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Fun little ask and tell

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saw this fun little exercise on a few friends pages, thought I'd try it. So, here's a cut and paste. Let's share.

Where is your cell phone?
On top of my "Ashes of Problem Cusomers" tip jar.

He's in Portland, OR. training for a new job.

Your hair?
Dishwater blonde in the summer, medium brown in the winter.

Your mother?
Is a living saint

Your father?
Miss him terribly

Your favorite thing?
My heart

Your dream last night?
Lovely, I was with my husband.

Favorite drink?
Water, and recently hibiscus/green tea mixed

What room are you in?
Sitting in my barber chair at work

Your hobby?

Your fear?
Being seperated from God

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Happy with life

Where were you last night?
At home with a friend

Something that you aren't?

Bran, yummmm

Wish list item?
World peace, and on a personal note, my own home and more education

Last thing you did?
A haircut

What are you wearing?
Sneakers, jeans, comfy top and barber's smock

Your pets?
Can I count my hubby?

The ones I have I will have til I die

Your life?
Getting better all the time

Your mood?
Content with a small tinge of melancholy (missing hubs)

Missing someone?
Yes. Hubs is a truck driver, and he is in Oregon, and should be home this weekend. I can't wait for some huggies and smoochies.

Water, Vitamin Zero water, hibiscus/green tea, all three sit on my station right now. I believe in serious hydration!

Your car?
Pontiac Grand AM, Toyota Camry

Something you're not wearing?
A bra!!! ;p!

Your favorite store?
My Sister's Closet, best consignment store ever.

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?
Saturday, long, hard and exhausting, but it was necessary for healing.

Where do you go over and over?
Arms of my hubby ( you can puke now!!)

Five people who email me regularly?
Multiple people, including friends I've met on SP, love it!

Favorite place to eat?
Home or Mom's house

Favorite place I'd like to be right now?
In bed, snuggling with my bestest husband.

Awww, that was fun, but I didn't realize how many questions would make me miss the hubs even more. Better to miss him, than be glad he's gone. Guess I married the right one! This was a fun little exercise, you guys should try it! Have a great day sparkfriends!

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BIGPAWSUP 10/25/2012 2:08PM

    That was really cute. It is always wonderful to see someone still in love with their hubby and not "raggin" on him. You have a very blessed marriage.

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HIPPICHICK1 10/25/2012 10:00AM

    emoticon emoticon

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VALERIEMAHA 10/24/2012 7:14PM

    AHA! I see you JUST did it too. I hadn't noticed....Nice to know you a little bettah.

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RIDMYCOCOON 10/24/2012 5:07PM

    I like that you gave more than one word answers nice twist. Looks like fun. emoticon

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Another sparkling week

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've been trying to blog all week, but it's been a whirlwind. Lot's of great stuff going on here. Fall is definitely here, wearing jackets most days. Lot's of soup and chilli! Leaves, mist, crispness and pumpkins everywhere the eye can see. I love it. Tim starts back to work tomorrow. As usual I have mixed emotions. I will miss him, but am excited to get back on track financially. Our car that was stolen a week ago was found the day before yesterday with only a little damage. I felt very blessed when I got the call to come pick it up. We also paid off our other car, six years of payments behind us, finally! Feels really, really good.

Went on a nice 2.5 mile walk with my sister today. We've started a little routine of her spending Saturday nights with us. She's been here all day today also and I'll take her home tomorrow. It's so wonderful to be spending time with her. The older she gets the more we have to talk about, and we have a lot in common.

Haven't had much money to do grocery shopping, so my new recipe adventures have been put on hold for this week. I'm OK with that. I have alot of ideas for winter dishes, breads, soups, and warm salads that I want to try soon. I am doing a butternut pie for Thanksgiving, I can't wait to make it.

My special visitor is here this week, so I've been a bit bloated and somewhat cranky. I've kept up with my exercise pretty well, walk/jogging 4 days, and one really good ST session. I'm not losing any weight, but I'm not gaining either. I do notice that I feel stronger though. I was talking to my mother about this health journey, and she had the best advice............just don't give up. I think I'm finally to the point that I'm not too worried about a deadline of any kind. I'm pretty happy with just getting my alotted fit mins in each week. My eating leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't been tracking everyday, and many days that I do track, I go over my maximum limit, sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot.

I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, substituting it for my coffee cravings. I do still drink one cup of coffe most days, but I'm back to sugar free sweetener and just a little milk or powdered creamer. Not too bad, not great, but I can live with it for today. It sure beats my hot cocoa/coffee I was drinking everyday the last month. That was a quick 150 calories in one cup.

Wow, just noticed Beetlejuice is on! I love it! Holloweenie! I have watched halloweenish movies nearly every night this month. I LOVE Winona Ryder in this one, so great.

OK, gonna get off for tonight. My goals for next week include tracking food everyday, and sticking to calorie range everyday. If I can achieve that this week, I'll be very happy. That and 8-12 cups water EVERYDAY. Some days I seem to "forget" to do this. I love water, so there should be no excuses.

OK lovelies, have a great Monday. I'm thinking of taking some fall pics tomorrow. Photo days always make me so happy. I know I'll need a little pick-me-up with Tim leaving. OK, adios amigos.

emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SNUZSUZ 10/25/2012 7:17AM

    I am really happy to hear you got your car back!

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RIDMYCOCOON 10/22/2012 7:19PM

    Cannot wait to see your photos! emoticon emoticon

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BEARGODDESS 10/22/2012 11:28AM

    I'm so glad that you got your car back! emoticon Super cool that you paid off your other car! Double YAY!! You sound like your moving into the groove of eating joyfully but within the "limits".
Love the happiness of this blog!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VALERIEMAHA 10/22/2012 9:39AM

    You make me HAPPY!

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BIGPAWSUP 10/22/2012 9:28AM

    Sounds like things are working out for the best! CONGRATS!!! You deserve it. Have a great week!

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SUGARSMOM2 10/22/2012 9:23AM

  hi lots of good stuff here . good base of ideas . yes money is tight everywhere . hard to buy food without breaking the bank . I have been using what i have in my freezer . It helps get rid of things that otherwise i might have to toss because I forget i had it the back of the freezer . when i was younger my aunt used to make garbage soup . using the left over in the ice box . always was delicious . emoticon

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HIPPICHICK1 10/22/2012 7:05AM

    You're making great progress! Good Luck with tracking your food this week. It can be time consuming but so worth it! I'll bet if you can stay under your top of range you will see a loss next week. Exciting, huh?
Sending you some "found money" vibes.

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 10/22/2012 12:25AM

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

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Wild weekend

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where to start.............whew I'm exhausted! Well Saturday after work, I came home to a houseful of family. I cooked for everyone, and my sister stayed over to go with us to church on Sunday. I managed to do pretty well with dinner, making mashed cauliflower, a squash and bell peppers medley and panko breaded and baked chicken breasts. Everyone was pleased and I was pretty happy with the calorie equation that day. My sister and I stayed up watching TV and chatting for ahwile, it's always very nice to spend time with her. I woke up pretty early on Sunday and got a nice jog in before the hubs and sis woke up. That was nice. I felt pretty great.............UNTIL we walked to the car to leave for church and noticed that one of our cars was missing. My first instinct was that it had been towed, which would have been financially annoying, but nothing too terrible. Well, after a few hours of mystery solving, we found out it was not towed, but stolen. Yikes, definitely not what we needed. I got pretty bummed out for the rest of Sunday. Lot's of "why's" and "what did I do to deserve this" going on. This is the second car we've had stolen since we moved to the Sacramento area. So, after a long day of being downright bummed and sad, I decided I wasn't going to let the whole weekend be ruined.

My attitude today has been pretty good, considering the happenings. I went to the local consignment clothes store and found a skirt/top combo that I was eyeballing a few weeks back that was originally priced at $ it was down to $2.00! I had to get it! I know, I know, drowing my sorrows in shopping is probably not the best thing, but I only spent $4.00 total on my goodies...........that's less than a fast food meal, and that is how I used to drown my sorrows, I'm thinking this was better. Plus the outfit I bought I originally thought would be too small for me. It is a one size fits all, and the skirt looks quite small, but it fit well, and is so cute! Glad I didn't spend $20.oo on it!

After my mini purchase fun, I picked Grandpa up and took him to downtown Sacramento for a doctors appt. We got there at 1:00 and did't leave until after 3:30, that was kind of a bummer part of the day. But we did get to spend a bit of fun time together. I always love it when it's just me and him and we can talk about whatever we want. I love my Grandpa so much. We got home, and he really wanted pizza. I allowed this because he lives in an assisted living place where they don't get things like pizza and brownies.............which is what he wanted, and he's 86, so he get's whatever he wants when he's with me. I just took him home a little while ago, and have been sitting here thinking about taking a quick walk around the block............but it's after 9:30, and I'm just not sure if that's a good idea tonight or not. I'm pretty pooped out.

So that was my weekend. Not exactly great, but I'm not letting it get me too down. I think I might have enough energy tonight for a quick SP cardio session, and I am already planning tomorrow mornings jog. After this weekend, going back to work will be relaxing! I've really been sooo busy these last few days.

One good way to look at things is, with a weekend like this, the week can only get better from here..........I hope!!!
Love you guys, hope your weeks are filled with healthy choices that make you proud.........that is what I am hoping for myself, and I think I have a good chance to turn that hope into reality!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HIPPICHICK1 10/21/2012 11:16AM

    I know you've gotten your car back so YAY for that!
A most enjoyable blog to read.
I like that you only spent $4 on your shopping spree and that you are pampering your Grandpa, but next time make him a homemade pizza so you can control the sodium. The old dude's body would probably be very grateful.

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SNUZSUZ 10/17/2012 7:13AM

    I'm sorry to hear about your car. Hopefully you will get it back and it won't be in too bad of a condition! You have a great attitude about it though:)
That's really nice you got to spend time with your Grandpa and that he got to have pizza and brownies:)

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TRIANGLE-WOMAN 10/17/2012 5:25AM

    Having one car stolen sucks...having two cars stolen? Not even sure there is an adjective for that that I can use in public!!

However, you framed the issue so it did not drag you down. Good for you!!

And congrats on the $2 outfit. That always feels nice!!

Keep the faith and...

( `♥ ) ♥'
.`.. ♥ Spread the SPARK!!! *`*..♥
..) .*).*. ♥. ♥
(. (. . ♥.`.♥..`. ♥

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ME_HERE_NOW 10/16/2012 9:25PM

    man, that sucks about your car, you seem to take everything in stride, mini-freakout then move on, sounds about right ;) love that you got to spend time with gramps and are making time for fitness even when you have company or are really busy, that is the mark of a true spark champ...i managed 5 workouts last week and gonna attempt to keep that up. you are rockin it girl!!

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BIGPAWSUP 10/16/2012 1:01PM

    I think you are handling things quite well. You did have a fairly good weekend with one back kick in the teeth. Proud you didn't give up and give in. You kept going and had a good day with your Grandpa. emoticon

Way to focus on the positive!

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RIDMYCOCOON 10/16/2012 9:47AM

    Do you have insurance on the car? Sorry that happened:( However, you are really facing this head on and that is so admirable! I am happy you bought yourself a little something. Sounds super cute! You even made time for your grandpa what a darling you are! Have a good week at work emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BEARGODDESS 10/16/2012 9:07AM

    Sorry about the car being stolen sweetie. Sacramento can be a rough neighborhood sometimes. (Or it has a few in it) Great attitude though and I hope the car is recovered. Your dinner sounds scrumptious! I'm glad that you got to have pizza with your grampa.
emoticon emoticon

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VALERIEMAHA 10/16/2012 7:11AM

    Bummer stuff AND...You.Are.Amazing!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Turn that frown upside down with SP articles!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lately I've been turning my desperation to be healthier into curious searching time. I've found the best articles on here. Great ideas on how to eat according to season, and how to find little ways here and there to burn calories without having to run 10 miles/day. I admit, it is a completely different way to look at life than the way I've lived for nearly a 33 years. But it is a way to look at life that I've always dreamed of. I've wanted purpose and fullness, variety and spice, goals and spark. I've wanted these things and had absolutely no idea how to get them. I am nowhere near reaching my goal of living a fully sparked life, but I feel a source of strength growing steadily inside that keeps me believing that I can and I will have the life I little decision at a time.

It's funny. I've went from coming home at night without having dinner planned and just scraping things together, to planning nearly the whole week ahead of time. In fact, I'm so excited to try new recipes that I can't wait for this week to be gone so I can plan next weeks meals! Heee, kind of funny! I am loving the new flavors and simplicity of some of the recipes I've tried. I thought tasty/healthy cooking was much harder than this! One thing I'm not quite used to yet is plugging in and calculating my own numbers on new or revamped recipes. I know this is crucial to my success, I'm just not used to it. I'm such a cook as I go kind of cook, I'm not that great with recipes.........getting better, but I still go off the cuff a bit. But I'm seeing that it is really important to be specific about measurements if I am going to be accurate about calories consumed. I'm also having a little trouble figuring out portions for things like soup/stew/chilli, etc. It is hard to know what the finished meal is portion wise of a liquid, without measuring it all into another container as you go. Which is obviously the way to do it, I'm just coming to terms with the full reality of mindfulness in regards to eating consciously. One step at a time. It is painfully obvious that not being mindful leads down very wild and scary roads for me. Being mindful may be difficult right now, but it is definitley more the road I want to ride, than the path to self destuction I've been on for so long now.

I have not done any lap swimming at the local pool yet, but I've thought of it everyday since I heard about it. It turns out the client that told me about his aerobics class is an enemy of sorts of my mother's best friend. Guess I'll stay away from his class for now, this town is too small sometimes!! I still have the option to go work out at a local apartment complex's gym. I'm looking forward to that during the rainy months. I think it could be a really great option this winter. I also mapped out a perfect 2 mile jog last night. It is a well lighted, smooth and easy path. I jogged as much as I could last night, wich was just about half of it. I am planning to push for more and more jogging as time goes by, until I can jog the entire thing. I will be sooo happy when that day comes!!! My goal is to be able to jog a 5K without stopping.............maybe even a couple of days a week. I feel so good after jogging, I feel like I am really doing something good for my heart. I don't especially love it while I'm doing it, but afterwards I almost always feel great. So hopefully I can get those 2 miles in most of the days this week and a little ST and see how I feel. I am really focusing on mantaining versus progressing right now.I am one of those people that thinks that a weeks worth of effort should lead to a marathon. Of course I am not capable of this, so I get disappointed, and then I fail to maintain effort. I am not patient, and over estimate my personal expectations for myself constantly. So, patience, maintenance, consistency, these are all my new best freinds. I am trying to be happy working on these things while I learn how to work the calories in/out equation to benefit my health needs.

I am really looking forward to working in some fall/winter fruits/veggies into my meal plans. I LOVE winter squash like acorn and butternut. I also really like root veggies, especially beets......yummm! I read that apples and grapes are among this seasons fruits, which are two things I consume on a regular basis year round.

This season has such great things to offer us if we take the time to appreciate it's bounty. I am really gearing myself up to have a great winter season. I have a tendency to get blue in the winter, but I really want to fight it with a passion this year. I think with the help of SP and my lovely sparkfriends, I just might have a fighting chance this year. This time last year, I found out I was pregnant, and thus the begining of the end of my wistful weight loss plans! This is a better year, I can feel it!

Cheers to all of us brave and beautiful warriors. Let's burn this flame so wild, so free and so fierce that everyone (including ourselves) can see and be motivated for positive change!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAI_ZEN 10/15/2012 12:26PM

    Awesome! Sounds to me like you're building a whole-health focus rather than just weight/fitness focus.

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VALERIEMAHA 10/12/2012 6:53PM lap swimming anything like lap dancing?
Where the heck did THAT come from???

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RIDMYCOCOON 10/11/2012 2:30PM

    Hey you! I like hearing you take charge in the paths infront of you. You are making some awesome choices here! Most importantly you are being honest and loving at the same time. You know how I feel about that :) emoticon emoticon emoticon I am stoked!

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ME_HERE_NOW 10/10/2012 7:16PM

    love that you are educating yourself and getting inspired while keeping your activity level up - great job! the more your immerse yourself the more you can't help doing good for yourself. nothing like the fresh breezes of fall bringing renewed strength with them!! keep rockin girl!

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BEARGODDESS 10/10/2012 3:55PM

    Enjoying the seasons through produce sounds like fun! I love the scents of soups and stews cooking when it's cold outside. You have a great spirit going into winter and we'll help to keep your spirits up!

emoticon emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 10/10/2012 3:35PM

    What an awesome blog!! This is a great attitude and your writing is infectious! I'm starting down the "cooking" path tomorrow (first time I will have cooked in 10 years). I'm kind of excited.

I'm so happy for you and all the changes in your life. Winter can be hard but we can all pull each other through!

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Some days are just bad.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

It's funny, I know I'm not supposed to beat myself up, but it is hard not to. Went to my mom's last night, she had tons of goodies that I love, I was starving, it was after work, and I went wild. So wild I have no idea how to count all the calories I ate. Ever since then I have felt terrible. I feel bloated, sick, no energy, and sad. Of course I had to weigh myself, and it was 2.6 pounds over in one day. I can't believe I ate THAT much! That's like 8500 calories or somthing! I am sure it was a lot of salt, and not enough water drinking. It was bad, that's all I can say. And it wasn't premeditated, it just happened. I was talking, and eating, and talking and eating. By the time dinner was served, I wasn't even really that hungry, which I should have stopped there, but no, I ate dinner. Then icecream. All around it was terribly bad. And I've tried to make ammends today, but I didn't start off good at all, and we took my little sister to church and then out to lunch. I tried to do what I thought was OK for lunch, but you never know when you eat out what you are really consuming. So, somehow, I've got to learn how to deal with event/weekend eating. I am not too mad at myself, more like, how in the world did that happen? It was my normal eating patterns, so that is why it seems like it's not that big of a deal. But, of course, it is my normal eating patterns that got me to the weight/health I have now. So, I'm a little bummed. I did manage to get a walk in yesterday, despite the overeating, and I've got one in today. So I'm not giving up, I just feel really bogged down. Two steps forward, three steps back kind of thing. And I keep thinking, if I could just exercise harder and longer these little set backs wouldn't be suck a big deal, but I feel like I'm doing the very best I can, without knocking myself out. So, hopefully I can chock yesterday up as experience in the real world, and learn how to better equip myself for similar situations. Especially with the holidays coming up, I'm going to need to do something, or else it's going to be a long, weight gaining time, and I don't need or want that. I guess what really hurts me about yesterday is I see just how fragile I really am, and how much hard work I really have to do. I wish I was already on top of the mountain of success, but unfortunately, I'm at the bottom, and the climb is looking pretty trecharous today. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VALERIEMAHA 10/10/2012 2:02PM

    AMEN SISTAH! I'm here to testify!!!

We simply

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ME_HERE_NOW 10/9/2012 12:56PM

    none of us is perfect on this journey, life happens, food in consumed, laziness rears its ugly head - it's the fact that you don't just let it slide on by without noticing, keep up the good fight, all you can do is keep trying baby! the only way you can lose is giving up the good fight!

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SIRENSONGS 10/8/2012 9:20PM

    You are being so honest with yourself, and that is so important. You will be able to develop new habits over time, because you are aware, and that is definitely the first step. We all overeat sometimes. It's just too easy to do so! Don't beat yourself up about it. Just take it moment by moment. I am sure you did not gain 2.6 pounds in one day. You are most likely right, and it is just sodium causing water retention. Remember, slow and steady really does win the race sometimes, and each moment gives you a chance for a new start. You don't even have to wait until tomorrow. It can start right now!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 10/8/2012 12:29PM

    Hey, I've had days where I've "gained" SEVEN lbs in one day! Do not worry about 2.6 too much. Just get back on track and you'll beat the bloat soon enough. Oh and just track what you can - i usually OVER estimate when i'm not sure and then just make a note to write that day off and start again the next morning. emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 10/7/2012 11:25PM

    I'm in the same boat this weekend. We can't beat on ourselves. We just keep going, one foot in front of the other. We dig ourselves out of the food coma and keep going. It will be better.

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JUSTRY2 10/7/2012 11:06PM

    You are so awesome for telling all, taking responsibility for your (old;) habits, and your determination to develop new ones. I'll be rooting for you this holiday season, and think of you as I reach, myself, for new responses to the same old food scenarios that are never going to give it a rest!

"It never gets easier, you just get stronger", right?

emoticon emoticon

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BEARGODDESS 10/7/2012 10:33PM

    No beating yourself up about it!! We will ALL have days when things get a little beyond our control, and sometimes, I think that we need them to show us how much better we feel (physically and psychologically) when we stay on track. Perfection is NOT what this is all about. Doing your best and then being able to hit the reset button if we don't is what this is all about. You'll reach the point where exercise get's easier and easier as you go along. Just keep at it!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HIPPICHICK1 10/7/2012 10:20PM

    It happens. We are human and food is good. It was just one day and it will probably happen again because we are human. All you have to do is remind yourself that one day a month is okay to go a little overboard because we all need to cut loose. The next day we rein it back in and get back to our routines.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CILDEBUG 10/7/2012 10:17PM

    What you eat or don't eat today does not dictate how tomorrow will turn out. When you wake up tomorrow, just remember that it's a new day and "yesterday" has no bearing on it.

Hang in there! It's a long hard road but you've got tons of people behind you!

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