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It doesn't make sense to me...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It doesn't make sense to me what happened this weekend. I had a 4 day weekend to drink and go to a concert. Had some friends from interstate fly in, so was a bit of a bender. Spent the whole weekend drinking bacardi and diet coke and eating fast food like Mcdonalds, Pizza and KFC. Now I would think after a weekend of that where I am going over my daily calorie intake I would gain weight.... but no, I actually lost a kg!! Not sure how that works. Has got me thinking though, when I was younger and going to Uni, I was on a diet of crap, eating 4 sausage rolls, a family size pizza, a whole roasted chicken, soft drink, ice cream and chocolate.... and that was just until lunch! I lost 10kg eating like that and thats what kick started my fitness regime to become a abseiling instructor.

Is there another key to weight loss that isn't being spoken about? Have I stumbled upon something strange or am I just weird that way??

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SPACEGIRLLEY 2/20/2010 9:58PM

    No I won't be carving anything in stone without more research. Makes sense what your saying though, kind of a kick start to the system. I really don't want to go back to a junk food diet, it can't be healthy, even if I was losing weight then. Might try your friends idea though and have a kick-start burger every time I plateau. :)

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10SLADY 2/20/2010 9:46PM

    I had a friend who used to do Weight Watchers. Everytime she hit a plateau she would go to McDonalds and have a burger and a milkshake and then jump back on the wagon. It always jumpstarted her weight loss again. You might actually be on to something, though I wouldn't carve it in stone. I think that when you diet, you tend to eat pretty much the same way all the time. Your body adjusts to that and you stop losing weight. Fill it with something entirely different and you kind of shake things up a bit. However, I can't explain why you would lose weight if you consistently lived on a junk food diet.

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Minimum Calorie intake....

Friday, February 05, 2010

Why is it so hard to get to the minimum calorie intake mark?? Since I have cut sugar from my diet, it is very hard. I have found it easy if I eat things like McDonald's or KFC, but that's not really the healthy way to do it. Neither is the sugar-free Jarrah Hot chocolate. It sure is tasty though ;-)

Only up to about 450cal today so far and its 3pm! Argh that means a huge dinner. Its strange I always thought losing weight meant cutting your food intake, but its really not the case. I did that for years, only to find I have been starving myself the whole time. My stomach shrunk so much I couldn't handle a lot of food at once, and when my tummy did rumble I would generally ignore it. Thinking that was how I was to lose weight.

Now that I am doing the calorie tracking on the iPhone, life has become a lot easier. Being able to see what I need at the touch of a button is brilliant. Hopefully this will help kick start the next leg of the weight loss :-)

Only 16kg to go!!


Sucrose Intolerance or (CSID) - Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency

Saturday, August 01, 2009

When I was six months old I was diagnosed with Sucrose Intolerance. The Dr's said I would grow out of it (HAHA), it was long considered to be just a childhood illness. I kept asking the dr's if you grow out of it why 27 years later do i still get the same symptoms... To this they had no answer. After working with a new GP and doing my own research as well, we discovered that I do still have the condition only it has a new name Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency (CSID) mutation C. It appears to disappear between the ages of 11 and 27, but comes back with a vengeance. Its not known why this happens, but I can assure you its not nice and the ages were pretty much exact for me. It never disappeared completely for me but the effects did decrease for a few years, which helped get me addicted to sugar. Now I have to rediscover all the sucrose free foods on the market, everything has changed since i was a baby, the foods are all different, so now i get to chase my tail around the supermarket again =P At least now I know, I can stop feeling sick all the time now and get back to losing all the weight I gained from eating sugar!