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Friday, May 06, 2011

Hi Everybody.... I'm still here. I haven't written in such a long time; and even when I do it's on the private blog that only a few of you subscribe to. But I love that you're still reading. I've made a new goal for myself on the 'Other Goals' page. Well, I've made a few, but this one is that I'm making it a goal to write in this blog at least once per week! I miss you guys. I miss the outpouring of support that I used to get. The support on the private blog is great too. Any of you who've been following me for some time will remember the blogs that I used to have on here. I quite often poured my heart out. I had to remove those blogs from here and move them to a private space; for safety reasons.

Well, anyway, I'm doing well now. My loyal followers know that I was going through a very difficult time for a long time. That's over now. The best part is... God used the trauma to bless me. The bible says that He will restore the missing years. Well, I live in an awesome place now. I'm doing well. I can live alone without the need for a roommate. It's in a brand new building so my apartment is very nice. It's in a great location as well. It's owned and run by a very reputable company that is known for keeping their buildings clean and well kept.

Anyway, the program that I was part of that allowed me to get this special place was a program run by the local Women's & Children's Centre. I am an outreach client of theirs. The trauma in my past qualified me to be part of this program that helps with transitional housing issues.

Well, last week, I was invited among a group of other women from the Women's Shelter to be part of a make-over day! It happened this week on Monday. There's a special program here in Ontario run by the Canadian Council for Abuse Awareness (CCFAA). Abuse is something that all of the women in the group on Monday have in common; and is what brought us to the shelter in the first place. This organization has a program where they bring in groups of women, such as us, and they give them make-overs for a day! There are hair stylists, make-up and clothing people; who all volunteer their services to the organization for the day. The organization has a warehouse of things that are donated to them for the purposes of helping abused people who are in transition. Among this merchandise is is clothing as well.

We each had our hair done. Then make-up done. Then we got to pick out a couple outfits that we were allowed to keep. Then... this is the biggie... we got to pick out a new leather jacket, leather purse, and wallet... all by Danier Leather!!! It's awesome! We had such a fun day. I didn't have anything extreme done with my hair because I really didn't want to cut it short. But the stylist trimmed it and styled it for me in a fun way that looked kinda sexy; if I do say so myself. There were before & after shots taken and they will be sending them to me.

The best part is... all the make-up, hair, and clothes turned out to be a bonus. Truly. I spent the day with the most amazing people.

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RSSSLHB 5/15/2011 9:28AM

    God bless you emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 5/14/2011 3:59PM

    Oh that sounds like such an amazing fun thing! I'm so glad you got to be a part of it but sorry for the things in your life that made you be a part of the program. But it sounds like blessings are coming out of it.

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CAROLIAN 5/14/2011 6:01AM


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DEE107 5/13/2011 9:34PM


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SERENEMOM71 5/7/2011 8:58AM

  You deserved it and I'm so glad that it happened to you! God Bless! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon God and those wonderful groups!!

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TRIGFROST 5/6/2011 10:48PM

    emoticon "Wonderful Stuff Happens to Women when they get together"... emoticon

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CAROLJ35 5/6/2011 9:54PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm so glad you got to participate in this day! Bet you looked just fabulous and I know you had a wonderful day!
So good to hear from you!

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So ladies... you ARE HOT! REALLY d*mn HOT!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I had a big God Stop moment today! Like most women, what ever your size and shape... you don't see yourself as you are. We see ourselves as too fat, too thin, to tall, too short, too... something! Granted it's important to want to feel great, and feel sexy; but mostly we do it for the men in our lives. I'm no different. Granted I don't have a man in my life at this time; something that is definitely God's path for me right now, and not something I would have chosen on my own; but I'm here & this is it.

However, I still think about 'Mr. Right'. Not just to say I wish he was here, but I try to keep myself in shape and looking good with my future man in mind. I try to eat healthy, and workout. I've come a long way in that department. As my SparkFriends you know how far I've come because you've been with me through the whole journey. As much as I need to be healthy (again; as my long & loyal SparkFriends, you know why my needs are so important, and not just the typical needs), but I also want to make sure that when I meet 'him', that I look good. I want his first impression of me to be 'Damn! She's hot. I gotta get to know her'.

However, it's not just about the outside. I want him to say these things because he sees something in my personality that he's immediately hooked on. Also for me, though, I'm learning to be sooo cool with being single. For the first time, I'm truly enjoying the single life. I have a nice life built for myself now and it's getting better all the time. I like it. I don't always want to be single, but I'm enjoying it. I still have some struggles with my mental health issues, but they're no longer severe. It's amazing what a sense of security can bring you.

I'm told all the time that I look good. So why don't I always see it. Out of the 75 lbs I originally lost, I've gained back 25; and I've only lost about 5 of that again. I want to lose that last 20 plus another 10 for good measure; despite the fact that I get compliments all the time. Some even say it's too much. Lately, I've been doing some extra worrying about that. (My private blog, which some of you subscribe to, has an entry with some God Stop moments about a lesson on worry).

Anyway... the TV was on this morning. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but it was on and a talk show was on with a guest who said that they had done some anonymous surveys where they asked men about things like how attractive their wives are. They said that most men see their wives as hot and attractive but they get hurt when their wives don't believe them. The guest that was speaking said that we need to actually like ourselves the way we are! We all look good!

Anyway... I saw this as another God Stop moment because this message came to me at a time when I've begun to fret, again, about how I look. I am beautiful in God's eyes, and the man that He has planned for my future, will see me that way too; otherwise it won't be a union set by God, in which case it won't last anyway!

Anyway... whenever 'he' comes along... whether it be next week or next year... I'll let you all know what I think his first reaction to me is gonna be. I think he's gonna say that I'm HOT... 'cause I am! Inside and outside! No one is perfect, so why try to be?! So ladies... you ARE HOT! REALLY damn HOT... no matter what your size and shape! And, when your guy tells you that you are... believe him...'cause it seems that he really does believe it!

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SPARKYCARLEY 5/20/2011 10:40PM

    TAMIK1964 - I'm so happy that my blog has been a bright spot for you. Getting positive feed back is the best thing for me to keep going. Learning to take compliments is hard, but I've learned myself to just say "Thank you" with a smile and leave it at that.

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TAMIK1964 5/20/2011 9:54PM

    Great blog!! I'm single and your outlook is a very refreshing one. I've somewhat entered a mode of not worrying about "Mr. Right" but instead being glad for this time I have for working on me. Your blog was a nice reminder.

My ex never gave compliments (at least not verbally), so when I did start dating again, someone very smart told me that when I receive a compliment, simply say Thank You with a smile. It's still a very hard thing to do but each time I say Thank You it helps me to believe it about myself a little more. You were so right on about this!!!!

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SERENEMOM71 2/11/2011 8:32PM

  Great Blog! emoticon on being awarded team member of the week!!!! I know that Mr. Right will come along @ the Right time! in God's perfect timing!!

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LLGALLAGHER 2/8/2011 7:32PM

    Yeah we are! emoticon

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CO-CREATOR 2/8/2011 4:53PM

    Great blog and congrats on entering the spotlight! emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 2/8/2011 3:51PM

    Love your blog! It's so true. And how many really hot women are there out there who are actually shallow or self centered or emotional wrecks on the inside? Same can be said for men. But the true beauty reflects both the inner and the outer.
When the time is right, Mr. Right will come along, but it sounds like right now you're in a place where you are getting to know who you are and what you want and growing and that's probably where you need to be right now. Enjoy this time and make the most of it. Then when Mr. Right comes along you'll truly be ready to feel comfortable with it and know who you are. That's when you can both give and take in a relationship. But never give up because if it's meant to be when the time is right, he will be there!

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SHIRLEYX 2/8/2011 3:39PM

    Great blog. emoticon

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EDWARDSC393 2/8/2011 3:36PM

    I love your blog. Fortunetly I have a man who this I,m Hot! We reunited from 42 yrs ago when I had a great figure. He sees ME. He is happy that I,m on a path to be healthier, hes likes it too. I,m flabby, but he just accepts me as I am and compliments me! So your blog was right on! Thx, Cherie

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SPARKYCARLEY 2/8/2011 3:32PM

    THANK you, THANK you, THANK you... so much for voting me as team member of the week for Living with Bipolar. It always amazes me when I get voted as a member of the week or member of the month on one of my teams for being an inspiration to others; when it seems to me that it's you guys that inspire me! BIG HUGZZZZZZZZ Love all of you!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BELLE0308 2/8/2011 2:45PM

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! This is so refreshing and so truthful. I know that even at my largest, my husband would tell me I looked nice and I would role my eyes. He told me later when I noticed the compliments had stopped, that he didn't like to say anything because I always dismissed his compliments. I had no idea that this hurt him.

I met my husband when I was in a mentally good place in my life and I do feel like it was God's intervention. As a native Californian, moving to Minnesota wasn't something I had intended. In fact, I thought it was the end of the world at the time. I won't go into all of that history now, but it was the right thing. Now I am trying hard to get back to the place I was once at. I want to feel confident again and happy. I am getting there...we can all get there and it's something we have to work on. No man can do that for us, but when we get there and if he notices we shouldn't just dismiss that. Be proud and accept that compliment!

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SPARKYCARLEY 2/8/2011 2:20PM

    Hmmm. Anyway, after re-reading this, I'm coming to realize that I say the word 'Anyway' way too much! LOL

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I'm Finally Back!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello to all my dearest SparkFriends. I have missed you and SparkPeople so much. Sometimes I forget what life was like before you. Just to think... I signed up to lose weight, and I got so much more! There's no way to describe it, but I don't have to because you guys know all about it with SP. No other weight loss program comes even close to offering as much as SP offers us. The tools, the professional support, the education, the support of other users, the program, the support, the motivational tools; and oh... don't let me forget the AWESOME support! lol

Anyway... since I was on here last and wrote a long blog, my life has changed a lot. I remember telling you about the fact that I had to move. You're all aware that I had no choice because of my long history of bad roommates. It still amazes me how difficult it is to find someone with common sense and responsible instincts. Seems they have no concept of how to respect themselves, let alone someone else. They literally want to move in, take all you have, destroy it and move on without having to pay for any of it. What happened to people who used to have strong desires to do the right thing, work hard, be responsible and like it? What happened to people who used to know a good deal when they saw it? Well, anyway, I was in a mess that's for sure. I was lost and heartbroken and thought I could very likely end up on the street; and I didn't seem to be able to take control of any of it. I was left with nothing to do but to hand it over to God. But, oh wait! Maybe that was the point of the lesson!

Well, Iíve moved again since that! Into my own place. I also had to give away about 60% of all that I owned to move. My last apartment was about 1000 square feet with lots of extra storage. This new place is only 513 square feet with absolutely NO storage! But I didn't care! I sorted, and moved stuff around and gave tons of stuff to charity. I gave away my entertainment unit, my large TV, one of my small TVís, my stereo & speakers, my dining room set, my curio cabinet, my coffee & end tables, 2 large storage cabinets, my microwave and stand, another kitchen cabinet that I used as an island in the kitchen; my freezer, several bookshelves, 2 computer desks, a futon, a trundle bed, a dresser, a deacons bench, several small side tables, a few other miscellaneous things; and about 60 large moving boxes filled with all sorts of household items! But guess what?! Iím happier. I feel lighter and freeíer. Itís awesome! I've been here now since October 1st and I still get up every morning and thank God for giving me this place. It's very nice; and very well decorated. Money is still super tight, but that's OK. I'm so at peace that I don't care too much about that. It's mine, I'm safe here, I don't need roommates that will mentally, emotionally or financially abuse me; and I have a beautiful view!

It's taking me a while to recover from all the emotional damage that was done to me, but I am doing so well these days it's incredible. I am finding myself lately saying to people "I'm happy". I love it. I have a nice place, in a great location, I've built myself a nice life with volunteer work and other things that keep me busy; and I am safe!!! I am healing very well. Iím still doing counselling with my pastor, but Iím also getting more and better support from the medical industry as well. I had gone back on medication again for about 6-8 months; which was good in the beginning and then it started to go bad again. So I've stopped taking them again, and I'm doing very well. I am happy. God is awesome, and he's using me to do some great things; but that's another blog for later. God has helped me make some awesome changes. Iíve gone from being overwhelmingly shy and social-phobic, overweight, and tired while suffering from Major Depression, Anxiety, and Bi-polar Disorder; to being part of several ministries at my church; which is a large church with quite a few people (300-400 most Sundayís). One of those ministries being the Welcome Centre! Front and foremost of the social scene in this church. Me! God is so good!

For those of you who subscribe to my other, private, blog, you will find a much longer blog describing some great things Iíve been through in the past months; and how God has brought me through them... including how I got the apartment that Iím now living in. I'm sorry that I can't talk about the more personal things on here anymore, but privacy became an issue because SP doesn't have privacy settings that are realistic; and my safety became an issue.

Hugs and many thanks to all of you for the awesome support. I have another couple blogs I will write later to talk about some other stuff, such as what I've learned.

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DJ4HEALTH 2/2/2011 10:25PM

    Glad to have you back.

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SHIRLEYX 2/2/2011 8:12PM

    So glad to see you back. You were missed.

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SPARKYCARLEY 2/2/2011 6:29PM

    Thank you so much friends. Your support means so much to me. And thanks, Amy, so much for the scripture quote. I am getting closer to God every day, and it's amazing. The bible says once you believe the veil will be lifted. I never knew how literal that was until it started to happen. It's awesome. The world is different, I am different, even colors in the world look brighter! The Word is becoming clearer, and I am happy. I love it. I am in love with Jesus, and I hope it will never change!

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SERENEMOM71 2/2/2011 5:47PM

  One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." It sounds like you are realizing them! emoticon emoticon I am so happy for you!
God Bless and Take Care!
Love, your sister in Christ,

Comment edited on: 2/2/2011 5:48:14 PM

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SAVINGHANNAH 2/2/2011 3:46PM

    Welcome back! i'm also glad you are okay. emoticon emoticon

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ANSING 2/1/2011 11:13PM

    It's so great to hear from you again, and that you are happy and doing well!

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SPARKYCARLEY 2/1/2011 11:06PM

    Thanks Carol! Read the private one to see the details. I'm feeling so blessed.

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CAROLJ35 2/1/2011 11:03PM

    Great blog! And I am so happy for you! Glad you have such a great faith and realize the Lord will see you through any situation.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SPARKYCARLEY 2/1/2011 7:15PM

    Thanks Amber. It's good to be back!

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1_AMAZING_WOMAN 2/1/2011 7:11PM

    So glad to see you blogging here again. And, happier than all get-out to see you doing so well.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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SPARKYCARLEY 2/1/2011 6:22PM

    Funny you should say that. Just last Sunday our Pastor, in his sermon said that "God doesn't let anything... ANY THING... to to waste!" No matter what it is, if you have faith in Him, He will use it, which means it will be a blessing! And how I got this apartment is because of the horrible experiences I've had in the past. I have sooo many stories like that. God uses everything for His good. Always! I'm so happy to have found that kind of peace finally.

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SUZIEQS65 2/1/2011 6:17PM

    Welcome back....remember, all things happen for a reason, sometimes that reason may take some time to reveal it self!


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Did I Miss a Class?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is it just me, or does it seem that men go out of their way to misunderstand women? AWWWWWW It makes me crazy to see how a guy absolutely insists on misunderstanding everything to a ridiculous extreme! To make it worse, he tells others and it makes me look like a sleaze, or an idiot or something. How can one person be so far out of reality? Seems I missed a class somewhere on how to relate to men. Of all the crap I've been through with this guy, he still insists on being wrong about me. Why is it so important to him that he sees things wrong? And to think I still have feelings for him... maybe I am an idiot... for a whole different reason. Truth is... I see a little boy inside him that needs love, and I would so very much like to be the one to give it to him, but in his eyes, not only am I ugly, but I'm not even human; and certainly not worth the energy it would take for him to be himself and stop working so hard to try to make others believe he isn't... or maybe it's himself he's trying to convince. Either way I pray for him every day...and I always will.

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MRSDAVIS09 1/17/2011 5:02PM

    I think this guy is absolutely not worth losing any sleep over, Carley! Hang in there and it will get better :)


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    Sorry for my late posting, I have been away for a bit.
We are all on different journeys, learning different things at different paces. So in other words, as much as you would like to help him "see the light", he will not see it and perhaps he may never will. However you know the way that you want to be treated, and it means that you are willing to say goodbye to someone who is not willing to be on the same page as you are. You know that you are worthy, and you are wonderful inside out, and no one is perfect, so its ok we all have our flaws but you simply cannot be hand in hand with someone who is so FAR OFF the place you come from. One of the hardest things in life, is to disconnect from our emotions and say goodbye to someone we hoped to be a certain way, or hope that things can be different. Some people spend their entire lives waiting for someone to change (a good example is my sister who is in a destructive relationship) and it has already been 8 years and still there is NO change in him. The only real problem is that she is dealing with the abuse, so I understand how difficult it can be to disconnect your own emotions from someone you care deeply about. I read the book " The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and it really helps you to understand that people are really operating from their own place, and there is just SO MUCH MORE that you can get from this book. I have heard it on Audible several times, and I always "get it " more as I listen to it more. Mr. Ruiz does not try to impose any of his thought patterns on you, but you can see for yourself how life is so very different when you expand your thought patterns and see a lot more concerning yourself and others.
He has another great book about love, which I recommend as well.
I usually don't like to give "advice" to anyone, because I think that your path is very much your own, and you will learn things on your own pace, and from our hardships, we learn and grow, but if my words mean anything today, it just means exploring more and reading more materials can be very enlightening if you open yourself to much more ;)
Hope you are doing well, and sorry for my long post, but I really wanted to share some thoughts with you today. emoticon

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ANSING 10/25/2010 6:13PM

    Carley, this guy sounds like a real loser. If he can't show you the respect you deserve, pray for him and move on. When the time is right, you'll find the RIGHT guy, the one that will treat you with love AND respect.


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SERENEMOM71 10/25/2010 12:02AM

  Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harms you, plans to give you hope and a guture. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile..."

I truly believe that God has the best, the most perfect gentleman picked out for you! Just trust the Lord and seek this man by placing yourself in different Bible studies, charity events, any thing else that God leads you to participate in so that you can meet this man of God that God has picked out for you! He will treat you like a queen and you will be best friends. I will hold this belief for you! until you can believe it for yourself!!! I know that this is true for you as I have been praying about it for a while! Write down your list of what you want in a man and God will fulfill it for you! You deserve it! Do not settle for anything less!
Love, your sister in Christ,
Amy emoticon emoticon emoticon
Standing on the Promises of God!
I continue to think of and pray for you daily!

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PAMAPPLE 10/24/2010 11:24PM

    Anybody who who treats you as this guy does is not worthy of your attention, much less affection. Stand strong and know that you are deserving of much better and move on from this disrespectful person. God loves you and has a plan for your life and I believe this person is not in His plans.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Earlier this year I did a 10 week very in-depth bible study program by Beth Moore called "Believing God", which is based on the book of the same name. In this study, Beth, opens with an explanation of something she calls a "GodStop". Her description of a GodStop is ďany way God discloses Himself to youĒ. Of course it takes time to build your faith, to not only believe 'iní God but to 'believe God'. That is; to believe Him about who He says He is, what He can do, who you are, and what you can do. There are many, many times in the average week when God shows Himself to each of us. Do we always recognize those moments? Probably not. Most of us, unless there's a situation boarding on 'miracle' or divine intervention that is outrageously obvious, we quite often don't recognize God's input, or hear His voice in our situations.

Well, Beth Moore, through this bible study asks people to start recording their GodStops. Carry a notebook in your purse, and jot down your GodStop moments as they occur. I do this with some brief notes that will allow me to remember the details later so I can go back and journal about them. It's an awesome practice. In the end by the time these 10 weeks are complete Beth leads you through YOUR whole lifeline and lets you go back and see God's intervention from the beginning of your life... even BEFORE you were a believer! This study is one of those rare, once-in-a-lifetime studies that is life altering. Not many studies can claim that, but I can assure you this study will change your life. Looking back on all the times that God has stepped into your life with not only the big moments but all the many small moments is completely overwhelming.

It's been quite a while now (probably close to a couple months) since the study has ended for me, but I've kept up, for the most part, recording my GodStops in my little notebook. No matter how many of these moments I record, it never ceases to amaze me just how awesome God is! I am simply dumbfounded at His perfect timing (I mean how EXACT it ALWAYS is, and how He NEVER misses one opportunity), His ability to never miss a detail, and to have the most incredible plan with details that I never could have come up with if I tried! I am always awe-struck. My breath is always taken away at how much better things work out when I let go of all my reservations and just let God take over. It always works out to be a way better plan than I ever could have conjured up!

Well, today I had a GodStop moment like that again. If you read my blog from yesterday you'll remember that I talked about how I feel I've backslidden a little when it comes to my counselling; because our beloved lead pastor has moved. I had some upsetting moments and it's in my nature to push everyone away when I'm feeling rejected or hurt; so I wasnít sure counselling was a good idea anymore. I was thinking ďmaybe I just need to handle this (my life) on my ownĒ. So, anyway, after talking about all this yesterday with you guys, my SP friends, I went today, and did my usual Monday volunteering at the church office. I love doing it. It's one of the highlights of my week. I do a couple days per week there all the time. Well, today, I'm busy working on my ongoing projects that have been assigned to me; when the phone rings. I answer it, and wouldn't you know it... it's our not-so-long-lost pastor. He asks me how are things going, what's new, and such things. I told him not much is new. I guess I've talked to him too much and he knows me well by now 'cause he asked me "really!?". So I started talking to him again. We had a great conversation. Plus, I told him how I had some fears about moving my counselling to another person; and a couple other issues. Well, by the time I hung up the phone I was feeling OK with the idea of going to this new counsellor.

So my GodStop moment today was that God sent me the one man who could get me past this... the man I felt safe talking to... just when I needed it. God came to my rescue again, just in the perfect moment!

Hereís more about the bible study. I highly recommend it. If you canít find a church in your area that is hosting this video bible study, you can do it online. It comes with massive amounts of homework for the whole 10 weeks, but I assure you, it is worth every single minute! I addition to the rather thick workbook with spaces for your homework assignments, I, personally, wrote an additional 80 pages of homework, all typed on the computer; simply because I found that the spaces provided in the workbook were nowhere near enough to write as much as I wanted to write to complete the homework.

Oh... today was the 1st day for our interim lead pastor who will be taking over until a new permanent pastor is found. He's already a member of our congregation and was a pastor in another church once, so he has lots of experience. Him, his wife, & family are already very much loved members of our church family. Today, though, she shows up on his first day at work with us... with a batch of hot muffins straight from the oven! I told her "wow, don't we just love you already?!". LOL Then I told him "I think she's a keeper!". He agreed! lol

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SPARKYCARLEY 7/20/2010 7:05AM

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I feel like I am the one who is blessed. The love and support that I get from you guys, my SP friends, literally overwhelms me to tears sometimes, as it is right now. I've never in my whole life felt anything like it. It's one of the reasons why I feel so at home with this church I've found in the past year. The support and their ability to be non-judgmental are phenomenal. It certainly isn't the world that I've known in my lifetime. You guys have taught me so much more than weight loss. Thank you for the blessings.

SERENEMOM71 - I'm sure you could do this bible study on it's own. All through the video series Beth Moore talks about how, when it was taped, that she had 2 audiences... the physical audience in the building where she was recording the series; and the online one. There was a huge online study group that also took part. Her own daughters included! Go to the website and see how this works. I can imagine that the study is likely still being done online... the only difference now is the videos are recorded and not being done live as they were for that first group. I have no idea if there's a fee or not. I just know that to purchase the series for your church to do they to charge for it; plus, as students, we had to purchase our workbooks. Check with other churches in your area. Maybe another church is doing it and you could take part in it.

Comment edited on: 7/20/2010 7:11:44 AM

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SERENEMOM71 7/20/2010 1:49AM

  I've been wanting to do a Bible Study for a while. Could I do this on my own (although it sounds like it was meant for a group)? I will ask our church if they are going to have one for the fall or spring but they don't have a woman's ministry except for a retreat every fall and spring - which is a shame since it is a big church.
Carley, remember that you truly are blessed to be a blessing in the lives of many people. including me! Please keep posting on our website - you are so interesting and have much to say! I enjoy reading your blogs.
God bless you. I continue to pray for you daily. Let me know if there is anything specific I can pray about.
Love, your sister in Christ,
Amy L emoticon emoticon

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-WISPY- 7/19/2010 9:28PM

    Ao pleased things are going well for you Carley.

Hugs Wispy.

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ANNIE924 7/19/2010 8:00PM

    I love the Beth Moore studies. We have done one a year at our church for the past several years, though I don't think they did Believing God (I lived away for a couple of years). I will have to check with our women's ministry coordinator to see if we've done it.

Glad you feel more comfortable about your counselling.

Have a great week. emoticon

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