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When the Smoke Clears...

Monday, April 09, 2012

The confetti trickles in tantalizing flakes of rainbow snow. Covering a vast layout of noisy partying teenagers and ear-shattering music (am I telling my age?), suddenly the record scratches.

Reality sets in...

I'm no longer in the late 80's listening to the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, DePesh Mode, or Duran Duran on "Night Tracks", MTV, or at the high school dance.

I am about 50 pounds heavier.
Mother of 3.
Passed my 30s and still lookin' good for my age.

Don't get it twisted!
I may be thick in the waist, but I'm cute in the face!

My moments of reminiscing have afforded me the ability to serve as a big sister to many who are willing to listen to some well-thoughtout advice.

At 40, I have experienced
the death of a parent,
knocked on death's door twice
and survived being in a dysfunctional family...

I think that qualifies me to help others (especially when I speak from experience).
Being unbiased and non-judgemental affords me the right to help friends in need.

Do I give my opinion when not asked?
Absolutely not!

If you ask me, I will answer you openly and honestly.
This tends to pose a problem sometimes.

Even when I am honest (with caution), it may come across as being to forward.
When I hold back, it comes across as being passive.

Can't win for losing I suppose...
So, this is why it's easier dealing with my sparkfriends.

When the smoke clears...after emoticon the race is over, we have all weighed in on downfalls, but we pick each other up because we all have nothing to lose but weight while gaining confidence and better health.

(I wanted to add wealth, too --- Chris, where is the money icon?)

Enough of my mental ramblings...
When the smoke clears, and the dust settles, we all come out emoticonchampions!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOMBCHELL23 4/16/2012 7:42PM

    Loving this philosophy and very uplifting overall. Wow how awesome of you to share your inner thoughts with your stranger friends on Spark. I appreciate all you do to contribute to this awesome website. Thank you for being a friend in more ways than one.

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JAZZMINE 4/15/2012 10:14AM

    Nice philosophy. Thanks for sharing!


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MESEATURTLE 4/10/2012 5:53AM


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KAYATLANTA2010 4/10/2012 5:10AM

    I enjoyed this blog! Thank you!

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ELIZACG9 4/9/2012 11:23AM

    Nice! I haves enjoyed reading this, and, spark has helped me. I don't know how it is working but it does sort of like a mystery huh! You go girl. emoticon

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April Goals ~ "Making It Happen"

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Simple (in words):
1) Drink 6-8 glasses of water and record daily emoticon

2) Stay within my calorie range being mindful of fat, protein, & carbs - daily
3) Measure food. Don't guesstimate! emoticon - daily

4) Pray daily (especially when I sense the enemy plotting against me). Don't make carnal decisions. emoticon

5) Spend out of necessity, not desire! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOMBCHELL23 4/16/2012 7:20PM

    Love this simple goals makes accomplishing them all the more realistic. Thank you for stopping by to encourage me b/c honestly I feel like I am so slacking on my exercise times but trying to cut myself some slack.

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SWEETLIPS 4/4/2012 1:54PM

    Thank you much for the visit and your goals sound doable, measurable and that is what will get you where you want to be as Healthy.

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SPARKLE1908 4/2/2012 3:28PM

    Sounds like some pretty wonderful goals to me! Good luck on them all!

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Reality Check & Pay Check

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The real deal can't be beat.
It's the truth.
I have come to the realization that even though 10 of my colleagues were cut (non-renewal of teaching contract), I have to pray for them. When a door closes, a window (of opportunity) opens!
I hope this is God's way of rewarding each of them with something better.
Sometimes we have to be removed from our comfort zone to grow and follow His plan.
This is my belief and prayer for these wonderful teachers.

Pray for our campus, leadership, morale, & opportunities.

emoticon emoticon

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TXMAMA63 3/25/2012 10:24PM

    My husband was transferred back to TX last year. Of course we were able to get back right as the state cut educational funding. I was unable to find any position with about 50 applications put in. I ended up teaching Adult Ed with one of the districts this year. Its not my own classroom and its part time but it is better than nothing. I am praying for a full time opening for next year.

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BOMBCHELL23 3/25/2012 8:32PM

    I have to agree with you as I was cut last year in July with only a month to find a job. I sent out over 80 resumes and only got a couple of bites, but God answered my prayer and offered a job 2 days before school started. It was nerve racking to say the least but I am in a good school, just wish it was closer to home but still grateful for a job.

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Spring Break~ Educational Exploration

Friday, March 16, 2012

Road trip!
Took a couple of days to enjoy some family time in Dallas/ Irving area of Texas.
Early Tuesday morning we, hubby and 2 youngest kids, drove to Arkansas and visited Central High School in Little Rock after meeting MinniJean Brown's sister of the Masonic Templar on 9th & Broadway. Talk about living history!
So you ask, "Who is MinniJean Brown?"
She is one of the "Little Rock Nine" students escorted into the school when students of color were integrated with White students with resistance.
She's the one sitting in the front row, second to the left. The photo of her sister was taken with my camera. Sorry. That photo is unavailable along with the photos of Central High and a few other Little Rock photos. They REALLY look so much alike,too.

Continuing our trip, we travelled to Memphis, Tennessee. Photos on my iPad won't transfer into this blog, but we visited The National Civil Rights Museum. Powerful! I must admit, I cried several times for the ongoing struggles for justice. Later, to Graceland where we took pictures in front of the brink wall of Graceland. The cost wasn't to our liking for the four of us.
Hmmm! Can you say, "peanut butter and banana sandwich"? Yes this was Elvis Presley's favorite snack! Why do I know that?
Venturing to Beale Street before exiting the town of Memphis, we took photos of the down town area of Memphis where BB King's Cafe sits along with other prominent venues of interest. Again, the photos really would help here...nevertheless! (Those of you who know me well, know I keep trying...)

Today, we are back in Dallas(Irving)resting mostly. But I plan to hit the gym in a few minutes.
Tell me about some of your educational experiences and feel free to comment. This includes downloading photos from my iPad camera to the Sparkpeople blog.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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B-LYNN1ST 3/18/2012 10:22PM

    I love this blog. What away to get out of the box and travel.
Nice blog. Keep them coming.
Oh, have you tried using your USB cord and uploading them into your PC and then onto sparkblog. Give that a shot if you haven't.


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Time Away...

Friday, March 09, 2012

Breaking free from the usual monotony of unmotivated teens,
I feel myself exhaling as I loosen my denim jeans.
No longer in charge of lesson plans and "forgotten" work.
I can relax, let my hair down, and chill like Captain Kirk.

The sky may be gray with heavy rain tapping through the night.
Thought I'd get my swimsuit on... C'mon this ain't right!
How dare my Spring Break be filled with frigid rain & cold?
Now I think as time goes by, I feeling a little old.

Used to be so fun just basking in the sun's rays.
Now I break with a memory of younger, better days.

Still taking time away!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SPARKLISE 3/12/2012 9:20AM

    emoticon poem! emoticon

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BOMBCHELL23 3/11/2012 8:44PM

    Springbreak it still a long way off for me! I am glad you had a bit of time away and can regroup it is important as a teacher. I feel the stress hugely and with my master's paper looming over me I'll be typing away like no tomorrow during my break when it finally gets here. In the mean time just trying to survive!

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B-LYNN1ST 3/11/2012 2:02PM

    Hey, we all need to take a break and free ourselves. emoticon

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JAZZEJR 3/9/2012 11:54PM

    Hey--that weather sounds like Michigan. I still enjoyed my Spring Break--planned a bunch of spring cleaning chores to do--did only 1/2 of them; read a book that I'd been meaning to get to. Took long walks when I could get outside. It was very restful. We need these breaks to "regroup" to tackle those kids again :)

You know what? Next year you and I should plan a spring cruise together. None of my friends could get off work at this time to take advantage of a couple of really cheap, great cruises. We could have worn those bathing suits each day! Wanna make that a goal?

Comment edited on: 3/9/2012 11:58:39 PM

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    Sometimes it's hard to believe, but as we age, it can be true that our best days lie ahead. Long days at the beach, in the blush of youth are memories so easy to recall. But now....we learn that those days also brought with them the higher risk of skin cancer later in life. All that glitters, wasn't necessarily gold. Keeping our eyes fixed forward can also keep many aspects of aging at bay. Enjoy the present that is today!

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