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Got hearing aid

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey all,
Hope your week is going well. Mine is busy busy busy. Yesterday I decided to just stick with the treadmill workouts this week and strength training Fri and Sat like Ive been doing.
Then next week maybe add in the circuit training on my days off (2nd job).
So far been doing good with eating and getting to the gym.

I got my hearing aid this morning. And its so different being able to hear and I can control the volume on it. Its a phonak brand, and I think I will get used to it eventually. Its just weird having it in. It is a over the ear one and it had to be specially made for my ear. It has a great warranty on it and all I have to worry about is getting the batteries each month because the batteries only last one to two weeks.

Well I have added more stuff onto my plate, besides having my family to care for, working two jobs. I decided to write a novel (Im on Chapter 4 right now). Its been in my head for such a long time that its just time to get it down. Plus Im also a new admin/moderator on a facebook page for All my Book finds. So alot on my plate. But Im sure I can handle. Plus I need to find to read my kindle in between everything else. So far Im handling it well. Just need to stay focused on each task and take my me time.

Have a good one.

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    You are on fire!! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 4/23/2013 2:03PM

    You are doing great!!!
Yay for hearing aid!!

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Feeling better about things. I have a plan.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

After working 2 jobs and getting out of my 2nd job so late on Friday. I decided to forgo the workout and just came home and relaxd. Went to bed early and worked Saturday morning.
Got off work at 2pm and went to workout. Did about an hour between cardio (treadmill) and weights, did legs and arms AND abs since I didnt make it Friday night.
Took DH out to dinner. Then came home and finished the book I was reading.

Today I am feeling better about things. I have a workout plan in motion even with my crazy work schedule this week. So instead of waking up super early and going to the gym (for the treadmill). I think I will just stick to what Ive been doing, going down on my breaks doing 15 mins on the treadmill twice a day. On my off days (from pt job) (Mon & Wed this week) I will do an extra workout at home in the evenings for 30 mins. I am actually missing Bob Harper and Jillian. I think incorporating those into my workouts will help and it will bump up my fitness minutes. Plus getting to the gym on Friday nights and Saturday evenings. And I think I need to do weights more than just twice a week, so those circuit training workouts will help with that.

Off to write some more (of my novel). Have a good Sunday.

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MICHELEB04 4/27/2013 8:46PM

    What a great plan!! I love that when you realized what you were trying to do wasn't working for you, you took a night off, re-grouped, and revised. THAT is a secret of success.


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NATPLUMMER 4/21/2013 5:32PM

    Looks like a fab plan.

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SANDICANE 4/21/2013 3:46PM

    Great plan!

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ARMYWIFEKASS 4/21/2013 3:38PM

    sounds like a good plan

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Just have to plan plan plan.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday
This week has not been great. Just haven't been feeling the workouts. So I just have been doing a little here and there. My eating has been hit or miss as well. Hasn't been too bad, but hasn't been great either.
My husband has been super supportive and told me to just take it easy this week (with the workouts) and that I have my whole life to get fit..........but I don't want to be struggling for the rest of my life to lose the weight. Maybe just a funk this week. I Mean I have been working out 6 days a week non-stop for almost a month now. And I'm tired with working two jobs. Let alone have any energy for anything else.

I know next week I need to get moving. I know I will NEED to fit it in. Maybe I will come in early one day (perhaps Wednesday) and do a good one on the treadmill. Plus do my regular workouts during my two 15 min breaks and such. We still only have ONE working treadmill, which is annoying. But I have been trying to get more uses with the stationary bike and elliptical.

Next week I'm scheduled to work four days at my 2nd job. So I know I will be struggling (I usually work 2-3 days). But at least I dont close any nights so that is good. I just need to make sure I get my rest so I feel energized to get my workouts in. Just have to plan plan plan.

On a side note: I get my hearing aid on Tuesday. Very excited about that. On another side note: I starting writing a novel....a daunting task.

DH's birthday was last Sunday and I know he didnt really want to go to dinner where we actually went on his birthday (he only picked Cracker Barrel because he knew his son would eat there). So I offered to take him wherever HE wants to go on Saturday, since it will only be him and I and no one else will be home to worry about. I think he is looking forward to that. And Im looking forward to just us spending time together. I will probably get in a good workout on Saturday. And if I plan it right I will at least have 80 mins in for my workouts this week, which is better than nothing.

Have a good weekend.

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MICHELEB04 4/21/2013 8:19AM

    Be kind to yourself! You are still working out and being aware of your eating. Hang in there and you will find your spark again! I'm off to do the hiking treadmill workout, will report back!

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    Don't be too hard on yourself. And yes planning ahead of time is always helpful! Stick with it & good luck!

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NATPLUMMER 4/19/2013 12:23PM


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RAINEMARIE214 4/19/2013 10:09AM

    Sometimes we just get a little bit burnt out from working out. I am kind of feeling it too. Taking it easy one week wont set you back, and will really help you move forward soon - just dont let it perpetuate beyond one week into laziness (which is what I usually do!). You are doing a great job!

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 4/19/2013 9:31AM

    Hang in there and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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MJRVIC2000 4/19/2013 9:25AM

    All the planning in the world will not help unless we get down to doing what we plan. God Bless YOU! Vic.

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BIGDOG18 4/19/2013 9:23AM


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Not so great week

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey all,
Almost Friday already. This week has gone by quick.

Monday I only got on the treadmill for 15 mins (not half hour like I usually do).

Tues I was off work, had a dr appt for my yearly. And I told her I was working out and have lost weight. She was happy to hear that Im taking care of myself, even working two jobs. Although tuesday was not a good eating day. I was just a hungry monster all day.

Yesterday I was just catching up on work and I didnt go to the gym at all, but my eating was decent. I havent even tracked calories all week, yet when I stepped on the scale this morning it read 172.8.........happy about that.

Today I am back in my 100% mode even though my stomach is not feeling good today. I made myself go to the gym for 15 mins this morning and maybe do another 15 later. Depending on how I feel.
Vampire Diaries is BACK tonight and I will enjoy one beer while watching it.
I have been sticking to my 2 beers a week (3 if Vampire Diaries is on) rule for the last few weeks. SO I have been doing good sticking to that.
I close at my 2nd job tomorrow night, so it will be a quickie workout after, because I have to go in early on Sat. I will have most of Saturday free (after 2pm). So I can plan on a longer workout Saturday evening. Then rest on Sunday.

Have a good rest of the week!

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BARBANNA 4/18/2013 12:28PM

    You are really trying to work in the time. Sorry it has to be so tough! Try not to stress so much, but do get some workout time. I work out at home as it saves me 40-60 min. by just getting to it and not dealing with the traffic, changing, equipment issues etc. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 4/18/2013 10:30AM


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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hey all,
Sad to say that Monday came way to soon. I dont feel like I had much of a weekend.

Friday: Worked both jobs and still went to the gym at 9:45 at night. Did a full hour. Did intervals on the treadmill and I really pushed myself and did as best I could. I think the top speed I did was 4.6 or something like that. It was a crazy and worth it workout. I changed up my shoes and my shins didnt hurt as bad, surprisingly.

Saturday: I slept in and laid around til it was time to go to work. I closed the store and was out of there by 10:20pm. My workout buddy and I decided to go to the gym but just do a quick workout. Quick workout turned into 45 mins!

Sunday: Was a rest day and DH's birthday. So we celebrated with a one layer cake and ice cream. Not much cake leftover which is great. We went to the movies and seen Spring was OK. I think the storyline could have been better. I wouldnt recommend paying to see it, but watch when its FREE on TV instead. Dinner plans were a spur of the moment decision and I didnt make the best choices, fried chicken breast and had two biscuits.

Today: Back to normal, eating healthy and tracking calories. I get out of work an hour early, and I have a coupon for a FREE small fruit smoothie. So Im heading straight to Mickey D's after I get out. Will be my afternoon snack. Not sure what the dinner plans are yet. I did go to the gym for 15 mins earlier and got on the treadmill. I am super tired today so Im planning on going to bed early tonight. Maybe I can get to the gym super early tomorrow for a full workout.................

Well Have a good week.

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NATPLUMMER 4/15/2013 1:18PM

    I'm glad different shoes helped :-)
Sounds like a great weekend to me.

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