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Day 492: Day 21 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week three is officially complete for my EPC-ers! AMAZING!!! Some of us are on round it's actually WEEK SEVEN of staying motivated and focused. Congrats you guys..y'all ROCK!!

Don’t forget to sign up at the 30DEPC team at:

I posted an article today on black and white thinking on my "like" page on how black and white thinking is so dangerous. SO IMPORTANT...please read it!! I post thought provoking articles, vlogs, links, motivation, advice, free coaching, etc. on my “like” page on Facebook, so find me on there and like me or at least take a look around to see if I can help you!! I would LOVE your support :) !

Nutrition check-up: Giving up cheese didn't work for me, but I must say..I've been doing pretty good with my nutrition :).

Fitness check-up: ChaLEAN Extreme is going SO great! I love that workout. I can't wait to do a full video review on it!! Even with the days I missed, I have just eight workouts left! I'll definitely get them done by the time these 30 days are over. I've been so motivated lately...I loveee it!! :) hehe.

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 7 Description: There's a difference between keeping a To-do list to keep your organized and keeping a To-do list that turns your life right side up.

Today, I share with you the nuts and bolts of keeping it simple, but keeping yourself on track and focused like a laser beam on what's really important.
Here's a brief summary of the steps you'll follow to create the foundation of your list.

1. Brainstorm. Today I want you to do a brain-download. Transfer all the data from the deepest files of your brain onto paper. Think of everything and anything you need to get done in the next six months to a year.

2. Now circle any item that must to be addressed this week.

3. Star the items that MUST be done TODAY!

4. Everything else falls into the category of "Soon" or "This Quarter" (your choice).

5. Now write your PUSH goal at the top of your page.

6. Each day you'll check your list several times. Once you get through the things that MUST be done today, you can (time permitting) move on to the "This Week" list.

7. Lastly, remember to include two steps each day that move you in the direction of your PUSH goal.

Feel good about the progress you are making towards your goals and also in completing more tasks than you ever imagined possible.

When many of you started this challenge, you thought this was going to be about getting organized, and productivity. I know you've come to realize that this is much more than that. This is life-changing stuff.

But, you'll also get a whole lot more done each day than you ever imagined. It's time to use time to rock your goals!

How many spare minutes do we find each day? Use them! Get out your list and complete a task! Make that call. Send that email.

Add to your list throughout the day. When someone asks you to do something, add that to your list. If you hear a great book recommendation, write it down. Is there something you want to remember? Write it down! That's what it's here for. Free up your brain to think and solve problems to create solutions. And use your list to save you from worrying about forgetting the little things that clutter our thoughts and keep us up at night.
Create it at the same time each day. But what time? Try both! Some of you are morning people and need can use that time to super-charge your day towards productivity.

Some of you really need to seal your day with a To-do list over-view and will be best off making it before bed. Experiment for the next few days and find the time that works for you, but after that stick to it. Make it a habit that you won't ever want to break!

You're going to create it in the same place every day. Your To-do list is the most important thing to you. You know where your wallet is. Know where your To-do list is. I know I've been saying that the investment in a smart phone is the way I think it works best. If that is not in your budget or is not right for you, be diligent with your pen and paper and carry over the incomplete tasks to the next day.

If you are using a smart phone to create your To-do list, familiarize yourself with the program. Notice that tasks that are not completed will move over to the next day. Practice until you're comfortable and have fun with it!

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 7 Answer: I did this in my notebook (that's how I was supposed to). I then transferred all the new to-dos that I thought of (keep in mind, I've been keeping this list since last month so it's already built pretty much) to Things for Mac (LOVE Things). It transfers so seamlessly to my iPhone :). Yay!

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HIKINGLEAH 7/13/2011 7:20PM

    Have you thought about doing a blog on what iphone/smartphone apps you use? I would find that totally helpful. My favorites for exercise/health are runkeeper, sparkpeople, fooducate, and full fitness. For organization, I like Use Your Hand (UYH - you can write lists with your finger), Evernote, and Pinterest. I'd love to know your favorites so that I see if there are apps I am missing out on. I'd also love to know what podcasts you like for health, etc.

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Day 491: Day 20 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 20 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge!!! 2/3 done! WOW!!!

Don’t forget to sign up at the 30DEPC team at:

I will also be posting a lot of things that will assist you guys (thought provoking articles, vlogs, links, motivation, advice, free coaching, etc.) on my “like” page on Facebook, so find me on there and like me or at least take a look around to see if I can help you!! I would LOVE your support :) !

Exciting news!!!! I was selected to be a SparkLeader and I train tomorrow! I am so excited!! You guys can watch the video that I posted on my "like" page explaining it as well as some motivation to keep you going:

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 6 Description: 1. Review the to-do list instructions and/or re-listen to the ToDo Lists CarSmart. 2. Get your phone ready for your to-do list. 3. Review your push goal.

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 6 Answer: I am already these to-do lists since last month...but as you guys know, I'm re-doing the challenge. I did re-listen to the podcast so I could absorb more of the information and reinforce to my subconscious how important to implement this way of doing to-do lists! :)

Here are the five guidelines:
1. Make your to-do list at the same time every day. -- I am going to finalize it first thing when I wake up every single morning. In addition, most nights I will review and roughly put together what I want to do the next day. The next morning, I'll make changes as necessary.
2. Make your to-do list in the same place every day. -- I am going to make my to-do list in my bedroom, since I will be doing it first thing when I wake up and before I go to bed.
3. Keep your list with you at all times. -- I'm attached at the hip with my phone...this definitely isn't a problem :)
4. Add two or three small steps that will move you forward on your list every day. -- Rodger that. :)
5. Review and revisit the list. -- Rodger that too!

I'm not going to lie, I haven't worked out officially in like 5 days.'s OK, because I've been pretty good with food. And I promised myself I'm getting my workout in today! This is the last week, how funny that I'm getting behind. Not a big deal at all though because I trained my brain to not beat myself up over it...I did 11 weeks of the program without getting behind more than one or two workouts! That's what important to focus on, that's awesome!!! I'm so proud of myself for evolving in this way, because if you've followed me..YOU KNOW I USED TO HAVE TO BE PERFECT OR I COULDN'T DO IT AT ALL!! Talk about progress!! :) I'll finish up...and that's all that matters!

How are you guys doing?? :)

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NALAYB 7/13/2011 6:42AM

    Your journey is amazing!! Congratulations!!

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SHERRI-21 7/13/2011 1:31AM

    That is great news!!
Happy for you! :)

emoticon emoticon

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LETYAK 7/12/2011 9:55PM

    you are doing amazing! and congrats on getting to be a spark leader! emoticon

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DEBBIE19580 7/12/2011 9:38PM

    You'r doing GREAT!!!!!! i KEEP saying this every day, i really cant beleive how fast these days are going!!! day 20, its crazy!!! i am so happy i have been doing awesome with your challenge too. It keeps me accountable, totally. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HIKINGLEAH 7/12/2011 9:22PM

    I know a lot of about all or nothing type thinking. I have trouble doing "good enough" too. It's amazing how much progress you seem to be making on this! emoticon

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Day 490: Day 19 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Monday, July 11, 2011

WOW! Where did the time go! Today is day 19 of the Extreme Push Challenge!

Don’t forget to sign up at the 30DEPC team at:

I will also be posting a lot of things that will assist you guys (thought provoking articles, vlogs, links, motivation, advice, free coaching, etc.) on my “like” page on Facebook, so find me on there and like me or at least take a look around to see if I can help you!! I would LOVE your support :) !

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 4 Description: What one (or two) goal(s) makes all the others more possible? How?

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 4 Answer: My two push goals are completing the requirements to become a certified life coach and publishing my book on motivation. Becoming a life coach is so important because it establishes the credibility of what I am trying to do as far as helping millions of people via transformational coaching. It also pushes my other goals of overcoming my emotional awkwardness/issues with vulnerability. I have been healing for years now and I think that going to school will seal the deal for this. It also allows me to move out of my parents house and be with my dog again (he has to stay at my dad's right now because my mom is trying to sell her house and it's KILLING ME). A few months ago, I identified that I could not live with my dad because he makes healing my issues with emotional awkwardness/vulnerability harder because he is a perfectionist and can unknowingly be very hard on me (which wasn't something I always realized). I decided it'd be best for me to move to my mom's, even though I would have to leave Lewey behind for my dad and his girlfriend to take care of (Lewey was why I didn't live with my mom in the first place). It's been really hard on me emotionally, but I know ultimately that I will be a better fur mom in the long run if I work on my issues that are very hard to work on while living with my dad who tends to make them worse (unknowingly, once again). Lew and I be living happily together on our own within the year because I've made it my priority :). In a week, my dad is moving into his new house and I'm going to stay at his old one until it sells. So I'll be able to be with Lewey a lot coming up real soon...hopefully it won't sell for awhile and I'll be able to stay in there for awhile! So excited (PS it's also his birthday today, he's 3, LOVE him :)!!

Another goal is to have 1,000 Facebook fans by the one-year anniversary of the page (June 8, 2012). Becoming a certified life coach will help me have valuable content that causes people to be interested in "liking" me. It also pushes my life's agenda of helping millions of people reach their goals and live happier, more fulfilled lives via transformational coaching. It also allows me to network with my classmates who are also getting their certification and have a ton of knowledge (lots of them are therapists who pick up coaching as an additional thing to offer). Lots of networking is going to happen in school, which will definitely increase my followers on Facebook.

Another goal is having 20 clients I coach regularly. Obviously, in order to do this I need to get my certification to life coach (kinda a no brainer). Publishing my book will make me more credible while helping people. Since I really don't want money to be an issue when it comes to whether or not someone can hire me as their coach (a huge reason why I'm coaching for free now), I am going to need to coach a higher number of people to make my living. Plus, this way I get to help more people and I love what I do so it really doesn't matter :). Publishing a book will not only help motivate people, it will also get more people interested in hiring me as their coach! I'm not writing my book to make money off of it. In fact, I'm leaning towards not making any money off of it so it can be more affordable/more people are able to buy it since it already it going to cost around $12 per book (I don't have a book deal, I'm just publishing online at for now so I can show the future book publishing companies that I have a following and would be an asset to their company when I go to publish more books). The purpose of my first book is to help other people, further establish credibility as a life coach (which I'll need because I'm super young as far as the field goes), and continue to build my base for future business of podcasts/books/workbooks/seminars etc. so I can help millions of people, with most of those resources for free (so I can help as many people as possible)!

At the same time, I need to get out of my parents' house...haha. I could do it now, but I would have to work more and focus on my paying jobs more than my coaching stuff (which isn't the case right now). Since weight loss coaching for free to pay back SP/reach people who wouldn't have the confidence to pay for a coach (much like myself when I started on my journey) is so high on my list of priorities, I am sacrificing some personal freedom and independence for the moment (and sometimes a little bit of sanity too-haha). If it ever gets too bad, I can always go to Park Ridge and stay there (I have a room over there at one of the rentals my dad rents out), but then I'd have to split bills and probably would have a huge gas bill...everyone I love lives in Naperville and I spend a lot of my free time with them so I would be filling up a lot! But that is always an option as well if things get too bad/something I'm keeping in mind.

Another one of my items is continuing to keep a to-do list and mastering Chalene Johnson's way of doing this. Definitely on my way, but not 100% there. I think completing the requirements to become a certified life coach will help me with this goal because you learn a lot about self-development in your classes. I keep hearing that the schooling is SO beneficial for the person taking the classes as far as self-development goes! Exciting!

Another one of my goals is to have 200 YouTube subscribers..I haven't started doing this yet, but I do need to get on YouTube as well. More people to help can be found on there! Completing the requirements to become a CLC will help me with content/drawing people back and will increase sales/awareness of my book (which helps me with my credibility). It's also another place to increase awareness of my life goal!

Another goal is getting over my emotional awkwardness and issues with being vulnerable. Going to school will help immensely with this, as it already has and I have just completed the advanced standing course. I'm so excited, this goal will definitely be pushed my my push goal of completing the requirements to become a CLC :).

I also want to reach my goal body fat percentage of 18%. This will happen, it's just a matter of time. I am sure going through school will help increase my confidence and make it easy to be healthier (since I believe I will learn to value myself even more than I already do).

Those are my goals and how they are related to my push goals! Hope you guys enjoyed/gave you some ideas as far as your goals and breaking them down and finding your push goals if you are following Chalene's way of doing things..I find it so important to REALLY focus on each day of this challenge, that's why it's taking me so long to do! :)

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 5 Description: 1. Turn your push goal into a promise! List the names of the people whom the achievement of your push goal will most positively affect their life. It doesn't have to be life shattering to them, just who will be effected when you achieve your push goal. 2. Also include any important person in your life whose opinion you greatly value. The more people on this list, the better! 3. Call, text, or e-mail all the people on your list and make them a promise! Promise them that you will achieve your push goal in the next twelve months! 4. If it's appropriate and not too personal, make your push goal a public promise! Post it on Facebook and Twitter! Make a promise to the universe.

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge, Day 5 Answer: 1. The following people will be benefit the most from me completing my push goals: My SparkFriends (help them complete their goals), my family members (going to school will help me deal with them better since I have always found it hard and treat them differently from other people/not the best because we have different beliefs and ways of doing things), my friends (I will be able to help them and improve our relationship by being more self-aware/I will understand them better), the people I coach (this is obvious-haha), people who have unsupportive families and can relate to my book, and pretty much anyone who comes into contact with me. I have noticed my coaching studies have already helped me when it comes to dealing with rude people/strangers. 2. My parents, my closest friends, and my followers on Facebook/support system. 3. 4. Done :) 5. Done! :)

Hope you guys have a fantastic day!


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OCFERNAN 7/11/2011 9:54PM

    your goals sound great. definitely the start to a great adulthood career. will look forward to hearing more about the book.

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LETYAK 7/11/2011 5:52PM

    awesome post! I have no doubts that you will be amazing!

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DEBBIE19580 7/11/2011 3:30PM

    THANK YOU LORI for everything you do for us. You've got so much going on. I'm sure little lew misses you so much too. Happy b-day to lew. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 486: Day 15 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Don’t forget to sign up at the 30DEPC team at:

I will also be posting a lot of things that will assist you guys (thought provoking articles, vlogs, links, motivation, advice, free coaching, etc.) on my “like” page on Facebook, so find me on there and like me!! I would LOVE your support :) !


Fitness/ChaLEAN Extreme – I've kept up with my strength training workouts, but I've slacked on my cardio..I'll have to make some up! But I did Lean Circuit 3 today :)...I'll still be done on time with the whole month :)

One positive thing I did today: Read for an hour ("Eat that Frog"), posted a new video on my "like" page :)

One thing thing I'm grateful for: You guys :)

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JOIE501 7/10/2011 10:18AM


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LAURALOU882 7/8/2011 4:02PM

  We are grateful for you, too! You're such an inspiration and motivation for all of us! emoticon

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CUYLERAYERS 7/7/2011 10:34PM

    HAHA! I was looking up procrastination books the other day and found "Eat That Frog" it's on my list!

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Day 485: Day 14 of the 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Awesome job guys!! Day 14 :) Two weeks down!! How are you guys doing?

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DEBBIE19580 7/6/2011 11:21PM

    doin great!!!! i can't beleive it!!! i think it's AWESOME that ive got a little over 6 weeks in of swimming!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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