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Goals to Thanksgiving (7 weeks)

Monday, October 07, 2013

I plan on not tracking between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I'll eat reasonable meals, enjoy some holiday snacks and deal with any gain after the New Year. Until then ........

1. Lose at least 4.5# to be in my goal range of 126- 136.

2. Get house cleaned and decorated for emoticon by emoticon weekend .

3. Clean off deck.

4. Do one final grass cut.

5. Clear garden and store fence.

6. Complete reading through the Bible plan.

7. Enjoy some "me" time.

I have edited this list 2X in less than a day emoticon so I'm adding

8. No more adding to this list! emoticon

10/25- Almost 3 weeks in and making good progress.

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MSTWOMOONS002 10/8/2013 1:23PM

    Hi; emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Sounds like your making wise goals for yourself. Allowing yourself to take the holidays off sounds healthy for you. Since you are aware of your choices it sounds like you'll keep things under control, plus you've already de-stressed the entire holiday season by creating an easy simple plan to follow.

I wish you well, hope you have happy holidays Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Thank you for being a spark friend, I'm glad I read your blogs and learn from them.

Take care & be well, don't worry be happy now! why wait? Enjoy each day of your life.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NITA-BERRY 10/8/2013 12:12PM

I know you can. It's all in the bite-size pieces.
emoticon Rootin' for ya.

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Stress Busting (Week 4)

Monday, August 26, 2013

This week I put into practice what I've learned in this challenge and.... It worked! I was less stressed and I'm sleeping better. I also have been eating better. The key for me is to keep my mind busy.

8/19 DH took meds before lab work. Instead of stressing about it, I called to report the mistake to Karen. She was to be out of the office until Thurs., so I knew I would not hear about labs until then.
8/21 Took DH out to breakfast for his birthday and took care of some bills. DD got new shoes. Good day!
8/22 Labs good!

Long term stress reduction goals
1. Trust God with DH's heath
2. Deal with the mail daily
3. Keep working on the household repair "to do" list
4. Sleep 7-8 hours/night

Stress reduction Techniques that work for me
1. Read Bible verses and sayings. (posted on whiteboard)
2. Keep busy with garden, exercise, house work, yard work, scrapping, crafts
3. Brush the dog
4. Enjoy the computer games or crossword puzzles
5.Something fun weekly
6. Breathe


Stress Busting (week 3)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Plan for this week....Keep doing what's working.

After reviewing my stress last week, I've determined that.....

1. Most stress is over DH labs.
A. I can't change them
B. God is in control
C. Activity makes me stress less and sleep better
2. Dealing with the mail
A. No stacks sitting around
B. No stress over late payments
3. Hot baths don't work for me.
4. Brushing the dog works for both of us.
5. Mindless computer games calm me.

Positive outlook and keeping it in perspective......

Reading encouraging scripture and listening to praise songs helps me remember who has ultimate control.

Daily stress routine.....

1. computer time
2. brushing the dog.
3. keeping busy
4. reading at bedtime
5. sleep 8 hours/night

8/13 Stress high, waiting for call on DH labs
nothing working well today (brushed the dog, baked zucchini bread, can't cut grass due to rain, comp. games not holding my attention, going to read the Bible and pray), frustrated with the whole situation, why get weekly labs if they don't act on the results.
On the positive I know I have a relaxing evening with the girls from church, Movie and popcorn on the lawn (something fun).

8/14 still no results
"no news is good news, bad news travels fast" I keep repeating this. Went shopping with the neighbor (in her 70's and doesn't drive) Did 20 min dumbbell workout.

8/15 finally results
better than last week
cut grass for 2.5 hours.

8/17 Stress relief showed up in my yard this morning, a doe with her fawn. A few minutes later another doe and a 7 point buck. As we were finishing breakfast the buck and fawn wondered over to the yard right outside the window by the table and were playing. What a wonderful gift from God. Stress level dropped.

Week 3 review

1. I can't do anything about my main stressor, DH health
A-Z. God is in control. Pray. Read the scriptures posted.
2. Keep the mail organized.
3. Keep busy
4. Scooby always wants brushed!

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MSTWOMOONS002 8/13/2013 2:53PM

    Hi Betty;

Sounds like your making progress, I am so happy & proud of you for sticking with it making your goals measureable to fit into your life.

Don't forget to breathe & take time for joy each day.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Stress Busting (week 2)

Monday, August 05, 2013

Stress Busters to use this week....
Work up a sweat
Take a hot bath

8/4 when DH made me angry ......
1. I told him what made me angry (#2 on Stress test)
2. Went outside to cut the grass (#1 above)
I felt better and b/c I went out to do something it didn't turn into a confrontation.

8/6 waiting for results of DH labs
1. I can't change them, if they were really bad I would have heard already (perspective)

8/7 still waiting
1. went to Bible study (#3 on "Stress Test")
2. I can't change them, if they were really bad I would have heard already (perspective)
Got results
1. A little worse than last week
2. I can't change them
3. deep breaths
4. brush the dog (other wk.1)
5. 20 min dumbbell (#1 above)
8/8 results on computer
1. look worse than told they were
2. I can't change them
3. brush the dog (other wk.1)

1. Keeping things in perspective helped
2. Working up a sweat constructively used the adrenalin allowing better sleep
3. Brushing the dog put my thoughts on something else and spoiled the dog (he now thinks I'll brush him anytime my lap is empty)
4. Mindless computer games help too.
5. Hot bath just gave me idle time to think of the "what ifs" and raised my stress level
6. I've been dealing with the mail as it come in

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MSTWOMOONS002 8/5/2013 3:05PM

    Hi Betty;
Way to go your making some great changes & progress on this challenge. Just keep breathing & taking baby steps forward & you'll achieve your goals. Good luck dear one.

Take care & be well breathe & sip some green tea.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Stress Busting Challenge

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Things to work on from "Stress Test"
1. 7-8 hours sleep/night
2. speak openly when angry or worried
3. do something fun weekly

Things that stress me
1. mail I didn't deal with
2. overdue bills
3. household repairs
4. Tony's labs

Coping Mechanisms
Deal with bills/mail immediately- open then pay/discard
Create "to do list" on phone app.
Keep things in perspective

Other Stress Busters
1. Stress ball
2. Read comforting Scriptures on whiteboard
3. Brush the dog

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MSTWOMOONS002 8/3/2013 4:43PM

    Hi Betty;

Wow you got really concise to the point on your blog, I tend to just write what comes into my heart & head, I used to be a grant writer so some writing comes easier to me, this stress challenge is really challenging me to re-think & consider so many things.

Thank you for writing your blog, it inspired me. Good luck on this challenge.

Take care & be well.

Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KACAR51 8/3/2013 2:46PM

    emoticon emoticon

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