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I got beat up...and I'm going back for more!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I went to the kickboxing class last night and it was not like any kickboxing class I have been to instructor, Marcus, was more focused on boxing techniques than the typical kickboxing classes...we did jump rope drills, light dumbbell exercises, lemon squeezes(abs) as well as drills/rotations on the heavy bag(kicking/punching/jabbing)...we had on boxing gloves (I won't have to worry about breaking a nail) but my legs/knees are sore from the kicks on the bag and my abs are on fire..again!!!! I LOVE

While we we warming up on the bikes, Marcus mentioned that they are bringing in a Body Pump class and taking away the Hard Core class and one other one...NOOOOOOO....NOT MY MONDAY NIGHT ABS CLASS...I'm going to talk with Adrian about that to see if they are going to move it to another night...the instructor from that class, Susan, will be the instructor for Body Pump so that may be the reasoning...I looked up Body Pump on Youtube and it looks like the Total Conditioning Class that I was going to so I SHOULD be ok in there...key word "should".....

When they were talking abt the Body Pump, I had an "uh oh Lonnie" thought cross my mind...since the class uses dumbbells and weights, it's really a strength training class so I really wouldn't need Lonnie...I think that would be the same with the other trainers as well on some level...I know people use trainers for various reason but strength training/building muscles is normally on everyone's list...would this class replace the need for a trainer then? I wouldn't think the trainers would go for that....

That's why I wondered about Lonnie....would I really need him? what would his purpose be? couldn't I do it on my own? Then it dawned on me...he would be my MOTIVATION and COACH to make sure I was doing it and doing it well..he wouldn't be focused on a group of people but on me and making sure my form was right, that I was challenging myself, and that I was not falling into a routine that wasn't giving results...

I could skip the personal training sessions and save that money but really I NEED Lonnie...I need one on one attention when doing strength training because I am always fearful of doing something wrong and injuring myself and I have tried to lift weights on my own and would go one rotation and wasn't really doing my yeah, I think it's worth the investment to have Lonnie there...he won't be around forever just long enough for me to hit some milestones and then we'll go from there....

So in honor of surviving a boot camp type kickBOXING class and because I know that Lonnie can provide me with extra motivation, I have selected Laila Ali as my model...she has a tough competitive spirit as well as a beauty that she balances perfectly!!!!

Here is the latest article I posted that briefly goes over some motivational tools that can help people reach their weight loss goals(or whatever goals they have set)..I am going to make this a series since there is so much that can be said about motivation!!!! I hope you enjoy it...

Enjoy your weekend!!


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JAZZYNUME 8/28/2009 1:21PM

    I think that the strength training class can be an excellent supplement to your training with Lonnie. The class can be an overall general class, while Lonnie can swing on in for building up the base you get from the strength training class.

Its very great though that you got a trainer. You moved on that sista YOU GO

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The attitude shift.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I went to Circuit Training class last night and the instructor did not show up...she called so I hope she is ok (it was the same instructor from my Hard Core class)...she is a good instructor and there were only 5 of us waiting on her so the class would have been small and GREAT I'm sure!!!!

I didn't leave when the class didn't, I went and got on the elliptical to go along with the 20 mins on the bike we were doing while waiting on the class to I got a workout in anyway...that's what it's about right? Doing something instead of doing nothing....

Kickboxing is tonight and from what they told me I need to get some boxing gloves!!! The instructor is said to be more about "boxing" than he is about "kicking"(which would explain the heavy bags in the class)'m sure it's a great workout though...I am going tonight without the gloves to make sure I even want to continue taking it...I have long nails so if I'm going to be in there I will have to get them cut down....should be interesting tonight!!!!

I am going out to eat with my co-workers today to a buffet...I'll stick to chicken and veggies since it's a Persian restaurant and I am a picky eater..buffets are normally a waste of my money since after 1 plate I am full and don't go back for more..

I can sense my attitude about things being a little more relaxed..a few months ago there is no way I would go out to eat at a Persian restaurant...nor would I be looking forward to personal training (I blogged a while ago about Lonnie trying to get me to train under him and I told him flat out "NO") seems that I have GROWED UP some and that's a great feeling when your attitude/outlook improves...

Speaking of tudes, I have chosen Naomi Campbell as my model for today...she is a true style chameleon but her attitude seems to be horrible(if you listen to everyone she has thrown phones at)...another downfall of being in the public eye I guess...people judging you based on what they read/ which Naomi do you think is the real one? The sweet innocent looking one up top, or the one on her t-shirt(which I love by the way)?


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JAZZYNUME 8/27/2009 1:32PM

    I love Naomi Campbell. I really think that she is both. A very sweet person that is just protective over her brand and persona business. She has shown some tendacies of being a brat, but she has also been modeling since she was like 17 so sometimes behavior like that is expected she has no one to tell her no.
I love her anyway.

I think its awesome that you are opening yourself up to other options. Even if you don't like the Persian restaurant you cant ever go wrong with chicken and veggies. It also lets you still go out with co-workers and have a good time. You go girl. I have kickboxing Saturday mornings. I love it. If you get into it you can get the fingerless gloves and making a fist I dont think you would have to cut down your nails. I have had nails and honey I just keep it moving.

Good luck tonight. Have you been to the gym every night this week?

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Not ready for that one!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I was at the gym last night and decided to get on the treadmill instead of taking the Cross Training class...I got on a machine that was across the way from the class so I could look in and see what they were doing...and I am glad I was on the treadmill!!!!

There were only 2 people in the class(including the instructor) and it looked like a boot camp type of class...maybe after a couple months of training with Lonnie I'll be ready for it but not yet!!!

Yoga class afterwards was good..another small class..only 5 total (including the instructor) and let me be the first to say that I am NOT all...I am almost embarrassed that the only stretching I've done in the past was to tie a shoe or pick something up off the floor....oh well, at least I am working on it now right...I went to TJ Maxx afterwards to buy my own Yoga mat....I feel better knowing that my feet will be the only ones on it!!!!

I plan to try out the Circuit Training class tonight...afterwards, I will go home, eat, shower, and get ready for Bible Study...good thing it's a cardio/strength training class so I get the best of both worlds...

I still haven't weighed in...I will on 9/1 and I'm wondering what the damage will be from my laziness of the last few weeks...sporadic workouts, eating what I wanted (in moderation of course) only saving grace is that I drank my water...which may not be enough to save me from the Weight Gain Monster...oh well...whatever happens, I'll deal with it and keep always!!!

I'm looking forward to my training sessions with Lonnie (probably won't feel that way after we start) but I have to keep my eye on the prize..there is a possible trip to Miami(budget allowing) at stake here..along with some self confidence, rewards, better health, and a stuck up attitude (just playing) yeah, I NEED to do this right and I WILL!!!!!


(R.I.P. Ted Kennedy...the Gentle Lion has been silenced but he'll forever be remembered for all he has done for the poor and voiceless people of America...I just hope his legacy is enough for Congress to pass a REAL health care reform that takes care of those people that he fought so hard for!!!)

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JAZZYNUME 8/26/2009 12:34PM

    Great job! Even though you don't think you are ready for the Circuit class you are still going to give it a shot. You have nothing to loose and the personal attention you will receive from the low class attendance is amazing. Yoga will for sure become easier (at least I think it will, thats what they say) as you go along. Kudos for just showing up as that is half the battle.
Love Janet Jackson. You are all about the little, chocolate celebs. LOL

You go girl

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Email of the far....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny email sent yesterday afternoon at work:

"Incredibly tasty donuts are now available in the break room. Pretend itís still morning and start your day off with a delicious helping of sugary fried bread."

Yes someone thought it was a great idea to bring donuts in the afternoon...don't ask me why but this place seems to be a "snack" heaven...there are candy dishes, cookies, gum, and whatever else someone with a sweet tooth (or needing a sugar lift) would need...thank God for dental insurance cause without it there would be some folks missing teeth around here!!!!

BUT I am happy to say that I have only had 1 mini pack of M&Ms today and that was while I was on a conference call...I ate some peaches and I have a banana for my next snack...I am also on glass #5 of water and will be done with my 8 glasses before I leave work...then it's home and off to the gym!

Did I mention that for an extra $20/month I could get a personal locker AND they would do my laundry for me? Not the laundry from the house but my workout clothes...I thought that was a cool perk..they have some people that have taken them up on it apparently cause their names were on their lockers...I'm not going to do it though..I'm not rolling like I don't want strangers touching my unmentionables!!! LOL

Tonight I will do some sort of cardio and then follow it up with Yoga depending on how crowded the room is...the gym isn't crowded overall so I should be able to get in there with no problem...should be interesting....

I am also about to update my rewards...I have bought other things and have missed I'm gonna get some new stuff on there!!!!

Yes, I know I used this picture before but I like it so here it is...again!!! LOL


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KUZINKEITH 8/26/2009 11:03AM

    I guess you can start a new trend by sending your own email:
"Celery sticks and carrots in the break room -- be good to yourself today"
I bet you're glad you resisted the deep fried sugar.

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LILSHINE 8/25/2009 3:27PM

    Cute email. I brought in chocolates of all kinds to sell today and I'm sitting here eating healthy my boss says. Well gotta sell and raise that money! Good for you for not letting that temptation get you. Just keep saying no and by the time the holiday season rolls around you'll have good restraint built up!

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Hard Core Baby!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Abs that is!!! I went to the new join tonight for the Hard Core class and it was great!!! An hour of ab did everything from Core work to "intensified" crunches...much more "intense" than I expected...

The gym is smaller than what I am use to so there were only 4 of us in class, which worked great for me because the instructor gave me some one on one attention...keeping your core tight is hard work!!! I expect to do better as time goes on though...

I talked to Lonnie until his client got there...we are still aiming for October but I may bump it to September...I didn't tell him that so he is still thinking October...once I budget and pay my bills we'll see what happens...with the way the classes there are scheduled I will get 2 days of strength training, 1 day of yoga and plenty of cardio to take care of Sept. without his help!!!!

We'll see.....


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JAZZYNUME 8/25/2009 12:26PM

    When did you take that picture of me hanging on the ledge at the beach LOL! Yeah right.
You can do it. Yes!! See how much you can do on your own. The more fat you can loose on your own the better foundation for Lonnie to sneak on in and just firm you up.
Good job though dude on securing a personal trainer. That took no time at all and you quickly made your gym switch and everything
I am proud of you!!! emoticon

Finding a personal trainer emoticon


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