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12wbt and other things

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I had to give up on the running for now - it was devastating but I decided better to stop now before I do a permanent injury. I am seeing my doctor next week and I'll work out a plan with her.

I started the Michelle Bridges 12wbt 2 weeks ago. I can not believe how good some of the food is. She gives you the shopping list from the recipes for the week so you learn to do it all yourself and can take those skills with you at the end of the week. I've already lost 1.5kg so that's amazing.

I had a real insight into where the extra 15kg have come from (on top of the extra 40 I'm carrying around.) All the stress of living with my old housemate and having to deal with the incompetence of the phone company after her partners death. 2 years later things were still addressed to him, and they wanted to speak to him to authorise people on the phone. It was incredibly stressful. That, and she smoked inside which didn't help me as a non smoker.

So, I am slowly working on getting rid of that. It's working. Dad's decided to join me on the plan and he's lost about 4kg which is great for him.

Flame is loving it as I'm up at 515... 530 every day to take her out for at least a 40 minute walk. I've registered for a fun run but I'll have to walk that rather than run. Still, should be fun. We're walking 2k every morning. I'll ramp it up over time. I'd love to end up doing a 5k every morning. But that will take a little while to get there.

Something finally clicked in my head the other day. It's funny. I was looking around trying to think what I could join as I felt like I needed that 'extra push'. WW just didn't appeal. I wasn't paying the thousands that sureslim want. Spark people while an amazing and great free resource (that I'm still loving!) wasn't cutting it. Although, I have to say spark coach is great.

And then a friend told me about the MB12WBT - and how much she'd loved it. Talked to another friend who'd done it. She loved it. I thought there's no way I can afford it I'll have to keep looking. Turns out I was wrong - I thought it would be $600 or something. Nope. Was within reach and less than a gym membership. I love it. I have no idea if it's just Australian or what.

But, the support from others on the journey has been overwhelming. My old boss who was the one who encouraged me to try it out is organising for us to go on an 8k hike in the christmas new years period.

I'm loving it. I've taken my before photos and I'm taking my during as well. I have a pair of shorts that I love, and a tshirt I won years ago for the movie "Signs" - that tells you how long it's sat in my wardrobe. I was determined to fit into it one day. So, every Wednesday I'm taking my photo so at the end I can turn around and do a little video montage.

I've been thinking about doing a vlog but I don't think I'd really know what to say. So I think I might just journal.

But yes, I think I finally hit that point where instead of being "I really should do something about my weight" it's become "I am DOING something about my weight."

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WENDYJM4 11/20/2013 4:23PM

    emoticon emoticon m emoticon m

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C25K W2D2

Monday, August 05, 2013

I bought a treadmill a couple of weeks ago.

I decided I would finally start the C25k again and this time finish it. This time I was going to do it inside where I didn't have to worry about men saying rude things while I tried to struggle by. That really put me off last time.

It was W1D1 when I first tried to start it outside a couple of years ago. I decided to go down to a walking track where I never saw anyone. Of course on this day there were plenty of people there. But, I said to myself right. You are doing this for you so off you go start. Was fine at first... but I found I would just walk if I saw anyone coming. Then I decided bugger this it's not going to work if I don't do it properly.

So, I kept jogging and stopping as the programme told me. I had to stop because I'd just about brought on an asthma attack. (Pretty impressive when I don't have asthma.) These 3 fit looking guys go walking past, and one says loud enough so I'm sure to hear "I'd stop too if I looked like that."

That was it. I decided FU guys and I kept it up. I turned around and I ran back in the other direction towards home. A runner waved at me with a huge smile going the other way and it felt a little bit like balm for the soul. But, I knew it wasn't enough. Every time I decided I was going to go out for a run I'd hear his voice. "I'd stop too if I looked like that."

So, I just started walking instead. Diet still crap but I was walking. So I was gaining a little bit of fitness. Moved home to care for Dad as he had a car accident and is now on a walker for the rest of his life. That brings us to about three weeks ago when I got my treadmill set up.

I went you know what you idiot... you will never see me run but I'm bloody well going to do it. I am going to prove you wrong. I am not letting to let your tape go around and around in my head any more. So, I started the c25k again.

I started reading reddit and found the c25k community on there. It's amazing. There are people who weigh MORE than me doing it. (I'm morbidly obese.) And, that just inspired me. There's an ongoing discussion about treadmill vs outside. There are so many stories from so many people about people telling them good on ya because they see them out there making a difference! Much better than my experience.

So, today I decided to venture out and go run outside. Not where I saw those guys but just a small local park with a pond. The ground was slick because it was raining. In fact I looked at those clouds and thought no, I'll just run later on the treadmill.

Then my brother said he'd take the dog out for a walk. I decided if he was going to go out in this weather then I bloody well could too. So I did. And I ran. I walked more than I ran because I am still only on week 2. But, I ran. I ran slow. But I ran.

I just about keeled over on w1d1 when I did it last week - but when I accomplished it I could not believe how amazing I felt about myself.

So, do you know what I went and did to make sure I would stay motivated and keep running?
I registered for a 5k. But not just any 5k no no... I registered for the one where they dress us all like Santa. So on Dec 1 I will be running as a Santa for 5k. I think I'll start running and then drop it back to a walk.

But me, who almost keels over after a minute of running. (As I found out today when Maxine didn't actually tell me to *stop* when I was running after Sam. It's a zombies, run 5k thing.) I am going to enter a 5k.

I am loving it. I am inspired. I am actually going to go and have a look at some running shoes today. Me who doesn't like to spend more than $40 on shoes if I can help it. But, reddit tells me that running shoes make all the difference. So I am going to go and drop around $200 on a pair of running shoes.

I like walking - but I am LOVING the running. I'm also on week 5 of the 0-100 squat challenge. I am up to 64 squats every second day now. And, I started the sit ups yesterday. I find them a lot more challenging.

I know I need to change my diet and eat better but I also know that will come as I run more. I am not going to make the mistake of trying to do too much at once. First the running. I did come home and think Oh I really need breakfast let me at that apple.

I am loving that spark people has an app now so I can do my checkins with spark people coach every day without having to be at the computer. That's helped a lot.

But, if I can do this... so you can you! Go lace up your shoes and join me in the c25k! We can do this together!

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PLUGINALONG 8/14/2013 8:47PM

    I'm trying to start a running program too. Good luck with yours. emoticon

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RDEE22 8/6/2013 7:36AM

    Congratulations, you are doing great!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DITTYDOTTY1 8/6/2013 4:13AM

    I loved reading your blog! I started c25k 4 years ago at age 62. I was not going to do it in public so I found a bush track. My story mirrors yours. After a couple of weeks got the shoes (definitely does make a difference!). Did the 5k, not dressed like Santa in December though!

After doing a few 5ks I got a bit over it but now, at 66, I am on W4D3! And I jalk on the street!

If I can do it, anyone can. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PBLITZ 8/5/2013 10:46PM

    I am just now finishing up week 5! It's a great workout and definitely builds up stamina!!! I felt the same way after W1D1 but it def gets easier to stay on pace.Keep up the great work, you will surely get there!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WENDYJM4 8/5/2013 9:32PM

    emoticon for doing this again. You can do it.

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Oh that's not on

Monday, July 29, 2013

I hate windows 8.

I forgot to copy what I'd written just in case...

it's gone forever.

Long story short: Started C25k will be interesting to see how it goes.

Blah blah blah. So annoyed now. Windows 8 I woudn't wish you on my worst enemy.

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PHEBESS 7/29/2013 8:37PM

    Time to get a Mac (she says smugly) - no, seriously, I hate Windows too! Totally frustrating when that happens!

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WENDYJM4 7/29/2013 6:26AM


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Holy Cow

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I fell on my face a few weeks ago. I displaced my front tooth - which meant only soft food for a couple of weeks.

It completely derailed my progress. I even stopped walking every day - which I have to do because I have a beautiful purple heeler puppy who needs her exercise! My diet got even worse than normal.

I have issues with some 'healthy' foods yes - I cannot eat most legumes. I don't know why it just causes a gagging reaction. You think a lentil burger is the best thing ever invented? I don't. I have the same problem with brown rice. I don't know why. I wish I did. Then I could work on getting over it and could say "Sure" when my vegetarian brother is cooking something for dinner.

But, it has stunned me how much falling on my face has set me back. It wasn't something I set out to do. It just stunned me that it happened after so many false starts with getting my health into gear.

It's funny. I woke up today and I had the drive back that I've been missing. It's hot here at the moment (although not like yesterday when it was almost 40 (110f) thank goodness.) I was sitting playing with my phone when I finally did wake up. Every night I promise Flame 630 we will get up and go for a walk. It's happened once in the 3 days. The other 2 days I found it impossible to fall asleep. It's so frustrating.

I had an apnea test a couple of months ago and apparently I only stop breathing when I'm laying on my back dreaming. I'm fine at all other times. (Probably explains how whacky my dreams are.) So, I don't have apnea.

I *do* have PCOS along with the insulin resistance. I must find my meds and get back on them again. That helps me to feel less tired all the time.

I'm heading off to Japan and China in just a few weeks. My friend wants to go to Disneyland. I would like to be able to fit in the rides. So, I need to actually start getting serious. I know it's about the rest of my life but I'm wondering if I can just trick myself into 'it's just until the trip.'

I am really looking forward to the trip. It will be good to get away with my friends and make a lot of memories. I want to be able to put together a photo essay showing how much she got up and actually lived her life. Which I hope will be a bit longer yet. (She has secondary cancer in her liver and lungs. But chemo has stopped the growth we're just hoping for shrinkage now.)

So, I am back and I am going to take this bull by the horns and I look forward to being half the woman I am. I just wish I had a walking partner who lived nearby again. (I miss my old neighbour. We were great together.)

I must ring the woman who runs the Red Cross walking group I want to take my dog to.



Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Well, saw the dentist today.

She said I need to eat soft foods for about a month because my front tooth is loose *but* everything is still connected. I've got to go back for a check up in a week to see how it's doing.
I hope that it will stop feeling that weird loose feeling. It's funny it takes you back to childhood when you get excited for that 20c the tooth fairy is going to leave under your pillow.

Of course inflation hit and I'm pretty sure it's about $1 if not more now.

So, I need suggestions for soft foods I can eat. I start a new plan next week. I bought a $2 scoopon that sets out my weekday cooking for the next 3 months (well I upgraded and paid $9 for the next 9). So, it will be interesting to see how things go. Will I find stuff I love and stuff I hate? I'm sure I will.

But, I'm going to give everything a go. If I don't eat it I know there are other people who will.

I saw my 'lifestyle consultant' today. She gave me fliers for a few courses I'm going to do with my friend Shirl. I'm sad the food one was all booked up. I'm annoyed that two of them were on at the same time too. I really wanted to do both.

Reminds me of 3rd year uni when I really really wanted to do puppetry. I'd saved it for my third year and when was it on? When I had a core component that I had no choice not to do if I wanted to graduate. I was so sad.

I'm going to look into volunteering at the RSB when I get home. My grandfather was legally blind. My mother is legally blind. Some friends are legally blind. It's something I'd really like to give back to. Every since I was a kid if I saw a money box guide dog I'd be popping some money in to help raise funds for the guide dogs.

I think I'll be good to get back on the horse and start walking again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

I've fallen off the wagon foodwise since the fall because of the soft foods thing. But, I'm getting back on and screaming YEEEHAAA! I've got about 6 weeks before I go away - that's a chance to lose 6kgs. If only I could find a scale to see what I do weigh now so I could know where I am actually starting from.

Still, I have a measuring tape and I measured the other day. I think it'll be a Saturday thing. I'm going to start using the exercise videos on here as well. I have a fit ball to pump up. I only have .5kg weights but it's a start. I need to get a resistance band as well. Then I should be right.

Maybe I should jump on the wii fit... but I don't trust that thing. It will tell me I gained 1 kg one day and that I've lost 4 the next.

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WENDYJM4 2/5/2013 11:21PM

    good luck with eating the soft food. It is for the best emoticon

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