. Here's to see how long I can keep it up.

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CHANA-D 9/13/2009 6:35AM

    That's an amazing accomplishment!! I am really impressed! You should be really proud of yourself. You rock!!!! emoticon

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FRENCHTOSD 9/13/2009 1:44AM

    Amazing! I hit 13 days today and I know you must feel great at 50. Hopefully I will join you there. Congrats!

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REMEMBER_MYSELF 9/12/2009 10:26PM


That is impressive. I wish there were a sparkstreak hall of fame that I could nominate you to!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLAMENM 9/12/2009 10:26PM

    Way to keep a streak going!

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GGM007 9/12/2009 10:05PM

    50 days is great! Congratulations. I like how you started with 7 days and then it grew and grew. You have inspired me.

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KLMGSU07 9/12/2009 10:04PM

    Wow! That's AWESOME!!!! I think maybe I need to do that... I've got to make this coming week GREAT exercise-wise, because I've just not being doing that well! Thanks for the motivation, you rock!

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Could I be fit?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

So I decided to try out my new Polar Heart Rate monitor tonight to make certain that I am pushing myself enough when I work out. Fit or not, I am still f_t (overweight, will not use that bad word) because the chest strap was borderline cutting off blood supply. When I set it up it had me rest a few minutes and takes a baseline resting heart rate. 60? Really? That can't be right! But then I took it myself at the radial pulse. 60. Wow! Maybe this whole exercise thing is paying off! I don't think I have had a resting heart rate under 75 in years. Today is day 46 of daily exercise. I haven't missed a day. I am happy to keep surprising myself in this process. I initially was trying for 15 straight days, then 30, now 100? Let's see how long I can make it for.

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PENGUITO 9/10/2009 11:52AM

    Wow! 60 resting heart rate is awesome! Way to go!

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    Congratulations!!!!!!! You're amazing!!!

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AUNTC321 9/8/2009 11:51PM

    Wow! Great job on the exercise and the heart rate is fantastic.

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DARE2BE 9/8/2009 11:26PM

    WOW 46 days! Keep it up! emoticon

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HARMONYBLUE 9/8/2009 11:05PM

    46 days in a row. WOW! That's an incredible streak...me thinks YOU should be doing the getting skinny happy dance.

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Week 6: 6lbs & 2.25 inches

Monday, September 07, 2009

Ok, if this is what happens when you take vacation on the spark, then I need to get more time off! Couldn't believe the scale this morning. I moved it on the floor and stepped on it at least 8 times to make sure this number was correct. I do feel it, but I am still...shocked...ecstatic! I think the biggest change this week was actually increasing my basal activity with the pedometer and trying to walk everywhere. I also did less snacking and no emotional eating that I can think of. Yay! This is my first milestone/,mini-goal and only 6 more lbs until I reach the first 10% loss.

Thank you so much to my spark friends and buddies who read my blogs and check my page. Every comment, every goodie, every acknowledgement of the journey has helped me. I owe all of you so much for helping me along the way!

emoticon emoticon

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FRENCHTOSD 9/8/2009 8:03AM

    Good for you! Vacation usually trips me up, so I'm glad to hear how well you did. We'll be in 250-ville soon1

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HOPES09 9/8/2009 12:33AM

    That is wonderful! It's really satisfying when all your hard work pays off, especially when you have been on vacation. Great job!

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HARMONYBLUE 9/7/2009 9:53PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congratulations on hitting your first milestone!

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FITWITHIN 9/7/2009 4:55PM

    emoticonon your weight lost and emoticon your about to cross the finish line.

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CHANA-D 9/7/2009 4:03PM

    Way to go!!! You really followed through on your careful planning on your vacation - and it paid off big!! I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work!! You are really making progress towards your goals. emoticon

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PENGUITO 9/7/2009 11:13AM

    WAY TO GO!!!!! I am so proud of you! You deserve to be ecstatic, managing to lose while on vacation!

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Vacation + Weight Loss, Not a Contradiction?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

So, I usually weigh in on Mondays (and I will this week as well) -but I was dying to know if I had maintained on my little 4 day adventure in Niagra Falls. So this morning, I had my husband drag the scale out of hiding and I stepped on....268.5? I don't think I have ever gone on vacation and lost weight! I fondly remember our week long trip to the Caribbean this spring, followed by the 7lb gain on return. Our real summer vacation is approaching fast in two weeks and I am so happy to know that it doesn't have to affect my healthy lifestyle if I do some advance planning and stay on target.

Here are the things I did to succeed this time:
1. Pack a cooler: Water, yogurt, and lots of fruit
2. Bring the cooler into the hotel. Also rice cakes and some light granola bars for snacks
3. Walk with a Camelback, water with you all of the time
4. Walk everywhere we can. Walk to dinner, walk to the Park.
5. Journal daily, focus on positive things I am doing to stay on track
6. Repeat the following phrases:
"The salad dressing on the side, please"
"Without the cream sauce"
"Can the breaded shrimp just be grilled, no breading? Thanks!
"Can you substitute the french roll for a spinach wrap?"
"I would like the fruit and cheese plate...without the cheese."

So it was a success! And it is absolutely reaffirming to me to know that I can go away for a few days without falling into old, self-destructive habits.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HARMONYBLUE 9/5/2009 10:38PM

    Congratulations on continuing your weight loss thru your vacation. You did great! emoticon

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CHANA-D 9/5/2009 7:34PM

    You did a great job keeping on track on your vacation. I am so impressed!! Your advance planning really paid off!! Keep up the great work! emoticon

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Mini Vacation Update

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ok, I will admit it - I was terrified about going on vacation and having everything go horribly awry. Yesterday we left for a 3-4 day mini-vacation in Niagra Falls. My husband and I visited Niagra 15 years ago this very week as our first ever trip together. I thought it would be nice to spend our 14th anniversary (today!) here again. And I am happy to say we are on track and having a great time. We loaded up the car with a cooler full of fruit, yogurt and water and managed to avoid to slurpy cup and doritos that usually accompany us. Today managed to avoid the inner demon and actually eat healthy. And instead of using the "people movers," we actually walked everywhere. Pedometer is at 16,000 and it is only 7pm! I am very pleased to say that I am going to have a wonderful vacation.

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HARMONYBLUE 9/3/2009 10:41PM

    Congratulations!!! Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Would love to visit Niagra some time over the next year or so! The hubby and I are also proud members of the "red cooler club" LOL. It has been our saving grace on our vacation!

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CHANA-D 9/2/2009 7:44PM

    Good for you. I know it's hard to stay on track when you are away from home. I applaud you for staying on track. Have a blast on your vacation! emoticon

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